From film festival strategies to theatrical to VOD to online options to finding and securing a sales agent the place to discuss, share content and offer tips and advice on all things related to the distribution process

Owen Ratliff
All filmmakers I wanted to share my distribution success for my 30-minute film

• The Black Salt Minifeature won the Cinemax/HBO Action Short Film Competition out of 350 films • Licensing deal with HBO-has over a quarter-million views across all Max platforms • Closed Circuit TV deal Hotel Chain and Airport- Ensures 100 million viewers • DVD distribution deal through Target, Km...

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Richard "RB" Botto

Hey Owen. Since this forum is for discussion of the business of distribution, perhaps you could post how you made all this happen. Would help many, I'm sure. Congrats on all the success.

Reggie Street

Hi Owen. I would certainly love to hear how you worked this out. Did you use a sales agent?

Karen Goldfarb
Screening Fee at Film Festivals

Hi.. I was recently asked what I would charge as a screening charge for my film to be shown at a film festival. Does anyone know what the going rates are? The film is a one hour documentary. Thanks!

Nick Savides
SXSW 2017 podcast coverage

Hi guys, Lots to take in at this year's SXSW. Still trying to process all things I saw and heard at the festival. I had the chance to do coverage at the festival for my nsavides podcast and got to speak to a number of filmmakers there. We discussed filmmaking techniques, highlights from the festival...

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Looking for VR/360 short film to participate in International VR Film Festival

Hi allI'm Sergio. Our organization will be running International VR Film Festival in Ukraine (Eastern Europe). We are looking for respective short movies. Any ideas where to find such filmmakers who would like to participate?

Christopher Bower
Has anyone worked with Adler & Associates Entertainment Before?

I am shopping around for a sales agent for my new film and I spoke with these guys at AFM and twice since. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience positive or negative with them before?

Denise Channing

I have enough background with other indie filmmakers to see what they offered as higher than many.

Terry Owen

Tell you what.. while you are seeking an agent who will take a "piece of the revenue pie" check out www.akyumen.com and our soon to launch global distribution network AkyumenTV, we have signed non-bin...

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Marcus D. Spencer

I am in the process of producing my 16th film and I was approached by them on my first couple. The first thing I did was went to their website, checked their catalog, then wondered if I've seen any of...

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Ari Taub

Has anyone made any money from a distribution deal with this company?

Robert Berg

They found me (I didn't submit to them), yet in their first email (before they would say whether they were interested in my film), they included a Submission Release form with several paragraphs of fi...

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Rob B Campbell
Looking to sell a show to the networks

Shopping around our sizzle for our show, "Tea & Sympathy" I produced last year. Anyone know some execs at Netflix?

John Busher

What genre, length and # of episodes?

Rob B Campbell


Steven Harris Anzelowitz

If you read the trades every morning (I do, I always listen to BENSONHURST (THR,VARIETY, DEADLINE) NETFLIX names always pop up. Then you can send them a query email or letter. I would also get on IMDB...

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Regina Lee

Hi Rob, the way you describe the show, it sounds like strip programming (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strip_programming), which is not really what Netflix focuses on, since they release for binge-wat...

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Neringa Bryant
My 47 minute Romantic fantasy, Eternal Embrace.

Does anyone know of any growing distribution company that is looking for more films?

K.M. Ecke
Buying Youtube Subscribers?

I get a ton of spam about offers to sell YouTube Likes, subs, views, etc. for my YouTube channel.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has done this and what their experience has been with it?

Did it work? Did you get scammed? Just curious about peoples' experiences.

K.M. Ecke

Yeah Michael Yurinko you're right. It's tough though because people like to see numbers to believe something is worth spending a piece of their precious time on. I think we're all a little shallow whe...

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Christian Pius

Forget about it K.M. Work hard for your views. The cost for some promotion is far better than purchasing any app that yanks your online presence to false heights.

K.M. Ecke

Thanks Christian Pius I agree with you, just wondered if some one had some success with going that route

Dalton G. Strang

I have a friend who bought some views on their videos, but based on how algorithms work all it did was waste time and make them feel worse about themselves. Personally for me YouTube is about community. If no one likes you content then you will know. The best way is to just be good.

K.M. Ecke

Yeah, @Dalton that doesn't surprise me, everything I've seen preys on peoples' inflated egos even if their content is garbage.

Jeff Lyons
Keith Hopkins

Good article! Very helpful

Stephen Mitchell
"...artists will receive pay for their media based on viewership..."

I received this from a contact--Is anyone who has completed film content interested? "Real close to creating a You-Tube style platform, subscription based, where artists will receive pay for their media based on viewership - need about 40-50 titles for the proof-of-concept. Do you have clients with cl ...

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Ramon Richardson


David E. Gates

I think the web is a bit saturated with sites like these nowadays. YouTube, Vimeo, Videscape and others say you'll get paid for what you publish on the sites based on viewership, but the returns are w...

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Ramon Richardson

Thanks for the heads up!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US3j8vAHYag

Vicky Khandpur

Good to know about this. Here's our YT channel - www.youtube.com/indiefilmschannel with 66k subs and 47 Million views - over 40 videos. We also have our content on few of India's leading apps. Any det...

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K.M. Ecke

I agree with David, I think we'd be better off advocating for Facebook to offer a similar monetization structure Youtube does.

Daniel C. Avery
For Anyone Wondering if Distribber was Legit

I saw this today on Jason Brubaker's Filmmaking Stuff. He's been a consultant for Distribber and just announced that Distribber got acquired by GoDigital for 7 figures. Makes Distribber sound pretty legit. I know if I had a film past the development phase, I'd be looking into using Distribber. Full...

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GoDigital Buys Self-Distribution Specialist Distribber
GoDigital Buys Self-Distribution Specialist Distribber
GoDigital Inc. has expanded its holdings by acquiring do-it-yourself provider Distribber for a low seven-figure price in cash and stock. Distribber, led by CEO Nick Soares, will become a third compone…
Robin Remde

Okay, so let me amend my first statement.... Anyone with the desire to do something as simple as a Google search can find out that Distribber is a legitimate business... :-) Okay, so how would you fee...

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Daniel C. Avery

Good point! I think we all would be wary of a traditional distributor doing the same thing. However, having been in business school for the last 3.5 years: if I were seriously into distributing other...

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Tahiera Monique Brown

I was curious about this company and your comments are very revealing. Many new filmmakers will consider this option without a second thought. I appreciate the conversation I reviewed. Thank you. Tahiera Monique Brown

Stephen Foster


Jason Brubaker

As Daniel points out, I have been working with Distribber (as an employee and consultant) for quite a few years. And I wanted to chime in and offer a few additional resources worth checking out: 1: How ...

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