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Logline Polish

Sell your story in a single sentence with the help of a professional


A logline is the way your screenplay is introduced to the world.

It’s rare that anyone will read your script without knowing something about it first. A-List actors, producers, directors, managers, agents, financiers and development execs will often lean on hearing a logline before ever asking for or agreeing to read a screenplay.

If your logline doesn't sing, the script usually doesn't get opened.

Even more important, if the logline doesn't work, it's a signal to those who read screenplays for a living that the script probably doesn't either.

Delving into a logline can help you identify problematic elements of a screenplay, enabling solutions to fix them.

Is your logline in top professional shape to capture a reader's attention?

Now, exclusively through Stage 32, you can work with an industry professional to craft the perfect logline for your script. 

We have put together a team of top industry professionals who have read for production companies, studios and management firms for a minimum of 5 years to help our Stage 32 community craft the perfect logline. They know what it takes to SELL in a sentence. 

You will submit a synopsis of your script, your current logline and then our expert professionals will do their magic and get you your perfectly polished professional logline! 


What Our Writers are Saying:

I can write 100 pages and yet I struggle with one sentence. Thank you to my mentor who crafted the PERFECT logline!

- Rich N.


Thank you so much. They way they crafted this actually will help me with the polish of my script! 

- Rachel C


Thank you! I didn't even think of my story this way! So smart. I'm going to employ this word-for-word.

- Kevin C



What You Submit:

  • Your version of your logline
  • A one page synopsis of your script


What You Actually Receive:

  • A written assessment of your current logline
  • A professionally constructed logline
  • Corresponding feedback


Who’s Your Reader?

  • A Professional Industry Reader with at least 5+ years of Logline writing experience working for studios, production companies or management firms.

Turnaround Time:

  • 5 Days


This Service is For You If:

  • You’re unclear on what a logline is/why they’re so important
  • You’ve lost sight on the core elements of your story
  • You’re not sure how to distill your piece into 1-2 lines
  • You’re hoping to sell your first script


Is your first act not grabbing your audience?

We’ve got you covered! That’s what our First 10 Pages coverage is for.


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