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Logline Polish

Nail your logline, sell your project


Which of these best describes you?

- Your script is ready for the market. You know that your script is close to being ready for the market. You need a sentence that captures the essence of your story without being too detailed and confusing.

- You are ready for Representation. You have more than one project that is ready for sale. You need loglines that will attract a Literary Manager so they will want to help you move your projects into the market. 

- You have a new idea for a project and you need a clear idea of what the "heart" of the story is. You need a third person perspective on what the core of the story is and will use the logline to help guide your writing. 


How can Stage 32 Help You?

You will receive a polished logline from a member of an elite team of Industry Readers who all have at least 5+ years in the industry. Many have worked at studios, streamers, networks, and with financiers. They know what it take to sell in a sentence.

Using their broad knowledge of what captures a reader's attention they will construct an all-new logline for you that will be a tool for you to sell your logline! 

They will give you an assessment of your existing logline, and write you a new one in return. This critical review will provide you with the sales tool that you need to take your script into the market, and grab Hollywood’s attention.

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What Our Writers are Saying:

I love it. Thank you!

- Rich N.


Thank you so much. It actually will help my writing the script.

- Rachel C


This is great! I was having a hard time...Now I can bring this story home.

- Drew D. 


Thank you! I'm going to employ this word-for-word.

- Kevin C


What You Actually Receive:

  • A written assessment of your current logline
  • A professionally constructed logline
  • Corresponding feedback


What You Submit:

  • Your version of your logline
  • A one page synopsis of your script


Who’s Your Reader?

  • A Professional Industry Reader with at least 5+ years of Logline writing experience

Turnaround Time:

  • 3 Days


This Service is For You If:

  • You’re unclear on what a logline is/why they’re so important
  • You’ve lost sight on the core elements of your story
  • You’re not sure how to distill your piece into 1-2 lines
  • You’re hoping to sell your first script


Is your First Act not grabbing your audience?

We’ve got you covered! That’s what our First 10 Pages coverage is for.


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