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Hosted by Elliot Grove

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The Film Center, Actors Connection.

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630 9th Ave #1410, New York, NY 10036

Elliot Grove

Your host: Elliot Grove

Producer & Founder of Raindance at Raindance

Elliot Grove founded Raindance Film Festival in 1993, the British Independent Film Awards in 1998, and Raindance.TV in 2007. He has produced over 150 short films, and 5 feature films. His first feature film, TABLE 5 was shot on 35mm and completed for a total of £278.38. He teaches writers and producers in the UK, Europe. Japan and America. He has written three books which have become industry standards: RAINDANCE WRITERS LAB 2nd Edition (Focal Press 2008), RAINDANCE PRODUCERS LAB (Focal Press 2004) and 130 PROJECTS TO GET YOU INTO FILMMAKING (Barrons 2009). Open University awarded Elliot and Honourary Doctorate for services to film education in 2009. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

We all know that America is bursting with talented filmmakers.

Are you an independent filmmaker, cinema or digital media student, D-I-Y filmmaker or videographer? Do you have great ideas, a few skills and few filmmaking friends? Maybe you can shoot a short movie, but can you finance one, find an audience to watch it, or promote and sell it?

Raindance Film Festival Founder and social media maverick Elliot Grove comes to New York to bring a fresh look at breaking into the film industry to get your movie made and seen by others. Elliot has produced over 700 short films, 6 features and trained thousands of new and emerging filmmakers around the world. Discover how to use the Raindance method and social media to build audiences, source financing and screen films.

CHARGE YOUR SMARTPHONES! Join @stage32 and @RaindanceNYC and #IndieFilmNYC for this information-packed one-day seminar. DOORS OPEN at 9:15 am.

What You'll Learn

Saturday Film School New York: Break into the Film Industry

10:00 – 11:30 a.m. Write The Screenplay

Have an idea for a movie? Elliot Grove explains the basic principles of writing screenplays and demonstrate the powerful storytelling tools used by the pros.

  • Create memorable characters
  • Play with story structure
  • Use professional screenwriting tools
  • Create a great log line
  • PITCHNG is the #1 skill you need to build a community, find an audience or access money. Elliot shows you how to create a great logline, and give you tips to craft a visual and compelling PITCH for your film.
  • Practice your pitch and get feedback from an industry pitching pro

Can you pitch a clever log line in 140 characters or less? We’re going to tweet out your pitch to the world and find out!

11:30 – 11:45 a.m. Break

11:45 – 1:00 p.m. Making the movie

Making movies is not complicated. But it’s hard work. Elliot Grove explains how today, everyone must act like a producer. There will be a tonne of RAW TALENT in this seminar, enough to finance and crew up a movie! In this segment, get producing tools & shooting tips to save you money and make it easier to get your movie made.

  • What a producer does: Building a team
  • Networking for what you want: How to Connect
  • Shooting & Producing tips
  • Guerilla filmmaking demystified

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Lunch

1-hr film challenge: Can you put together a creative team? Network during lunch and create a production team. Tweet your team photo.

2:00 – 3:45 p.m. So you want to direct?

Why is it that everyone wants to direct, but no one ever takes the time to learn how?
Elliot will outline the principle basics of directing, and how to get the actors and crew to do what you want.

  • Basics of film directing
  • Crossing the line
  • Camera placement and why it is important
  • Communicating with your cast and crew

4:00 – 5:00 p.m. Break into the film industry

If you would like to start setting up your own profile as a bonafide filmmaker, this is the segment for you. Elliot Grove will explain how to prepare your profile as a writer, producer, director.

Stage 32's very own Founder & CEO will be broadcast to the group from Hollywood for part of the class!

  • Your online profile as a filmmaker
  • Create your brand: Marketing and promoting yourself
  • Get into Film Festivals
  • Create an electronic Press Kit

TWEET @RaindanceNYC we’ll send you a great sample Press Kit!

5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Networking & Connect

Now are you ready to make a movie? We top off the day and go to a nearby pub for refreshment and to network and start a collaborative project!

What you will get:

  • Seminar handout with useful articles and resources.
  • Script format guide used by professionals, storyboard templates, glosssaries of filmmaking terms, budget templates, sample templates.
  • Followup email full of useful links and additional resources.
  • $25 Off Stage 32 executive script coverage services 
  • *Lunch is NOT included.

About Your Instructor

Elliot Grove founded Raindance Film Festival in 1993, the British Independent Film Awards in 1998, and Raindance.TV in 2007.

He has produced over 150 short films, and 5 feature films. His first feature film, TABLE 5 was shot on 35mm and completed for a total of £278.38. He teaches writers and producers in the UK, Europe. Japan and America.

He has written three books which have become industry standards: RAINDANCE WRITERS LAB 2nd Edition (Focal Press 2008), RAINDANCE PRODUCERS LAB (Focal Press 2004) and 130 PROJECTS TO GET YOU INTO FILMMAKING (Barrons 2009).

Open University awarded Elliot and Honourary Doctorate for services to film education in 2009.


I am still absorbing the useful information I learned today at Saturday Film School. I gained an insightful glimpse into the different stages of the film-making process that will be useful to my current project. And I’m sure if you’re an inspiring actor or a screenwriter or director, you will be inspired to start or continue your own projects as well. A useful tip if you plan on attending a session: BRING A BUSINESS CARD! You will meet like-minded individuals who are seeking directors, cinematographers, sound editors, actors, etc to collaborate with and you will need to be able to provide your information quickly. Trust me on this, you have to stick around for the mixer after the program. If you’re the type of person who has been working independently on your craft but need a team to get your project off the ground, here’s where you make your connections! It’s worth every penny.
– Iman,

Elliot Grove made himself entirely accessible to everyone before, during and after the event — and I came away with my head and notepad absolutely jammed with education and inspiration, from practical considerations for production… to all kinds of creative ideas on how to make a film with what you already have, even with a low — or no — budget… the message throughout the day was ‘there are people right here who can help you get your film made … we have everything & everyone we need to make a film here in this room. Highly recommended! – Lis S.

An excellent event filled with insightful information. If you are an aspiring screenwriter, producer, director, actor, cinematographer or anyone involved in the movie making business, then the Saturday Film School is for you! Elliot Grove did an outstanding job delivering the goods and inspiring minds. And the opportunity to network afterwards with like-minded people was a great capper on an excellent day!– Steve U
An amazing information session that touched on all aspects of film-making: camera, lighting, sound, writing, producing, directing, budgeting and copy-rights! A MUST for an aspiring film-maker. The networking opportunities afterward greatly contributed to the value of the course. If one is interested in finding talent in any facet of the film industry, Raindance is the place to find it.
– Craig M.


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Reviews Average Rating: 5 out of 5

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Post-Production: Finding The Film

Learn directly from Shaun O’Banion, an award-winning independent producer! As a producer, post-production is a part of the process you’re rarely involved in from day-to-day, and yet it is one of the most integral parts of the filmmaking process (if not the most important). A lot of questions can be asked from a filmmaker like how to shape the film, how to define roles in post, what to do with VFX, how to handle the footage you have and ultimately how to develop a great film after it’s been shot. It’s not easy to do and it takes a lot of practice and experience to perfect. We will discuss the pieces that make up the whole, from assessing the relationships in the edit suite, to bringing all of the elements together and how it all happens. From the technical to the emotional, this webinar will attempt to demystify the process in a way for you to easily understand what to do to “find the film” in post. Post Production: Finding the Film is presented by 20 year industry veteran, Shaun O’Banion, who has worked with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Christopher Walken, Courtney Cox and David Arquette, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Judd Apatow and Peter Hedges. He has won numerous awards for his films, including the prestigious IFP GOTHAM Award for GIRLFRIEND.

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