How to Secure a Long and Successful Career in Today's Entertainment Industry

Hosted by Chris Moore


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Chris Moore

Webinar hosted by: Chris Moore

Producer (Manchester By the Sea, Good Will Hunting, American Pie)

Chris Moore is an Oscar-Nominated producer responsible for such films as Good Will Hunting, Manchester By The Sea, American Pie and Television shows such as Project Greenlight, The Chair and much, much more. Chris also serves on the National Board of Directors for the Producers Guild of America. His impressive career spans decades on over 40 projects. As the co-creator of Project Greenlight with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Sean Bailey. Chris began his career dedicating his life to creative pursuits and continues to do so to this day. Moore graduated from Harvard University and began his career working at USA Network and as a talent agent. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Chris Moore has done and seen it all. During a career spanning over 30 years, Chris has produced films that have had multiple Oscar nominations and wins such as Good Will Hunting and Manchester by the Sea, to studio blockbusters like American Pie and The Adjustment Bureau, to independent darlings such as Waiting, to creating and starring in the critically acclaimed industry television shows Project Greenlight alongside Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and The Chair. One of the secrets of Chris' longevity in the business is a full understanding of the business. He's as plugged in as they come and he knows how to adjust quickly, swiftly, and successfully as the landscape changes - which seems to happen on a daily basis these days. Most importantly, Chris is known in the industry as a take-no-prisoners, no bullshit guy. He tells it like it is and pulls no punches, which, in this business, is welcome and refreshing. And now he's here exclusively for Stage 32 to teach you how to build a lasting career in today's entertainment industry.

With the evolution of the industry causing dramatic shifts in the way you create and consume content (film, television, digital) and more content being created, bought, sold, screened, broadcast and streamed than ever before, there are more and more opportunities are being presented for a creative career. But you have to know where to look, how to position yourself, how to best present yourself and show that you have a complete understanding of where the industry is headed and how you can add significant value. 

Chris will discuss the current state and the shifts in the market to help you make educated decisions on the path you should take with your career in the industry to not only assure success, but satisfy the lifestyle you desire. He will also discuss where he believes the future is headed so you can be ahead of the curve in making the right decisions for you and your career. Then, Chris will make the proceedings interactive, workshopping with select attendees and discussing primary and alternative paths for their wants and goals.

Some examples: For filmmakers having trouble gaining traction, Chris will go over alternative ways you can break in and gain your footing. For screenwriters who have been at it a long time and haven’t gotten their break, Chris will discuss alternatives and lifestyle choices for the current industry. For cinematographers (or other creatives) looking to move from digital shorts to streaming TV, Chris will present a path and strategies to make it happen? 


This is a no nonsense, detailed filled, strategy packed session designed to help ALL creatives and professionals!


"Undoubtably, my favorite Stage 32 webinar yet, and that's saying something. Wow, was this a welcome kick in the ass. I love Chris' style, passion, and energy. Obviously, his experience and success speaks for itself, but as a teacher, he's a master. This was a huge land for Stage 32. I hope you bring him back again!"

- Ronnie W.

"I like the way Chris organized all the changes in entertainment so it was easy to understand. It's overwhelming trying to figure it out and I appreciated Chris taking the time to explain it. I also appreciated the workshopping advice. Thank you Chris."

- Marisa S.

"The brutal truth how Hollywood operates was eye opening, but it's best that I'm aware as I try to find my place."

- Wolf O.

"Chris Moore is a hero. He saved me from my doubts."

- Julia C.


What You'll Learn

Exploring the Current Shift of the Entertainment Industry

  • Current Changes and Re-Ordering of the Power Players
  • Creation of Intellectual Property
  • Delivery of Content (Film, TV & Digital) to Consumers
  • OTT
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Social Media
  • Promotional Tools
  • Who Has the Execution Money?
  • Who Has the Marketing Money?

How You Can Find a Career To Fit In

  • Why are You Doing This?
  • What is the Lifestyle You Intend to Have?
  • What is Your Career Path?
  • Options to Break in as Talent
  • Options to Break in with a Business Career

Career Analysis & Advice

Chris talks with several Stage 32 members and does a cold hard look at their current careers and gives advice to help move the needle. You can take this workshopping and apply it to your own career. Chris analyzes and gives advice to:

  • A screenwriter who has received accolades looking to break in
  • A filmmaker creating shorter formats as proof of concepts
  • A producer looking to work with more established producers 
  • An actress looking to get herself noticed

Q&A with Chris



About Your Instructor

Chris Moore is an Oscar-Nominated producer responsible for such films as Good Will Hunting, Manchester By The Sea, American Pie and Television shows such as Project Greenlight, The Chair and much, much more. Chris also serves on the National Board of Directors for the Producers Guild of America.

His impressive career spans decades on over 40 projects. As the co-creator of Project Greenlight with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Sean Bailey. Chris began his career dedicating his life to creative pursuits and continues to do so to this day.

Moore graduated from Harvard University and began his career working at USA Network and as a talent agent.


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Awesome webinar, Chris! Thanks for your honesty!! - Lisa B.

Fantastic! - C. Harris L.

Excellent - some helpful info up front, and awesome to have personalized workshopping with Chris. - Cate C.

Amazing seminar… - Robert M.

I totally appreciated Chris's down-to-Earth, honest point of view. - E.K. S.

I like the way Chris organized all the changes in entertainment so it was easy to understand. It's overwhelming trying to figure it out and I appreciated Chris taking the time to explain it. I also appreciated the workshopping advice. Thank you Chris. - Marisa S.

The brutal truth how Hollywood operates was eye opening, but it's best that I'm aware as I try to find my place. - Wolf O.

I like the sincerity he showed. Stories always set a better example. Great experience. - Marc J.

I learned about Hollywood from an accomplished person—I hope to see others and get more perspectives too. - Chantel L.


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Reviews Average Rating: 5 out of 5

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How to Write a Great Sitcom Pilot Script with a Case Study of HBO's BARRY pilot

Watch This Exclusive Stage 32 Webinar Now And Receive The Pilot Script for HBO's Emmy-Winning Sitcom BARRY The television landscape is constantly changing, with new technology, new networks, new trends, and new players. Yet a constant throughout the years has been the popularity of the situational comedy. From I LOVE LUCY all the way to ABBOT ELEMENTARY, there has always been an appetite for new sitcoms, funny stories and beloved characters to come back to week after week (or binge all at once). And in the last 10 years, the single camera sitcom like HBO's BARRY has become wildly popular. As a result, if you have great idea for a sitcom and a great pilot script to go with it, networks, streamers and reps are always going to be interested. But first you have to write that pilot. But you can't build a house without a blueprint. That's why it's so important to understand the sitcom pilot script on a fundamental level. A written TV pilot is not something physically tangible. You're selling the network an idea, an episode, and, really, an entire series without ever shooting a single frame. That alone is an overwhelmingly huge task. This is why people often struggle writing a pilot script. Putting too much into the script, or not enough. Properly setting up the world. Getting your audience attached to your characters. Including enough jokes and still having a prominent story. All of these elements make crafting your sitcom pilot difficult and the overall process intimidating. Yet shining a light on the pilot process can help reduce the fear and better equip you when writing. David Shecter has has been working in the television industry in production, development, and as a writer for over a decade. He has written on many shows, including season 5 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. His experience and success on that show landed David on the pilot of the CBS smash hit 2 Broke Girls, where he worked his way up as a staff writer on the 6th and final season of the show. Since 2 BROKE GIRLS, David has served on the FOX sitcom OUTMATCHED starring Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson and was named a WGA TV Writer Access Honoree for his script For Worse. David’s continued work in the sitcom TV world has lent him a keen understanding of what makes these shows successful and how to make the most of your sitcom pilot. David breaks down how to write a great sitcom pilot that can build your world, show your style, and appeal to both executives and audiences. He’ll give you tips on how to find your sitcom’s tone and decide where it lies on the comedy spectrum between comedy and drama. He’ll discuss the differences between premise-based and character-based sitcoms and teach you how to find the balance between jokes and story. Next David will delve into the proper structure of a sitcom pilot, looking at length, episodic vs. serialized and if commercial breaks are still a thing. He’ll give you tips on how to start writing your sitcom pilot and break down the anatomy of a sitcom scene. He’ll share tips on how to build effective sitcom characters and will finally teach you how to best establish your world through the pilot and how to pack everything neatly into your script. David will even offer a deep dive of the pilot script for HBO's Emmy-nominated sitcom BARRY, analyzing why this script works. Everyone who signs up will receive a free download of this script. David is excited to show you the proper tools so you can start building the world of your sitcom from the ground up with complete confidence and create a product that can help you find the success you’re looking for.

How To Recoup Your Film's Profits Through Collection Account Management

Nowadays many independent film and TV productions that have multiple parties involved are looking for the best way to recoup profits on a completed project. One of the best ways to assure the parties involved with your film (producers, investors, financiers, sales agents and talent) see their returns is to have a collection account in place.  A collection account is an account in the name of a neutral third party who receives revenues generated by an independent film or TV project on behalf of the multiple beneficiaries from local distributors. This process is called collection account management and is an effective tool to guarantee that the beneficiaries receive their share of the revenues. The beneficiaries include producers, investors, financiers, sales agents and talent. Often times financiers, production partners and international sales agents put a collection account up as a requirement before even boarding project. During this webinar we will explain the functions and benefits of having a collection account in place for an independent film or TV project, how collection account management is set up and which parties should be involved in the entire process. We will further discuss the allocation and distribution of revenues, how to put together the Recoupment Schedule, and the importance of signing, or being a beneficiary to, the Collection Account Management Agreement.

How to Develop, Pitch and Sell Your Limited Series to a Network or Streamer - Includes a Pitch Document Case Study

The producer of NatGeo's limited series GENIUS will teach you how you can get your own limited series off the ground.  Includes a case study of a pitch document that helped sell a limited series.   Over the last several years, the limited series has become one of the most exciting, competitive, and acclaimed formats in the entertainment industry. Series like PAINKILLER, THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT, CHERNOBYL, and DAISY JONES & THE SIX have become global phenomena and greatly boosted the careers of the creatives behind them. It’s no surprise that buyers and big names on all sides of the camera are hungry for binge-worthy event programming like these limited series and are looking for the next hit to make. If you have your own idea for a limited series, there’s no better time than now to get it in front of executives and decisionmakers looking for this content. But how does one develop the material and package it together to increase the probability of a sale or production order? Sam Sokolow is a two-time Emmy-nominated producer, perhaps best known for his work in developing and producing the Emmy nominated limited series GENIUS for National Geographic Channel, one of the first prestige limited series to find a wide audience. Over his career, Sam has executive produced 18 original TV series and set up dozens of television and film projects at major studio and distributors in Hollywood and is well-versed at finding success developing, pitching, and selling his projects. Exclusively for Stage 32, Sam will teach you how to develop, pitch, and sell limited series to a streamer or network by first learning how to identify source material, packaging talent into your project, and identifying the buyers. He’ll also show you how to build the pitch, approach the buyers, and even share what the deals look like. Sam will even share examples of the emails and finders fees he used to package his projects. Plus! Sam will walk you through a real pitch deck he used for a limited series he worked on, so you can see  how he put all the pieces together to ultimately pitch and sell the project. You won’t want to miss out on this detailed on-demand webinar!  

How to Get Pitch Meetings For Your Project

Learn from a manager whose clients have worked on shows like SHAMELESS, GAME OF THRONES, THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, MAD MEN, Netflix's THE WITCHER and many more! No matter how great your script or story is, it’s not going to become a reality unless you’re able to pitch it effectively to the buyers and people who can help you get it made. Yet before you can even pitch it, you have to get in the room in the first place, and find someone willing to hear what you have to say. Getting that meeting is a skill in and of itself, and you’re going to need more than a good script and a good pitch to get the ball rolling. The good news is in this ever-evolving marketplace, there are myriad opportunities to get your project in front of interested people. The better you understand the industry and the world of pitch meetings, the better your pitch will work for you. Pitching is a form of sales. Whether you are selling your script, your ideas, or yourself, it is critical to understand your audience -- who they are, how they do business, and how they will evaluate your project. The more we can analyze who we are pitching to and how they are defining opportunity and success, the better equipped we will be to get a YES, and conversely, evaluate whether the individual or company we are pitching to is well suited for us. In this exclusive Stage 32 on-demand webinar, you will delve into how you can make this happen. You'll start by learning directly from Jay Glazer who is a manager/producer at ROAR that represents creatives in both the talent and literary fields. His clients have appeared in Emmy-winning SHAMELESS, GAME OF THRONES, THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, MAD MEN, Netflix's THE WITCHER and many more. Prior to joining ROAR, Jay worked for Brillstein Entertainment Partners and The Gersh Agency. Jay has found success in his roles by understanding how to secure important pitch meetings for himself and his clients, and he’s ready to share what he knows exclusively with the Stage 32 community. Jay will give you the knowledge and confidence to land the pitch meeting you’ve been working towards and nail it. He'll even offer examples of both email and phone call approaches you can use.  "Jay was thorough, thoughtful and truthful while also being personable. He was so well prepared with his presentation and had concrete examples to provide that I can implement immediately."-Margaret M.

Location Scouting 101

Learn directly from Tim Moshansky, a 20 year location scout who has worked on hundreds of films and TV shows including The Revenant, Twilight Saga: New Moon, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem! There are two things that a production starts doing as soon as they have the “green light” - casting for actors and scouting for locations. In a way, a location scout is like a casting director for locations. Unless a film is shot entirely in a studio with sets or green screen, locations are integral to how the film will look. Anyone can become a location scout, but to become a GREAT scout that people call again and again takes a keen eye, good people and photography skills, and on-the-ground experience. In this webinar Tim Moshansky will guide you through the entire process of scouting - from the moment you get the script or storyboards, to when they call “Action!” on set. Tim will offer you tips and insights from his nearly 20 years of scouting experience. Whether you are someone considering a career as a scout, or a filmmaker looking for ways to increase your production value and anticipate potential location problems, this is the webinar that will help you learn the basics about scouting. This webinar includes FREE bonus materials for download!: Locations Release Location Agreement Location Breakdown Script Breakdown

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