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There are a lot of things that go into being a successful writer and having an outside person review your material for coverage is inevitably part of the process. If you are a writer yourself, or if you are working on a project with a writer, you will come to learn that often times writers can be precious of their material. Today, Stage 32 Founder & CEO, RB, discusses how that mindset isn't always the best tactic for the business. 

In this 8-minute clip RB goes over all the emotions that come with script coverage, and then gives a big dose of reality to the business of writing. In the clip you will learn how to absorb, digest, and be honest with yourself when it comes to script coverage. You'll learn why it's important to be receptive of people's feedback, especially when they have already climbed to the top of the mountain and have made it.

If you're looking for a gut check on your script, or a script you are producing or directing, I highly encourage you to watch the clip below:



The entire wide-ranging interview covered a plethora of subjects including filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, distribution, indie film, the state or the industry, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, social media, and networking in person, online and outside of LA to name a few.

Film Courage continues to release the interview in segments and we're happy to announce that we'll be bringing these videos to the community right here on the Stage 32 Blog. If you've missed the other Film Courage video posts so far, don't worry! You can access them here:

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