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Lauren Ito

Webinar hosted by: Lauren Ito

NBC Universal

Lauren Ito is VP of Post Production for NBC Universal Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

This webinar is a walk through of what the basic sections of Post Production are, how to make the best choices based on what your budget is without sacrificing the story, and how to finish up a project so it’s ready to get pick up and released by a distributor. My goal is to point out the avoidable pitfall so one can circumnavigate them in order to have a smooth post production journey and successful delivery to a distributor.

What You'll Learn

  • What is a post supervisor and what is their responsibility
  • The Post production that should happen during pre-production
  • The major sections of post-production during and after wrapping production
  • Who are the leaders of each section of your post production team and how to choose them.
  • How to be successful in post-production regardless of the budget of your project.
  • How to prep your film for delivery to a distributor while going through post production
  • Tips on how to creatively problem solve while staying in budget.
  • How to manage workflow with an international team
  • How your Post production and legal team should be working together
  • Music! When to get started, what you need and when, what you have to have when you finish.
  • Q&A

About Your Instructor

Lauren Ito is VP of Post Production for NBC Universal


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