How to Make Short-Form Content that Launches, Expands & Accelerates Your Acting Career - with 7 Video Examples

Hosted by Elisha Yaffe, Actor (Better Call Saul, The Newsroom, MadMen) & Producer


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Elisha Yaffe, Actor (Better Call Saul, The Newsroom, MadMen) & Producer

Webinar hosted by: Elisha Yaffe, Actor (Better Call Saul, The Newsroom, MadMen) & Producer

Elisha has guest starred on Better Call Saul, The Newsroom, Mad Men, Southland, Up All Night, The New Normal and CSI:NY and voiced the character of Jimmy Olsen and B'dg on DC Nation Shorts's Tales of Metropolis and Super-Pets. He appeared in the Sundance feature Frank & Lola starring Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots.He got his start writing web-series with his friends from Emerson College, including Downers Grove, which was picked up by Warner Brothers Studio 2.0. He has appeared in commercials for Mike's Hard Lemonade, Time Warner Cable, Samsung, Wendy's, McDonald's, Nintendo 3DS and Hanes.He wrote and starred in the short film Time Travel Lover which has won numerous awards and was given a Vimeo Staff Pick. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

As actors, we're living in a whole new world. Self-audition tapes, online auditions, virtual acting classes...Things have changed tremendously over the last few years and those ahead of the curve are doing everything possible online to win more champions of their work and land more jobs. Many actors have embraced a "control what you can control" mindset. This includes creating short form content as a way to control and film their own material, build up a library of acting samples, and showcase their versatility and talents.

The idea of creating and filming your own content, especially for actors accustomed to only being in front of the camera, can be daunting. But seriously, it doesn't have to be. In fact, if you can knock down the mental walls associated with taking the step toward controlling your own content, and thereby your brand and the course of your career, you will find yourself with more freedom and creative inspiration than ever before. And we're here to help you take a sledgehammer to those mental walls and get you moving.

Elisha has guest starred on the Emmy nominated/winning shows Better Call Saul, The Newsroom, Mad Men, Southland, Up All Night, The New Normal and CSI:NY and voiced the character of Jimmy Olsen and B'dg on DC Nation Shorts's Tales of Metropolis and Super-Pets. He was also in the highly acclaimed Sundance feature Frank & Lola starring Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots. Elisha is no stranger to creating content to help accelerate his acting career. He got his start writing web-series with his friends from Emerson College, including Downers Grove, which was picked up by Warner Brothers Studio 2.0. Aside from all the roles mentioned above, Elisha's content creation strategy helped him land commercials for Mike's Hard Lemonade, Time Warner Cable, Samsung, Wendy's, McDonald's, Nintendo 3DS and Hanes.

In this comprehensive and detail filled webinar, Elisha will teach you how to create short form content to launch, accelerate, and expand your acting career. He will teach you how to identify your career blueprint by asking 2 simple, but important questions. From there, he'll ask you to get real and talk through your true goals so that you know exactly what kind of short form content you'll need to make. He will show you 7 examples of short form content to open your mind, spark your creativity and help you identify the direction you want to take with your content. He will teach you the 3 boxes you need to check to make sure your idea is a great one. He will then dive into how to make cost-efficient content and how not to overthink the process. He'll tell you how to build your team - again, on the quick and cheap. And of great importance, Elisha will teach you where to release your content, assuring that you get not only the biggest audience, but the most concentrated one based on your overall goals.


"Brilliant. In every way, brilliant."

- Kim G.


"So f****** inspiring."

- Laura P.


"Yes, yes, yes. So tired of giving away my power. Elisha, you're my hero"

Samantha K.


"This is a step I've always wanted to take. I've seen my acting friends create content to great success. I just didn't know if I could create content that mattered. Now I do."

- Joshua W.


"I'm inspired and ready to rock."

- Montell S.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify What Will Be Most Costly and What Tools You Have to Help
  • 2 Questions to Help You Identify What is Your “Career Blueprint”
  • What Is Your Immediate Goal as an Actor? How Can It Define What Short Content You’ll Make?
    • Commercials
    • Sitcoms
    • Indie Film
    • Drama
    • Visual Sketches
  • How to Shoot Within a Budget While Still Looking Pro
  • Video Examples of Short Form Content Videos and How They Can Help You with Your Goal
    • Visual Sketch
    • Indie
    • High Concept, One Location
    • Low-Fi
    • Steadicam
    • Gimmick
    • Start a Conversation (How this Lead to the Actor Getting Signed to the Same Management Company that Reps Seth Rogan and Had a Film Produced by the Duplass Brothers)
  • How to Find “The Good Idea” – Does It Check the 3 Boxes?
  • How to Choose Your Core Team When You Don’t Have Spielberg On Speed Dial
    • On Set – How to Trust Your Team and Find Joy in Your Performance
    • Feeling Empowered in Post-Production
  • Releasing Your Content
    • The Players and Your Strategy
    • Marketing Tools
    • To Festival or Not to Festival?
    • Resources to Reps and Casting Directors
  • Q&A with Elisha

About Your Instructor

Elisha has guest starred on Better Call Saul, The Newsroom, Mad Men, Southland, Up All Night, The New Normal and CSI:NY and voiced the character of Jimmy Olsen and B'dg on DC Nation Shorts's Tales of Metropolis and Super-Pets. He appeared in the Sundance feature Frank & Lola starring Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots.

He got his start writing web-series with his friends from Emerson College, including Downers Grove, which was picked up by Warner Brothers Studio 2.0. He has appeared in commercials for Mike's Hard Lemonade, Time Warner Cable, Samsung, Wendy's, McDonald's, Nintendo 3DS and Hanes.

He wrote and starred in the short film Time Travel Lover which has won numerous awards and was given a Vimeo Staff Pick.


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