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Doug Hodges

Webinar hosted by: Doug Hodges

Vice President at Front Row

Doug Hodges is a valuable member of Front Row Insurance and looks forward to continuing to serve his many clients. Front Row is an entertainment insurance broker specializing in the film, music, and theater industries, with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York. Front Row negotiates on your behalf to obtain the best coverage at the lowest premium from the insurance companies. They also insure post houses, studios, theatres, and equipment rental houses. Prior to Front Row, Doug worked with Truman Van Dyke, where he fell in love with the challenges and pace of film production insurance. He eventually branched out from running the short-term program and into serving DICE producers and independent feature film clients. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

There is no worse feeling than finally getting your project on its feet, only for it to be brought to its knees because you don’t have the proper insurance coverage in place. You have to make sure your project can be completed safely and responsibly and, ultimately, sold to a distributor. You need the right kinds of insurance to guarantee your success, and you will learn exactly what that entails in this new exclusive Stage 32 webinar.

The key to your success is that you understand the 4 basic kinds of production insurance, why each is important and what the function of each type of coverage is. Not having the proper coverage in place could cost the production company big time with losses that you cannot recoup. You may be denied access to a location due to not having the proper coverage in place. You also may not be able to sell your project to a distributor who requires that the film is properly insured.

Teaching you every important aspect of the production insurance game is Doug Hodges from Front Row Insurance, an Entertainment Insurance Broker with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York that specializes in the film, music, and theater industries. Doug routinely negotiates on artists’ and companies’ behalf to obtain the best coverage at the lowest premium from the insurance companies.

This essential webinar will give you an overview of insurance coverage, policies and how they protect you, and why having the right insurance is vital to any production and ultimate sale. You will review real insurance policies and receive real-world examples from Doug's vast experience working on every kind of film and with every type of filmmaker.

When you’re making your film or TV project, you may focus heavily on the creative side, but you also need to protect yourself with the right kinds of insurance, so don’t want to miss out on this incredibly valuable webinar.

What You'll Learn

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

  • Short-form or documentary feature vs. a feature film
  • Short term policies vs. annual policy

The 4 Main Kinds of Production Insurance and How They Protect You

  • CGL or commercial general liability
  • Auto liability
  • Production package
  • Work comp insurance

The Insurance Basics

  • How are rates established
  • When do you pay for insurance
  • Production Reasons to buy add-on insurance to your main policy

The Top Things Overlooked by Filmmakers

  • Filming Overseas and additional needed coverages
  • Auto Coverage and what is NOT included
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage- Why and When
  • Other things most commonly overlooked by Filmmakers

Common Mistakes Made by Novice Filmmakers Regarding Coverage

Tips in Production

  • How to schedule Stunt work to save you money
  • Budget for your deductibles in each department
  • And More..

Elements The Affect Coverage

  • Stunts
  • Aircraft
  • Cars
  • Drones
  • Animals
  • Fire and Water
  • Filming Overseas
  • and more!

Q&A with Doug

About Your Instructor

Doug Hodges is a valuable member of Front Row Insurance and looks forward to continuing to serve his many clients. Front Row is an entertainment insurance broker specializing in the film, music, and theater industries, with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York. Front Row negotiates on your behalf to obtain the best coverage at the lowest premium from the insurance companies. They also insure post houses, studios, theatres, and equipment rental houses.

Prior to Front Row, Doug worked with Truman Van Dyke, where he fell in love with the challenges and pace of film production insurance. He eventually branched out from running the short-term program and into serving DICE producers and independent feature film clients.


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Reviews Average Rating: 2 out of 5

  • I'd like a refund. The audio and video quality was terrible. Typically the State 32 webinars are great but this was not. Also, written materials not as helpful as would expect. Hard to follow due to audio issues.

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