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Vander McLeod
Starting a book? Writing and editing tips.

1st One of the hardest things that stop many potential writers, or even seasoned authors is that they overthink; they do not know where to start. Just get the ideas onto paper. If you have an idea for an ending, some characters, a beginning, then get them written down, even some random scenes. They...

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Juhani Nurmi
You Have Odds In Your Favor (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Love this quote by the legendary American fantasy author, Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950).

Susan Joyce DuBosque

A good one! Thanks!

L. Vandiver

Great advice

Dita-Marina Obert

That is sort of my motto!

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict
Where are the producers?

I am a playwright. Having written five plays (cutting across family, school and Christian performances), i am looking for theatrical producers presently.

Can i get a theatrical producer?

Kay Luke

Don't see many of them around here.

Try following Ken Davenport on Facebook. He's a Broadway Producer who helps people break in. .

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

I am a traditionally published author (see my works at looking at collaborating with movie producers, directors, executives and other creatives.

Michael A. Barone

How can I be of service?

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Representation, movie adaptations and possibly, other secondary rights uses. Is it something you could work on? Is it possible for you to act as a movie producer for my books, theatrical producer for my plays, representative to my publications for secondary rights uses?

Michael A. Barone

Thank you for thinking of me. I am not able to do any of those things for you. I wish I could but I am a struggling artist myself. I do wish you the best of luck! God bless your work too! Michael

Vander McLeod
Collaboration with a published author.


I'm interested in collaborating with an established author, that has at least three books traditionally published. Please feel free to check out my profile and PM me; then we can discuss further details.



Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Check your inbox, please

Ipek Kadilar
Lets meet at Mipcom!
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Format question

When writing dialogue for a Narrator, Is the word Narrator put in place of the characters name. I am referring to the narrator as a person that is not seen in the movie, at any time, but is heard as a way of telling the viewer what is happening as the movie is shown.

Kay Luke


Ellie Kitchener
Writing your first play!

How do you start with the layout of a play? I have written scripts before but nothing for a stage.

Are there any tips on writing for stage/theatre?

What was the first play you've written?

Any advice for a newbie?

Stephen Olson

There is not much difference. The formatting is slightly different, but the main thing is that you have to think containment. There cannot be many scene changes. It just interferes with the flow of ac...

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John Michael German

I can send you a few pages of one of the screenplay's I wrote, so a visual representation can be seen in the essence of formatting. That one won 2nd place at the Canne's Screenplay Contest and also a...

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Ellie Kitchener

Thanks John and Stephen! I will look into the links you have sent!

Kay Luke

Follow Ken Davenport on FB. He's a NY Producer.


So I've written four books that are now on Amazon. Good covers, good blurb, good reviews...average monthly advertising expenses: $85, average sales $30, average profit: $4. I would just like to know how anyone else out there continues to stay optimistic about even breaking even (as opposed to paying...

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Sophie Davis

So I'm a little late to this post...but I have been self-publishing since 2011 and this is my full-time job now. And it has been for two years. My books are all fiction, so I can't speak to non-fictio...

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Isabeau Vollhardt

thanks Sophie, that confirms my intuition. it's all about being in flow, all about trusting the zen aspect of how timing works. the right person at the right time. we never know where that's going to happen, or when. or with whom.

Sophie Davis

You're very welcome Isabeau. I don't mean to sound too Suzy Sunshine about this industry, but a lot of people told us over the years that we would never make money writing self-published novels. And I...

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Michael Cantrell

Sophie Davis The thing for me is, I don't have enough money to budget doing all of that with a novel. I would love to, but right now my income is really tight. Due to all that it takes to get this stu...

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Sophie Davis

Michael, it is an investment to get off the ground initially, for sure. At the very least, paying for a great cover and editing can be pricey. Joining groups with other indie authors in your specific...

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Edward Skirtich
"Writing Journeys"

Hi All- Keep typing. You will finish. Keep reaching out- the people will respond and help you with your project. Try, try, don't give up. They'll hate you, they won't like you- but keep your dream alive- people will help- and the people who said no to you- they'll cheer you on at showtime and will w...

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Jimmy Francis
Humorous Story Published

Hi, I just wanted to share that a humorous story I wrote about Zombies has been accepted for publication in the Halloween issue of Canvas Literary Journal

David E. Gates

Do you have to be a teen to submit? (No offence, but you don't look like a teenager :-))

Adrian Cory
Screen v Stage v Radio

About to debut my first horror short, The Myling, on Boston's PRMP station as part of their Halloween fest. Really enjoyed writing for the radio format and wondered if anyone else has successfully taken a break from screen and stage plays to try it out?

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