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Upcoming Education:

How To Put Together a Recoupment Schedule

20 Jan, Saturday, 1:00 PM
Stage 32 Webinar Taught by: David Zannoni

Negotiating Actor’s Agreements

25 Jan, Thursday, 1:00 PM
Stage 32 Webinar Taught by: Thomas A. Crowell, Esq.

Writer Development Lab: From Concept to Ironclad Outline

29 Jan, Monday, 4:00 PM
Stage 32 Class Taught by: Patrick Raymond, educator

60 Minutes With Emmy Award Winning Producer Kip Konwiser

31 Jan, Wednesday, 1:00 PM
Stage 32 Webinar Taught by: Kip Konwiser
Stage 32 Next Level Education
"Stage 32 is Meets LinkedIn For Film, Television And Theater Creatives."
Stage 32 Next Level Education
"When it comes to the dreams of those who choose a life of creating for film, television and theater, I want to change the world."
- Richard "RB" Botto, Founder and CEO, Stage 32
Stage 32 Next Level Education
Stage 32 Next Level Education has a 97% user satisfaction rate.
91% of all those who have taken a Next Level Education offering say they would take another.

Stage 32 Next Level Online Education Benefits

  • Improve Your Skills: No matter what your discipline - if you are looking to learn or enhance a skill, we have a webinar, class or lab for you!
  • Exclusive Access to Over 300 Top Industry Professionals: We pride ourselves on working with only the most accomplished industry professionals to assure that you are receiving quality and timely information.
  • Participate from Anywhere in the World: All Stage 32 Next Level Education is online and available to all members no matter where you live.
  • Receive Feedback: All Stage 32 Next Level Education is interactive and features a question and answer session with your instructor.
  • Learn at Your Own Pace: When you sign up for any live or On-Demand Next Level Education, you will have unlimited access to the material for a full year.

What Stage 32 Next Level Education Offers

  • Next Level Webinars - Our Next Level Webinars are live online seminars and are jam-packed with information. Our webinars run a minimum of 90-minutes (although many of our instructors tend to go much longer) and include an interactive question and answer session.
  • Next Level Classes – Next Level Classes are longer, live courses formatted in a college lecture hall style. Most classes run about 2 hours and are fully interactive, covering a 2 to 6 week period. Although these are live classes, if you cannot make a class, that’s no problem. All classes are made available On-Demand within a day or so of completion.

    From time to time, we offer 8-week Next Level Labs. Our labs are limited to 20 people and include one-on-one time with the instructor.

  • On-Demand Next Level Webinars and Classes – All of our Next Level Education (with the exception of labs) is available for purchase On-Demand at any time, and can be viewed immediately. Much like when attending a live event, when you purchase On-Demand Next Level Education, you have unlimited access to the material for a full year!
  • On Stage With RB – Since 2013, our CEO, RB, takes to the stage every month for a 3-hour webcast designed to educate and entertain. Besides interviewing industry insiders, RB also offers tips on how to best use Stage 32 and takes questions from the Stage 32 community. All On Stage With RB webcasts are completely FREE and can be viewed as often as desired.
  • Podcasts – RB has also been a guest on a variety of podcasts and webcasts offering industry insights, tips and education. You can listen and view them here for FREE and as often as you like.

Teacher & Student Testimonials

"Stage 32 is such a wonderful experience for working industry professionals like myself. While local course and classes are great, nothing compares to learning directly form those who are currently doing it. I can only wish that I had access to something like Stage 32 when I was starting out."

Jake Detharidge - Head of Development and Production from 3311 Productions

"Not only is Stage 32 on the forefront of bringing the highest quality education to screenwriters everywhere, they are - literally - the wave of the future. Their approach and vision is changing the way writers educate themselves, prepare for and emerge into the industry space. Because of their various initiatives, Stage 32 has proven to produce smarter, more prepared writers, while providing more effective opportunities for exposure than those that have been available previously."

Lee Jessup - Screenwriting Career Coach and Author

"Stage 32 Education is providing a HUGE service to writers, producers, and everyone involved with filmmaking. They cover every topic imaginable by professionals they are able to secure for these presentations are the people who are in the business, successfully making movies. You cannot beat the price for such front-line training."

Anthony Buono

"I am learning so much that I would never have learned without Stage 32!"

Jessica Rose

A Letter From Our Founder/CEO

RB on education

When I first conceived of Stage 32, my wish was to bring education to all film, television and theater creatives regardless of skill or geography. All creatives, no matter what their discipline, deserve the best tools and knowledge to help them hone their craft and increase their odds of success.

In the fall of 2013, we launched our Next Level Education series. Our aim was to bring in top industry educators and offer a variety of educational offerings at affordable prices. To date, we work with over 300 accomplished educators across all disciplines and our prices are amongst the lowest in the field.

Thousands of Stage 32 members have signed up for our Next Level Education. I'm overwhelmingly pleased to announce that we have a 97% satisfaction rate and that 91% of all those who have taken one webinar, class or a lab with us, say that they would take another. Both of these numbers are head and shoulders above industry averages.

Of all the resources and features the Stage 32 network has to offer, it's our Next Level Education of which I'm most proud. My team and I look forward to continuing to help more creatives realize their dreams through our instructive and inspirational offerings.

Richard "RB" Botto, Founder/CEO, Stage 32

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