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What If

When a promising young scholar makes one wrong move toward's a rich socialite's daughter, it alters the path of the civil rights movement forever.

Inherited (Series)

In order to receive her inheritance from her wealthy father, a broke NY socialite has to live in and repair a fixer upper in the remote mountains of So Cal. 

My Life As A Teenage Nobody

In 1994, Abigail Wells is entering her sophomore year on a mission to win the affection of her crush. Things get complicated when a new girl arrives and disrupts her relationship with her best friend.

Crime Fighting Karate Koala Bears Season 1episode 4 Crabby Koala

The Koalas face off against a giant Crab who has been hired by Professor Steel Skull 

The Rest of US

A man trying to find peace and quiet moves in to an inner city, multicultural neighborhood where he quickly gets pulled in by the neighborhood’s eccentric characters and internal chaos.

Camp Blue Water

A desperate mother is forced to send her teen son to a wilderness survival camp, only to discover it's a training ground for serial killers.

Two Nights & a Trip

A job seeker makes a trip from Lagos to Maiduguri in Nigeria to attend an interview. The journey comes with experiences no one could have expected.

Welfare to Wealth

Welfare To Wealth is a “rags-to-riches” unscripted, original television series that offers individuals on welfare who have a vision for a better life an opportunity to make it a reality.

Logline from Hell

When a neurotic screenwriter with a brilliant story idea can't make his logline work, his incessant changes on the IMDb site awaken a paranormal force that takes its staff out one by one, and the only way to stop it is to kill the writer.

The Ballad of Franco Loco

This historical western fiction follows a daring young smuggler's journey into hell, whose only hope of returning home from the Civil War rides on running one last shipment through the Union blockade, known as "The Anaconda."


An over-eager detective's mistakes and their deadly consequences begin to eat away at his sanity while hot on the trail of California's most prolific serial killer.

Hub City

A star athlete and straight-A student struggles with her sexuality and secret obsession with Compton gang culture, abandons her college dream to follow the dangerous path as the first female Crip leader.

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