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How do filmmakers receive residuals (royalties) from writing/producing/directing commercials?

One question: How do filmmakers receive residuals/royalties from writing, producing, and directing commercials? I'm a local filmmaker based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Ken Hall

Get an agent, negotiate the contract in advance. There are no residuals like for SAG. Just contracts.

Free Film Fests?

Cut a broke girl a break, are there any film fests out there that you can enter for free? I want exposure, but I do not have the entry fee money right now, that's why I don't enter them. Is there any film fests that don't charge you? I know, a lot of you are probably laughing but I recently had a lo...

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Sarah McKinnon

I recommend checking out FilmFreeway.com and setting your filters to your budget ($0.00) is an option.

G.R. Barnett

Thanks, Sarah, I didn't know that $0.00 was an option there.

How to get your first feature film distributed?

Hi everyone. My name is Daniel and I'm a filmmaker from Italy. I'm currently developing the script for what I hope it's going to become my first feature film, and here I wanted to ask you something about the process of distribution. Has anyone of you who produced one or more feature films already go...

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Gregory Green

Good luck, Daniel. Make your film truly unique and different so it differentiates itself from the rest...like PULP FICTION did for QT at the time.

John Forrest

I just sold my first feature to Gravitas Ventures. We had no distribution deal prior to filming. I was represented by Circus Road Films and they set up screenings and meeting with potential distributo...

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Singh Jaspreet

@John what is the title of the film?

Daniel Latteo

I really would like to know more if you can share John about your iter and journey of the making and then distributing your film. Thanks! Dan

James Drago

I'd like to learn more John Forrest as well. Would you share?

How to get good numbers of viewers in Bengali films?

Recently I have seen, most of the single screen is very pathetic in Bengal. A few multiplex have good viewers, but those are of a specific category. So, we are loosing lower class viewers who were the base of film business. Who actually decides a film hit or flop. So, how to reach to them. Any idea? suggestions?

Robert Franklin

Reach out to those in bollywood!

Amit Debnath

but bollywood have different language than our local.. that;s the main problem..

RB's April Challenge (day 13)

DISTRIBUTION AND SOCIAL MEDIA for Independent Filmmakers. RB wrote an article on 'Medium' yesterday, 'So You Think You Have Nothing to Offer on Social Media? Think Again!' Here's a quote. "I believe that sharing content offers a unique insight into what interests me on a personal and professional le...

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Lynn Reed

Hi Geoff - I'm an indie filmmaker with a recently released feature. I spend several hours a day on social media working with my audience. I agree with Jason's advice, but now that I'm on the other sid...

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Geoff Hall

Hi Lynn, this is actually a clip from a much longer interview, which I didn't want to post, because I thought it would be too long for this platform. Yes, I don't think he's saying it's a win/win meth...

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Robert Franklin

I watched this.....good!

Documentary Sales Agents... anyone know any?

We have a feature documentary we are shooting. It started out as a short but when we audience tested the teaser, feedback was so strong that we are completing this as a feature doc and wrapping end of August (probably having a completed doc ready by AFM). This has been shot in the UK and Finland and...

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Dan MaxXx

why did the audience think this short doc should be a feature (60 or 90minutes?)

Paul Walker

Inspiration plus shock, surprise and the other characters. And the stakes are big: Death or freedom. So, do you know any documentary sales agents?

Dan MaxXx

No, but I've been to the American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA. Docs don't sell.

Robin Remde

It looks interesting, and I'd love to discuss more with you - but 'sales' are never a slam dunk (even if the personality was Kimi Raikkonen) - rev share agreements are the norm these days.

Robert Franklin

Good post!

Your Own TV Channel

The web series Shades Of Bad lead to a spin off, which has lead to a TV exposure. The spin off was easier to get ready for Opera TV than the series, which will be re-editied and then made into a proper long series having shot over 3 hours tis far. But in case you are wondering what Opera is, it is l...

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Robert Franklin

I think many would love this!

Screening Fee at Film Festivals

Hi.. I was recently asked what I would charge as a screening charge for my film to be shown at a film festival. Does anyone know what the going rates are? The film is a one hour documentary. Thanks!

Ali Ashoori

You mustn't pay the fee also they pay you forbyour screening...

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Ali- Thank you for providing your personal source as the basis for your $100 to $600 USD figure.

Marci Urling

Thanks people!

Robert Franklin

I guess we just have to pay!

Richard Barton-Thrift

I run a film festival and have different fees for shorts and for features. Right now, use code 00STAGE32 for a discount. Look for us in Film Freeway, Dodowa International Film Festival. Thanks. :)

Insight on festival submissions from a festival founder

This interview covers the things a filmmaker needs to know about the submission process from the perspective of a festival director. Comment if you have any more tips or advice. Thanks!

Robert Franklin

Horror films are doing well these days I hear!

Keith Hopkins

Yeah I agree. It's tough because there's an over-saturation of the genre, but if you can break through and make something that stands out there are a lot of opportunities for horror filmmakers

Robert Franklin

Keith Hopkins Yes! Google Horror Studios. See if you can send in your work to them. Maybe S32 can open a door for you!

ÉCU The Euroepan Independent Film Festival Open for Submissions

ÉCU The European Independent Film Festival happens annually in Paris, France and is definitely one of my favorite independent film festivals. They are open for submissions for the 2018 festival now. Just thought that you all might be interested in this because I've been to the last two festivals and...

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