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Script or Novel .... Or Both?

Hi Guys! Has anyone considered a novel before doing a script, or vice versa? Thx!

Jeff Langham

I wrote a three part script that I'm going to "try" to adapt into a novel. Not easy because it is much harder (to me) to go from script to novel. Wording, descriptions, tense, etc. seems a bit dauntin...

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Aray Brown

I wrote a dark thriller novella and then became enthused to adapt into a feature


I'm looking for a script treatment to emulate for a story I'm writing. Anyone have a script treatment that I can read? looking for something cops and robbers, FBI, mafia, and cat-and-mouse.

Mad hatter writers

Are there any novel writers in this group who would love to connect with other novel writers? Reason I ask is because I am not trying to sell anything or find funding - I am simply looking for a group of writers to talk about the art of writing a novel. Not a pitch group, not funding ideas, but pure...

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Ivana Tucak

Hi, I'm Ivana and I also write novels. I have one published and one still unpublished (historical, espionage) and working on the outline for the third one. For this third, I'll try different approach....

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Kevin Doy Burton

Writing is a good way for me to use my imagination. I'm a science fiction /horror writer.I like to play the theme song from the movie ( The X Files ) in the background. I've written seventeen books. S...

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D K Mamula

Hi TJ... would love to get aquainted with other writers and just chat about the process in general.

Arial Burnz

Ditto, TJ! I'm a self-published author, ex-editor and ex-cover designer. I've been a published author since 1991 - started out publishing children's articles, women's magazine articles and short stori...

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John Jamison

Hi TJ, if you are still looking for writers to join the group...I'm interested. I've published several books of short stories in the past, and have just published my first novel. I would love to join in the conversation.

Care to share your INKSHARES experience? Opinions?

Has anyone used to publish (or attempt to publish) their novel? I created an account today because I was intrigued but I'd like to hear from people who have actually used the site. Did you end up reaching your funding goal? How did it all go? Were there any bumps in the road you weren't expecting?

Legal Question

I am about to work with an illustrator for one of my books I have written but I'm wondering if it is appropriate to ask her to sign an agreement so that my work is protected? That's not to say I don't trust her, I do, but I want to make sure I do this the right way, are there any resources out there or templates for agreements?

Andrew Essiet

Copyright your work. It's the best coverage to get.

Hayley Kelley

@Andrew Essiet Thanks ... I will def do that.. I have done that with a couple of my songs/lyrics already!

Andrew Essiet

It is the surest way and easy too.

Andrew Essiet

Who needs a Film Scorer???

Andrew Essiet

Hey Hayley, did you find the illustrator or can I help as one among the best? Thanks.

Short Stories to Novellas

I'm wondering what do you think about having a short story start a series and it would be considered book one then it leads into novellas as the remaining books for the series?

Jeff Lyons

Doesn't make much sense... you should figure out a way to put it into the first novella ... marketing it all would be very awkward.... doing mixed formats.

7 Basic Truths about 100$k/yr authors vs. 500$/yr Authors ...

7 main takeaways— study of indie authors earning 100k/yr vs those earning 500$/yr (what works vs what doesn't):  1. 100kers have been writing longer, overall. 2.100kers prefer self to traditional publishing, by far. 3. 100kers use KDP Select about the same as 500$ers. 4. 100kers spend <1000$ on cove...

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Dan MaxXx

Good stuff, Jeff! Great part-time gig while doing a day job. I did a quick walk at Book Con at Javits Center, NYC last week. Lots of happy self-published authors.

Jeff Lyons

Dan--you went to Book Con... how cool.... I'd love to go one year. Also to Book Expo.

David E. Gates

I've done everything except number 4. I should be rich! RICH I tell you!! :-)

James Drago

Grateful for your posts, Jeff. Always learning something. Thank you.

This work almost didn't survive

I'm gonna tell you a story about how playwrights can get "banged up". A few years ago I was "making the rounds" in with my little "hit" comedy "Legends and Bridge". I was getting some interest and some doors opening. A BIG DOOR (or so I thought) opened in the form of an off-off Broadway theater inte...

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John German

Dear Stephen Foster: Pushing forward through anything you shouldn't feel like you lost time; I think your scenario portrays a very good picture that what someone else may think is wrong others won't. O ...

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Want to publish a PRODUCERS Handbook for Film,TV&STAGE creatives.

I am President & Head of Story for City & Suburban Motion Pictures. I would like suggestions of Names of Publishers in Manhattan New York only that you can recommend to do a small run of 5000 copies. I can google it, but after being a Stage 32 member for 3 years I have benefited from the love and su...

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Promoting books - is Facebook targeted advertising worthwhile?

I was watching a documentary a few days ago that explored the amount of data Facebook has on people and how effective it is at using that data to target individuals and thus advertise more directly to them, based on those individual "likes" and experiences.

From what I researched on the internet, wh...

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David E. Gates

Thanks for the comments guys. C Harris Lynn, my books are not SF/F so your outlet wouldn't be targeting the right audience. Plus, with no mention of specific numbers ("decent reach" is very subjective...

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C Harris Lynn

Yeah, that's why I don't charge much. lol It's good for coverage - just getting the word out - but it isn't effective insofar as sales. I have several other blogs focused on different topics, but the...

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C Harris Lynn

Ha! Someone must be following this conversation, as I just saw this and thought I'd share with you (although Wired is not very trustworthy):

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David E. Gates

The results are in...

7409 people reached. 1764 video ad views. 127 Website clicks. £34.96 spend. 0 sales.

James Drago


Roe De Pinto for The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba

Bookexpo/bookcon- Let's meet at Author's market AM-71 if anyone is going- love to meet in person!

I Don't Drink Decaf.

Hi all. My first time on these pages so bear with me if I screw up. I began writing e-books four years ago and have recently attempted to turn the above into a stage-play. 'Decaf' is a story of 3 friends, all ladies who went through school together etc and are now 30ish. Two are fed up with husbands...

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