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Ellison Wright Baldwin

Website Graphic Designer at Elysian Studios
Actor, Screenwriter, Graphic Designer, Animator, Author, Dancer, Editor, Illustrator, Motion Graphic Design, Musician, Songwriter, Sound Mixer, Voice Actor and Storyboard Artist

San Francisco, California

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About Ellison

I'm a multi-talented, versatile, ambitious visionary who aims to take the film industry by storm with a diverse portfolio of scripts for both animation in both t.v. and movie form. I also have published ebooks from Smashwords; which they are the vital points of each of the adaptation of my works, including two in general. I'd work on many projects back when I was a teenager and even up until now. I run, sing, dance, and an huge artist, as I love to draw with sketchbook pro; and take on the Japanese Animation Industry. Steadily to become a prominent figure with either of those industries.
My three dreams in life are to be an Outstanding Screenwriter, as that's the best kind of writing I shine the most, a Storyboard Artists, to create animation and visual effects to my Movies and T.V. Shows. And to be a Singer, write excellent albums, and make "Artist of the Decade", with my songs going Multi-Platinum as well. These are the three dream jobs that I have for myself, as I want to own my own Music & Animation Studio, called "Don't Choke Entertainment" for my Music Studio, and "Elysian Studios" for my Animation Studio. And even manage my own Company called "Elysian Studios", to tie in with the both of them.
For my experience background, I have been freelance graphic designing for 9 years before I'd retire, as well as freelance writing for 9 years as well. I'm currently investing in all the tools and technology assets I need to start becoming a Multi-media Artist, since I'm certified one, due to my BA of Arts in Studio Arts.
I'm also the Novelist for two of my magnum opuses, "Celestial-Terrestrial Warriors" & "Saintly-Angelic Warriors", along with a few other works I have as well.
I'm pursuing things, in a time where we need a complete Re-birth in Great Storytelling, as Robert McKee stated in "Story" (1997).
And since Variety is key, the Log-lines and Screenplays for For this to be possible. For this to be successful, it involves a shared universe format and phases for those shares universe. With C.T.W. And S.A.W., and Theseus & the Olympian Angels, being the vital part for this to work.
Update: AFTER finishing Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), with my MA of Arts; English and Creative Writing w/conc. Of Fiction and Screenwriting. I'll be finishing up at Full Sail University for MFA in Media Design, which is Art & Design, I'll be leaving away to carry out my ambition in late 2019. There's more content that needs to be made, because these things take time.
Another Update: Due to COVID-19, I'll be returning back and doing this online. Until the situation has reached a point of becoming non-threatening, I'll be remaining back home until further notice.

Unique traits: Ambitious, Sarcastic, Witty, Patient, Knowledgeable, Calm, Collected, Spontaneous, Kind, Caring, & Determined.



  • H.E.F, Season One; The Pilot Script (2024 Netflix TV series ) [Adaptation]

    H.E.F, Season One; The Pilot Script (2024 Netflix TV series ) [Adaptation] Budget: $5M - $10M | Action Romance Sports Animation A 130 years has passed since an epic, earth-shattering battle that has rocked the core of Empyrean; an awakening of the heavenly evil began and now, the search for the souls of the Exalted 7, descendants of the Homo Angelus, on the ruined, corrupted planet Earth. They'll begin their angelization process, learn divine technology, & battle against the "Watchers", for their future new world.    Based on the Novel/Book with the same Title.  Also based on the Comic Book and Graphic Novel of the same title. Solar_Exalted Angel_Soul Angel_Morphing Angelic_Technology Based on the Novel "Celestial/Terrestrial Warriors, Vol.1: Daylight of the Lost Spiritual Reawakening" Tentai-Chijo no Senshi, Vol.1: Ushinawareta seishin-tekina mezame no natsujikan Kindle Edition The Pilot Script (Final Shooting Draft) The aim is Netflix distribution, because my only aim is streaming distribution. And if we're lucky, it'll be 24 episodes. However, 12 episodes is more realistic. I'll be using Toon Boom Harmony 22 or Adobe After Effects CC 2023 or 19, Krita, & Adobe Photoshop CC 2024, to animate it as best as I can.

  • H.E.F: Battle of the Felidae Blood &"Millennial Tree" [2024 Netflix Mini-Series]

    H.E.F: Battle of the Felidae Blood &"Millennial Tree" [2024 Netflix Mini-Series] Budget: $10M - $30M | Action Animation -Aretha, a rouge in her mid-30's, saves a teenage girl from an illegal trade; gets involved with infamous kunoichi's named the Razorblade, who's aim is to be one of the four powerful tribes in the world of the mega-prosperous planet named Empyrean. The natural balance gets upset when not only two of the "Four Noble Animal Tribes" face off, but also awakens the Serpent of Chaos-Apep. Based on the Novel & Graphic Novel of the same title.  The aim is Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, and Amazon Prime Video distribution. Feature Length: 2hr 20min.

  • H.E.F, #1: Battle of the Felidae Blood [2021 Netflix Miniseries]

    H.E.F, #1: Battle of the Felidae Blood [2021 Netflix Miniseries] Budget: $30M+ | Action Sci-fi Amun, the first Alpha-level Homo Superius/Demi-human from "Project Millennial-Animal Seed", is an augmented & destined by the highly advanced Sun-Rays, to conquer & brand Empyrean; tasked with reviving humanity as the new Homo Superius , from the desecrated, near resourceless planet Earth, after a lethal virus outbreak, known as the T-Mist; becoming their shining symbol of revival, eugenics, & rebuilding civilization. In a spiritual fight against the heavenly evil, in the form of the Archdemons, & the search for the "Mystical World Tree". Based on the Novel and Graphic Novel, but with a different twist to it. ://v4.writerduet.com/...http://powerlisting.wikia.com/... http://powerlisting.wikia.com/... http://powerlisting.wikia.com/... http://powerlisting.wikia.com/... The aim is Netflix distribution. Feature Length: 2hr. 20min.

  • H.E.F, #2: Covenant of Spiritual Reawakening (2025 Miniseries)[Adaptation]

    H.E.F, #2: Covenant of Spiritual Reawakening (2025 Miniseries)[Adaptation] Budget: $30M+ | Action Sci-fi Half a year has passed after her colossal, climatic battle with one of the powerful four leaders, Aretha recovers & journeys to the valley to find self-reflection & achieve the power of "ISIS". Meanwhile, the world of Empyrean is in political chaos due to the disruption of the "4 Animal Leaders", and now...the Grigori, who possessed the last two "4 Noble Animal Tribes", are engaging in a global-scale invasion. And the Coco's are nowhere to be found.

  • S.A.W, Vol.1: Days of Exploration & The "12 Angel Lords of Templar" (2023??? Film Trilogy)

    S.A.W, Vol.1: Days of Exploration & The "12 Angel Lords of Templar" (2023??? Film Trilogy) Budget: $1M - $5M | War Animation Fantasy The Twin's mother, to whom has given birth to them, discovers their long-lost divine heritage, with Zeus Ammon. But not after finding the angelic blade that he's made with the Transcendent Titan, as well as with fighting the other Fallen Titans, who come to resurrect the original Sky-God Uranus, that has strong ties with Typhon, the deadliest of all monsters alive.  Based on the Novella

  • S.A.W; Battle of Xia [2025???]

    S.A.W; Battle of Xia [2025???] Budget: $10M - $30M | Action War Animation Fantasy After the events of discovering the 12 very potent, angelical blades, the remaining 12 Angelic Knights Templar, gear themselves up, for their final, most climatic battle against the remaining Deavas, to whom have reincarnated their King of Monsters, Typhon, to usurp Zeus Ammon in Olympus, aka. "Millennial Tower"; fifty years have passed, and a new generation must not only reawaken something divine within them, Aether as their main source of power, but also must find and protect their reincarnated Angel of Grace, Haniel, from the return of the destructive Typhon.Based on the Novel.And inspired by "Supernatural" the T.V. Show.

  • S.A.W, Vol.2: The Grigori of Morningstar [2023 Film Trilogy]

    S.A.W, Vol.2: The Grigori of Morningstar [2023 Film Trilogy] Action Sci-fi War Animation After discovering the blades that're infused with Divine Souls, at Mt. Olympus, Apollo & his brother, have met their match, when they're confronted by this heavenly evil named the "Grigori". Divine-Demonic beings, who are hellbent on reviving the Red Dragon, the Fallen Arch-Angel, who possesses both angelic and demonic powers, in godlike form. Taking the gigantic battle all the way through another dimension.

  • C.T.W, #2: Rise of the Sugaar's Unforgiving Curse (2024 Film Trilogy TBA)

    C.T.W, #2: Rise of the Sugaar's Unforgiving Curse (2024 Film Trilogy TBA) Animation Fantasy Other War Six months has passed since the events of the intense, climatic battle between two of the "Four Noble Animal Tribes" & the disappearance from the two mighty clans from the mysterious night that happened; the other tribes are now increasing their skills, for the two seats of the elite order, while the remaining "Four Noble Animal Clans", now make their move. Unaware of what caused the disappearance of the last two mighty clans, & emerging from their exile. And forces from a different dimension, come to increase the impending dread going on, in the world of Empyrean; and reawaken the World Engine from Sun-Sky. While the world is being swirled further into chaos & strife, the rise of the mysterious, most physically powerful clan, comes to pass, to set things right...with the "Lady of Heaven" named MUT, making her return. So, now the final battle for humanity's future, begins again. Based on the Novel & Graphic Novel, with the same title. 

  • C.T.W, #3: Rise of the White Tiger clan; the Lost Exalted Souls (2027 Netflix Trilogy)

    C.T.W, #3: Rise of the White Tiger clan; the Lost Exalted Souls (2027 Netflix Trilogy) War Animation Fantasy Takes place ten years after the Sugaars have taken over all of Empyrean & began the nightmarish, draconian rule, due to the Archdemons who possess the Sugaars & Sugoi's; the White Tiger clan, rising from Mt. Felice, have made their strongest and final confrontation against the reptilian, possessed monsters in a climatic battle for their futures; along the disappearance of the legendary tribe; a hundred and thirty years pass by & suddenly, through the mysterious revival of the heavenly dark lords, also revives the divine energy from seven powerful souls, and the beginning to finding the lost souls of the new generation, to combat them on all planes; while reconnected with the Solar Exalted, their ancestors.  Based on the Novel of the Same Title.  http://powerlisting.wikia.com/... https://read.amazon.com/kp/emb... The aim is Netflix distribution.

  • Saintly/Angelic Warriors: Pilot Script (TV Pilot 2020)[Adaptation]

    Saintly/Angelic Warriors: Pilot Script (TV Pilot 2020)[Adaptation] Budget: $10M - $30M | Sci-fi Animation Comedy Fantasy Thirty years have passed since the climatic, epic battle between the Mystic Knights of Templar at the Millennial Tower & the mysterious events that happened; 5 questionably dignified candidates that derive from San Francisco,CA in the 1990's, are called to a special world to awaken the "Aether" that lives within them. Brought into this new world by one of the veteran soldiers of the heavenly world. Progressing their lives as "Elyos" and straightening their aether too, while slowly changing the system; it also begins two last descendant's long-standing destiny, mentored by the last of the extremely powerful, veteran "Mystic Knights" that have aged with time. Based on the Novel with the same title. http://powerlisting.wikia.com/... http://aion.wikia.com/wiki/Elyos http://aion.wikia.com/wiki/Trials_of_Eternity http://aion.wikia.com/wiki/Asm...


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