How To Make Your Feature Film in 15 Days + Get An Example Shooting Schedule, Call Sheet, and Deal Memo Checklist! 

Hosted by Stacia Crawford

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Stacia Crawford

Webinar hosted by: Stacia Crawford

Director (Netflix & Lifetime)

Stacia Crawford is a Director/Producer/Writer/Actress currently living in the Southeast. She began directing in 2018 and in that time has directed several feature films (premieres theatrically, on Netflix, Hulu, Lifetime, Tubi, UpTV); along with multiple episodes of true-crime television for ID Discovery. Prior to directing, she produced feature films with MarVista Entertainment (premieres on Hallmark, Lifetime, CMT and Netflix), as well as numerous independent feature films. She also produced multiple unscripted/reality television shows. As an actress, she can be seen in several feature films, including cameo roles in films that she has directed. As a writer, she has co-created four original dramatic television series, all currently in development; and has authored two books. Stacia is an active member of several guilds and filmmaker alliances, and often serves as a panelist and/or guest lecturer. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

How To Make Your Feature Film in 15 Days…Or Less!

Learn how to make your feature film on the types of low budgets and tight schedules that so many distributors demand from a director, producer, and writer who has worked with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Discovery, and Lifetime

PLUS! Get a mock shooting schedule, example call sheet, and deal memo checklist that you can use for your future projects!


Are you ready to make your quality feature film in just 15 days on a tight budget?

The rise and dominance of streaming platforms in the last ten years has resulted in a massive spike in the number of films made and distributed each year. Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, and Apple, just to name a few, have made it much easier for filmmakers to get distribution for their films and share their work with mass audiences. These platforms need content, and filmmakers like yourself need to be ready to give it to them!

However, this increase in demand for films hasn’t come without its own set of challenges. In today’s world of streaming, there is an immense amount of pressure on filmmakers to make their films quickly on a shoestring budget and deliver a final product very shortly after production wraps. Making films quickly and efficiently has become commonplace for directors and producers. Making your film in a short amount of time is critical if you want your project distributed. However, this is no easy task.

The biggest hurdle in making your film on a short schedule (oftentimes just 15 days!) is keeping the production quality high and the price point low. In a perfect world, you’ll have many months to complete your film and even have some built in time for reshoots. However, this is rarely the case these days. Knowing how to shoot a high caliber film in a short amount of time (most likely on a small budget) is essential in today’s film marketplace.

In this exclusive Stage 32 Webinar, you will learn the crucial tools to make a top-notch film in just 15 days from veteran director, producer, and writer Stacia Crawford. Stacia has made over a dozen feature films and directed/produced multiple episodes of television, with her work premiering on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Amazon, Lifetime, Discovery, and Hallmark. She has spent countless hours deep in the filmmaking trenches and will provide you with the know-how to prep, shoot, and edit your film under both time and budget constraints. Stacia will share her filmmaking best practices with you to utilize in today’s rapid filmmaking landscape.

You will walk away from this webinar with the framework to make a quality film on a tight budget!


PLUS! Stacia will provide you with exclusive handouts to help on your next project. Downloads include:

  • Mock shooting schedule 
  • Example call sheet
  • Checklist of what to look out for in deal memos 


Praise for Stacia's Work & Talent:

“Stacia is so down to earth as an instructor, I learned more in 90 minutes than I did in an entire semester!" - Joseph C.

"Clear, concise and to the point. Production is so difficult and Stacia helped me realize I can make a good movie." - Chris H.


What You'll Learn

  • You Have A Good Script, Now What? How To Prep Your Film For A Short Shoot
    • Breaking down the script to fit your shooting schedule
    • Red flags in your script to look for that can sabotage a 15-day shoot
    • Small script adjustments that can make a big difference in schedule
    • What to consider when scheduling your shoot and how to schedule scenes
    • How involved are your investors in prep?
  • Pre-Production: Prepare Yourself And Your Crew Before The Cameras Start Rolling
    • What are the necessary legal entities you need to set up before shooting?
    • How far in advance from production should legal paperwork be submitted?
    • How to find the best crew for the job
    • What to look out for when casting a 15-day shoot
    • When and how should you set up a deferred payment plan to cast and crew?
  • Location, Location, Location
    • How the right location can make your low budget film look like a studio project
    • Tips to get the best deals on your must-have locations
    • How locations can affect your productivity and timing
  • What To Look Out For While Filming
    • Day one - how to tell early on if your film will be on time & budget
    • Day two - why this day is often the hardest
    • The basic pitfalls of moving fast – mistakes that get most filmmakers stuck and how to avoid them
    • Tools to focus on midday so you can ‘make your day’
    • How to utilize blocking in scenes to get the most out of your coverage
    • How to wrap up your day effectively and efficiently to avoid overtime fees
  • How To Win Post-Production To Save Time and Money
    • What is the timeframe for the elements of post? (i.e. picture lock, ADR, sound mix, color, etc.)
    • Common errors most filmmakers make in post and how to avoid them
    • What to show the investor and when to show it
    • How does the investor’s input come into play?
    • What to focus on when making your trailer
    • When to start promoting and marketing your film
  • Q&A With Stacia


About Your Instructor

Stacia Crawford is a Director/Producer/Writer/Actress currently living in the Southeast. She began directing in 2018 and in that time has directed several feature films (premieres theatrically, on Netflix, Hulu, Lifetime, Tubi, UpTV); along with multiple episodes of true-crime television for ID Discovery. Prior to directing, she produced feature films with MarVista Entertainment (premieres on Hallmark, Lifetime, CMT and Netflix), as well as numerous independent feature films. She also produced multiple unscripted/reality television shows. As an actress, she can be seen in several feature films, including cameo roles in films that she has directed. As a writer, she has co-created four original dramatic television series, all currently in development; and has authored two books. Stacia is an active member of several guilds and filmmaker alliances, and often serves as a panelist and/or guest lecturer.


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“Unicorns and Christmas, the best kid-friendly holiday combo since milk and cookies.” --Entertainment Weekly. A Unicorn For Christmas

“There’s a new movie in town and it’s filled with suspense, drama, and mystery! Directed by Stacia Crawford”- CelebSecrets, Girls Getaway Gone Wrong.

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A Director’s Guide to Post-Production: Your Film is Wrapped, Now What?

The more production savvy we are, the better filmmakers we become. As directors, it is our job to know every heartbeat of our story; the preparation needed for executing our vision; and the intricacies of bringing it to its final conclusion, in a way that will illicit an emotional response from our audience. That means that we must not take our foot off the pedal once we wrap. Being present, aware, in control, and maintaining our focus during post-production is vital.   Sometimes our film is made (or lost) in the edit. The technical steps of post production can seem overwhelming, especially coming off the heights (or lows) of wrapping a picture. But if we don’t have a good understanding of the post production steps, it could be challenging to bring our vision to a strong finish, and ultimately to a wider audience.   Stacia Crawford is a Director/Producer/Writer/Actress who, last year alone, directed two feature films which premiered on Netflix and Lifetime. As a producer she has helmed five feature films with Mar Vista Entertainment (premieres on Hallmark, Lifetime, CMT), in addition to several independent feature films. In television, Stacia co-directed/produced various unscripted series for NBC/Esquire, The History Channel, A&E, AMC, Spike, Logo, Pivot, Blaze TV, MTV. She also produced several web content shows, most notably for My Space. Prior to directing/producing, Stacia started her career as an actress/writer and can be seen in several feature films, including cameo roles in films that she’s directed. As a writer, she has written two novels (KIT TEN, THE SPACE BETWEEN) and co-created four original dramatic television series, (DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE, WILDCATTERS, AMERICAN CAESAR, and SENESCENT) all currently in development.   In a clear, expansive, yet easy to digest presentation, Stacia will help all filmmakers understand exactly how to handle and navigate the post-production process. She will begin by teaching you what to look for when hiring your entire post-production team. From there, she'll discuss the difference between all the post production positions - some sound quite similar, but do completely different jobs - you need them all? Stacia will then dive into scheduling including the level of cuts for the film, and how long each part of the process (sound, coloring, etc) should take. She will discuss pick up shoots, fixing lighting and audio mistakes, and how to protect for footage errors. She'll even get into key art and what to include in your trailer!   This is a comprehensive webinar designed to keep you deeply immersed in the post-production process carrying with you the knowledge that will keep your team on board with finalizing your vision.   Praise for Stacia from her previous Stage 32 Next Level Webinar:   She explained what is the Director's job was very very well and broke it down step by step! -Sharlene R. Stacia did a great job. She was great! -Tracey A If you are thinking of going into the industry it was amazing, hit all the points, and she went above and beyond when she expanded on a lot of her making sure you get your insert shots (which I've been a victim of.). Overall she was great, clear and to the point. -Ryan H. Stacia was great. A lot of good information in a clear and concise manner. -Angel N. Great information! -Liz H. It was interesting to hear from other filmmakers' perspective. I learned a lot about the Director's position, as it relates to Film & TV. I came into this webinar because of my interest in knowing more about the producing/directing side of the industry, and man Stacia really did go in and cover a lot. My mind was soaking up information left and right. Another great webinar! -Shayne W.

Introduction to Film Directing: Pre-Production, Physical Production and Post-Production

So you want to direct. You've been bitten by the filmmaking bug and now all you can think about is making a film. You've got a script (or the concept for one) and have envisioned exactly how you want to see it on the screen. And, now more than ever, with equipment more accessible, the costs of shooting affordable, the barrier of entry lower than it's every been, and the options for distribution growing seemingly by the minute,  you know the path from script to screen has never been more viable. We get it. As a director you are the lynchpin of a production and the commander of a creative army in service of your vision. But, in order to truly realize that vision, you have to know everything there is about development, pre-production, physical production, and post production. Even though you can clearly see the film in your mind that's only a small part of the process of being a director. It takes hard work, discipline, and wearing many hats to be able to execute every aspect of developing and filming a movie - and to do it in a way that holds the entire production together. What you do (or don't do) in pre-production will set the tone for the entire shoot, good or bad. How you command the set on the first day will determine whether your cast and crew put forth their best effort or zone out. You have to be cognizant of shooting time/days, your budget, and assuring that your are delivering on every promise. But you're not done when you shout "That's a wrap!" There's still more to do when you get to post-production, working hand in hand with your editor, colorist, sound designer and more. It sounds overwhelming, but we're here to tell you it's not only a manageable environment, but one you can thrive in. Stacia Crawford started as an actress, but had the overwhelming desire to manage and film projects. So, she moved into producing and directing. Last year alone, she had two feature films that premiered on Netflix and Lifetime. With the success of those films, she has been hired to direct two more features this year. Stacia has worked with NBC, The History Channel, A&E, AMC, Spike and more, and has used her experience to make sure she runs a tight and efficient set. She's a pro at managing a project from the script phase through seeing her work on screen and beyond. Stacia will guide you through the entire directing process so you can understand what your responsibilities will be through pre-production, physical production and post-production. She will help you understand what to look for in your contract before you even get hired. She will teach you best casting strategies, how to find and enlist the help of your creative departments, and how to choose the right DP and AD (beyond important!) You'll also learn how to prepare your shot list and how to confidently run your set by learning how to work with actors, producers and your crew and keep them all happy. She'll teach you about your dailies and picking up scenes if the schedule shifts. Finally, she'll take you through post-production and how to work seamlessly and diplomatically with your editor, composer and your color and audio team.    You'll be well-armed with all the pertinent and vital information you need to manage every aspect of being a film director. Stacia will remove your anxiety and fears by giving you the tools to succeed, thrive and have your cast and crew looking to work with you again and again.     "If you are thinking of going into the industry it was amazing, hit all the points, and she went above and beyond when she expanded on a lot of her making sure you get your insert shots (which I've been a victim of.). Overall she was great, clear and to the point." - Ryan H.   I'm a screenwriter and always wanted to direct, but found the idea of it daunting. Stacia not only lifted my fears, but gave me so many "I can do that!" moments that I'm already kicking myself for not doing it sooner. She's a marvel. - Monica R.

Stage 32 Workshop: How to Find and Work with Tax Incentives – with a Walkthrough of an Online Application

Viviana Zarragoitia, the VP of Three Point Capital, explains how exactly to take advantage of tax incentives for your own project With a walkthrough of an online application PLUS! a special guest - Philip Gilpin of the Duluth, MN incentive program   It’s important for you to understand how various tax incentives work, because a lot goes into deciding where to shoot and how to piece together projects based on these incentives. They’re a big part of funding projects. Understanding the criteria, how to properly fill out applications, working with local film funds and associations, knowing what is due when, and knowing when money flows back to you are just some of the pieces that go into putting together a film or series as it relates to tax incentives. If your head is spinning a little, don’t worry. With the right guidance, this will all make sense to you and you’ll be on your way to making sure you make the most out of the appropriate tax incentives for your next projects. Viviana Zarragoitia is the Vice President of Three Point Capital, one of the entertainment industry's top financiers that specializes in senior lending on film and television projects. Through Three Point, Viviana closes the financing on every film that the company is involved in. She has been involved in the financing of over 100 independent films, and worked with such producers as Cassian Elwes (DALLAS BUYERS CLUB), Rob Barnum (MARGIN CALL), Anthony Bregman (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND), James Schamus (BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN), Aaron Gilbert (JOKER), Kimberly Steward (MANCHESTER BY THE SEA), Nicolas Chartier (THE HURT LOCKER) and Kevin Frakes (HEREDITARY), among others. Before Three Point Capital, Viviana worked in accounting at Millennium Films and Bold Films, as well as in the finance division of Lionsgate, where she oversaw the preparation of multi-million dollar film and television distribution deals. Viviana has seen it all when it comes to film financing and knows intimately well how to take advantage of domestic and international tax incentives. In this extended class and workshop, Viviana walks you through the types of incentives and how to access them, domestic and international tax credits, and how to monetize incentives. She also discusses the effects of tax incentives in the entertainment industry and locally, as well as how to decide on a jurisdiction based on creative and financial elements. Plus! Viviana gives a workshop and goes over an online application for a tax credit. Viviana even brings in a special guest- Philip Gilpin of the Duluth, MN Incentive Program--to take part in a Q&A that answer questions on making tax incentives work for your projects.   Praise for Viviana's Past Stage 32 Financing Classes:   "As an experienced film and television producer and writer, Viviana's class was just the refresher - and inspiration - that I needed! Having been a completion producer for a bond company, I have seen too many producers who were let down in the producing process by so-called-professionals who offered support at the on-set of a production, but then failed to deliver when needed. Viviana and her company Three Point Capital have an excellent reputation, and her counsel provided in the class solidified that. I highly recommend both Viviana and Stage 32 Education!" -Patricia C.   "Viviana was personable, professional, interesting, interested, and a wealth of knowledge and useful information. I will take every opportunity to learn from her. She was patient and polite with every question and always clear with what she knew, what she thought, what she believed, and what she didn't know. She painted pictures and delivered facts, outlining the paths she has seen successful producers take while still encouraging all to pursue their art with a greater knowledge of the business and understanding of the challenges and potential pitfalls." -Randy G.   "As someone who was totally new to the world of film financing, trying to learn about the process by myself was intimidating to put it lightly. Viviana clearly explains the film financing process step-by-step and demystifies the complex, bespoke nature of pre-sales, tax credits, sales agents, and so much more. I feel infinitely more confident in my ability to produce a film thanks to this class. I give it the highest possible recommendation for any independent filmmaker looking to finance their film and take their projects to the next level." -Sean R.    

Producing Globally: Learn How To Find International Partners To Make Your Projects Happen

The entertainment business has gone global. If you don't have a working knowledge of how international co-productions come together and work then you aren't competing at the high level you want to be. There has never been more opportunities for writers, producers, animators and filmmakers in the global TV and film marketplace. So how do you find these opportunities?  Walking you through how to access this global landscape is international executive Alexia Melocchi of Little Studio Films, who has made a career out of successfully acting as a bridge between Hollywood and the global marketplace. She previously worked as a distributor and a sales agent, where she sold over 50 films to profit for clients and acquired more than 150 major studio and independent films, including LA LA LAND, NOW YOU SEE ME 2, and more. Alexia will give you her expert perspective on how to build your career internationally by showing you how buyers operate, explaining the process of international financing, and sharing the best places for you to build your global network and partnerships.  In this webinar, you’ll cover what projects light up the international marketplace, how to pitch your project, how to find your ideal international partners, etiquette for working overseas, the pros and cons of shooting internationally, and more. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to gain exclusive insider knowledge from one of the most accomplished international executives and take your projects global.  Plus! Get an overview of the most production-friendly countries: Italy Greece Canada Australia And! You'll Receive This Handout: The Power of Momentum - 7 Steps To Prepare For The International Market Praise for Alexia's Previous Stage 32 Education "Really great. Actually useful, practical advice. Wasn't full of bullshit platitudes, Alexia shot straight with us." -Max W. "Alexia did a fantastic job of making it all relatable and cutting through the noise." -Clint G. "Alexia is clearly very experienced & she is so gracious in sharing her wisdom with all of us. I'm truly grateful that you all put on this class!" -Becca G.

Become an "Actor's Director" - How to Get the Performance and Win the Respect of Your Cast

As a director, one of your most important jobs is eliciting great performances from actors. Fail at that, and your film or series could crumble under the weight of bad acting. Although the best directors shape performances with a deftness that may seem effortless, it is not. In fact, becoming a great director of actors is hard work and takes years of disciplined practice. Like playing a violin, it is a skill that must be nurtured. But there is a place to start: Set the goal of becoming an “actor’s director.” You’ve heard the term before, but what does it really mean? Why does it matter? And how can you become one? And, who better to know what it takes to become an actor's director than Matthew McConaughey's teaching partner at University of Texas, Scott Rice. Scott is an Emmy Award-winning director who has directed projects for Sony Pictures, A&E, MTV Networks and more. His films have been distributed by Hulu, Showtime, Comedy Central and PBS.  After studying under world-renowned film scholar David Bordwell, Scott began his career as a 3D animator and art director for Activision. He scripted the groundbreaking hit game SOLDIER OF FORTUNE and has since written on assignment for Elizabeth Avellan (SPY KIDS) among others. Scott is also an ADDY award winner for his commercial work. His national commercial clients include Shell, Las Vegas, MasterCard and Sears.  As Scott explores how to become an “actor’s director,” he will share a volume of best practices and wisdom born of a rich 25-year career. Scott will begin by explaining what it means to be an “actor’s director” in general and will go over what you need to be familiar with ahead of time in order to be one yourself, including a basic rundown of the craft and challenges of acting and how to use empathy. He’ll illustrate what a strong actor-director collaboration looks like, how to harness the power of ‘yes’, and how to correctly ‘watch’ a performance while on set. Next Scott will delve into how best to prepare before production, including navigating scene work, the read-through and rehearsal process, dealing with shot listing, and creating a schedule while keeping your actors’ needs in mind. He’ll also discuss how best to handle walkthroughs and blocking and when to use stand-ins. Then Scott will teach you the best ways to interact with actors on set, including how to meet with them ahead of time, and how to hold yourself and speak while on set. He’ll spend time talking about the casting process and ways to serve as an “actor’s director” while auditioning and interviewing talent. Scott will then offer tips on how to work with non-actors, including children and animals, and share Steven Spielberg’s techniques for these challenges and how to use improvisation. He will delve into strategies for solving problems that occur on set, including how to identify a weak performance, getting out of a ‘black hole’, when to move on and circle back, and how to decide what you really need to move forward. Scott will share 8 things you should avoid while on set in order to be a better “actor’s director”. In the end, Scott will leave you with a thorough understanding of what it means to be an actor’s director and, more importantly, provide actionable advice for how to become one yourself. Scott will accompany his presentation with exclusive material from his nationally recognized film course which goes behind the scenes of Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey’s latest films. Scott will illustrate successful actor-director relationships through anecdotes from McConaughey and notorious directors including Gary Ross (THE HUNGER GAMES), Jeff Nichols (LOVING), and Harmony Korine (SPRING BREAKERS).   Praise for Scott's Stage 32 Webinar   "Scott was a great choice for an instructor. Very knowledgeable and a good teacher" -Blake N.   "Scott was a fabulous presenter. He definitely brought his A-game today. Thanks, Scott!" -Paul T.   "It was terrific. Great instructor. I loved his insights and recommendations. He clearly stays on top of his profession and is always learning." -Crystal B.    

Master Screenwriting Basics Certification

"Great screenwriting is never heard, never read, it's felt." - AZ Yeamen   Get Your Master Screenwriting Basics Certification Exclusively Through Stage 32 Keeping you on the cutting-edge of the entertainment industry, because we are the global online resource for creative professionals. Spots Filled, if you would like to join in 2022 please contact!   Ready to master your craft? Learn elite screenwriting fundamentals, in-depth story analysis strategies, writing techniques and more. Stage 32’s online Master Screenwriting Basics Certification was designed for creative professionals looking to expand their knowledge to expert level by studying screenwriting course materials and taking our certification online. When earning a Master Screenwriting Basics Certification and becoming a certified screenwriter, choosing the right training is essential. You've found the right place.   A Master Screenwriting Basics Certification from Stage 32 can help you expand your screenwriting career. In 16 weeks over this 14-session course with 2 creative weeks for your own writing, you will be using a proven technique designed for emerging writers to rise above the pack. This certification contains functional skills to develop your craft with pacing, authentic storytelling, building your writing muscle, and basics of screenwriting. You will learn not only the techniques to step ahead of the pack with your writing, but you will also be working on perfecting your own writing technique. Stage 32 is the worldwide leader in entertainment industry education and is a marketplace that connects creators with content producers. After you finish your certification you will earn an exclusive Stage 32 Certificate and Stage 32 will provide you resources to help take your new skills into the professional marketplace, including a career development meeting with an industry professional.   Get certified from a leading industry expert. AZ Yeaman has sold nearly every script she's ever written. She has become the go-to for revisions, doctoring, whipping stories into shape, and pitch packages for Netflix, TVOne, Aspire TV, UMC Streaming, Bounce TV, and independent production companies. Most recently, she served as a Story Editor on Covenant on AMC's ALLBLK. AZ is passionate and focused, with a granite-hard work ethic. She focuses not only on pursuing and developing her career in script/story development but also on fostering exciting, new talent. Every day is an opportunity to do more, learn more. She's an admitted lifelong student, an absorber of sights, sounds, and sensations that make her a natural-born writer. AZ brings heart, energy, and clarity of vision to story development and screenwriting projects. Her students have created concepts in class, outlined, drafted, written, rewritten, and sold projects to networks.   Ready to take the next step? Our master screenwriting certification was designed by entertainment industry professionals for entertainment industry professionals to help you succeed. For less than $100 a week you will become a certified screenwriter and be given the tools you need to enter the professional market exlusively through Stage 32.    PLEASE NOTE: This exclusive Stage 32 certification course is limited to 10 people and will be booked on a first come, first served basis. The opportunity to work this closely and for this long with an expert in the field is an incredibly unique and valuable opportunity. If you are interested, please book quickly. Once the spots are gone, they’re gone for good.

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