How To Bring Out The Best Of YOU In Your Next Audition

Making The Audition Yours
Hosted by Wesam Keesh


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Wesam Keesh

Webinar hosted by: Wesam Keesh

Actor, ABC's 'For The People'

Wesam Keesh is an actor best known for his role as Jay Simmons on ABC's hit show For the People. He is also the creator and host of the popular Actors Anonymous Podcast, a weekly podcast for actors to improve and evolve not only their acting careers but also their personal lives. Wesam has had a great career so far, working on hit shows such as Awkward, NCIS, The Mentalist, NCIS:LA, Touch and many more. He’s trained from many teachers and acting styles such as: Hagen, Stanislavsky, Meisner, Rodenburg, Cohen, Barton , Audition technique classes from Margie Haber, and many more. His favorite advice about acting is, “There is no handbook on how to succeed in this business. You have to find out what works for you and when.” He has compiled from hundreds of talks, discussions and personal experiences the best mindset, advice and techniques for bringing out the best of YOU in an audition and is thrilled to be teaching with Stage 32! Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Learn directly from Wesam Keesh, Professional Actor best known for his role as “Jay Simmons” on ABC's hit show For the People as well as roles on AwkwardNCIS, The Mentalist, NCIS:LA, Touch and host and creator of the popular Actors Anonymous Podcast!

Whether they are experienced or new to the business, many actors find the audition process to be a great burden. From the moment you get that breakdown, you find yourself in an influx of emotions. You become stiff, un-balanced, frustrated, and by the time you’re driving home from the audition, you feel disheartened and demoralized. What is the secret to bringing your best performance to the table every time you audition? What can you do pre, during, and post audition to make the process seamless, enjoyable and help you book the role? How can you avoid the ‘post-mortem’ feeling after leaving an audition?

It’s time to find the balance needed to execute a superb performance, bringing out the best of YOU in the room.

In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, host Wesam will teach you how to bring out the best version of yourself in your audition, helping you nail your performance and confidently tackle any audition that comes your way. In this webinar, Wesam will break down the audition process into 3 phases: Pre-Audition, Audition and Post-Audition. You will go through the mindset of the actor as they get the breakdown, read the script and scenes, driving to the audition and waiting in the room to go in so you can learn how to focus during your audition and let yourself shine through. Wesam will address the feelings you have after every audition and will teach you how to “let go” – one of the hardest thing to embrace for most actors.

What You'll Learn

  • Detailed advice accumulated from personal experience and those of many working actors, agents, directors, producers and other industry professionals to help you learn how to find what will work best for you.
  • The Pre-Audition Phase:
    • The email you get for your audition.
      • Who is directing? Who is producing? Do your research!
      • How to get a feel for the project.
    • How to read the script and character breakdown with confidence.
      • Remember, they called you because they like your look or work!
    • Do your acting work!
      • How to research the role.
      • Who to rehearse with.
      • How to make strong choices and commit to those choices.
    • On the way to your audition:
      • Why they are excited to see you in the room (even if they don’t show it).
      • How to stay focused on the facts and not let your mind wander into negative space.
    • Entering the waiting area:
      • How not to get intimidated by other people in the room.
      • How to stay confident and focused.
      • How to use breathing to calm nerves.
      • How to enter the space of your character before you enter the room.
  • The Audition Phase
    • The Casting Director wants to see you succeed – they are hoping you are the one for the role.
    • How to be present in the moment when you are performing.
    • How to take any problems you face and turn them into a strength.
    • How to handle redirection from the Casting Director.
    • When to say thank you and leave.
    • How to be confident in the performance you just gave.
  • The Post-Audition Phase
    • How to navigate the “post-mortem” dissection every actor does on themselves after an audition.
    • How to honestly self-evaluate your performance.
    • Whether you did well or flubbed, how and why you need to let it go.
    • How to leave the audition feeling balanced.
    • Steps to letting go of your performance.
      • How to learn from your mistakes.
      • How to evolve and adapt with the changing industry.
      • How to use a bad audition to push yourself to a better performance.
  • Wesam’s Critical Piece Of Advice:
    • How to use the three phases to bring the best out of you in the room!
  • Recorded, in-depth Q&A with Wesam!


Drawing from his own experience, as well as the experiences of many actors he’s worked with and interviewed on his podcast, Wesam will talk about tips and stories from his own career and share the best advice and secrets of the trade for prep. He will teach you key things to remember during the entire process, what directors/casting directors/producers look for when you come in and his most crucial piece of advice for any artist. You will leave this webinar knowing how to make every audition your best audition!



About Your Instructor

Wesam Keesh is an actor best known for his role as Jay Simmons on ABC's hit show For the People. He is also the creator and host of the popular Actors Anonymous Podcast, a weekly podcast for actors to improve and evolve not only their acting careers but also their personal lives.

Wesam has had a great career so far, working on hit shows such as Awkward, NCIS, The Mentalist, NCIS:LA, Touch and many more. He’s trained from many teachers and acting styles such as: Hagen, Stanislavsky, Meisner, Rodenburg, Cohen, Barton , Audition technique classes from Margie Haber, and many more.

His favorite advice about acting is, “There is no handbook on how to succeed in this business. You have to find out what works for you and when.” He has compiled from hundreds of talks, discussions and personal experiences the best mindset, advice and techniques for bringing out the best of YOU in an audition and is thrilled to be teaching with Stage 32!


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“I sincerely appreciate his honest and concise feedback. He never beats around the bush, but instead is able to swiftly locate what needs to be worked on. He has a great eye for that. I have never felt "wrong", exploited, or insecure, but rather inspired and excited to try some new things. And I believe this healthy response is what makes his work so effective and enjoyable. Thanks to Wesam I received a full ride to NYU for acting, as well as many big bookings including one of my most recent, a recurring guest star role as "Victor" on NBC's new show The Player." – Isiah Adams

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THIS 4-PART CLASS IS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND! As a director, one of your most important jobs is eliciting great performances from actors. Fail at that, and your film or series could crumble under the weight of bad acting. Although the best directors shape performances with a deftness that may seem effortless, it is not. In fact, becoming a great director of actors is hard work and takes years of disciplined practice. Like playing a violin, it is a skill that must be nurtured. Yet if you can achieve this crucial skill and relationship, you’ll be able to greatly elevate your films and projects and champion your actors at the same time. The film director’s working relationship with an actor starts in the first casting session, continues through the various rehearsal stages, onto the set and ends in the ADR session. Most trained actors begin by trusting the director, but if you can’t direct actors in a language they understand, you may have a difficult time getting actors to trust you. And if actors don’t trust you, you will have a difficult time blocking them on set and getting layered performances from them. It’s important to meet actors where they are, and we’ve brought in the perfect person to explain how to do this. Peter Marshall is a director and film directing coach with over 40 years of experience including 12 features, 16 TV movies, 8 TV series, over 30 episodes of TV drama, 50 hours of documentary and educational programming, and over 20 commercials. Through his career, Peter has worked with and helped elevate the performances of actors such as Peter O'Toole, Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, Kathy Bates, Michelle Pfiefer, Marcia Gaye Harden, Madeleine Stowe, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Goldie Hawn, Judy Davis and Adam Sandler. He has also had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from other directors like John Woo, Phillip Noyce, Ed Zwick, John Badham, Roger Vadim, Dennis Dugan, Anne Wheeler and Zack Snyder. Peter’s long and impressive history has given him a deep understanding of how to work with actors of all sizes and levels and understands what he needs to do as a director to elicit great performances. Over the course of four sessions, Peter will dive deep into the relationship between the director and actors and teach you how directors can build a relationship built on trust with actors by creating a safe place for them to perform. Peter will first explore how to understand human behavior and emotions and use this to better support your cast. He will then explore the main strategies of proper script analysis you can use to help actors achieve the performance you desire, including his “9 Part Scene Breakdown Process”. In the next session he will delve into how to work with actors in prep and finally will break down the process of working with actors and getting the performance on set, including his “10 Step Actor/Director Blocking Process”.   Purchasing gives you access to the previously-recorded live class. Although Peter is no longer distributing or reviewing the assignments, we still encourage all listeners to participate!     Praise for Peter’s Stage 32 Class “I really enjoyed the webinar. I liked the fact that the density of material was rich enough I was always busy taking notes. Thanks for covering the artistic and the logistic side of directing.” - Brad L.   “Hey Stage 32, I wanted to thank you and Peter Marshall for such an enlightening class. I have so many notes and as a new Director I have to say I feel a bit more relaxed, knowing what steps I need to take to be more prepared for a shoot. Peter is so generous with his knowledge. I have his Directors class downloaded and I'm excited to view it” Diane L.   "Very helpful, in depth and extremely well-structured." -Memi K.  

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