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Cannes Film Festival

Dose anyone will come to Cannes Film Festival?If yes so we can meet #Cannes2017 #CannesFilmFestival #Cannes70 #Filmmaking #SupportIndieFilm

Cherelynn Baker

Cheers to the event being fruitful for you!

Henry M.Buchmann

I am coming to cannes, together with hollywood reporter clinton wallace.

Anika Neubauer

We are leaving for Cannes tomorrow. Always interested in meeting new colleagues from Int. filmscene. Send me a PM, if interested in meeting up together.

Jean-Luc Julien

I'd be happy to meet up in Cannes between 21-25 May. www.anikafilms.com

Streaming Online

Hi. I hope everyone is doing well. I am extremely green in this area and am looking for some guidance. I would like to utilize some online streaming companies for my short films, but don't know of any that are reputable. Does anyone know of any? Thanks in advance and have a wonderful weekend. 
Take Care, Chandra Gerson  

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Just a suggestion on a Book that might help. It's called Reel to Deal by Doc S-S Simmons. He is a regular contributor here on Stage 32. And

Chandra Gerson

Thank you so much Steven. I really appreciate it. Take care.

How do I find the sales agent for a particular theater chain?

Hi Stage 32'ers! Quick question - how do I find/ where do I look/ is there a directory of sales agents? Like a LinkedIN of sales people for a particular movie theater chain? I want to pitch directly to the small southwest region I am in and finding the sales agent is like finding Waldo. The woman wh...

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Nicholas Jordan

My suggestion is to obtain a copy of Spike, Mike, Slackers, & Dykes Book by John Pierson And then this is best-bet right here ▬ I do not think you are going to rent directly to a chain unless you have...

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For Anyone Wondering if Distribber was Legit

I saw this today on Jason Brubaker's Filmmaking Stuff. He's been a consultant for Distribber and just announced that Distribber got acquired by GoDigital for 7 figures. Makes Distribber sound pretty legit. I know if I had a film past the development phase, I'd be looking into using Distribber. Full...

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Daniel C. Avery

Good point! I think we all would be wary of a traditional distributor doing the same thing. However, having been in business school for the last 3.5 years: if I were seriously into distributing other...

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Tahiera Monique Brown

I was curious about this company and your comments are very revealing. Many new filmmakers will consider this option without a second thought. I appreciate the conversation I reviewed. Thank you. Tahiera Monique Brown

Stephen Foster


Jason Brubaker

As Daniel points out, I have been working with Distribber (as an employee and consultant) for quite a few years. And I wanted to chime in and offer a few additional resources worth checking out: 1: How ...

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Tahiera Monique Brown

Thank you Jason!

Film Festivals

Hey, I recently finished post production for my first feature film. The entire thing was made for $6,000 and I'm just looking to find some festivals that cater to films my size / budget. I've already been submitting to some in NY on WOB and FilmFreeway. Basically asking if anyone knows of festivals...

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Kasha Slavner

I have the same question - I've just finished my first feature documentary and am trying to get waivers for festivals - some have been great about it and so nothing to lose there but it's where the en...

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Vitaly Kozlov

Kasha you have to crawl and climb like anybody else. Find more money. Hint: friends and family! Your best bet! And submit to big festivals. If you are good and lucky they might select you. If not try again and again. That is the process of every filmmaker. Good luck.

Kasha Slavner

Thanks Vitaly but I tapped out my friends and family and even strangers with 3 crowdsource funding campaigns already so I'll just keep plugging away like I have been and try to get more interest in th...

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Christine Albrecht

We (the Zurich Film Festival) are currently open for submissions! You may be interested in our competition sections (fiction and doc), which consist of 1st, 2nd and 3rd films by their directors. http:...

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Jim Defalco

Hey Christine, that sounds great, and I'd love to submit. I have to ask if it is at all possible for a submission fee waiver or discount code of any kind. If not, don't worry about it.

Test Scene Short Film

Hi 32 Hive Mind,
I'd love to know if anyone has any experience of pushing out a test scene/short film as a lead in for a 2nd feature film? I'm just wrapping up a test now and I'd like to get it out to a public and industry audience. Tips please.

Cherelynn Baker

No experience with this and didn't know it was a thing? Why just a test scene?

Richard Barton-Thrift

I would agree with a short proof of concept but a test scene is not necessary except for in house use.

Is it a great time to be in distribution?

I know the Oscars are long over however I came across this article about distribution.   Your thoughts. http://www.indiewire.com/2017/03/a24-neon-blumhouse-moonlight-get-out-co......

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Cherelynn Baker

Thanks for the link! Great article

Digital poster at theater: who makes/ how/ what?

Theaters now use a digital movie poster - who makes it and how? I have a short film that has screenings at small theaters and I want to make a digital poster for it. Google is showing nothing! If you know the who/what/where hows of that, would you please link me? Thanks!

Has Anyone Uploaded Projects to Amazon?

I have a feature film that's not going to get theatrical distribution. (www.donovanquixote.com if you're interested) Has anyone uploaded to Amazon? What's the experience like? Pointers? Cautions?


Ali Ashoori

Hi Hope you feel well I can distribute your film in festivals and after that sale it. If you interested contact me aliashoori@cinepeace.co

Diane Knight

was thinking the same thing myself, I'd also be interested in hearing anyone's experience. was also looking at distribber....I guess a lot depends on the films marketing strategy.

Ramon Richardson

Distribber put my documentary on Amazon, it hasnt been a month yet, but I promoted it in the local papers and radio stations. Here is the link https://www.amazon.com/Life-at-Traxco-Dennis-Brow/dp/B06X...

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Keith Hopkins

Ramon, do you mind sharing what kind of deal Distirbber was able to get for you? Thanks

Ramon Richardson

Sure, distribber.com has a FAQ page that answers all the points of each platform that they connect you with.

Has anyone worked with Adler & Associates Entertainment Before?

I am shopping around for a sales agent for my new film and I spoke with these guys at AFM and twice since. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience positive or negative with them before?

Heather Fink

Very unprofessional email exchange with them early on in communications. Rude when I asked a simple question. Major red flags all around, plus the twitter profile of Adler seems to be one that has pai...

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Denise Channing

I find that common, actually. I was suspicious the first time it happened, and even the second, but because of some media buzz I've had several queries about one project of mine from small distributor...

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Thom E Butler

Hey Denise (or anyone else with actual Adler experience) what has your experience been since signing?

Denise Channing

Infrequent communication, but over time the pattern emerges. At last count I was in the next batch going to Quality Control at a facility I chose from a list Adler provided. From what I see, my film i...

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Gary McClain Gannaway

I just looked up most of their horror film offerings on IMDbPro. I found only two that had votes registered. You have to have 5 before they begin counting. I think that is telling.

Affordable film festivals to submit to?

Would you please recommend some inexpensive film festivals to submit to? My documentary is ready for submission! At $40 here and $55 there the cost is adding up quick! I would like to submit to 3 and keep it at $100 if possible! Thank you for any advice!

Natalie Farst

Good In A Room website has a list of the Top 10 contests that have validity. Stephanie also gives some very good and honest advice about the industry.

Richard Barton-Thrift

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

Cherelynn Baker

Thanks @RodWhite for the link!

Rod White

You're welcome...

Looking for distributor

To whom it may concern ,I am an independent director from Cairo, currently finalizing my first experimental short documentary film ( jar full of fish ). Now how can I find a distribution? Thank you