The Indian Film and TV Industry Today: Who's Buying, What's Selling, and How You Can Find Your Way In

Hosted by Katharina Suckale


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Katharina Suckale

Webinar hosted by: Katharina Suckale

Veteran Producer, Creator of Indian Series BETWEEN OUR WORLDS (Disney +) at Bombay Berlin Film Production

Katharina Suckale is a long-time producer and creator with deep experience creating content for the Indian film and TV industry, including creating the Indian series, BETWEEN WORLDS, which has been picked up by Disney+. She has also directed documentaries, shorts, and experimental films. With a career spanning twenty-four years in the film industry, and experience in both distribution and production, she has a deep knowledge for the landscape of the industry in India, Europe, and the US. In 2003, she founded Suckale Film Produktion, producing projects in Germany, Africa, and India. Producing in India led her to discover her love for India and its rich storytelling culture. She has consulted on and overseen European-Indian co-productions and handled worldwide sales for Yash Raj Films India. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Almost everyone is at least vaguely familiar with Bollywood, but the Indian film and TV industry is more than just Bollywood, and it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry that just keeps growing. With over 1.3 billion people living in India, it’s no wonder. However, the popularity of Indian movies and TV is not confined to India alone. Thanks to growing accessibility through streaming platforms, popular series like MADE IN HEAVEN and PUSHPAVALLI on Amazon, and movies like GARBAGE and RAJMA CHAWAL on Netflix, plus many many more are gaining wider audiences worldwide. As the world becomes flatter and network and streaming giants are investing more and more into generating country-specific content, this is an incredibly exciting time to find opportunities in the Indian film and TV space.

The challenges of breaking into new territory, are knowing what buyers and sellers are looking for, and who all the players are. India may be one country, but it’s made up of 28 states with different languages, cultures, and people. Therefore, there are also many different film and TV industries within India. So, you need to know what Indian buyers are looking for as well as what streamers here will be looking for, which may be different from other content they buy. Knowing all these differences is important for setting yourself up for success in India. With the right guidance, you can be sure you’ll set up a good foundation for your future film and TV endeavors in India.

Katharina Suckale is a long-time producer and creator with deep experience creating content for the Indian film and TV industry, including creating the Indian series, BETWEEN WORLDS, which has been picked up by Disney+. She has also directed documentaries, shorts, and experimental films. With a career spanning twenty-four years in the film industry, and experience in both distribution and production, she has a deep knowledge for the landscape of the industry in India, Europe, and the US. In 2003, she founded Suckale Film Produktion, producing projects in Germany, Africa, and India. Producing in India led her to discover her love for India and its rich storytelling culture. She has consulted on and overseen European-Indian co-productions and handled worldwide sales for Yash Raj Films India.

Katharina is here to share her love for filmmaking in India and how you can break your way into this bustling industry. She’ll walk you through the main differences between the Indian Market and the European/American markets, including everything you need to know about the difference between film, series, and streaming platforms in India. She’ll also share her insights on how new talent can break into the Indian entertainment industry, and the importance of genre conventions.


This is your chance to get to know the billion-dollar industry and find out what it takes to bring your projects there.


What You'll Learn

  • What Are the Main Differences Between the Indian Market and European/American Markets?
  • The Film Market
    • The major studios
    • What kind of films are being made right now?
    • Is the Bollywood song & dance film still popular?
    • A look at some of the most popular Indian films in the past few years
    • Are Arthouse films still being produced?
  • TV Shows
    • The major TV networks
    • What kind of TV series are being produced right now?
    • A look at some of the most popular Indian TV series in the past few years
  • Streaming Platforms in India
    • What are the main streamers used in India?
    • What do streamers in India look for?
      • Is star power important?
      • The key to packaging
    • A look into the minds of producers at streamers
      • And the main thing all streamers want right now
  • How New Talent Can Break In?
  • The Importance of Genre Conventions
  • Q&A with Katharina

About Your Instructor

Katharina Suckale is a long-time producer and creator with deep experience creating content for the Indian film and TV industry, including creating the Indian series, BETWEEN WORLDS, which has been picked up by Disney+. She has also directed documentaries, shorts, and experimental films. With a career spanning twenty-four years in the film industry, and experience in both distribution and production, she has a deep knowledge for the landscape of the industry in India, Europe, and the US. In 2003, she founded Suckale Film Produktion, producing projects in Germany, Africa, and India. Producing in India led her to discover her love for India and its rich storytelling culture. She has consulted on and overseen European-Indian co-productions and handled worldwide sales for Yash Raj Films India.


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You’ve heard that the opening pages of your pilot script are the most important – hook your audience early and they’ll be invested in your show, fall short and producers, managers and executives might not even finish reading your script. At many companies, your script will be handed off to a member of the development team whose job is to just read the first act, then decide whether to pass or flag your script for further consideration. Having a great first act isn’t just a good way to get your pilot noticed; it might be the only way. When you watch a pilot, though, whether on Netflix, HBO or ABC, it can feel like every show is so different, it’s hard to see a pathway to success. Or even if you master one aspect of your opening act, somehow it can still feel like you’ve not done enough. In a TV pilot, that crucial first act is the most challenging because there is so much you have to do really well, really quickly: you have to introduce your characters, set up your world, and launch your story. What’s more, the first act sets your pilot on solid footing – nail this section and the rest of the pilot seems to develop and flow easily. Get stuck on how to start, and you might never finish writing the pilot that could launch your career. You’ve probably watched outstanding pilots where 10-15 minutes in you’re already making plans to binge the season. What do all those pilots have in common? What techniques do experienced show creators use to give them that early edge? And what exactly do producers, managers development execs and other professionals expect to see in a first act? We have the answers to those questions and much more. Anna Henry is a Producer and Development Executive who has worked at CBS, ABC, Nickelodeon, and multiple production companies, as well as a manager at Andrea Simon Entertainment. Her clients have worked on shows such as THE DEUCE, POWER, IN CONTEMPT, TOMMY, VIDA, SEVEN SECONDS, HUNG, CHICAGO FIRE, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, THIS IS US, and THE FLASH, and have set up projects at AMC, Amazon, Starz, HBO, Sony, Fox, EOne, ITV America, OddLot Entertainment, Corus, and others. Anna has projects currently in development around the world and is incredibly familiar with what goes into a great television pilot. Anna will analyze pilots more deeply so you can see the tools successful writers use to set their show on the right path from the start. She’ll discuss the ingredients of a pilot in general, including the basic structure, identifying the type or genre of your show, meta-themes, and crafting characters to serve as the audience's entry point. Anna will then delve into the key elements of a first act, as well as a great teaser or cold open, including using framing devices, and a strong out. She will go over tips to writing memorable character descriptions, using physical descriptions, elements of identity, and putting thought into how you name each character. She'll next focus on introduction scenes and using them to generate interest in your characters, using dialogue to establish their voices, and introducing relationships. A vital aspect of a pilot's first act is creating character moments, and Anna will go over effective examples of many different types of these moments, including meeting heroes, meeting villains, meeting supporting characters, establishing the right amount of backstory, and the benefits of having your characters argue. She will then discuss how to create exposition and communicate your world effectively, crafting a mystery and building the rules of your universe, as well as how to avoid overused crutches. Anna will then offer her take on implementing and incorporating tone and themes into the script and how to sneak them in subtly through details and character moments. She will finally lay out how to best use your first act to bring the audience into your story and world, where exactly your story should start, and how to launch your 'A' story and introduce your 'B' and 'C' stories.   Examples will be used from one-hour and half-hour shows on network, cable and streaming platforms, PLUS! you will receive pilots for each after the class: THIS IS US - NBC ONE DAY AT A TIME - Netflix / Pop MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL - Amazon ATLANTA - FX KILLING EVE - AMC THE EXPANSE - Syfy / Amazon   Praise for Anna's Stage 32 webinar: "The webinar was fantastic. I am writing my first one hour drama pilot so this webinar was packed with the exact information that I will be immediately putting to use in my rewrite. The slides were clear, concise and informative. The speaker was excellent at conveying the information I needed." -Bobby C. "It was really great information. Anna was a terrific host, very knowledgeable and shared a lot of information and tips." -Marla H. "Comprehensive, insightful. Combined a lot of material I had heard snippets of on character, world dev, etc. but artfully stitched together in one presentation." -James F. "It was amazing, enlightening - completely. I learned soooo much - especially as a feature writer who's been asked to turn a feature script into a pilot!! Thank you soooooo much." -Kristin G.

Stage 32 4-Part Class: How To Write, Direct & Deliver Your Feature Film

Learn how to see your creative vision on a feature film all the way through from your original concept through final delivery as the writer & director from Martin Guigui, the acclaimed writer/director of SWEETWATER starring Jeremy Piven and Everett Osborne, 911 starring Charlie Sheen and Whoopie Goldberg,  and more! Plus! You will receive 4 screenplays for movies that Martin has both written and directed! ***Flexible Learning: if you cannot attend any of the sessions live don't worry - you will be sent the links to the recordings of each session within 48 hours of the live session and have access to Martin on email to ask him any questions so you can keep up at your own pace and schedule.***   A lot of people want to write and direct their own movies. Filmmakers like Nora Ephron, Noah Bombach and Martin Guigui have carved a path where they can take a feature film from the initial idea all the way through writing the script and then directing and delivering their film. However, most people don’t understand just how complex and comprehensive the role of a filmmaker is, especially if they are both the writer and director of a project. You are literally the creative lead through every single part of the process. Wearing the many hats that being a writer-director requires can seem daunting but it can be an immensely fulfilling and rewarding experience…if you know what to do and what to avoid. That’s why Stage 32 has brought in acclaimed writer-director Martin Guigui himself to teach this interactive 4-session class to share with you the writer-director blueprint. Martin Guigui is the co-founder and President of Sunset Pictures and has made over one dozen films, all from scratch. He oversees pre-production, production, and post-production on all of his projects. Martin’s most recent film, SWEETWATER, starring Jeremy Piven, Cary Elwes, and Everett Osborne, was released in theaters in April 2023 and received praise amongst audiences and critics alike. Martin was so hands-on during every aspect of the production of SWEETWATER that he also composed the music for the film. In substantially more detail than a webinar, Martin will take you through the entire writer-director journey from conceiving the story to pre-production, casting, physical production, editing, coloring, scoring original music, sound design, and ultimately to securing distribution which can also happen early in the process if pre-sales are required to make the budget. A writer-director has to be the driving force behind every step of the process to make sure the finished film is what they had hoped for creatively and shared with a wide audience. During 4 immersive sessions, Martin will teach you the writer-director process in great detail from ideation to distribution. You will be connected to Martin directly via email for the duration of the class to ask him questions about his process and get tips on your own projects. As a filmmaker who has worked on every stage and facet of his projects, Martin will share with you the necessary tips, tricks, and skillset you need to have to successfully helm your own project from script through delivery. If you are a filmmaker who dreams of writing and directing your own movies and taking the creative lead through the entire production and delivery process, this 4-part class is a must! Praise for Martin's Previous Stage 32 Teaching: "Martin is a true artist who has so much to teach. I learned so much about filmmaking and artistic integrity from taking his course! " -- Amanda M. "As a new filmmaker, I got a ton out of learning from Martin. It's very valuable to learn from a writer/director who has done it all already." -- Zachary H. "Martin was personable, inspiring and informative. Best Stage 32 webinar I've attended yet." -- Lisa G. "Excellent! I can't recommend this webinar enough. 10 for 10." -- Michael CC.

PowerNetworking for Actors

Learn directly from Heather Hale, an NBC Universal-approved independent film and television producer, director and screenwriter with over 50 hours of award winning television and feature films!  Actors are the essential spark to any film or television production. But before you can NAIL that audition or BOOK that role, you have to find out about the opportunities and prepare to make your own luck. Working Film and TV Director/Producer, Heather Hale uses in-the-trenches humor, candor and real world examples to illuminate the many ways of making your acting dreams come true. Don’t sit around and wait to be discovered – produce your own career! Discover an empowered approach to networking to help you get on the right people’s radars, get noticed, gain momentum - and get those gigs. Learn time-proven techniques and new resources to proactively brainstorm where the opportunities of the moment – and future - might be, who’s doing the auditions – and trace any connections you might have to the decision makers or key players to get in the right rooms – the right way – and ready to give it your all. Learn how to identify, research and prioritize a finely honed hit list of Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, Agents and Managers who are in a position to cast. Figure out how to track them down, strategize the best approaches to communicate with them and how to develop the kind of track record, headshot, resume, website and auditioning skills they’ll most likely respond to. PRAISE FOR HEATHER'S TEACHINGS: "Using Heather's techniques and system, the day after her seminar, I had meetings set up with Oprah and Warren Buffet and now have access to A-List celebrities." - Sarano Kelly, #1 Motivational Speaker on Wall Street "It was that sticky, oppressive day in China Grove, in the church parking lot, when you took time out of your busy day to thank EVERYONE - including extras – for being there and helping out. That speech made me feel as if I was back on the right track with my life and made you an instant hero in my life. So few people would have taken the time to not only show their appreciation but also to treat even random Extras with kindness and respect – I couldn't help but be impressed. That might help explain why I not only consider you to be the best Director I've ever worked with but also why I'll always be willing to help you out with anything." - Kevin McDermott, Actor (Absolute Killers) "If – and when – I win an Oscar, Heather will be the first to get the thanks! Heather is so inspirational, she could raise the dead! Her knowledge and integrity amazes. A walking muse. Like a pep rally from afar. Nothing less than transformational. Heather possesses a keen understanding of how the entertainment industry operates. She was invaluable in helping me construct a game plan to define and reach my goal target audience in the most efficient, effective manner possible – to fill the theater with casting directors for my one woman show. Not only did Heather demystify the art of schmoozing but she also provided me with the tools to overcome my fear of cold calling industry folks." - Jennifer Rosen, Actress/Writer (One Woman Show: Tall Girl) "Heather is so insightful. She gives her heart and her soul to her students and their work – it’s so obvious how much she cares." - Keren Green, Director, Writer, Producer "The first time I heard Heather speak, I was captivated by her passion, insight, warmth and humor… and I immediately knew I wanted to be her friend. As I got to know Heather, I soon discovered that her immense talent is equally matched by her extraordinary generosity and that her passion for teaching and helping others is unsurpassed. She is a true gift to the Los Angeles film community." - Eve Honthaner (Titanic, Tropic Thunder, Dreamworks, etc.), The Complete Film Production Handbook, Hollywood Drive: What it Takes to Break in, Hang in & Make it in the Entertainment Industry, Founder, Film Industry Network; Instructor, USC School of Cinema "We all know this is a relationship business and in my work as a producer and educator, I have so many times found myself in the small-world scenario that converges on one name: Heather Hale. As a meta-networker myself (ie: networking is a verb and we are its henchmen), I have never met anyone as lightning quick on the speed dial as Heather." - Gabrielle Kelly, Producer, Writer, Professor "Hollywood does indeed have a heart – and it beats in this woman." - William Roetzheim, Award-winning Playwright "Heather you organized the most fabulous and informative workshops for the foundation for international film artists! You are an awesome teacher as well and I always walked away pumped!" - Evita Castine, RKO Pictures

Pro Tips For Producing A Winning Short Film

Every successful filmmaker has, at some point in their career, written, directed, and/or produced a short film. For filmmakers who are just starting out, a short film is the best calling card to showcase their unique talent and vision. It is important to remember that short filmmaking is different from feature filmmaking, with challenges unique to the process. Even so, producing a short film may seem daunting, but there are several key secrets to getting the most out of your project. This intensive 5-week course will give students the tools and techniques necessary to produce a world class short film. Each week will be dedicated to a different aspect of the short filmmaking process, including, concept development and writing of your short, budgeting and scheduling, understanding and drafting production agreements, pro-tips on directing actors, and how to get the most out of the post production process. Students are strongly encouraged to come with ideas for a short film, which will be developed over the course of the 4 weeks, so by the conclusion of the class, the should have a screenplay ready for production.

Prepping For International Co-Productions: What You Need To Know

As the world of independent television and film continues to shift, international co-productions are becoming more common. That’s because crossing borders is often an effective way to find better funding, better locations, and ultimately a wider audience. But international co-productions are not always a slam dunk. Partnering with other countries is a complicated endeavor and brings with it challenges and hurdles you wouldn’t have to face otherwise. Potential pitfalls are plentiful, but then again, so are opportunities. It comes down to putting in the work ahead of time, covering your bases, and making sure you know what you’re doing before diving in head first. Working across countries is hard enough when you’re part of a studio or large corporation. There are still contracts to hash out, politics to navigate, and differences in cultures to understand. But when you’re an independent producer or filmmaker looking to cross country lines, it can feel impossible, an overwhelming prospect where you don’t even know where to start. After all, you don’t have the backing of a legal department and you don’t have experts on payroll. You just have you. So where do you start? Is an international co-production worth it for you? What steps should you take to get the ball rolling and how can do you protect yourself along the way? With more than twenty years in the industry, Alexia Melocchi has worked in nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry. Alexia is currently a producer at Little Studio Films, a representation and production company with more than 25 films and series credits. She serves as Partner and Producer, involved in all aspects of company operations, including distribution and co-production deals, managing production activities, and film and television marketing. Alexia is well versed in the art of international co-productions and will share the secrets, tips, and lessons she’s learned over her two decades in the industry exclusively with the Stage 32 community. Alexia will walk you through the nitty gritty of starting international co-productions and the things you need to know before jumping in. She will begin by going over the pros and cons of producing overseas, both for film projects and television, and when to determine if an international co-production is the right call. She’ll tell you the four aspects of your project you should focus on before making this call. She’ll then discuss what makes a story international and how to use this to your advantage. Alexia will then go over the advantages of having international settings in your script. Next she will focus on tax subsidies and credits in different countries, how these can be targeted, the challenges that come with claiming them, and the rules and requirements you’ll generally need to meet to qualify for them. She’ll also discuss the prospect of working with international broadcasters or producers. Then, Alexia will give an in-depth and detailed rundown of the benefits and challenges of producing in six major countries: Italy, Spain, Canada, UK, and Australia. She’ll offer a breakdown of the specific costs that go into overseas productions, as well as the legal ramifications of these projects, including how international cooperation might affect ownership of your IP and rights. Alexia will discuss what an effective timeline of a successful co-production deal might look like and will finally give you tips on how to work international markets like Cannes to find the partnerships you need. This webinar is useful to producers considering an international co-production as well as writers, actors and directors who feel their talent or material might work well on an international scale   Like what you heard from Alexia during this webinar?  Send your script to Alexia and speak with her for an hour by clicking here.  Praise for Alexia’s Webinar: “Alexia had so much specific and helpful information that I’m going to be able to use moving forward” -Karen H. “Alexia is the best! I’m so glad I got to see this webinar” -Hannah E. “I was impressed with how much the instructor knew about this topic. I have a lot of ideas and tools I can take with me for my own projects now” -Jerry B.

How To Produce A Short Film

  A New Exclusive Webinar Learn From A Producer Of 45 Short Films! PLUS! Get A Production Resource Guide   When you start your career with your first short film, you may not have a full grasp of the how to approach the process to achieve the highest levels of success. While making any first short film is an effective way of learning, making films costs a lot of money and every opportunity should be for your maximum creative experience and benefit. In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, award winning short filmmaker Tash Ann will help give young filmmakers an edge as she shares the four biggest things she wishes she knew before she made her first short film. Tash wants you to succeed so you now have a chance to learn from the mistakes she made when she was starting out.  For most beginning filmmakers, making your first short film can be a daunting concept. For some people it’s so daunting that they don’t even start. Even in many film schools, people aren’t taught a no nonsense, step-by-step guide to self produce their own small projects. So when you write (or get access to) that first amazing short script you want to make, you may be completely in the dark about what happens next. Luckily, Tash has stumbled through her early producing experiences and has emerged with meaningful knowledge to share and she is here to teach you how to make the most of your opportunity when you set out to make your first short film.  Plus! Tash will provide her production resource guide and links to her early short films, which she will also discuss in the webinar. Don't miss your chance to learn short filmmaking from one of the best in the business!   PLUS! You'll receive: Production Resource Guide PRAISE FOR TASH'S WORK: "Tash is very dynamic and extremely hard working. She is very passionate about her work and creating meaningful and powerful stories. She's an extraordinary talent with a beautiful vision for crafting and producing films and videos that truly impact her audiences." -- Aastha Lal Vice President of Operations, Icon Media

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