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Hosted by John Burd


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John Burd

Webinar hosted by: John Burd

Writer/Producer at Evenow Productions

John Burd is a writer, director, and producer. After six years with MarVista Entertainment in Los Angeles, he left in 2017 to form Evenow Productions and pursue filmmaking independently. John has worked on projects for networks including Hallmark, Lifetime, GAC Family, Syfy, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, UpTV, Ion, and BYUtv. In 2019, he produced a slate of six Christmas movies for Gaumont Television US, and made his directorial debut in 2021 with his script Love at the Christmas Contest. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

John Burd, the producer of six Christmas movies including LOVE AT THE CHRISTMAS CONTEST, shares what it takes to write a producible holiday film that thrills execs exclusively through Stage 32.

Holiday movies have always been popular with audiences, but in the past decade, the Christmas television marketplace has exploded with multiple networks and platforms building their winter programming around these made-for-TV movies. The demand is huge, making this the best time for you to write and sell your best Christmas movie idea.

In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, you’ll learn what separates the holiday TV movie scripts that get produced from the ones that get passed over. Even with the marketplace growing, buyers look for a few key ingredients that you need to know. You’ll cover:

  • How to write a big holiday production with a manageable budget
  • How to write for a broad audience while standing out from the other scripts
  • How to get your project in front of someone who can say “Yes!”

Showing you exactly how to stand out to television executives is writer, director, and producer John Burd. John is the founder of Evenow Productions and has produced six Christmas movies for Gaumont Television US, including making his directorial debut in 2021 with his script LOVE AT THE CHRISTMAS CONTEST. He’s also worked with networks including Hallmark, Lifetime, Disney Channel, UpTV, and more.

John knows what executives greenlight because he’s worked with them on those very projects. He’ll show you what your script needs to excite executives, how to write the perfect Christmas pitch, how much you can get paid for your work, who the buyers are, and so much more.

This is a fantastic chance to hear from a successful Christmas movie filmmaker and get an insider view of making holiday favorites. Join us and learn how you can make your own script the next Christmas classic.


"John Burd is one of my favorite writers, and a Christmas connoisseur."

- Crystal Holt, Vice President Series, 20th Television

What You'll Learn

A Christmas Story: What Makes My Movie A Christmas Movie?

  • Who is the audience for my movie?
  • What are buyers looking for in a Christmas movie?
  • The three key story ingredients for a sellable Christmas script
  • Dealbreakers: Topics and subgenres that don't work for Christmas

The Cost Of Christmas: Why Budget Is Key To Selling A Christmas Script

  • How much do networks spend to produce a Christmas movie?
  • Why Christmas movies cost more than other movies
  • Ten tips and tricks to keep your budget down, without sacrificing Christmas magic
  • How to turn your expensive script into a shootable story

My Script Is Done... Now What?

  • Who are the buyers?
  • What do they pay for scripts?
  • How can I get my script to them?
  • Writing the perfect Christmas pitch

What If I Just Have An Idea?

  • How can I get paid to write my script?
  • What makes a producer want to work with a writer?
  • What are the pros and cons of selling a pitch vs. selling a script?
  • Logline to paragraph to full-blown pitch: What you need to know every step of the way

Q&A with John Burd

About Your Instructor

John Burd is a writer, director, and producer. After six years with MarVista Entertainment in Los Angeles, he left in 2017 to form Evenow Productions and pursue filmmaking independently. John has worked on projects for networks including Hallmark, Lifetime, GAC Family, Syfy, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, UpTV, Ion, and BYUtv. In 2019, he produced a slate of six Christmas movies for Gaumont Television US, and made his directorial debut in 2021 with his script Love at the Christmas Contest.


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Reviews Average Rating: 4 out of 5

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An essential screenwriting class with the Top Story Editor of Covenant on AMC's ALLBLK In this on-demand, four-session class exclusively through Stage 32, you’ll learn proven techniques designed for emerging writers to write your first draft with help from a professional screenwriter, teacher, and script consultant. You’ll learn how to create your logline to test the strength of your idea while brainstorming, conduct character analysis to form the emotional journey at the core of your story, break your story into sequences, run crucial reports to analyze your script’s strengths, and more. Your expert instructor, AZ Yeamen, has sold nearly every script she’s ever written. She uses the techniques in this course for her own stories and teaching emerging writers, helping them rise above the pack, selling projects to networks, and placing in many screenwriting competitions. AZ continues to hone her own skills as a writer, consultant, and founder of Bridge 17 Scriptwriters’ Studio. She has become the go-to for revisions, doctoring, whipping stories into shape, and pitch packages for Netflix, TVOne, Aspire TV, UMC Streaming, Bounce TV, and independent production companies. She most recently served as a Story Editor on Covenant on AMC's ALLBLK. AZ doesn’t just teach you how to craft a story. She teaches you how to bring your voice to the forefront, tailoring your script to your authentic voice so that it stands out. By the end of the four lessons, you’ll have functional skills to develop your script with pacing and authentic storytelling while building your writing muscles and understanding the most important screenwriting essentials. Any writer that successfully applies these lessons using their own unique voice will have the skills to write a memorable script ripe for production.  Testimonials from AZ's Stage 32 Course: "First and foremost, AZ is AMAZING! The information provided, the examples, the illustrations, the assignments were all geared towards equipping us to become great scriptwriters. I MUST take the course again. Nothing but applause for AZ and her style of teaching." -- Chris S. "Not only does AZ know her stuff, but she articulates it very well. I highly recommend working with her no matter what stage your project is at. She'll work with you to take it from good to great." -- Alyssa B.  

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