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I enjoy the process at Stage32 allowing me to givie back my experience to the community. GREAT questions from the attendees today. I look forward to working with the members of Stage32 very soon. Knowing that there is a new group of industry professionals entering the workforce; passionate, communicative, educated and ready to GO!!! -Nicholas Levis, Educator 
Nicholas Levis
Tyler Council Success Story

Congrats to Harry Lowell at Nitelite Pictures and writer Tyler Council who just FILMED A PILOT together after connecting on Stage 32!

Benjamin Pollack Success Story

Congrats to writer and director Benjamin Pollack who just landed representation with Tammy Hunt and Sandstone Artists after connecting with Tammy through Stage 32 Script Read + Consultation Services.

Tanya Klein Success Story

Congratulations to New Blood Contest winners Tanya Klein and Jim Cirile who have attached MOPE director Lucas Heyne to their contest-winning script PSYCHOPATHY!

James Papa Success Story

Congrats to James Papa, whose feature film NO VACANCY starring William Baldwin and Ashanti, is now in post-production. The film was made with manager/producer Julia Verdin, who connected with James through Stage 32.

Cameron Tendaji Success Story

Congratulations to Cameron Tendaji who just signed with representation at Art/Work Entertainment! Cameron signed with Spencer at Art/Work after connecting on Stage 32.

DT Houston Success Story

Writer D.T. Houston and producer Nick Phillips are teaming up to produce D.T.'s script JEFF BUCKLEY! The two met after D.T. submitted the script to Nick for a First 10 Page Review!

Jon Tamburini Success Story

Stage 32 member Jon Tamburini signs option agreement with SHARKNADO writer Thunder Levin! Stage 32 connected the pair after Thunder read Jon's script through a First 10 Page Review. 

Lisa Cole Success Story

Stage 32 Short Film Contest winner, Lisa Cole, made the 96th Annual Oscars Shortlist for Live-Action Short Film with her contest-winning film, BIENVENIDOS A LOS ANGELES!

Elizabeth Searle Success Story

Writer Elizabeth Searle has signed with manager Tammy Hunt at Sandstone Artists after connecting through a Stage 32 Script Read and Phone Consultation. Congratulations to you both! 

Julie Georgina Shackman Success Story

Congratulations to writer Julie Shackman who just signed a shopping agreement with long-time Stage 32 exec and educator Sara Elizabeth Timmins of Life Out Loud Films after connecting through a Stage 32 Pitch Session!

 Success Story

Tim M is thrilled to announce that he has signed a development and representation deal with Majestic Worldwide Productions on one of his screenplays. Tim said, “Well shucks. I am very happy to have an experienced team of producers working on my project to see that it is developed, financed, and ready for the next step.”

Al Fenderico Success Story

Stage 32 members Al Fenderico and producer Judd Cherry team up on a feature film after connecting through a Stage 32 Jobs posting. Congratulations to you both!

Marine Mondelot Success Story

Stage 32 Diversity Springboard Screenwriting Contest winner Marine Mondelot landed a shopping agreement with Katharina Suckale for TWO projects after connecting through Stage 32.

Chris Vincent Success Story

Stage 32 member Chris Vincent teamed up with producer on a project after taking a Stage 32 class hosted by the producer. Congratulations, Chris!

Richard P. Doyle Success Story

Stage 32 9th Annual Search for New Blood Contest winner Richard Doyle signed with literary manager Will Rosenfeld after a meeting set up earlier this year by Stage 32. Congratulations, Richard!

Daniel Glaser Success Story

Stage 32 member Daniel Glaser teamed up with Stage 32 exec Alexia Melocchi on a feature after connecting through Stage 32 classes (pre-strike). Congratulations, Daniel and Alexia!

Sean Farley Success Story

Stage 32 member Sean Farley signed with Zero Gravity Management after a Phone Consultation through Stage 32. Congratulations, Sean!

James Kicklighter Success Story

Stage 32 Thought Leader and Director/Producer James Kicklighter signed with representation at RAIN after making a connection at a Stage 32 Meet Up. Congratulations, James!

Eric Carlson Success Story

Stage 32 member Eric Carlson signed a PRODUCTION AGREEMENT with the team at Moon Howler after giving a fantastic pitch to Brodrick Haygood for his inspirational true-story REACH FOR THE SKY. This pitch landed him a script request and ultimately this fantastic agreement. Congratulations, Eric!

Maurice Vaughan Success Story

Writer Maurice Vaughan signed a shopping agreement with Sharon Nash Alexander for the horror/comedy show JUMP SCARES after meeting through the Stage 32 platform. Congratulations, Maurice!

Tim Dwyer Success Story

Tim Dwyer signed an option agreement with Cindy Villarreal on his TV series after meeting her through a Stage 32 consultation last year. Congratulations, Tim!

Stephen Laughton Success Story

Stage 32 writer Stephen Laughton recently signed with Jason Bellitto at Citizen Skull Management after a Script Consultation! Stephen and Jason met after the Script Consultation and Jason offered to rep him. Congratulations, Stephen!

Jolie J Success Story

Stage 32 writer Jolie Huang recently signed with Schulman Management after a successful pitch session! Jolie connected with Scott Schulman through a Stage 32 pitch session and Scott was impressed with her work. They met again, and Scott decided to sign Jolie. Congratulations Jolie!

Caitlin Burris Success Story

Stage 32 member, Caitlin Burris, signed a shopping agreement with Courtney Miller Jr after her comedy script appeared in our Double Recommend Lookbook! Courtney requested to read the script, and then took a meeting with Caitlin. A few months later, they signed a shopping agreement - congratulations Caitlin!

Robin Bradford Success Story

Stage 32 writer Robin Bradford has signed an option agreement with Michael Collins of 3Fifty Films! Robin and Michael connected through a Stage 32 pitch session, where Robin pitched her script, The Undignified Demise of the Spinster Fiona Murphy. Michael loved the script and, and he and Robin spent several weeks discussing how to move forward. They have now signed an agreement, and the film is set to film in Ireland in 2024. Congratulations Robin!

Olubusola M Ajayi Success Story

Olubusola connected with independent producer Will Rosenfeld through Stage 32! Will and Olubusola connected on Stage 32's social media. He was looking for a Nigerian creative for a project he's working on and found Olubusola. The two have now taken a meeting and hope to work together in the future.

Jennifer Goldson Success Story

Winner of our 1st Annual Female Driven Screenwriting Contest, Jennifer Goldson, has signed with RAIN! Jen met with Dallaslyn Lamb after her win, and Dallaslyn recently signed Jen! They are currently working on getting her winning script, EGBOK, out to production companies.

Ryan Berry Success Story

Ryan Berry was recently signed by Daniel Vang at 3Arts through Stage 32! Ryan's script, THE DUNA HOTEL, was featured in Stage 32's Double Recommend Lookbook. Daniel requested the script, and then set up a meeting with Ryan. They connected and Daniel signed Ryan shortly after. Congratulations Ryan!

Caleb Chomer Success Story

Caleb Chomer recently connected with Michael Wormser of Cinemand through Stage 32! Caleb met Michael during a consultation call, and they are continuing to work on developing his script. Congratulations Caleb!

Mark Stouffer Success Story

Mark Stouffer signed with literary manager Tessa Shaffer of Corvisiero Literary Agency! Mark and Tessa connected through a Stage 32 pitch session, and Tessa now represents him for books and scripts. Congratulations Mark!

Kim Hornsby Success Story

Kim Hornsby signed with literary manager Tessa Shaffer of Corvisiero Literary Agency! Kim and Tessa connected through a Stage 32 pitch session, and Tessa now represents Kim for books and scripts. Congratulations Kim!

Martin Reese Success Story

Prolific producer Regina Lee, who's has sold pilots to HBO, Starz, FOX, BET, as well as multiple TV pilots at 20th Century Fox TV Studios. She produced two TV movie thrillers that aired on Lifetime met Martin Reese through the Stage 32 community and has requested a general meeting with him! Congratulations Martin!

Bryce Edward McLaughlin Success Story

Bryce McLaughlin has signed a collaboration agreement with Sofia Rovaletti, a producer at Mojo Global Arts, through Stage 32! Sofia and the company have committed to making Bryce's script, THE SEVEN BELLS OF CHRISTMAS, into a film. Congratulations Bryce!

Michael Mendershausen Success Story

Stage 32 writer Michael Mendershausen has signed an option agreement for his script, Elizabeth Burgin: War Hero! Michael connected with Sofia Rovaletti of Mojo Global Arts through a Feature Script Read + 30 Minute Call with an Executive. After making her suggested changes to the script, Michael was excited when Sofia offered him an option contract. Congratulations Michael!

Callie Nguyen Zelniker Success Story

Callie & Richard Zelniker are not only the winners of our 1st Annual Romantic Comedy Screenwriting Contest, but they have also signed with an agent through Stage 32! An executive that they met with as part of their prize for winning the contest really connected with them and their material, and set up a meeting for them with Lanette Mastandrea at Sovereign Talent Group. They've now signed with Lanette and are taking meetings with managers. Congratulations Callie & Richard!

JD Wallace Success Story

Writing team JD Wallace and Jennifer Donohue have found representation through Stage 32! They have signed with Holloway Literary after connecting with Nikki Terpilowski through Stage 32. Nikki is now managing Jennifer's novel, as well as four scripts written by the team. Congratulations JD and Jennifer!

P.A. Lopez Success Story

P.A. Lopez's script is moving forward at Ian Bryce Productions! He met with Will McCance, a producer at Ian Bryce, through Stage 32. Will is now showing P.A.'s script, Cyberpink, to his superiors at the company to discuss. Congratulations!

Josh Cootner Success Story

Josh and Jamie Cootner have optioned a screenplay through Stage 32! Josh and Jamie met with Mike Diaz of ATN Entertainment through a Stage 32 Script Consultation to talk about their screenplay, and Mike responded with enthusiasm. After meeting the team at ATN, the husband and wife writing team agreed to option the script with them. They're currently working with ATN to get their film made - congratulations Josh and Jamie!

Dave Miller Success Story

Writer Dave Miller recently signed a shopping agreement with Dan Sheldon at Alta Global Media! Dave's pilot, Office 39, caught Dan's eye during a Stage 32 Pitch Session. Congratulations Dave!

Alex Clavijo Success Story

Alex signed a shopping agreement for his project, Motel Paradise, after connecting with Sarah J Cornelius of Whitewater Films through a Stage 32 Pitch Session! Congratulations Alex!

Alex Elfner Success Story

Alex Elfner took a meeting with Carver Dissens after a connection made because of a Pitch Session and now they are continuing to work together.

Dylan Johnson Success Story

Dylan Johnson took a meeting with Ashley Henderson after a connection made because of a Pitch Session and now they are still in touch.

Deborah Stenard Success Story

Deborah took a meeting with Carver Dissens after a connection made because of a Pitch Session and now they are continuing to work together.

Rob Alicea Success Story

Rob Alicea took a meeting with Rachel Paulson after a connection made because of a Pitch Session and now they are continuing to work together.

Tim Ramirez Success Story

Congratulations to Timothy Ramirez and his wife and writing partner, Carol Frazier! After pitching their True Crime Dark Comedy script through Stage 32, they connected with Tiffany Boyle at Ramo Law PC. They are now signed with Ramo Law and are working on packaging and development with Tiffany!

 Success Story

Heidi Lux had her first feature film CRUSHED premiere on Tubi in April 2022! The script was found by Literary Manager Audrey Knox at The Cartel during a Script Read & Consultation Call with Heidi. Audrey loved the script and took it to the production division of The Cartel. The project was produced and acquired by Tubi! And it all started with a connection made through Stage 32!

Mitchell V Slan Success Story

Mitchell V. Slan recently signed a shopping agreement with Whitewater Films! He was introduced to Sarah J. Cornelius through a Stage 32 pitch session. She then signed a shopping agreement with him for his script, La Burra: Legend of the Donkey Lady. Congratulations Mitchell!

Mirella Muffarotto Success Story

Mirella Muffarotto was recently signed by Little Studios Films after a pitch session with Alexia Melocchi! Mirella is a Stage 32 writer from Italy. Alexia decided to represent her after reading her script, Be You. Congratulations Mirella!

Dave Miller Success Story

Stage 32 writer Dave Miller is working with Dan Sheldon at Alta Global Media to sign a shopping agreement for his pilot! Dave and Dan connected through a Stage 32 pitch session and have been working together since. As VP of Development at Alta Global Media, Dan knows quality when he sees it, and was excited about Dave's pilot, Office 39. Congratulations Dave!

Sean Farley Success Story

Stage 32 writer Sean Farley is working with Literary Manager Chris Bellant to produce two features! The two connected through Stage 32, and have been working together since. One of Sean's projects has a director attached and is being looked at by two production companies. Chris is currently meeting with possible directors for Sean's other project. Congratulations Sean!

Christopher Charles Murray Success Story

Christopher Murray is packaging his limited series after connecting with Alexia Melocchi and Little Studio Films through Stage 32! His pitch session with Alexia turned into a partnership, and they are now working on his 6-part limited series, CALLAS, about Opera legend Maria Callas. Christopher credits his Writers' Room colleagues and the Stage 32 team for helping him reach this milestone. "I am most grateful to RB, Jason, Amanda, Angela, Kay Ross, Brooklynn Fields and Molly Peck for their wonderful support and encouragement for CALLAS, plus my steadfast supporters in the Writer’s Room: Nicole Thompson, Rebecca Glazer Greene, John Mezes, Jill Hargrave, Louisa Kendrick and Carol Ryavec," he wrote. Congratulations Christopher!

Gregg Guest Success Story

In addition to recently winning our 1st Annual Action/Thriller Screenwriting Contest, Gregg Guest has also booked a writing job through Stage 32! After responding to a post looking for a writer for a sports biopic, Gregg connected with Stage 32 writer Marcia McNair over Zoom. He was hired for the job shortly after - congratulations Gregg!

Krista Crawford Success Story

Stage 32 member Krista Crawford has successfully optioned a script with Lauren Whitelaw, head of programming at OutTV! Lauren and Krista connected through Stage 32, and are working together to get Krista's feature, OH DEER!, produced. Lauren will be Executive Producing the project, and is in talks with a Canadian production team to begin filming. Congratulations Krista!

Justin Ballheim Success Story

Stage 32 member Justin Ballheim connected with producer Matthew Goldberg through Stage 32 Script Services. Matt recently ventured out as a producer and quickly started collaborating with LIT Entertainment - the producers of THE TOMORROW WAR with Chris Pratt and FREE GUY with Ryan Reynolds. Justin connected with Matt through a Stage 32 Script Service consultation on his script THE APPLICANTS. Matt loved Justin’s script and, after their initial consultation, immediately went to work. Matt attached Ricardo De Montreuill, who directed LOWRIDERS in 2016 for Blumhouse Productions. 

Bill Walker Success Story

Author and screenwriter Bill Walker has recently signed a shopping deal with Majestic Productions! He and his writing partner, Brian Anthony, developed a series called STARRING...JOHN DILLINGER based on their novel of the same name. Bill met with Cindy Villarreal through Stage 32 to discuss the pilot, and she thought it was "ready to go." She, Brian and Bill have now signed a shopping agreement, and Cindy is working on getting the pilot produced. Congratulations Bill and Brian!

Kawan Glover Success Story

Kawan Glover recently signed with Tessa Shaffer of Corviserio Literary Agency after connecting on Stage 32! Tessa will be representing Kawan's memoir, FAVOR, and his script based on the memoir, THE RISE. Kawan said, "An enormous thank you [to Stage 32] for making this possible! This opportunity has genuinely started a change in my life that's set up a bright future for me. I cannot be more pleased, and I look forward to sharing my progress with you all!" Congratulations Kawan!

John Mezes Success Story

Writer John Mezes has optioned two scripts through Stage 32! He found the educational webinars and practice pitch sessions to be an invaluable resource. After having his script passed to a producer through a contact on Stage 32, it was optioned last August. Chris Place, an actor/producer at Odessa Film Studio, asked for John's other work, and optioned his second feature, called TWO. He is currently working on a new pilot. Congratulations John!

Layla O'Shea Success Story

Layla O'Shea not only won the Stage 32 6th Annual Television Writing Contest, but she also booked a writing job in a meeting through Stage 32! After winning the contest, Layla was flown to LA for meetings with the contest judges. Her meeting with Boman Modine, an Emmy and BAFTA nominated writer/director, became a career milestone when he asked if she had any interest in script doctoring. Layla booked a job with a European writing team through a meeting set up by Boman, and became a script analyst for their drama series. Congratualtions Layla!

James Papa Success Story

After joining Stage 32 to find some new connections, Pennsylvania based script consultant James Papa has optioned his first script! He connected with Julia Verdin, a writer/producer at Rough Diamond Management and Productions through Stage 32 and the two began collaborating. Julia is a veteran writer, director and producer, and frequently judges Stage 32 screenwriting contests as well. James is currently co-writing the script, SURVIVING THE STREETS, with Julia. Congratulations James!

Danika Maia Success Story

Journalist, writer and actress Danika Maia sold her first feature film to Goldilocks Productions after meeting with an executive through Stage 32! A former reporter for Vice, Danika threw caution to the wind in 2018 when she quit her job to focus on writing. She pitched her pilot, EASY MONEY, to Kristen Lucas through Stage 32, and the two began working together. Danika rewrote the pilot as a feature film at Kristen's suggestion, and EASY MONEY is now in production at Goldilocks. Congratulations Danika!

Keith Rivers Success Story

Former commercial director Keith Rivers has signed with a management company to do what he really loves - writing. Keith found success through Stage 32 when he scheduled a 60-minute talk with an executive who liked his script. After directing over 300 commercials, Keith decided to switch career paths and follow his passion for writing. He found Stage 32 during the pandemic when networking in person became impossible - and never looked back. Congratulations Keith!

Brent Beebe Success Story

Writer Brent Beebe credits Stage 32 with landing him a job! He's spent many years networking through Stage 32, and found luck at a production company, WBT-TV, in the Bay Area. Brent first spoke to the producers at the company on Stage 32! He wrote a feature screenplay for them, and now works on a serialized audio drama at the same company. Brent's other work has come very close to being produced a number of other times as well. Congratulations Brent!

Tom Stohlgren Success Story

Longtime Stage 32 member Tom Stohlgren has landed representation through Stage 32! Tom has written over 60 scripts over his long journey towards becoming a screen writer. He recently signed with a literary and talent manager through Stage 32 and has since optioned four scripts. He currently has one script being produced by Jihane Mrad, and two more in pre-production with a different producer. Tom counts many of the producers and directors he's met through Stage 32 to be his real friends. Congratulations Tom, we can't wait to see what you do next!

Jeffrey Thompson Success Story

Jeffrey Thompson - the winner of the 1st Annual Diversity Springboard Contest - was set up on a general meeting with Sony. During the meeting, the Sony executives mentioned they were interested in developing a series based on the Sony Music catalogue. Jeffrey maintained contact with the executives and is going back in to pitch his ideas for a project! And it all started with a meeting set by Stage 32!

Byron Q. Success Story

After using Stage 32's resources for four years, Byron Q found representation at Housefire Management! He used many of Stage 32's educational resources as well as coverage and consultation services. Byron connected with Juan He at Housefire Management, who signed him after reading his pilot, TINO 99. Through Housefire Management, Byron has had lucrative meetings with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He has since written and directed two feature films and one documentary. 

Jonathan Benecke Success Story

Writing team Jonathan Benecke and P.T. Hylton were signed with Mike Diaz of ATN Entertainment after connecting through Stage 32! The writing team had previously published nine novels, which sold over 200,000 copies. Hylton had previously been passionate about filmmaking, but never quite got his company, Plethora Films off the ground. Benecke and Hylton are very excited about having a manager and beginning this new phase in their careers!

Adam Etheridge Success Story

Adam Etheridge, a writer based in Bristol, UK was recently signed with ATN Entertainment after connecting with a manager on Stage 32! He met with Mike Diaz, a seasoned literary manager currently at ATN, in a Reel Review & 30-minute talk with an Industry Executive session. Adam sent Mike a proof of concept short film he had written as a follow up, and then signed with ATN. The short film, POACHERS, was also a semifinalist in the Stage 32 Short Film Contest.

Christina Patjens Success Story

Christina Patjens and Carina Burns are adapting a novel into a screenplay together after connecting on the Stage 32 blog! Germany-based screenwriter and Stage 32 member Christina Patjens recently wrote a Stage 32 blog called "When Life Gives You Lemons, Open a Lemonade Company - How to Use Struggles as Creative Fuel". Northern California based Author and Stage 32 member Carina Burns read Christina's blog and hired Christina to adapt her novel The Syrian Jewelry Box into a screenplay! They are now working together across time zones and international waters to bring this story to life on screen. Congratulations Christina and Carina!

Donnie Hobbie Success Story

Donnie Hobbie recently connected with Will Raynor, the Creative Executive at Mandalay Pictures, during a Stage 32 script read and consultation call. After years of hard work, the script 99 Dreams Neon written by Donald Gordon Hobbie & Samantha Grace Miller has been officially optioned by Mandalay Pictures. Congratulations Donnie and Samantha!

 Success Story

Ghana born, Montreal-based filmmaker Will Niava was one of our 5th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest winners for his film Zoo. Producer Jason Resnick (Serenity, After, Destination Wedding) saw Will's film in the Stage 32 Short Film program and hired Will to work on co-directing a feature film with another European filmmaker he's working with! Congrats Will!

Gwenn Joyaux Success Story

Director Gwenn Joyaux won the grand prize in the 5th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest for her film Tomorrow Island. Through winning our short film contest, Gwenn was signed by Le'Ander Nicholson from Believeland Management. They are working together to help Gwenn continue to grow her career internationally. In fact, he already got her a meeting with Amazon Latin America! Congrats Gwenn!

 Success Story

Long-time Stage 32 member, blogger, author, and screenwriter, Shannon K. Valenzuela has signed with manager Spencer Robinson from Art/Work through Stage 32 education!  "It’s fitting, I suppose, that my Stage 32 success story came through the education services. And even though my dream of becoming a professional writer is so close, I’m still focused on what I can learn and how I can improve," says Shannon.  Congrats! 

Alex Moreno Success Story

Miami-based Alex Moreno was hired by LA-based producers, Absurd Hero Productions, after connecting through Stage 32. The initial connection came through an ad that the principals of Absurd Hero Productions placed on Stage 32! Good luck, Alex! 

Jenny Rauch Success Story

Since winning Stage 32's 5th Annual Comedy Writing Contest with her pilot LOVE, CHELSEA, Jenny Rauch has had meetings with all of the contest judges, including an Associate Producer on "WORKIN' MOMS", the Head of Film and Television at Panay Films (WEDDING CRASHERS, CHiPS, VAN WILDER), and actor Jonathan Kite (TWO BROKE GIRLS, DAD STOP EMBARRASSING ME). Those meetings resulted in some great connections for Jenny who is based in Chicago. Two literary representatives requested to meet with Jenny for potential representation off of her script.  Good job, Jenny! 

Jeffrey Thompson Success Story

Jeffrey Thompson, the winner of Stagre 32's 1st Annual Diversity Springboard Screenwriting Contest has been meeting with mentors from CBS, NBCUniversal, Lee Daniels Entertainment, Artists First Entertainment and more through Stage 32.  "At first, the Stage32 Diversity Springboard Screenwriting Contest was just another contest in a long list of submissions from last year, but I realized pretty quickly the uniqueness of the opportunities that Stage32 presented. Jason did a great job of checking in during the process, I remember the first time I got an email from him which said 'I gotta be honest, I am super pumped to write this email! I just saw that GILMAN has officially been selected as a Semifinalist in the Stage 32 1st Annual Diversity Springboard Screenwriting Contest!' I assumed that it was just a mail merge, copy-paste yadda-yadda, but then I realized as I read the email that it wasn’t. From the beginning, Jason was invested in my script’s story and in me as a writer. It felt good to get that acknowledgement after years of work poured into my craft (I love when people refer to it as 'the craft')," says Jeffrey. 

Lynne Logan Success Story

Lynne Logan connected with Brad Wilson of Higher Purpose Entertainment through Stage 32 when he read her script, A RELATIVE UNKNOWN, and asked Lynne to do a 'work for hire' script on a faith based biopic.  Congrats on the gig, Lynne! 

Mark McKee Success Story

Ohio-based screenwriter Mark McKee has optioned a script POST HUMAN after pitching it for feedback to Chayah Masters, Head of Motion Picture & TV Literary at Aligned Stars Agency, through a Stage 32. Way to go, Mark! 

Donnie Hobbie Success Story

Filmmaker Donnie Hobbie had his screenplay optioned by Mandalay Pictures after connecting with  Will Raynor, the Creative Executive at Mandalay Pictures, during a script read and consultation call. Congrats, Donnie! 

Alex Montilla Success Story

Writing team Alex Montilla and Kheireddine El-Helou landed a shopping agreement with a major international sales agency after submitting their feature script HIDEOUT to the Stage 32 7th Annual Search for New Blood Contest.  Congrats Alex and Kheireddine! 

Ronika Merl Success Story

Ireland-based writer Ronika Merl optioned her first screenplay through Stage 32! Congrats, Ronika! 

Justin Ballheim Success Story

Stage 32 member Justin Ballheim connected with producer Matthew Goldberg through a Stage 32 Script Service consultation on his script THE APPLICANTS. Matt loved Justin’s script and is now attached as a producer.  “[Matt] called me and said he wanted to make it. He had some notes, so I canceled my plans for the weekend to address them. A few days later, he brought another producer on, and then a director," says Justin.  Way to go, Justin! 

Alex Clavijo Success Story

Los Angeles-based writer Alex Clavijo has a project in development with Whitewater Films after connecting with Sarah J. Cornelius through Stage 32! “We are several meetings in on [Alex's script Motel Paradise] and we’re working on attaching a Director and continuing to package it," says Sarah.  Congrats, Alex! 

Amazing Kacee Success Story

Writer Kacee DeMasi has a project in development with Whitewater Films after pitching Sarah J. Cornelius her unscripted project during a Stage 32 pitch session! “I started pitching by cold-calling producers in July 2020,” Kacee says, “then did verbal pitching on [Stage 32] after thorough research of producers.”

Robert Kiesling Success Story

Writer Robert Levering's feature script, DISCREDITED CITIZEN is now in development with John Goldwyn Production after connecting through consultation at Stage 32!  Very exciting, Robert! 

Adam Etheridge Success Story

UK-based Adam Etheridge signed with Mike Diaz from ATN Entertainment after connecting on a 30-minute consultation.  Adam’s short film, titled POACHERS, was also a Semi-Finalist in the Stage 32 Short Film Contest. Congrats, Adam! 

Byron Q. Success Story

Writer/director Byron Q has landed representation with Juan He of Housefire Management through Stage 32!  "Finally, four years since my first paid service with Stage 32, I found a manager, Juan He from Housefire Management who responded to a pilot I wrote called TINO 99. We began working together this year and I've been sent on a round of general meetings with some of the biggest production companies in town.

"I'm extremely grateful for Stage 32 to offer this platform where I could connect with my manager in a way that would've been very difficult by blind query letters (which I've tried countless times before)," says Byron. 

 Success Story

The film Katakata, a Nigerian and U.S. collaboration, was born on Stage 32! Stage 32 members Newton Barabar and Art Thomas worked together on the film despite being separated by 7,000 miles and a seven hour time difference!  "Statistically, it is proven that most people who meet in a business setting seldom reconnect, despite their well-intended overtures. However, that was not true in our case. It appears as if my Stage 32 membership and interest along with Newton’s interest and subsequent membership exemplified our commitment to global storytelling," says Art. 

Mariannjely Marval Success Story

Filmmaker Mariannjely Marval was able to self-produce her first short film thanks in part to Stage 32! Mariannjely says the insights and motivation she received from the producer's lounge and webinars helped give her the motivation she needed Mariannjely also connected with fellow Stage 32 member Chaun Lee, who directed and acted in the film!  Way to go, Mariannjely! 

Tom Stohlgren Success Story

Tom Stohlgren landed a literary agent through networking on Stage 32!  Tom has been a Stage 32 member since 2016 and says, "I received helpful feedback from Stage 32 connections in the form of logline reviews and over 950 private messages. I wasn’t shy about asking for helpful advice. There is always something to learn, especially from Stage 32 CEO RB's Coffee and Content segments. But, most importantly, I kept writing scripts."  Way to go, Tom! 

Brent Beebe Success Story

Screenwriter Brent Beebe was hired for a job through networking on Stage 32!  "I’ve always believed that getting to know people is the fastest road to success. It’s how I got most of my work. Including the aforementioned gig on Stage 32. I was living in the Bay Area at the time (yes, there are jobs to be had everywhere, not just L.A.) I found a production company (WBT-TV), and got to know the two fellas behind it," says Brent.

Keith Rivers Success Story

Keith Rivers signed with an A-list management company after connecting through Stage 32.  Keith says, "I needed time to build trust with Stage 32's platform, and that meant not doing anything on it. Finally, I bit the bullet and purchased half a dozen 10-minute pitches and a couple of 60-minute talks, one with a manager who liked my screenplay, and instantly we gelled, talked strategy, and set goals. We immediately got to work on our first project and I've been grateful to see doors open week after week. This slight momentum shift has caused me to work even harder."   Congrats, Keith! 

Danika Maia Success Story

Danika Maia had her script EASY MONEY optioned by Producer Kristen Lucas of Goldilocks Productions after connecting through a Pitch Session on Stage 32!  Danika says, "Kristen's respect and interest really has meant so much to me as a new woman in the entertainment industry. After she read the TV Pilot we decided that the story would be better told as a feature length film, so after speaking together about once every two weeks for 4 months and getting some development calls with Kristen and other writers she works with, I had a new outline for a feature length film and that's when we made the agreement official."

 Success Story

Mike Diaz of ATN Entertainment just signed the writing team of Jonathan Beneke & P.T. Hylton via a connection made through Stage 32! Congratulations, Everyone!

Adam Etheridge Success Story

After signing up for a Reel Review and submitting his proof of concept to Mike Diaz of ATN Entertainment, Mike signed Bristol, UK-based Adam Etheridge!   It is also worth note that Adam was a Semi-Finalist in Stage 32's Short Film Contest.   Congratulations, Adam and Mike!

Alex Clavijo Success Story

Sarah J. Cornelius connected with screenwriter Alex Clavijo through a First 10 Page Review of his feature script in late Jan-Feb 2021. Alex and Sarah has several meetings about the script and now Sarah is working on attaching a director and continuing to package it.

Amazing Kacee Success Story

Kacee DeMasi pitched Sarah J. Cornelius at Whitewater Films an unscripted series concept in December 2020. Now, Sarah and Kacee are working together to develop a pitch deck for with an independent producing partner Sarah brought to the project! Sarah says, "THANKS...Bravo Stage 32!" 

Rene Thomas Rodriguez Success Story

Wes Ambrecht the Vice President of Development & Production at Foundation Films asked to meet Rene Thomas Rodriguez after providing notes on Rene's project, CIGAR CITY through Stage 32 Script Services. 

Bill Osinski Success Story

Bill Osinski had his script VICTORIA THE FIRST optioned by Blake Reading and Carla Westlund at Cake Studios after connecting through a Stage 32 Script Read and Consultation Call.  
Bills says, "I had a consult with a Stage 32 reader, who advised going from frequent flashbacks to chronological story-telling. That meant essentially going back to where I had started years ago. But once I swallowed my pride and put my trust in the sympathetic reader's comments -- and in my own gut instincts -- I found myself enjoying the process of re-creating VICTORIA .The first person to read the new version was Blake, and he offered me an option during our first conversation. Now, we're off to the races! Thanks for the great connections you've helped me make." 

Zach Tirone Success Story

Zach Tirone signed with Literary Manager Andrew Wilson at Wonder Street! Zach says, "This happened because of Stage 32. Had I not been one of the winners of the Stage 32 logline contest, in which Andrew selected one of my scripts, he would not have been so clearly on my radar. This led to a consultation call with him about one of my true crime TV pilots, The Westies. Andrew very graciously responded to my writing and after some discussion, he offered to sign me as a client. We are now working on putting together The Westies as a Wonder Street project!" 

Joseph Downey Success Story

The feature film CHICK FIGHT starring Bella Thorne, Malin Ackerman & Alec Baldwin is now in theaters... and it all started from a writer who lives outside of Los Angeles who pitched it on Stage 32, Joe Downey. Joe works a corporate job in Pennsylvania and has never had any formal training or schooling or connections within the industry until he turned to Stage 32. Joe simply wrote a tremendous script and it found its champion by way of a Stage 32 executive, Tiffany Boyle, president of packaging and sales for Ramo Law. Through a tremendous effort on Tiffany's part, including working with 6 executives in the Stage 32 community, CHICK FIGHT was born. Prepare to be inspired and do your fellow Stage 32ers a favor and tune into watch CHICK FIGHT on VOD. (click here to continue reading the whole story)  

Scott Cronan Success Story

Scott Cronan is the producer of the film ECHOES OF THE INVISIBLE which won the Zeiss Cinematography Award at SXSW. With SXSW getting cancelled his team elected to NOT screen his film on Amazon with the deal SXSW provided, and instead decided to screen their film on Stage 32 Screenings and through our platform their feature film has been picked up for international distribution by Glass House Distribution!   

Jason Mirch Success Story

No Stopping Stage 32 Writers! Over 66 Executive Meetings Requested through Stage 32 this Fall! In 2020 alone we have had over 1,500 script read requests!  

  • Vivek Singhania, a producer whose company, Picture Perfect is based in Mumbai, India asked to be connected Debra Kurtz for her project, When Crows Fly and Octavius Ra for the project, State of Trance, after connecting through a pitch session. Vivek specializes in low-budget feature films that can be produced internationally or adapted for the Indian market.


  • Producer Cody Lyons of The Octoberists asked to be connected to Nick Brown for the project Angel Three after a pitch session and script request, while producer Carla Westlund of Cake Studios asked to meet Deanna Carlyle for the script Miss Hyde: The Good Seed. Carla also requested to meet with Stephen Wallenfels for Promiseland and Abdur Mohammed for The Anuk Chronicles.


  • Producer Agustine Calderon asked to meet with Erick Freitas after providing Premium Coverage on Erick’s script, Fake. Meanwhile, Aaron Daniel Jacob of the animation company Bento Box Productions requested to meet with Max Segal for the script East Side Girl and Jon Harrison Taylor for Johnny Ferrari.


  • Producer and Sales Agent Alexia Melocchi of Little Studio Films - who as you will recall earlier this year signed a Stage 32 member to a representation and development deal - requested introductions to Brian Dzyak for Escaping Disposal, Mary Huckstep for William, Will You Dance?, Ted Adams with High Roller, Derek Nelson with The Arc, Sarah Gabrielle Baron for Occupy This, Brent Bergan with Pressure Point, Rashit Ismail with Dona Gracia, Tim Jones for House, Jody Fasanella with Mama Dallas, D. Elliot Woods for 11 minutes, 14 seconds, and Sardia Robinson Foerster.


  • Producer Derek Gordon - who also recently signed a shopping agreement with a Stage 32 writer - asked for introductions to Allan Turner for A Killer Past, David Page for Like an Animal, and Ty Jones for Why Can't I Keep a Man. Producer and writer Rachel Paulson who is in development on a series, requested to meet with Octavius Ra for the script, F*ckboy, Martin K. Zitter for MZ, and Jeff Willy for Reveal.


  • Junior Manager Harrison Rothman at Elevate Entertainment asked to meet with Jack Gorman for the script Turf while manager Audrey Knox of The Cartel requested a meeting with Patricia Hickman after hearing the pitch and reading Dead Gatsby. Audrey also requested to meet with Margaret Lebron for The Track, Jack Marchetti with Idol, and Andrew Gilchrist for Big, Scary Animals.


  • Staying with managers, Lit Manager and Producer Julia Verdin asked to meet Alyssa Carter with the project, For Her (Para Ella) and James J. Papa for the script Killadelphia. Manager Mike Diaz of The Coronel Group asked to meet with Bill Osinski after providing a First 10 Page Review for the script Ungodly.


  • Development Executive Thomas Pemberton - whose company Mind’s Eye Entertainment has already optioned 3 television series ideas from writers through Stage 32 - requested to meet with Travis J Opgenorth for Thieves, York Davis for the scripts Joseph and the Holy Grail and I Love You, Oscar Wilde, Dane McCauley for The Brothers Fury, Matthew J. Beier for The Breeders, Martin K. Zitter for Love the Ones You're With, David Allyn for Kellyanne, Bill Osinski for Victoria the First, Nicholas Tana for eJunky, Michael J Shapiro for Run! Run! Run! - The Lives of Abbie Hoffman, and Carole Ryavec for Embargo: Syria.


  • Producer David Harris - who has a deal with Millennium Films - asked to meet with Jane Bennett Munro for The Body on the Lido Deck: A Toni Day Mystery and David Page for Head Games, while Rachel Crouch of Cold Iron Films who I previously mentioned said development has not slowed, asked to meet with Shaun McConoughey for Tradition Never Dies.


  • Producer Brett Glatman who is producing Oscar-winner Peter Farrelly’s next film for Skydance, asked to meet with Morreco Coleman for 1st Forgotten Champions, Staton Rabin for The Babe is Back, Raymond Reid for The Bailout, Erik Howard for Killing Squirrel Creek, Chantelle Erin Landais for Playa, and Kelly Shanley for Wingmom.


  • Sarah J. Cornelius the Development and Production Executive at Whitewater Films - who just released their latest film in September - asked to meet Matthew J. Beier for All is Calm and Michael J. Shapiro for My Summer of 1967. And finally, Wes Ambrecht of Foundation Films asked to be connected to David L Weston for The Woman with No Name.


All of these connections came as a direct result of Stage 32 Script Services which allows for direct access between content creators to decision makers in the entertainment industry. Please join me in congratulating these incredible Stage 32 members on their continued success through the platform!

Christopher Morrison Success Story

Christopher Morrison has spent years looking for ways to break into a highly competitive industry. He has invested in film-related books, courses, pitches, and more in an attempt to improve his craft and get the "big break." Well - spoiler alert - the hard work and dedication paid off!

Christopher is now in development on a project with Robert Cort Productions after connecting with their Creative Executive Erin Larsen through a Stage 32 Pitch Session! Erin was a producer on the Ruth Bader Ginsberg biopic, ON THE BASIS OF SEX and is next producing THE SECRET with Katie Holmes. Robert Cort also produced films in the TERMINATOR franchise and the original JUMANJI!

As Christopher explains, he and Erin hit it off during the pitch and Christopher submitted the script to Erin! She then shared the script with the rest of the team at Robert Cort Productions and they are no in active development on the project. Christopher just updated use that he on on his latest draft with Erin for Robert Cort.

To read the entire story, click here!

Alex Moreno Success Story

Alex Moreno is based in Miami and has been a part of the platform since 2015. In late October Alex let us know that he had been hired to be a writer on the 2021 slate of Absurd Hero Productions. The initial connection came through a job post that the principals of Absurd Hero Productions placed on Stage 32!

Alex had already been utilizing Stage 32 Next Level Education to improve his pitch deck! As Alex says, "From my Pitch Deck class I took with Ewan Dunbar, this company [loved] my idea and we are negotiating our next steps. Super exciting!"

And beyond that, Alex has been using Stage 32 to make connections with other writers as well as producers. He is part of a writers group of which 4 of the 6 members were found on Stage 32. Alex is not based in LA, and works primarily outside of the entertainment industry. But using the power of Stage 32, Alex is now working with a production company looking to develop and produce his material! It is just more proof that the power to break into the industry is largely in your hands, no matter where you are in the world.

To see the full story, click here!

Eric Jeske Success Story

Eric Jeske - the winner of the Stage 32 5th Annual Feature Screenwriting Contest - is now represented by First Friday Entertainment - one of the leading boutique management companies in the business! First Friday Entertainment was co-founded by Krista Sipp and Devon Byers, who dedicated themselves to showcasing fresh and unique voices! 

Eric says, "Stage 32 stayed involved, set me up with new meetings, introduced me to a producer who is interested in optioning. Stage 32 kept in contact long after they had any obligation to. They kept passing Avalanche around, championing it on my behalf. This led to a meeting with First Friday Entertainment, who were sent the script, read, and loved. Both parties felt the vibe and they are now my representation." 

Nick Brown Success Story

Stage 32 member Nick Brown, a UK-based novelist and screenwriter was hired by Stage 32 member Jordan Bryon, a filmmaker based in Kabul, Afghanistan, to write an action script, SHEEN. Nick has previously written a series of historical novels – Agent of Rome – first published in 2011.

Nick says, "I’m really grateful to her for hiring me and to Stage 32 for providing the platform for us to connect. I have made several other valued contacts via Stage 32 and will be keeping an eye out for more screenwriting jobs. To my fellow writers, I would say don’t be disheartened if you apply for writing posts here (or indeed anywhere) and don’t hear back. You only need one positive response and that could be the opportunity that really moves things forward for you. As I’ve learned over the years, connections are essential in the film business and Stage 32 is the ideal place to make them." 


Amy Amani Success Story

Screenwriter and Stage 32 member Amy Amani landed her agent Anouk van Ghemen of One Four Films in Germany after they connected following a Stage 32 Next Level Webinar that Anouk hosted. Amy was very impressed by Anouk's breadth of knowledge and obvious passion on the subject, so she contacted her. Anouk requested the script and pitch deck which Amy sent right away. A couple of weeks later Anouk emailed Amy back asking to meet. 

By the end of the conversation Anouk agreed to represent Amy and her script ‘When in Rome’ and possibly other projects.They’ve signed a contract, had a notes meeting and set out a plan of action. Amy says, "Anouk is lovely and driven and a joy to work with! I look forward to working with her for a very long time to come."


Jonathan Jordan Success Story

Jonathan Jordanthe winner of Stage 32 3rd Annual Feature Screenwriting Contest - landed his first paid feature screenwriting job after being signed by Verve Talent & Literary Agency through Stage 32.

Jonathan Jordan the winner of Stage 32 3rd Annual Feature Screenwriting Contest

Jonathan says, "The fact that there are resources like Stage 32 that can help you bring your work in front of real industry insiders, get real pitch meetings, get real agents and managers in your corner is practically miraculous."

Seoras Wallace Success Story

Seoras Wallace in Scotland connected with LA-based producer Alexia Melocchi of Little Studio Films through a Stage 32 Pitch Session! Alexia is now representing his Wallace, Legend of Braveheart book series! 

Seoras Wallace and Mel Gibson on the set of Braveheart

Seoras said, "I signed contracts with Alexia, who is now acting as my worldwide manager and representative, with Little Studio Films prepping the background work to produce and bring Wallace, the Legend of Braveheart to our screens as an epic television series! My advice to anyone out there who feel or believes that they have a good story to tell, then Stage 32 has to be your first choice mentor into the industry. If you follow their advice, take up the opportunities that they provide, get your project analyzed then listen and adapt to what is required, there is no reason why these unique opportunities should be missed that could propel your project forward. Stage 32 provides an invaluable service, be it to aspiring writers or top industry professionals seeking new material, I can only say that I am so glad that I ditched my skepticism and took up the opportunity. What Stage32 provides for the industry is very affordable for the individual, but in the end, priceless... in my opinion." 

Maurice Vaughan Success Story

Stage 32 member Maurice Vaughan received two paid screenwriting jobs in 2020 through Stage 32! 
The first screenwriting gig came through Stage 32, when Maurice was hired by Charles Portillo in January 2020. The job involved rewriting a Horror feature script, "The Boogieman Comes on Halloween." The second screenwriting gig also came through Stage 32, when Maurice was hired by Christophe Anagnostopoulos in March 2020. The job involved writing a contained Psychological Horror/Thriller script, "Weird Noise." Maurice also connected with Todd Schowalter on Stage 32 and they are now writing a short script together.  He also sold Stage 32 member Michael Goldbaum 4 short scripts!

Justin Calen-Chenn Success Story

Justin Calen-Chen met with Ramo Law during a pitch session, they picked him up and he has now signed with CAA and Grandview Management. He's been hired to adapt the best selling novel for Wendy Heard and THE FOSTERED ONE now has C. Fitz (QUEEN SUGAR) to direct! He participated in Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's Imagine Impact 2 alongside producer Stephen Love and overseen by Sascha Penn.

Joey Madia Success Story

When Stage 32 member Joey Madia wrote his first Escape Room narratives for an organization, it was in 2017. He wrote them for two 5-star escape rooms on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Those rooms are still active today. Not long afterwards, he wrote and published a blog post right here on Stage 32 called Seven Steps for Writing Escape Room Narratives (And How to Find Opportunities to Write Them!). It told screenwriters how he got the job, and what they needed to do land their own work writing escape room narratives. But what he garnered from writing that post was far more than he expected.

"That Stage 32 blog post netted an offer to write an article on the thriller elements of Escape Room narratives for Creative Screenwriting Magazine that was published. Not long after, that same Stage 32 post led to meetings and an agreement with a Las Vegas Escape Room company that I will be writing narratives for by years end," Madia said.

But the best part?

That same Stage 32 blog post just landed him a contract with a Bed and Breakfast cottage in southwest Scotland! "We're using the first floor of the cottage to start off a game weekend for guests where they have to solve the Escape Room narrative in order to release the cottage owners from the Fairy Realm so they can get their keys and go to their rooms. The Escape Room will use a combination of Scottish fairy lore, key events, and historical personages to lead players into the Celtic world of the supernatural. We're also in talks for me to design a murder mystery game featuring my Scottish pirate character, whom I have written about on Stage 32 in other blog articles." A mighty big congratulations to Joey! And a massive thank you, too, for his regular contributions to our blog. We are humbled to have you among our membership and are excited to learn more about your Scottish adventure! Read more here.

Jack Cusick Success Story

Jack Cusick was the winner of the Stage 32 + Gidden Media Movies for "Grownups" Screenwriting Contest and won $7,500! He is now in development with legendary producer Amy Baer and Vice President Chris Ceccotti of Gidden Media on his winning screenplay, I'M NOT JACK. 

As Jack said, "I'm overwhelmingly grateful (and proud) to be named the winner of the Gidden Media/Stage 32 contest, and I look forward to working on script refinements in the coming weeks. This is going to be exciting!"

He continued, "Ms. Baer...Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you and your team. While my long term goal is to become a successful screenwriter...I am very much looking forward to working with you, Chris, and [the rest of the team]."

Braden Chase Success Story

Braden Chase developed his project, IN COUNTRY with Development Executive Anna Henry, who worked with him to redevelop the entire pitch bible and pilot script. The project is now with Jim Young, the producer and principal of Animus Films (THE CATCHER WAS A SPY, LOVELACE, THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY), who heard the pitch responded very favorably to it. A

s Jim said in his feedback to Braden, “I honestly thought this was excellent. Super impressed with how well-thought out the pitch was...Please send the script over.” Jim requested the script and is going to see if he has a potential showrunner to pair Braden with in his rolodex of contacts!

Braden says, “Jason was gracious enough to put me in touch with Anna Henry who is a real development executive with an amazing resume,” Braden says, adding, “with her help, I reworked my entire pitch bible and pilot script into the polished gem it is today. Hence, why it has captured the attention of buyers at every major studio. What's more is through Stage 32, Jason has put me in touch with a number of literary managers and producers who have heard my pitch and provided invaluable feedback to make my oral pitch really standout. All this amazing input and direction at a very affordable price and amazing convenience thanks to Stage 32.”


Stephen Potts Success Story

Screenwriter and Stage 32 member Stephen Potts had his screenplay, HANEEN, requested by Literary Manager Zach Cox at Circle of Confusion (AMC's THE WALKING DEAD) during the Global Pitch Tank Event on Stage 32

Antoine Allen Success Story

Stage 32 member Antoine Allen just signed a shopping agreement with executive Derek Gordon ("DONKMASTER" for ViceLandDR. DOOLITTLE, NEXT FRIDAY) for his completed female boxing feature film, LOLA. Antoine pitched the film through a Stage 32 pitch session and submitted the pitch deck to Derek, who loved the package and ask to see the completed feature film. Derek is now taking out the film to get distribution for it!

Paul A Mendelson Success Story

UK-based screenwriter Paul Mendelson had his screenplay, A MEETING IN SEVILLE, requested by Tai Duncan the President of Production at Zero Gravity Management (Netflix's "OZARK", THE ACCOUNTANT) and Literary Manager Zach Cox at Circle of Confusion (AMC's THE WALKING DEAD) during the Global Pitch Tank Event on Stage 32!   

Christina Pamies Success Story

Stage 32 writer Christina Pamies, the winner of the 5th Annual Stage 32 Search for New Blood Screenwriting Contest has been hired by StudioCanal to adapt the feature length adaptation of the horror short Baghead (Hollywood Reporter)!

As a result of Stage 32 sending Christina on over a dozen industry meetings, she met with uber-manager Jake Wagner who signed Christina in the room! Jake previously sold the spec Snow White and the Huntsman for a whopping $3m to Universal, and represents A-List screenwriting clients across film and television. Jake’s clients have written some of the most popular recent horror films including POLAROID and CRAWL. From there, Jake worked to get Christina a literary agent at Verve Talent and now, her first paying studio writing job!


Kevin Bachar Success Story

Screenwriter Kevin Bachar signs with Zero Gravity Management, attaches director and BAFTA-Award winning DP to his script!

As the saying goes "The dream is free. The hustle sold separately." It takes an incredible amount hustle to move a project forward, as evidence by everything we share here on Stage 32. Today I wanted to share with you a video from Kevin Bachar, who was the winner of our 4th annual Search for New Blood screenwriting contest for his incredible script THE RELATIVE. After Kevin won the contest, we flew him out to LA and set him up on a slew of meetings all around town with people who are interested in his project. It takes a ton of work to get yourself out there. As a result of his endless drive (as you'll see in this video), he now has attached director John Poliquin (GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2) and  BAFTA winning Director of Photography, Paul Atkins ASC who has worked with Terence Malik to shoot it.  We couldn't be more excited for Kevin and THE RELATIVE. Please congratulate Kevin, your fellow Stage 32er!


Aaron Benjamin Success Story

Through Stage 32 Script Services, we connected Aaron Benjamin to veteran literary manager Jon Hersh at Housefire Management. Aaron pitched Jon his screenplay, The Bastard of Robert E. Lee, for feedback. But the connection resulted in a lot more than Aaron was expecting. Jon loved Aaron's pitch so much he requested the script. We facilitated the connection between Aaron and Jon and a short time later, Jon signed Aaron as a client! Since signing, Jon has taken 2 of Aarons scripts out and set him up on a ton of meetings. Here's the story from Aaron and Jon themselves:

“I had submitted a written pitch to Jon for The Bastard of Robert E. Lee, which was my first feature,” Aaron told us. “Jon and I connected after he read my submission - and he also read the Busing Crisis script as well.”

“Since signing Aaron, his two spec features - Maverick and Saturday Night Massacre - have been championed by major production companies and sent to dozens of studio buyers,” Jon further explained. “He now has fans all over town, and has been focusing on pitches for studio writing assignments,” See the full story here:


Brent Kado Success Story

Here's a story that proves you don't have to be in LA to make big things happen, especially for those working with Stage 32 Script Services. Brent Kado left LA and moved to Chicago, but kept working with Stage 32 Script Services. Brent chose to work with Angela Malloy from WEtv and received feedback on his unscripted idea. Angela loved the idea, helped Brent hone and fine tune it and took the project on! As a result, Brent, with Angela's help, just optioned his project to INDIGO FILMS an independent television production company with a long-standing reputation for developing and producing exceptional programming across a wide variety of genres. Networks produced for include Investigation Discovery, Nat Geo WILD, Travel Channel and LMN. The project pitch is now in its second round of executive reviews at Amazon! It's also worth noting that Brent is a long time member of the Stage 32 platform and has built big time relationships that have led to even more success. He's leaving no stone unturned and controlling his career!

Christi Corbett Success Story

Christi Corbett, a Stage 32 and Writers’ Room member, worked with Brad Wilson of Higher Purpose Entertainment to help get coverage on a screenplay adaptation she wrote based on her screenplay A Mountain Man's Redemption. As Christi refined the screenplay, now called Along the Way Home, Brad fell more and more in love with it. So much so, he's now optioned it! We're thrilled that we were able to make this relationship happen. Christi has worked so hard on her material and deserves every success. Here's the full story of Christi's journey:  

Donovan Cook Success Story

Congratulations to Donovan Cook who was signed by literary manager Daniel Kendrick from Chatrone after meeting through a Stage 32 pitch session. Donovan is now a Supervising Producer at DreamWorks Animation and has worked on a Netflix and Disney show Daniel set him up on!    

Diana Wright Success Story

Our Comedy Contest winner Diana Wright has signed with literary manager Audrey Knox at The Cartel and with Abrams Artists Agency after meetings Stage 32 set her up on! Through connections made through Stage 32 Diana also met with HBO producer Bret Slater, development executive Sarah Cornelius at Whitewater Films, Heather Johns, the VP at Lionsgate's LOL Network, manager Spencer Robinson with Art/Work Entertainment, and the EVP of Development for Michael Shamberg's company, Ameet Shukla and Jared Iacino with Panay Films. And, after we sent out her script to our executive roster companies such as Gersh requested to read!    

 Success Story

Producer Daniel Herther, a studio executive from Proxima Media has hired our Fantasy & Sci-Fi Contest winner Ben Gross to write a spec script for his production company, plus Ben is now developing script ideas with Manager Daniel Vang from 3 Arts Entertainment, all who Stage 32 set him up on meetings with!    

Christine Torres Success Story

Congratulations to Christine Torres, the grand prize winner of the 4th Annual Stage 32 TV Writing Contest, for signing with Manager/Producer Brooklyn Weaver of Energy Entertainment! Brooklyn Weaver is a manager and producer who has produced smash hits including Run All Night with Liam Neeson, Out of the Furnace with Christian Bale and Zoe Saldana, and The Number 23 with Jim Carrey! Brooklyn was sent Christine' script by Stage 32 Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch, and loved Christine's writing! They met and instantly connected. Read the full story here!  

 Success Story

Greg Mania - the winner of the 4th Annual Comedy Writing Contest - signed with Laina Cohn & Jon Taub of Cohn/Torgan Management after meeting them through a meeting set by Stage 32! As part of his winning the contest, in October, Stage 32 sent Greg on about a dozen meetings with literary managers, television producers, and development executives. It was during one of these meetings that Greg met with Literary Manager Jon Taub who works with Literary Manager & Partner Laina Cohn of Cohn/Torgan Management.

Laina Cohn is a prolific talent and literary manager who represents clients across film and television, including Alita: Battle Angel, Bad Moms, The Good Lie, and series for ABC, Fox, Netflix, USA, Disney Channel, and more. Leonard Torgan, her partner at the company, produced the hit series “In Treatment” for HBO and also represents clients across features and television.


Toby Tate Success Story

Toby Tate's feature film, They Who Walk Among Us, is now in pre-production with Executive Producer Charles Stiefel (SUPER TROOPERS 2, A VIOLENT SEPARATION), Director Jon Keeyes (DOOM ROOM, THE HARROWING) and visual effects supervisor Richard Clabaugh (THE PROPHECY, PHANTOMS, CRYPTO, BURN) on board! 

Toby utilized Stage 32 Script Services including Script Read & Consultation Calls with Spencer Robinson and Jason Mirch, and Stage 32 Next Level Webinars like "Financing Independent Films and Breaking Even Before Its Release," hosted by Jason Mirch and "How to Attach A-List Actors to Your Film," hosted by Franco Sama, among others. 

"I know I wouldn't have gotten this far without investing in Stage 32. I have never been to film school, so they are my film school," Toby says. "They have been and continue to be a crucial asset to my chosen career of filmmaking. It's definitely an uphill climb, but I feel like they are an important part of the fuel that powers my engine." 


Julie Anne Wight Success Story

My Clone’s an A-Hole, a comedy written by Julie Ann Wight was offered a $5,000 option by National Lampoon through the Stage 32 + National Lampoon Search for Comedic Gold Contest (Deadline)!

“We’ve admired Stage 32’s mission to help creatives from all over the world gain the knowledge, access and support necessary to succeed in this competitive industry,” National Lampoon co-CEOs Raj Singh and Kevin Frakes said. “Additionally, Stage 32’s talent pool is undeniably the deepest anywhere online. We’re thrilled to join forces with them to honor our mission in finding and cultivating the next great comedic voices.”

Julie Ann Cross Success Story

Vagic, a romantic comedy written by Stage 32 member Julie Ann Cross, received a $7,500 option with legendary producer Amy Baer of Gidden Media Group through then Stage 32 + Gidden Media Rom Com Contest. "We are excited to announce that VAGIC by Julie Cross is the WINNER of the Gidden Media/Stage 32 Romantic Comedy Contest," Amy Baer said. "Julie has written an R-rated, laugh-out-loud, feminist romantic comedy in which the heroine learns to "own" her power - romantically, professionally... and sexually! It's a very surprising premise and a fresh, modern spin on the romcom genre. Stage 32's very own Amanda Toney and Nick Assunto did an incredible job setting up the contest, along with an intricate system of dedicated readers."    

Joseph Downey Success Story

Chick Fight starring Malin Ackerman, Alec Baldwin and Bella Thorne written by Stage 32 member Joseph Downey is in post-production with director Paul Leyden. Joe connected through a Stage 32 pitch session with Stage 32 Educator Tiffany Boyle of Ramo Law who packaged the project with Stage 32 Educator Jordan Levine of Yale Productions.  You can read more about the project here on Deadline

Laurie Ashbourne Success Story

Laurie Ashbourne's script 10-31 which was developed through a Stage 32 online writing lab is going into production in 2020 with Horror legend Eli Roth producing through his company The Arts District and female filmmaker, Gigi Saul Guerrero directing! The film will be distributed by Orion and United Artists Releasing. Read more about the project on Deadline by clicking here! Laurie is a Co-Producer along side Eli Roth and Roger Birnbaum.

The plot follows a young woman who takes her niece and nephew trick-or-treating and discovers a note inside a candy wrapper that says there’s a killer loose on her block.


Juhani Nurmi Success Story

Congratulations to writer Juhani Nurmi, from Finland, who is now optioned and in development with producer Jason Piette on his Victorian Gothic Horror TV series. They met in a Stage 32 pitch session! Creativity is Universal! Jason Piette is a producer and film financier with over 50 movies and TV series to his name, including ​The Merchant Of Venice ​starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons, Head In The Clouds​ starring Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz, the $33m ​"Napoleon"​ TV series for A&E,Perfect Creatures​ for Twentieth Century Fox; Mark Pellington’s ​I Melt With You ​for Magnolia Pictures and ​Iron Sky​ for eOne. To read the whole story, click here.

"I wanted to let you all know that despite living far away from Hollywood and not being a spring chicken anymore (53-years-old), you can get Hollywood players interested. It’s all about the right pitch and finding that right person, which in my case is Jason Piette.

Remember that a writer writes -always - and never give up on your dreams. Many thanks to Richard ”RB” Botto, Jason Mirch, Nick Assunto and the rest of the Stage 32 staff – keep up the stellar work!" - Juhani Nurmi

Pierre D. Chambers Success Story

Producer Jared Ferrie requested to meet with Pierre Chambers for his project, Solace!

Einar Gunn Success Story

Sarah J. Corenlius of Whitewater Films asked to connect with Einar Gunn for the project Surviving Sally and Bruce Kalish for his project As Dead as it Gets.

 Success Story

Executive and Producer Kevin Christoffersen is working with Terence Brody on his project, The VR (another Sci-Fi Contest Finalist!) and wants to discuss a new spec version of it.

Caroll Brown Success Story

Justin Ross of Bohemia Group Originals asked to read The Last War by Carroll Brown, June Rose by Kathryn Machi, Riding on Duke's Train by Ken Kimmelman.

Coco Elysses Success Story

Stacey Smart Stanley who just launched her next venture, The Smart Stanley Group, requested the project Indigo Child by Coco Elysses.

Pb Barr Success Story

Producer and sales executive Cody Lyons of The Octoberists met with PB Barr as a result of reading the project Talking Stick.They are going to meet and talk other projects!

Sarah Johnston Success Story

Producer and development executive Tiegen Kosiak asked to connect with Sarah Johnston for her project, Vacant. Tiegen also requested to connect with Romén Rivero Gallardo for the project Night Birds, and Peter Petrucci for Devour.

Elena Melener Success Story

Development specialist Anna Henry - who has sold and developed projects with ABC, CBS, Fox, Showtime, HBO, and Starz - asked to meet Elena Melener for the project Closer to Cuba.

Stephen Potts Success Story

Executive Joseph Ferrante is taking the project Compass Murphy by Stephen Potts to his partners at his production company for potential development and production!

Lauren Hawkeye Success Story

Producer and executive Nick Fullen-Collins, of Artistic Vision Entertainment, requested the projects Sugar by Lauren Hawkeye, Evangeline by Robert Vink, Last One Standing by Brianna Coyle, The Warrior by Toby Tate, and The Towpath by Cassandra J Wells!

Michael Lederer Success Story

Producer Graham Bradstreet requested to read the project Shooting Stars by Michael Lederer after connecting through a Pitch Session. Graham read the project and loved it! Well done Michael!

Juhani Nurmi Success Story

Congratulations to writer Juhani Nurmi, from Finland, who is now in development with producer Jason Piette on his Victorian Gothic Horror TV series. They met in a Stage 32 pitch session! Creativity is Universal!   Jason Piette is a producer and film financier with over 50 movies and TV series to his name, including ​The Merchant Of Venice ​starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons, Head In The Clouds​ starring Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz, the $33m ​"Napoleon"​ TV series for A&E,Perfect Creatures​ for Twentieth Century Fox; Mark Pellington’s ​I Melt With You ​for Magnolia Pictures and ​Iron Sky​ for eOne.   To read the whole story, click here

 Success Story

Whitewater Films is already busy premiering a new Pilot at Sundance and shooting a new comedy feature, but Production Executive Sarah J Cornelius managed to find another great script through a pitch session and is meeting with Kevin Karp, to discuss his story, Touch the Fire.

Debbie Viguie Success Story

After Amasia launched a television division earlier this year, Josh Sathre discovered Debbie Viguie’s Witch Hunt through a pitch session. Debbie is meeting with their Television team soon to discuss the project.

Arthur O. Thomas Success Story

Art Thomas (US) met Marc Greenland (Zimbabwe) met through Stage 32 and made the film THE LAST SALUTE, which premiered at the LA Film Festival and was featured on Urban Culture. To read more, click here:

Aaron Shaw Success Story

Michael Tapia, Producer for Facebook's Paging Dr. Patel, requested a meeting with Aaron Shaw for his script CHIBA after reading it for Premium Script Coverage. He signed on to a rewrite and Michael!

Sara Dahmen Success Story

Christian Taylor from Taylor Lane Productions, who released Measure of a Man in theaters last year, took a meeting with Sara Dahmen after giving her pitch feedback on her script KATIE SIOUX and with Lionel Lober for his script LONG SHOT.

Rolando Gómez Success Story

Jeff Singer, Producer at Stowaway Films has taken a meeting with Rolando Gomez for his script 12 DEAD MEN after a Stage 32 pitch session.

Gus Avila Success Story

Becca Cammarata the Director of Development at Stay Gold Features requested a meeting with Gus Avila after reading his project Kingwood from a Stage 32 Pitch Session.

Fred Sprock Success Story

Sarah J. Corenlius the Creative & Production Executive at Whitewater Films requested a meeting with Fred Sprock for his project Vespern Stox after she read it while doing Stage 32 Premium Coverage.

 Success Story

Craig Waladenziak co-wrote DESOLATION, directed by David Moscow and produced by David Harris and Todd Remis, and was released in 2018.  Craig met David Harris through feedback on a pitch on Stage 32. Stage 32 also got Craig a feature in Robert McKee’s STORY Magazine for this film. Listen to Craig's success using Stage 32 here:  

William Holden Success Story

Justin L. Ross of Bohemia Group Originals has exclusively taken on William Holden's project FORBIDDEN SCIENCE and is currently out to production companies.

Griffin Devine Success Story

Alyssa and Griffin Devine sign with HG5 Management and released their film RECOVERY in 2018!

Jonathan Jordan Success Story

Jonathan Jordan, the winner of our 4th Annual Feature Contest, signed with Verve Talent & Literary and Byron Austen Ashley who has his own company Settebello Entertainment. He just beat out two Nicholl finalists for a writing assignment to pen a sports drama feature for an international producer and is going in for a 2nd pitch to one of the largest studios in the industry. Stage 32 Feature Contest Winner Update (Signed to Agent & Manager!) from Stage 32 on Vimeo.

Donovan Cook Success Story

Manager and Producer Daniel Kendrick from Chatrone signed Stage 32 member Donovan Cook, who was staffed on the Nickelodeon show Adventures of Kid Danger and on the Disney show Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Eric Carlson Success Story

Producer Christopher Ufland met with Eric Carlson after giving feedback on his pitch and reading his script FIRST AROUND.

Steffen Andrews Success Story

Manager David Chien from Art/Work Entertainment requested a meeting with Steffen Andrews after giving feedback for his pitch AURORA!

Tamara R. Hudson Success Story

Catherine Keithley, the Director of Development for Brian Graden Media took a meeting with Tamara Hudson for her project SOLO after she gave feedback on her pitch!

Bob DeMars Success Story

Bob Demars’ project PRAY FOR DEATH was submitted for Premium Script Coverage by an Executive and Rick Bitzelberger is now pitching the script to his bosses at Informant Media. Good luck Bob! 

Teng Ky-Gan Success Story

Teng Ky-Gan from Malaysia is now packaging his script with Ramo Law. “Ramo helped me develop it,” Teng continued. “We did 3 major drafts in about a year. Their notes made my script 10 times better. They have fantastic insights on what's sellable.”

“Once Tiffany from Ramo felt confident that the script was good enough, she pitched it around,” Teng told me. And because of their hard work and tenacity, the reception was fantastic! She attached 2 directors and a producer after a couple of months. I signed the option for the script in Dec 2018!” Read more about this here:

Christina Pamies Success Story

Writer Christina Pamies has signed with Jake Wagner and Scott Stoops from Good Fear Film + Management. Her script is being produced by Jake Weiner and Chris Bender! To read the full story click here:

Peter Elliott Success Story

Samantha Schifrien from Rosey TV took a meeting with Peter Malone Elliott after she met him during a Stage 32 pitch session and she is now helping him find a manager and try to get him repped for staffing season or find a writer's PA gig!

Rolando Gómez Success Story

Jeff Singer, Producer at Stowaway Films has taken a meeting with Rolando Gomez for his script 12 DEAD MEN after giving feedback for it in a pitch session.

Kris Lippert Success Story

Julia Glausi from Endgame Entertainment requested a meeting with Kris Lippert for his script BLACK TALON after she read it doing Stage 32 Premium Coverage

Aaron Benjamin Success Story

The story comes from writer, and Stage 32 member, Aaron Benjamin, who recently connected with veteran literary manager Jon Hersh at Housefire Management. Aaron participated in a Stage 32 pitch session with Jon to receive feedback on the pitch for his feature project, The Bastard of Robert E. Lee, which was previously a quarterfinalist in the 3rd Annual Stage 32 Feature Screenwriting Competition. But the connection resulted in a lot more than Aaron was expecting. Jon signed Aaron!

“I had submitted a written pitch to Jon for The Bastard of Robert E. Lee, which was my first feature,” Aaron told us. “Jon and I connected after he read my submission - and he also read the Busing Crisis script as well.”

“Since signing Aaron, his two spec features - Maverick and Saturday Night Massacre - have been championed by major production companies and sent to dozens of studio buyers,” Jon further explained. “He now has fans all over town, and has been focusing on pitches for studio writing assignments,” See the full story here: 

Sergio Caballero Success Story

Manager and Producer Julia Verdin has requested more materials from Sergio Caballero and will watch his short film after hearing a pitch for I Am Ana.

Stephen Wallenfels Success Story

Writer Stephen Wallenfels received a meeting request from producer Tiegen Kosiak (the former head of development for Zoe Saldana's production company) after reviewing his First 10 Review submission.

Brent Beath Success Story

Producer Regina Lee has requested to meet with writer Brent Beath and writer Monique Patterson after reading their scripts during a First 10 Review.

Caytha Jentis Success Story

We're excited for Caytha Jentis as her Amazon series THE OTHER F WORD, starring Alysia Reiner & Gilbert Godfried is one of the top streamed on Amazon and part of the $1 Million prize! She met her manager, Matt Kniaz, from industry entertainment on Stage 32 through a pitch session, and they are now packaging the show and going out to networks to pitch as a traditional series!  

Kelly Lamphear Dash Success Story

Writer Kelly Lamphear Dash is connecting with financier Todd Remis who has requested updates on Kelly’s project as it goes through the development process.

Jeannette Cormier Success Story

Writer Jeannette Cormier submitted her script, Sitting Duck, for coverage with producer Tiegen Kosiak. Tiegen wants to package the project and take it out to financiers.

Ryan Lee Success Story

Our 2nd Place Winner Fantasy & Sci Fi Screenwriting Contest winner, Ryan Lee, writer of TOWER 9 was optioned by studio producer Mitchell Peck.

Duane Piedmont Success Story

After placing as a finalist in Stage 32's TV Screenwriting Contest and the finalist's look book was sent out, Duane signed with Kaplan-Stahler Agency and Heroes And Villains Entertainment. Read the full story here:

 Success Story

Justin Callen Chen met with Ramo Law during a pitch session, they picked him up and he has signed with CAA and Imagine Lab!

Joseph Downey Success Story

Joe Downey attached Ramo Law to package his script. Ramo sent the script to an award-winning producer who immediately signed on. The producer attached an up and coming indie director and brought in one of the “Alphabet Agencies” to cast the film. Currently, there are multiple A-List acting attachments and offers out to more.

Heidi Nyburg Success Story

Heidi Nyburg, winner of the Stage 32 4th Annual TV Writing Contest signed with Sonia Gambaro at ESA.

Anthony Guidubaldi Success Story

Anthony Guidubaldi & Keith Strausbaugh won our comedy contest and met with Amasia Entertainment, Art/Work Entertainment, Romark Entertainment, Lionsgate and more. They have just wrapped on filing their feature film mockumentary MARATHON and have been sent to APA as an agent and Zero Gravity for management! Stage 32 Comedy Contest Winners Hollywood Meetings from Stage 32 on Vimeo.

Michael Lederer Success Story

Just want to go on record saying how helpful, knowledgeable, and kind Miguel Valenti was!

I’ve had such positive experiences recently through Stage 32, with Mandalay, with Justin Ross, and Sarah Cornelius. Berlin feels less far away thanks to you guys.

Russell Chan Success Story

Shortly after Russell pitched his script "'Til We Meet Again" to Kevin Christoffersen, he requested the script. Kevin enjoyed reading the script in its entirety and suggested a Skype meeting. Halfway through the meeting, Russell was offered an option for his script! 

Danielle R Erlich Success Story

After pitching my screenplay "Legacy" to Miguel Valenti, he requested
to read it. After he finished reading it, he offered to get a cup of
coffee with me. He wanted to speak to me about the script and how to
make it even better. I will be meeting with him in April when I am in
LA for the Beverly Hills Film Festival where I'm an Official

James Dalessandro Success Story

Congratulations to James Dalessandro for getting a meeting with producer Jim Young (Catcher Was a Spy, Wristcutters, The Words) after Jim gave him feedback on a script pitch - Good luck!

Teréz Koncz Success Story

Terez Koncz is the winner of our 3rd Annual Short Film Contest for her short film THE LETTERS, which we screened at the Raindance Film Festival and the Hollyshorts Film Festival. Since we screened her, she's had meetings with Jonathan Halperyn, the founder of Hero Squared in Budapest, Hungary. Jonathan is the former Managing Director of Focus Features International and continues to work with Terez. In addition, she met with producer Nick Oleksiw, who used to run development at Reel FX and now is producing with Pascal Pictures, Amy Pascal's production company. Plus Terez is now in talks with Good Fear Film + Management for US representation!

Mark Rashid Success Story

Congratulations to Mark Rashid for landing a meeting with Rob Marglies from Different Duck Films after getting pitch feedback for his script One Twenty and Change!

Jesse Harris Success Story

Congratulations to Jesse Harris for landing a meeting with Andrew Kersey from Karsey Management after getting pitch feedback for his script Borrego!

Javier Dampierre Success Story

Congratulations to Javier Dampierre for landing a meeting with David McInerney from MaCromanagment after getting pitch feedback for his script The Silence of Marco Tranner!  

Jeremy Enis Success Story

Congratulations to Jeremy Enis for landing a meeting with Cody Lyons from the Octoberists after getting pitch feedback for his script Mean Machine

Mark Laing Success Story

David Harris requested my Action Adventure Feature Film screenplay THE LAMP after a Stage 32 Skype pitching session. After that, we had a phone meeting where David asked about my other scripts and we brainstormed for a long time. David's a great guy, generous with his time, full of amazing industry insights for writers and is one of those great producers with an encyclopedic knowledge of films. Bravo to Stage 32 for a superb platform where writers can meet industry pros!

Krista Crawford Success Story

Congratulations to Krista Crawford for landing a meeting with Sasha Nonas-Barnes at Ineffable after a recent Stage 32 Pitch Session!

 Success Story

 Congratulations to Adam Williams for landing a meeting with Will Phelps at American High after a Stage 32 Pitch Session!

Patricia K. Meyer Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 writer Patricia K Meyer for landing a meeting with Raquelle David at Elevate Entertainment after her script was requested following a Stage 32 Pitch Session!

Laura E Bray Success Story

Congratulations to Laura E Bray on landing a meeting with Nick Watson from Artillery Creative after a Stage 32 Pitch Session!

Kayla Baken Success Story

Congratulation to Stage 32 writer Kayla Baken on landing a meeting with Justin Schwartz from FX Networks after a First 10 Pages Review! Kayla was also the runner-up in Stage 32's Comedy Writing Contest!

 Success Story

Congratulation to Mike Samonek on landing a meeting after his script was requested by Jeff Faehnle at Nasser Entertainment following a Stage 32 Pitch Session!

Jenna Cook Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Jenna Cook on landing a meeting with Aaron Notestine from AMC Networks after submitting her script for coverage through our Development Notes program!

 Success Story

Congratulations to Jon O, Marc Z, Alex W, Santrise N, and Rick D for all landing meetings from a recent Stage 32 Pitch Session with Jordan Garrett, Head of Development at Buffalo 8!

Mark Laing Success Story

David Harris requested my Action Adventure Feature Film screenplay The Lamp after a Stage 32 Skype pitching session. After that, we had a phone meeting where David asked about my other scripts and we brainstormed for a LONG time. David's a great guy, generous with his time, full of amazing industry insights for writers and is one of those great producers with an encyclopedic knowledge of films. Bravo to Stage 32 for a superb platform where writers can meet industry pros! - Mark Laing

Fasika Addis Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Fasika Addis on landing a meeting with Ryan Levee with Agency for the Performing Arts after Ryan reviewed the opening of his script through our First 10 Pages program!

Michael Lederer Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Michael Lederer on landing a meeting with Agustine Calderon from RatPac Entertainment after submitting his script for coverage through our Development Notes program!

Darryl Anka Success Story

Congratulations to Darryl Anka on landing a meeting with Devon Byers at Ideate Media after his script, "Nautilus" was requested through one of our pitch sessions!

Duane Piedmont Success Story

Screenwriter Duane Piedmont from Studio City, California was a finalist in our 2nd Annual TV Contest for his TV spec "Savages" and today we're proud to announce that he has officially signed with Kaplan-Stahler Agency and Heroes And Villains Entertainment.

 Success Story

Congratulations to Jeremy Dorfman on landing a meeting with Joshua Cohen from Big Beach after pitching his script When a Boy Becomes a Man through one of our online pitch sessions!

Steve Feld Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Steve Feld on landing a meeting with Casey Bond from Higher Purpose Entertainment after pitching his script, Always Picked Last through one of our online pitch sessions!

 Success Story

Congratulations to David Captria on landing a meeting with Justin Schwartz from FX Networks after getting his script read through our First 10 Pages Program!

Jimmy Cuty Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 Jimmy Cuty on landing a meeting with Justin Schwartz from FX Networks after getting his script read through our First 10 Pages program!

Lionel Lober Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Lionel Lober on landing a meeting with Nick Watson from Artillery Creative after pitching his script The Big Bang during one of our online pitch sessions!

Sam Kite Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Sam Kite on landing a meeting with Sarah Batista-Pereira from Epicenter after pitching his script, Party Lines through one of our online pitch sessions!

Sid Patwa Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Sid Grey on landing a meeting with Jairo Alvarado after submitting his script Faking the Funk for a 30-minute consultation!

A.W. "Tony" Scott Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member A.W. Scott on landing a meeting with Sarah Cornelius from Whitewater Films after pitching his script, At Last through one of our online pitch sessions!

Amanda Keener Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Amanda Keener on landing a meeting with Rachel Crouch from Cold Iron Pictures after pitching her script, Fireflies through our online pitch sessions!

 Success Story

Congratulations to Tony Moore on landing a meeting with Darren Kwan from Red Apollo Group after pitching his script Uncanny Valley through one of our online pitch sessions!

Kris Lippert Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Kris Lippert on landing a meeting with Darren Kwan from Red Apollo Group after pitching his script The Sculptor through our online pitch sessions!

Ryan Chong Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Ryan Chong on landing a meeting with Darren Kwan from Red Apollo Group after pitching his script The BLVD through one of our pitch sessions!

Jim McQuaid Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Jim McQuaid on landing a meeting with Darren Kwan from Red Apollo Group after pitching his script Nixie through one of our pitch sessions!

Heather Faris Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Heather Farris on landing a meeting with Sarah Cornelius from Whitewater Films after submitting her script, Ripple for feedback through our First 10 Pages program!

Shruti Saran Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Shruti Saran on landing a meeting with Justin Schwartz from FX Networks after pitching her script, Before Mars!

 Success Story

Congratulations to Cassia Jones on landing a meeting with Justin Schwartz with FX Networks after pitching her script, Beverly Hills School Nurse!

Chris Crowley Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Chris Crowley on landing a meeting with Katie Politanoff from A Really Good Home Pictures after pitching his script, Mother Up!

Micah Delhauer Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Micah Delhauer on landing a meeting with Manager Daniel Kendrick from Chatrone after pitching his script, Strange Aeons!

Ross Raffin Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Ross Raffin on landing a meeting with Dan Ingram from De Laurentiis Company (NBC's Hannibal) after pitching his script, Syringes.

Jeff Affrunti Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Jeff Affrunti on landing a meeting with Robert Beaucage from Array Entertainment after pitching his script, Survival of the Fittest.

Ann Kimbrough Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Ann Kimbrough on landing a meeting with Robert Beaucage from Array Entertainment after pitching her script, Lesser of Two Evils.

Lauren Hoekstra Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Lauren Hoekstra on landing a meeting with Robert Beaucage from Array Entertainment after pitching her script, Rosy Hue of the Dying Day.

CJ Wells Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member CJ Wells who landed a meeting with producer/manager Jennielyn Abrot (LOVELACE) after pitching her script, Hookman through one of our pitch sessions!

Mark V. Bedard Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Mark V. Bedard on landing a meeting with Morgan Long from The Gersh Agency after pitching his script, NIGHTHAWKS!

Renee Bernard Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Renee Bernard who lands a meeting with Morgan Long from The Gersh Agency after pitching her script, THE IMBALANCE.

M. Cristina Beato Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member M. Cristina Beato on landing a meeting with producer David Harris after pitching his script In the Voodoo Parlour of Marie Laveau through one of our online pitch sessions!

Sam Tahhan Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Sam Tahhan on landing a meeting with producer David Harris after pitching his script Object of My Abduction through one of our online pitch sessions!

Dominic J. DeJoseph Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Dominic DeJoseph on landing a meeting with producer David Harris after pitching his script No Direction Home through one of our online pitch sessions!

Sid Patwa Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Sid Grey on landing a meeting with Producer Dylan Mulick after pitching his screenplay, Faking the Funk through one of our online pitch sessions!

Michael Atkinson Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Michael Atkinson on landing a meeting with Ryan Levee from Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) after pitching his script, Blood Rose through our online pitch sessions!

Sherryle Kiser Jackson Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Sherryle Jackson who landed a meeting with Catherine Keithley from Brian Graden Media after pitching her project, Learning Landscapes through one of our online pitches sessions!

Jeremy Enis Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Jeremy Enis who landed a meeting with Catherine Keithley from Brian Graden Media after pitching his project, Wild Hog through one of our online pitches sessions!

Devin Comiskey Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Devin Comiskey who landed a meeting with Sasha Nonas-Barnes from Ineffable Pictures after pitching his script, Petz Ahoy through one of our online pitches sessions!

Eric Rudnick Success Story

Congratulations to Eric Rudnick on landing a meeting with Mark Finley from Metric Talent & Management after his script, Incoming was requested during one of our pitch sessions!

Ilyse Mimoun Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Ilyse Mimoun who landed a meeting with producer/financier Todd Remis (Tracktown, Always Shine) after his script was requested during one of our pitch sessions!

Brian Ellis Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Brian Ellis who landed a meeting with producer/financier Todd Remis (Tracktown, Always Shine) after his script was requested during one of our pitch sessions!

 Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 members who scored a meeting with Sasha Nonas-Barnes, a Coordinator with Ineffable Pictures (The Late Bloomer, The Road Within) after pitching their material through one of our pitch sessions! Congrats to Chas Fisher, Carolyn McCray, Devin Comiskey, James Hoey, Sharon Turner, and Sid Grey.

George Spicer Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member George Spicer on landing a meeting with producer Tiegen Kosiak after she requested to read his script, Birthday Magic during one of our pitch sessions!

Jesse Harris Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Jesse Harris on landing a meeting with producer Tiegen Kosiak after she requested to read his screenplay, Borrego during one of our pitch sessions!

Myles Warden Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 writing team Myles Warden and Capri Samson on landing a general meeting with producer Regina Lee (The Good Shepherd, American Wedding, Curious George, Seabiscuit) after pitching her through one of our online pitch sessions!

Paul R Puri Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Paul Puri on connecting with manager Daniel Vang from Good Fear Film + Management to discuss his script, Master Minds after pitching it through one of our pitch sessions!

Greg Derochie Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Greg Derochie who landed a meeting with producer Sev Ohanian to discuss his script The Masquerade after pitching it through one of our pitch sessions!

Matt Coleman Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Matt Coleman on landing a general with producer Sev Ohanian to discuss his script, Deterrent after pitching it through one of our pitch sessions!

Michael Mohoric Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Michael Mohoric who landed a general meeting with producer Derek Gordon to discuss his reality show, Animal Healer after pitching it through one of our pitch sessions!

Shiv Sudhakar Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Shiv Sudhakar on landing a general with producer Derek Gordon to discuss her reality show, Admissions after pitching it through one of our pitch sessions!

Justin Calen-Chenn Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Justin Calen-Chenn who's script Metal & Dust was passed on to the development team at Bigscope Films after pitching to their Head of Development, Laurie Cook!

Alicia Lomas-Gross Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Alicia Lomas-Gross who landed a general meeting with Sam Shaw from Principato-Young Entertainment after pitching her script during one of our pitch sessions!

Joseph Downey Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Joseph Downey who signed with Tiffany Boyle from Ramo Law PC after pitching his script! Tiffany has since helped Joseph attach a major three-letter agency and an A-list actress to produce his film! Check out our blog post detailing his success here!

Heath Woodlief Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Heath Woodlief and his writing partner Spencer Willis on signing a shopping agreement with Agustine Calderon from RatPac Entertainment after pitching their script, Sebastian of the Apocalypse!

Mary Albanese Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Mary Albanese on landing a meeting with producer Trevor Seeley after her script, Hush House was requested through one of our pitch sessions!

Debra Kirschner Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Debra Kirschner on landing a meeting with manager Mark Finley from Metric Talent & Literary Management after her script, Mallwalkers was requested through one of our pitch sessions!

Paul Cunningham Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Paul Cunningham who lands a meeting with manager Christopher Petryk from Metric Talent & Literary Management after his scripts Pervingtons, The Hometown Question, and Renegade Cabbies were requested through one of our pitch sessions!

Chris Crowley Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Chris Crowley who lands a meeting with producer David Harris after his script MOTHER UP was requested through one of our pitch sessions!

Travis Opgenorth Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Travis Opgenorth who lands a meeting with producer David Harris after his script RANGER CREED was requested through one of our pitch sessions.

Jeff York Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Jeff York on landing a meeting with producer David Harris after his script, INCURABLE was requested through one of our pitch sessions!

Brett Goldman Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Brett Goldman on landing a meeting with Tiffany Boyle and her colleague for his script, Guest!!

Eli Samuel Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Eli Samuel who lands a general meeting with producer Kate Sharp (Behind the Mask, Madame Bovary) after she requested his material through one of our pitch sessions!

 Success Story

Congratulations to James Lewis who landed a meeting with a producer after his script, Brooklyn Daley was requested during one of our pitch sessions!

 Success Story

Congratulations to Christie Dawson who landed a meeting with a producer after he script, Life with Kate was requested during one of our pitch sessions!

Ericka Nicole Malone Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Ericka Malone who landed a meeting with a producer after her script, The Classics was requested during one of our pitch sessions!

Britt Wynn Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Britt Wynn who landed a meeting with a producer after his script, Just Shoot Me was requested through one of our pitch sessions!

Jeanette Villafane Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Jeanette Villafane who landed a meeting with a producer after her script, Sidewalk Prophets was requested through one of our sessions!

Cybil Lake Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Cybil Lake who landed a meeting with a producer after her script, Central Park Dark was requested through one of our sessions!

 Success Story

Congratulations to Mark Stouffer who landed a meeting with manager Matt Kniaz from Industry Entertainment after his script Collision was requested through one of our pitch sessions!

Kathi Carey Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Kathi Carey who landed a meeting with ICM after her script, Because I'm Here With You was requested through one of our pitch sessions!

Dane McCauley Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Dane McCauley who landed a general meeting with ICM after his script, Keys to the Kingdom was requested through one of our pitch sessions!

 Success Story

In our most successful pitch session yet, congratulations to the following writers who landed meetings with Tiffany Boyle from Ramo Law PC:Sid Grey (Kind of Like A Dope), Karin Partin Wells (The Last Holiday), Gabe Tullier, Chris Crowley, Carmealette Smith (When King Came Back), Nadia Huckeba (Path of Will), Marni Sullivan (Syvertsen's Complex), Bill Johnston (Requited), J. M. Hall (Birdie), Doug Dilg (The Exhale), James Lewis (Brooklyn Daley), Justin Calen-Chenn (Lone Pine), Kate Jay (Freedom Summer), Kathleen Knox (Ellsworth), Michele Cannon (Poochie and Lil Bit), Sharon Ekstrom (Commerce) and Zlatan Mustafica (Just Breathe).Congratulations to them all!

Craig Berger Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Craig Berger who lands a meeting with Erin Smithey at Tom Welling Productions after he submitted his script, Diana's Coven to her via our First 10 Pages program!

 Success Story

Congratulations to Scott Mulligan who lands a meeting with Drew Smith from Unique Features after his script was requested during one of our pitch sessions!

 Success Story

Congratulations to Dan Southard on landing a meeting with Michael Poisson from Silent Machine Entertainment after his script Butterfly was requested!

Yolanda Powell Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Yolanda Powell on landing a meeting with Michael Poisson from Silent Machine Entertainment after he requested her script Good Grief through one of our pitch sessions!

Christina Berlin Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Christina Berlin for landing a meeting with producer Kate Sharp during her pitch session!

Mike McLaughlin Success Story

Stage 32 Member Mike McLaughlin scores a meeting with Devon Byers from Ideate Media after pitching his script, Malice!

Aaron Wroblewski Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Aaron Wroblewski on landing a meeting with Devon Byers from Ideate Media after pitching his script, Enera.

Ross Mihalko Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Ross Mihalko on his meeting with Dan Ingram at The De Laurentiis Company after Dan requested and read his script, Graves.

Heather Faris Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Heather Faris on her meeting with Jarrod Murray from Epicenter after he requested and read her script, Ripple.

Julie Livingston Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Julie Livingston on scoring a meeting with Sam Schulte from Abrams Artists Agency after he requested and read her script, Self Help!

Keith Betts Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Keith Betts on his meeting with Erin Smithey from Tom Welling Productions after pitching his script, Polar Bare!

Michael Morra Success Story

Congratulations to Stage 32 member Michael Morra on scoring a general meeting with Dan Ingram from The De Laurentiis Company as a result of our pitch sessions!  

Sharon Cooper Success Story

Congratulations to Sharon Cooper for landing a general meeting with Nikki Levy from DreamWorks TV after one of our pitch sessions!

 Success Story

Congratulations to Joel Fishman who landed a meeting with Elissa Dauria, a Creative Executive from Maximum Films & Management NY after one of our pitch sessions!

Julie Livingston Success Story

Congratulations to Julie Livingston on scoring a general meeting with an executive from Project 10 Productions after her script was requested during one of our pitch sessions!

Mark Stouffer Success Story

Congratulations to Mark Stouffer (Los Angeles) who lands meeting with John Doherty from Cross Creek Pictures!

Nicholas Johnson Success Story

Congratulations to Nicholas Johnson (Los Angeles) who scores general meeting with executive Daniel Kendrick from Chatrone. 

Eleanor Morrison Success Story

Congrats to Eleanor Morrison (Los Angeles) who lands general meeting with manager Daniel Vang from BenderSpink. 

Shannon Forth Davies Success Story

Congrats to Shannon Forth Davies (Oklahoma) who secures writing assignment for producer Luke Edwards!

Kristen Demaline Success Story

Great job to Kristen Demaline (New York City) who gets general meeting with agent Sean Berard from APA!

Effie-Michelle Metallidis Success Story

Great job to Effie-Michelle Metallidis (Los Angeles) who gets general meeting with executive Ghislaine Devoy from Pico Creek Pictures! 

Kris Lippert Success Story

Congratulations to Kris Lippert (Australia) who scores general meeting with producer Alan Pao!

Becky Fink Success Story

Congrats to Becky Fink (Philadelphia) who scores general meeting with Agustine Calderon from RatPac Entertainment after he reviews her script from our Coverage Progam!

Barbara Albers Jackson Success Story

Congrats to Barbara Jackson, Paul Baiguerra, Talece Brown, Victor Maxson, Pidge Jobst, Jeff Warrick, Jack Matosian, William Viglione, Terrance Thibodeaux, Laura Cross, Jim Eckmann, George Spicer, Brandon Rosin, Andrew Riley and Dianna Cobbold who all scored general meetings with Tiffany Boyle from Ramo Law PC!

Jessie Bernard Success Story

Congratulations to Jae Bernard (Los Angeles) who's TV pilot gets picked up by WeTV after pitching it in an online pitch session! 

Nicholas Johnson Success Story

Congratulations to Nicholas Johnson (Los Angeles) who lands general meeting with Creative Executive Farrell Ingle from Zucker Productions!

Mark Stouffer Success Story

Congratulations to Mark Stouffer (Los Angeles) who gets general meeting with Creative Executive Patrick Raymond from Mandalay Pictures!

Jonathan Katz Success Story

Congratulations to Jonathan Katz (Virginia) who lands general meeting with production company Intrigue after pitching to the Creative Executive Joe Wiggins!

Trish MacEnulty Success Story

Congratulations to Trish MacEnulty (Charlotte, North Carolina) who just attached producer Gavin Dorman (former Creative Executive of Vertigo Entertainment) to her TV pilot! 

Ross Raffin Success Story

Congratulations to Ross Raffin (Los Angeles) who signs with manager Mark Finley from Metric Talent & Literary Management! 

 Success Story

Congratulations to Benji Smith (Los Angeles) who signs with manager Conrad Sun from Meridian Artists! 

Scott Robert Waldvogel Success Story

Congratulations to Scott Robert Waldvogel and Matt DeMartini who signs with agent Adam Perry from APA!

Rebecca Benzell Success Story

Great job! Rebecca Benzell (New York) gets general meeting with exec from Lionsgate after Rebecca participated in our Secret Roster Coverage Program. 

Marc Warzecha Success Story

Congratulations to Marc Warzecha (Los Angeles)! Production company Intrigue just brought Marc on board to adapt a project for their company.

Brittni Brown Success Story

Congratulations to our Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Film Winners Brittni Brown and Jenna Palermo (Los Angeles) who just signed with Seth Nagel from Infinity Management International! After they won, we set them up on meetings with SONY, Lionsgate, Universal, Ineffable Pictures and Warner Bros. 

Brendan Gore Success Story

Brendan Gore (Australia) lands general meeting with agent Nish Panchal from the Curtis Brown Group (UK) after a pitch session! 

Eli Samuel Success Story

Congrats to Eli Samuel (New York) who lands meeting with an agent from ICM after a recent pitch session!

Michael Ryan Assip Success Story

Michael Ryan Assip (New York) and Peter Lancucki (New Zealand) ordered coverage from manager Mary Cybriwsky at Truth Magician Management. Mary was so impressed with their voice that she asked to develop the script with them and, after a couple of polishes, Mary is now shopping the script around!

Mark Stouffer Success Story

Mark Stouffer (Los Angeles) lands general meeting with manager Seth Nagel from Infinity Management International after Seth read Mark's script from a general meeting. 

Keith Betts Success Story

Congrats to Keith Betts (Florida) who gets meeting with producer Kate Sharp after she requested and read his script from a pitch session. 

Dylan Phillips Success Story

Congratulations to Dylan Phillips (Toronto) and Tony Moore  (New York) who scored general meeting with Joe Wiggins from production company Intrigue. 

Ward Parry Success Story

Congrats to Ward Parry (Boston) who lands general meeting with Dan Ingram from the Dino De Laurentiis Company!

Benjello Jacob Success Story

Congrats to Benjello Jacob, Michael Shapiro, Mark Stouffer and Julie Livingston for getting a general meeting with Dorian Connelley from Apex Entertainment! 

Matt DeMartini Success Story

Congratulations to Matt DeMartini and Scott Waldvogel (Los Angeles) who signed with Gotham Group!

Natalie Hanson Success Story

Congratulations to Natalie Hanson (Seattle, Washington) who had her script requested from Zero Gravity Management and Anonymous Content from our October Coverage Recipient Logline Blast (the 3 top graded scripts from our Coverage Program for the month of October and their loglines sent to our roster of executives).  

Marni Sullivan Success Story

Marni Sullivan (Los Angeles) lands writing assignment with Apex Entertainment (Secretariat, Invincible, Million Dollar Arm). 

Leah Waller Success Story

Congratulations to Leah Waller (Tennessee) who signs shopping agreement with producers Damon Lane and Mary Jane Skalski (Win Win, The Station Agent) for her TV pilot. 

Justin Dmitruk Success Story

Congratulations to the Top 3 Graded Coverage Recipients for the month of October (Justin Dmitruk, Barbara Albers Jackson and Andy Froemke). As always, we send out the top 3 scripts' loglines to 30 hand selected, high profile companies. As a result of this logline blast, these writers garnered script requests from Unique Features, ShowKat Productions, RatPac Entertainment and Zucker Productions.

Heather Ostrove Success Story

Congratulations again to Heather Ostrove (Los Angeles). An agent from ICM discovered her in a pitch session, sent her script to The Montecito Picture Company and they requested a general meeting with her immediately after reading her script! 

Eli Samuel Success Story

Congratulations to Eli Samuel (New York) who lands meeting with UK agent Nish Panchal from Curtis Brown Group after discovering this writer in a pitch session. 

Emma J Steele Success Story

Congratulations to Emma J. Steele who recently came to Los Angeles and had meetings with Escape Artists, Gotham Group, Meridian Artists, FreshMaker Media, Marilyn Atlas Management, Circle of Confusion and BenderSpink. These execs all wanted to meet with her after we personally pitched her and her stories and read her beautifully written TV pilots. 

John F. Covarrubias Success Story

Congratulations to John F. Covarrubias (Los Angeles)Earlier this year he utilized our coverage program to perfect his 1 hour TV pilot. He later submitted his 1 hour TV pilot to the WB Fellowship Program and won!

 Success Story

Last year, Laura Brienza (New York) met her future manager through our pitch sessions and signed with Allison Doyle from Project D Media. Through Allison's guidance, Laura perfected her pilot and just won the Lifetime Writers Project Fellowship!

Glenn Forbes Success Story

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Glenn Forbes (Toronto) who just got his winning script optioned to Glider Films with the help of his manager Seth Nagel from Infinity Management International. Seth signed him after Glenn won our contest. 

John F. Covarrubias Success Story

Great job John Covarrubias (Los Angeles) who got meetings with Magnet Management, Lee Stobby Entertainment and Epicenter after Joey sent his TV pilot to these managers for possible representation. 

Kristen Demaline Success Story

Congrats to Kristen Demaline (New York) for getting a general meeting with Elissa Dauria from Maximum Films and Management after reading her pilot that was requested from a pitch session. 

Frank Ponce Success Story

Congratulations to Frank Ponce who signs with a manager from 3 Arts Entertainment! Frank won our Search for New Blood Contest last year. 

Christopher Adam Hruby Success Story

Congrats to Christopher Hruby (California) who scored a general meeting with a rep from MGM after his scripts was requested from a recent pitch session!

Colin Watts Success Story

Congrats to Colin Watts who scored a general meeting with a rep from MGM after his scripts was requested from a recent pitch session!

 Success Story

Craig Walendziak (Boston) got the attention of producer David Harris through one of our pitch sessions. Earlier this year David hired Craig to co-write a thriller that wrapped production a few months ago. David just recently hired Craig to co-write another feature that just wrapped shooting!

Frank Ponce Success Story

Frank Ponce (Los Angeles) scores meetings with Justin Littman from Gotham Group and Robert Lazar from The Shuman Company. After Atlas Entertainment signed a shopping agreement with one of Frank's scripts, Joey wanted to keep the traction going and set up Frank with these meetings to help him land representation .

Frank Ponce Success Story

Congratulations to Frank Ponce (Los Angeles) who gets meeting with Justin Littman (manager at Gotham Group) after reading Frank's feature!

Erik Grossman Success Story

Erik Grossman (Los Angeles) scores general meeting with Lea Dizon from Writ Large after she requests his script from a recent pitch session and liked the writing. 

Bianca Gray Success Story

Bianca Gray (Australia) utilizes Drew Smith from Unique Pictures from our coverage program and gets a general meeting with Drew after he reads her script and connects with her fresh voice. 

Robert Attenweiler Success Story

Robert Attenweiler (New York) gets meeting with producer Jonathan Shukat of ShowKat Productions after Robert's script was requested and read by Jonathan. 

Bill Lundy Success Story

Great job to Bill Lundy (California) who submitted his script for coverage to Drew Smith of Unique Features. Drew was so impressed with the writing that Drew set up a general meeting and requested 3 scripts for possible production consideration. 

 Success Story

Congratulations to Benji Smith (Los Angeles) who scores meeting with Conrad Sun (Meridian Artists) after Conrad read his TV pilot. 

Ian Simpson Success Story

Congratulations to Ian Simpson (New York) who was signed by Industry Entertainment after they discovered him in a pitch session. 

Bob Winston Success Story

Bob Winston (Minneapolis) lands meeting with production company Intrigue after they read his TV pilot from a pitch session. 

Amanda Keener Success Story

When Nickelodeon was searching for up and coming talent, they asked Stage 32 to help them with their search. Our writers sent them samples and three writers were chosen to get a one-on-one general meeting with their creative executive to discuss projects they could collaborate on. Congratulations Amanda Keener (North Carolina), Benji Smith (Los Angeles) and Benjamin Grund (New Jersey) on your meetings! 

Nicholas Johnson Success Story

Nicholas Johnson (Los Angeles) lands meeting with the creative executive of Ineffable Pictures. The exec was so impressed with Nicholas that he passed his script to an agent at APA. 

Ian Simpson Success Story

Ian Simpson (New York) lands back to back meetings with director Scott Coffey (Adult World, Ellie Parker) and a manager from Industry Entertainment after being discovered in a recent pitch session. 

Heather Ostrove Success Story

Heather Ostrove (Los Angeles) lands meeting with producer Jeff Culotta (Bad Words) after he requested and read her script from a recent pitch session and asks to option her script. Heather also lands general meetings with ICM, Dimension Films and the Dino De Laurentiis Company. The execs from ICM and Dimension Films sent her script to Lionsgate who also requested a general meeting with her after they read (and loved) her script. Rock on Heather!

Chas Franko Fisher Success Story

Congratulations to June's Top Three Coverage Award Recipients for getting their scripts requested by Writ Large, Circle of Confusion and Lee Stobby Entertainment.

Naomi Lamont Success Story

Congratulations to Naomi Lamont (Australia) who just had her drama/thriller feature optioned by producer David Harris!

Charlie Reeves Success Story

Congratulations to Charlie Reeves (Los Angeles) who is now working with literary talent agency APA!

Craig Guerra Success Story

Congratulations to Craig Guerra (New York) who is now working with management company Plattform!

Michael J. Shapiro Success Story

Congratulations to Michael J Shapiro (Ojai, California) who just signed a producing agreement with producer Marilyn Atlas! Marilyn discovered him during a pitch session and fell in love with his story. Great job!

Sean Plemmons Success Story

Congratulations to Sean Plemmons and Jeff Hassen (Tennessee) who got their script optioned by producer Kristian Brodie. Kristian is the head of development at Agile Films. Great job guys!

Robin Schmidt Success Story

Congratulations to Robin Scmidt (London) who just signed with manager Brian McCurley. Brian discovered Robin through these pitch sessions. Also through these sessions, Robin has received meetings with ICM, Occupant Entertainment and Bigscope Entertainment to name a few. We are thrilled for this extremely hard woking, professional and talented writer/director.

Frank Ponce Success Story

Congratulations to Frank Ponce (Los Angeles) for signing a shopping agreement with Atlas Entertainment (AMERICAN HUSTLE). After Frank was named our second place winner for our Search for New Blood Contest, Joey set up a meeting between Frank and an executive at Atlas Entertainment. Frank pitched another script he had and after some development, Frank signed a shopping agreement with Atlas! 

Caytha Jentis Success Story

Director, writer and producer Caytha Jentis (New York) used the Stage 32 Happy Writers Coverage Program to have a one-on-one consultation with Matthew Kniaz who at the time worked at CAA. Together they went through her career thus far and discussed one of her target scripts. After that consultation Matthew worked with Caytha on her script and when he moved over to powerhouse management company Industry Entertainment as a manager, Matthew signed Caytha as a client.

Jennifer Taylor-Whitehorn Success Story

Congratulations to Jennifer Taylor-Whitehorn (Colorado). Jennifer submitted her script for an hour consultation with executive Nikki Levy. Nikki saw much potential with the project and reqeusted for Jennifer to send a revised script directly to her. After reading the second draft, Nikki is now producing her animation project, DERBY! 

Frank D'Angeli (aka Douglas Wentworth) Success Story

Congratulations to Frank D'Angeli (Boston) for getting his book picked up by Vast Entertainment!

 Success Story

Congratulations to Craig Walendziak (Massachusetts) for landing a writing assignment to co-write A DYING ART with Matthew McCarty for producer David Harris (UnLTD Productions). David Moscow (BIG) will make his directorial debut. The Hollywood Reporter reports that they are eying a February start for shoot date in Louisiana. Craig has also been hired for two other writing assignments through David. 

Kieron Holland Success Story

Kieron Holland (Australia)'s scripts, PERCIVAL GREY and ASTERION, are now being shopped in the UK market by the Curtis Brown Group (London) after Kieron was discovered in a pitch session. 

 Success Story

Congratulations to Craig Walendziak (Massachusetts) for getting signed to Kailey Marsh Management! Craig's script stood out in our "Search for New Blood" Contest and caught the eye of Kailey Marsh, which led to her signing him. 

Tiffany Michelle Success Story

Congratulations to January's Top Three Coverage Award Recipients for getting their scripts requested by Lee Stobby Entertainment, BenderSpink and Lantica!

Benjello Jacob Success Story

Congratulations to Benjello Jacob (California) for getting his script, NOMADS, shopped around by agent, Adam Parry, at APA who recently had two scripts on The Black List! APA discovered Benjello in one of our pitch sessions. 

Juliet Bergh Success Story

Juliet Bergh (New Zealand) signs with manager Mary Cybriwsky from Scooty Woop Entertainment. Mary discovered Juliet through our Exclusive Coverage Program. 

Ken Krauss Success Story

Ken Krauss (New York), THE UGLIEST MAN IN PICTURES, signs with manager John Ferraro (Valleywood Entertainment)! Knowing what John is looking for and knowing Ken's portfolio, Joey was able to pass along one of Ken's script which led to John signing him. 

Pamela Kay Success Story

Congratulations to our December "Coverage Recognition" Top 3. The writers who received the highest marks on their coverages done through us had their loglines sent to over 30 high profile companies and have garnered script requests from BenderSpink, Lee Stobby Entertainment and Intellectual Property Group. 

Benjello Jacob Success Story

Congratulations to Benjello Jacob (Los Angeles) who is now working with APA! Benjello was discovered through our pitch sessions!

Glenn Forbes Success Story

Glenn Forbes (Canada), our Search for New Blood Contest Winner, signs with Seth Nagel from Infinity Management International! 

Robert Attenweiler Success Story

Robert Attenweiler (New York City) signs with John Ferraro from Valleywood Entertainment. 

Robert Attenweiler Success Story

Congratulations to our September "Coverage Recognition" Top 3. The writers who received the highest marks on their coverages done through us had their loglines sent to over 30 high profile companies and have garnered script requests from Serena Films, Benderspink and Scooty Woop Entertainment to name a few!

Kevin T. Morales Success Story

Kevin Morales (New York) now has producers Damon Lane and Mary Jane Skalski (WIN WIN, THE VISITOR) attached to his TV pilot!

Leah Waller Success Story

Leah Waller (California) asked to develop project with manager Damon Lane (Zero Gravity)! They met in a pitch session and after Damon read a few of Leah's scripts, he found one to develop together for possible production and representation! 

Marlene Rhein Success Story

Congratulations to our August "Coverage Recognition" Top 3. The writers who received the highest marks on their coverages done through us had their loglines sent to over 30 high profile companies and have garnered script requests from Benderspink, Meridian Artists and Rumble Media to name a few!

 Success Story

Congratulations to our July "Coverage Recognition" Top 3. The writers who received the highest marks on their coverages done through us had their loglines  sent to over 30 high profile companies and have garnered script requests from Level 1 Entertainment, Resolution, Producer Stephanie Marin and Indomina Group to name a few!

 Success Story

Craig Mack (Boston) signs shopping agreement with producer David Harris after they met in a pitch session. David has been an executive for years at places like Paramount and has recently set up another project at Nu Image. 

Benjello Jacob Success Story

Benjello Jacob (California) asked to develop project with Daniel Vang, manager from Benderspink (WE'RE THE MILLERS).

Barry Shurchin Success Story

Barry Shurchin (Venice, CA) gets meeting with Indomina Group after they read and loved his script from a pitch session. 

Robert Attenweiler Success Story

Robert Attenweiler (New York) gets meetings with managers Jennifer Au (Caliber Media) and Pete Letz (Cousin Pete Productions and Management) after they read his script from a pitch session.  

Mark Simborg Success Story

Mark Simborg (San Francisco, CA) gets meeting with Marc Platt Productions (WANTED, LEGALLY BLONDE) after the creative executive read Mark's script from a pitch session. 

Erica Bardin Success Story

Panay Films (WEDDING CRASHERS) picks up writers Erica Bardin and Susan Graham (Los Angeles) to write one of the company's next project after the executive read their work from a  pitch session! 

Mike McLaughlin Success Story

Mike McLaughlin (Los Angeles) pitched to manager Grace Ledding. She gave his script to her Oscar Nominated director client and now Mike and the director are working on the script together. Way to go! 

Tara Knight Success Story

Tara Knight (Florida) gets repped by manager Kailey Marsh

 Success Story

Michael Madden (Los Angeles and New York) signs with Benderspink and ICM and is now a staff writer on ABC's new series Black Box, which premieres April 24. Congratulations Michael!

 Success Story

Ward Parry gets director Anand Tucker (LEAP YEAR, SHOP GIRL) attached to his character driven drama!

Alan Sproles Success Story

Alan Sproles and Lizanna Southgate (California) get meetings with Brainstorm Media, Code Entertainment and manager Allison Doyle after they read these writers' powerfully written drama!

Sherrie Sanet Success Story

Sherrie Sanet (Seattle, Washington) attaches iconic producer Howard Rosenman (FATHER OF THE BRIDE, FAMILY MAN) to her hilarious comedy! Awesome job!

Anya Camilleri Success Story

Anya Camilleri (Rome, Italy) gets meeting with Yari Film Group (CRASH) and Route One Films about her flawlessly written script.

 Success Story

Christine Koehler (Green Bay, Wisconsin) gets meeting with Jarrod Murray from Epicenter (management).

Dianna Zimmerman Success Story

Dianna Zimmerman and Brad Jost (Ann Arbor, Michigan) get casting director Valorie Massalas (OBSESSED, THE CLIENT LIST) attached to their thriller.

A.W. "Tony" Scott Success Story

A.W. Scott (Los Angeles) gets meeting with Ineffable Pictures after a pitch session! 

 Success Story

Ryan Lee and Erik Howard's (Los Angeles, CA) comedy goes into development at RatPac Entertainment (HORRIBLE BOSSES, TOWER HEIST).

Doug Krintzman Success Story

Doug Krintzman's (Los Angeles, CA) action script gets picked up by Jon Kanak (CE of Tapestry Films)!

Michael Aronson Success Story

Michael Aronson (Los Angeles, CA) lands meetings with Bold Films (DRIVE, LEGION) and Lawrence Bender Productions (PULP FICTION) after showing his powerful dramatic reel in our pitch sessions.

Mike Doyle Success Story

Mike Doyle (Los Angeles, CA) gets signed to manager Kailey Marsh at Kailey Marsh Management.

Michael A. Wright Success Story

Michael A. Wright (Toronto, Canada) gets writing assignment from producer Michael Wormser (SMILEY).

Henry Fosdike Success Story

Henry Fosdike's (London, UK) chilling horror script goes into development at Level 1 Entertainment (RENDITION, GRANDMA'S BOY).

 Success Story

Jack Moxey (Australia) gets signed to Scooty Woop Entertainment! Great job Jack!

Melissa E Success Story

Melissa Emery's (Los Angeles, CA) hilarious comedy script goes into development at Panay Film (HIT AND RUN).

Betty Sullivan Success Story

Betty Sullivan (Maryland) gets producers Sophia Dilley and Jessica Kardos attached to her powerful drama.

 Success Story

Ward Parry (Boston) gets signed to Jennifer Au at Caliber Media. He also attaches producers Jim Young and Tatiana Kelly (LOVELACE, THE WORDS) to his script. Way to go!

Jon Vandergriff Success Story

Jon Vandergriff (Pasadena, LA) signs with manager Allison Doyle and then gets signed with powerhouse agency Gersh.

 Success Story

Laura Brienza (New York City) gets signed with manager Allison Doyle in only 2 months after doing her first pitch with us!

Michael A. Wright Success Story

Michael A. Wright (Toronto, Canada) signs with manager Lee Stobby at Caliber Media.

 Success Story

Lyse Beck's (Wellington, New Zealand) script goes into development with Night and Day Pictures (WAITRESS).

 Success Story

Guy McDouall (Wellington, New Zealand) gets signed by Lee Stobby of Silent R Management.

 Success Story

Mark Casadei and Anna Casadei's (Rome, NY) script goes into development with Tapestry Films (WEDDING CRASHERS).

 Success Story

Russ Troutt's (Texas) script optioned by producer Michael Wormser (SMILEY)

Sherrie Sanet Success Story

Michael Davis, independent director, (SHOOT 'EM UP) attached to direct Sherrie Sanet's (Seattle, Washington) comedy project (UNCUT).

 Success Story

Nika Apriashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia) gets meeting with producer Michael Wormser (SMILEY) 3 days after they met in a pitch session.

 Success Story

Phil Howe (London, UK) gets signed with Code Entertainment (YOU KILL ME, KILL THE IRISHMAN).

Geraint Jones Success Story

Geraint Jones (Hollywood, CA) gets signed with manager Daniel Vang from Benderspink (WE'RE THE MILLERS). His project goes into development with ImageMovers, Robert Zemeckis's company (FLIGHT, CAST AWAY)! Awesome job!

Missy Cohen-Fyffe Testimonial

Missy Cohen-Fyffe

I had a wonderful script review and a lengthy consult with Director/Writer/Producer Julia Verdin. I can’t thank Stage 32 enough for connecting us. Not only did Julia take time out of her incredibly busy schedule to read my action rom-com (she just released her latest film, MAYA, and has several films in pre-production and post), but she also took the time to give me thoughtful, tight, and actionable notes to elevate my script. Julia's knowledge of the craft enables her to pinpoint areas of improvement with ease. I found her notes invaluable. If you have the opportunity to connect with Julia, please do. You won't be disappointed.
Bob C. Testimonial

Bob C.

When Emily J. of Stage 32 recommended Olivia M. Verve Entertainment, to consult with on my rom-com screenplay, she said, "She's terrific (my personal opinion)." Olivia's feedback was invaluable and she "loved" my story and characters, made a GREAT suggestion in casting, and recommended three industry people who would very likely be interested in this project, I couldn't agree more with Emily J! Olivia M. is a godsend to Stage 32 writers! I'm hard at work making the adjustments Olivia M. made! Thanks to both her and Stage 32!
Abdur Mohammed Testimonial

Abdur Mohammed

I bought a pitch with Andre Champagne, from Passcode Entertainment, and I have to say - this was the BEST feedback I could hope for, save an actual request - sci-fi was not their thing.__I was two marks short of a perfect 5.0 score all round. Andre's feedback was positive, hopeful, and encouraging - not the condescending, hateful, and "go die somewhere" I've previously received, save two. Andre made me realize just how far Stage32 has helped me come, and I highly recommend booking a pitch and more with Passcode.
Tim M. Testimonial

Tim M.

Had a great consult with Zac V on a few different projects of mine. His insight and enthusiasm crosses genres and themes of storytelling. Highly recommend this guy no matter what story you are trying to tell
Julie Georgina Shackman Testimonial

Julie Georgina Shackman

I've just signed a shopping agreement with the amazing Sara Elizabeth Timmins from Life Out Loud Films for my festive feel-good romance IP, after having pitched to her through Stage 32! Don't give up and keep going!
Donna Tiberio Testimonial

Donna Tiberio

I want to thank the person that read my screenplay. I had hoped that I could get honest criticism and he was truly honest. Now that I see my flaws, I hope to better myself as a writer. This coverage has helped by providing a world of information. Being self-taught I must start from the bottom. Thank You So was informative and truly an eye-opening experience. My screenplay was terrible and yes, I now see all the flaws.
Virginia Youngren Testimonial

Virginia Youngren

It was such a pleasure to consult with Julia Verdin about my recent script. I first met Julia in 2016 after the publication of her book, SUCCESS IN FILM: A GUIDE TO FUNDING, FILMING AND FINISHING INDEPENDENT FILMS. Her views are especially valuable given her wide experience that includes directing and producing as well as script writing. If you have an opportunity to consult with her, I urge you to take advantage of her wide-ranging expertise.
Tim M.  Testimonial

Tim M.

Here to sing praise for Emily J. and the crew in the Writers Room. The tireless dedication and commitment to keeping a simple scribe like me informed and connected to what’s going on in the business and how to hone the skills necessary to navigate this industry is very appreciated. This writer can’t recommend it enough.
Ariane Ackerberg  Testimonial

Ariane Ackerberg

"I had a great time teaching at Stage 32. The moderator set me up for success and the class gave me their attention and thoughtful questions afterwards. I would definitely teach again. I felt supported the entire time."
Erin Conley Testimonial

Erin Conley

"I loved hearing all the truly insightful questions from the Stage 32 audience. I hope the webinar helps writers setting out on their journey of writing a fantasy pilot!" 
Meredith Alloway Testimonial

Meredith Alloway

"Education and mentorship has always been so important to me. I think sharing experiences is the ultimate key for growing the film community and supporting each other. It was thrilling to have students tuning in from all around the world. I learned a lot from teaching the webinar and from everyone's insightful questions. Thank you to Stage32 for having me!"
Eric Zimmerman Testimonial

Eric Zimmerman

"Stage 32 is a great resource for writers looking to learn more and break into the industry. The organizers and moderators do a great job prepping for the class and keeping everything running smoothly. I am honored to be a member of the faculty, and plan to teach here as long as they’ll have me.” 
Aimee Rivera Testimonial

Aimee Rivera

"I love coming back to do this webinar for Stage 32. It has always been a rewarding and fulfilling experience for me!"
Sean Keller Testimonial

Sean Keller

"There’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing my knowledge with an inquisitive audience and encouraging them to embrace their inner artist. It was a joy fielding questions from such a broad and a diverse group of creatives."
Andrew Henderson Testimonial

Andrew Henderson

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to teach this webinar as I truly do believe it's something a lot of writers aren't super well versed in. I was genuinely impressed by the thoughtfulness and quality of questions asked by the students. Very excited at the prospect of continuing to teach this topic further in the future!"
Brian Herskowtiz  Testimonial

Brian Herskowtiz

"Stage 32 makes the process of learning your craft such a pleasure. There isn't a single dark corner that their education department hasn't illuminated. From dialogue to structure, from pitching to selling, from finance to distribution, if you have the desire to do a deep dive on any aspect of the entertainment industry, they have probably covered it, and if they haven't, wait a minute, I am sure they will. If you want to be taught by the people who are in the trenches doing the work that you want to be doing, then check out what Stage 32 has to offer. You will be impressed by the scope, the quality of the instruction, and the CV of the instructors."
Martin Guigui Testimonial

Martin Guigui

"My experience with Stage 32 has been stimulating and inspiring. It is a unique artist-centric nurturing environment, supported by the awesome Stage 32 creative team and talented collaborative individuals from the entertainment industry."
David Zannoni Testimonial

David Zannoni

"I love being an educator for Stage 32. It gives me the opportunity reach a large audience to share expertise and at the same time learn from other professionals in the industry. It is very rewarding to have this interaction with industry people from all over the world."
Matthew Helderman Testimonial

Matthew Helderman

"Stage 32 has done phenomenal job of breaking down the red-rope that has traditionally guarded the entertainment business making it difficult to access. Education and connections are powerful — Stage 32 offers both."
Tracy Barone Testimonial

Tracy Barone

"Having taught a webinar for Stage 32, I highly recommend the platform and their diverse education offerings with top-notch professionals. The students who attended my webinar had great questions, the staff is energetic, informed, extremely helpful and creative. There's warmth and caring to match the business and creative acumen - a great combination for aspiring film/tv makers as well as those who are looking to up their craft and knowledge base."
Rosi Acosta Testimonial

Rosi Acosta

"As an educator and mentor is an immense satisfaction to be able to share my experience and knowledge with emerging talents hoping I can contribute to their growth and success as well as it is fulfilling to connect with fellow filmmakers fostering a collaborative spirit that certainly helps to strengthen our industry. Thanks Stage 32 for the opportunity."
Mary Santarelli Testimonial

Mary Santarelli

"I recently worked with Shaun on a Stage 32 script evaluation/rewrite session and felt compelled to pass along my highest regards for this collaborative experience. I've worked with a number of script consultants over the years, but Shaun rose to the top of my roster. He was so well-prepared and intimately familiar with the details of my screenplay, which allowed us to hit the ground running on rewrite notes. In addition, he provided perspectives not only as a seasoned writer, but as a producer as well. The rewrite process can be overwhelming, but Shaun is so measured in his approach, and together, we achieved a tangible roadmap to shape the script into the best version of itself. He also pointed out the scenes and aspects of the story that worked well. My time spent with Shaun was an invaluable investment in my story, and I firmly believe he has helped me make it more marketable. I will most definitely seek out his consultation in the future! Thank you to Stage 32 for facilitating opportunities that allow us to grow as screenwriters and launch our projects." Mary Santarelli
Steven R Mitchell Testimonial

Steven R Mitchell

"Whit's fur ye'll no go past ye."_Means: "Whatever is meant to happen to you, will happen to you"!__Hello all,_I just wanted to pass on that I recently joined Stage 32 at the advice of a friend. I had written a dramatic screenplay some 20 years ago, put it away while working in the factual space, then with some encouragement brought it back to life with a few more drafts. I felt good about the work, but not qualified to judge it. Therefore, I selected Victoria Davis to read my first 10 pages. Her credentials as a script editor and development executive appeared to demonstrate the right sensibilities for the story. And if the beginning of the script was terrible, no point getting notes on 120 pages. ;)__I could not be more pleased! Not only did Victoria read the whole script, but she gave insightful observations, raised thoughtful questions, and gave detailed suggestions that can only improve the next draft(s). She was also kind enough to ask for a meeting to blue-sky possible resolutions to her notes, which we recently did. I now feel confident to take them on before shopping the property.__I just wanted to publicly acknowledge Victoria's work and let you know that regardless of the outcome of my script, I have had a helluva Stage 32 experience. You could do no wrong if Victoria is available.__Slainté,_Steven
Todd Slavkin Testimonial

Todd Slavkin

"Always nice to pay it forward in such a talented, creative community. Let’s do it again soon!" -Todd Slavkin, Educator + Showrunner
Stacia Crawford Testimonial

Stacia Crawford

"I really enjoy teaching seminars with Stage 32, because the platform is a great educational tool for filmmakers of all levels, the staff is so helpful, and I get to interact with the students during the Q&A segments." -Stacia Crawford, Educator
Michelle Mower Testimonial

Michelle Mower

As someone who programmed film and tv workshops for many years, I can honestly say that no one is offering the quality (or quantity) of online courses that Stage 32 offers. I’m honored to be part of their community of industry professionals who are sharing years of knowledge and experience with the next generation of storytellers. Stage 32 is an incredible educational and information platform that I wish I had when I was an up-and-coming filmmaker! 
Stacey Carr Testimonial

Stacey Carr

I enjoyed collaborating with the Stage 32 on really honing a topic that would be most relevant and compelling to the audience. The team was gracious and patient when helping me with set up logistics and moderating the event. To top it all off, participants asked great questions and they seemed to leave more encouraged and knowledgeable than before. I really enjoyed the experience and hope to share even more knowledge in the future. 
John Mattingly Testimonial

John Mattingly

I had a great experience working with Stage 32 staff. They communicated clearly about everything that was needed from me and took care of everything I needed. The coordinator was very understanding and particularly helpful in answering all of my questions, putting my mind at easy since this was my first time. The event moderator also helped the event run smoothly. I would do it again.
Paul Alvarado-Dykstra Testimonial

Paul Alvarado-Dykstra

For years I’ve had people ask me to do a webinar, which has long been on my to do list, but it wasn’t until I connected with Stage 32 that I finally did it. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been absolutely wonderful, from the education and support staff to the community at large, which made it an absolute pleasure. Thank you for welcoming me with such open arms, and facilitating the process so thoughtfully, supportively, and professionally. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Christopher Morrison Testimonial

Christopher Morrison

Stage32 continues to think ahead of the curve and by inviting speakers/educators such as myself who are working both in traditional media and the high tech storytelling spaces that are evolving says a lot about the company. As a presenter they are very thorough with you and clear about expectations for your webinar. Easy, easy, easy. Their reach speaks for itself so being a presenter for them is a no brainer for any educator who's looking to put their knowledge out there!
Nick Waters Testimonial

Nick Waters

I'm so fortunate to be an educator at Stage 32 where I teach the fundamentals of writing, filmmaking, and tips to navigate the industry. The platform and design of the courses are well organized and make it easy for me to engage with the community. The Stage 32 community of writers and filmmakers is truly unparalleled. There are so many talented people at Stage 32 and it's a pleasure to help these creative and engaging individuals bring their stories to life.
Eric Gozlan Testimonial

Eric Gozlan

Stage 32 allows established pros to share their knowledge with the next generation of filmmakers. Having the opportunity to be an educator in the Stage 32 community means I can give back and form bonds with like-minded creators from around the world.
Catherine Cole Testimonial

Catherine Cole

Hi everyone! Just finished Alexia Melocchi's two part class on Pitching. What a valuable connecting, collaborative, learning experience! Alexia is a wealth of information, insight, and wisdom. She communicates in a friendly, positive manner. Her constructive criticism is succinct and spot on! Content, Clarity, Connection! Thanks Alexia for letting us be a part of your community.
AZ Yeaman Testimonial

AZ Yeaman

"I had a great experience working as a screenwriting instructor for Stage 32. The company was always available to answer any questions and provided a supportive environment to help me grow as an instructor. The company provided an excellent platform to interact with students and offered me access to a community of screenwriters where I could share and improve my skills. I highly recommend Stage 32 as a provider of screenwriting education, and I would be happy to work with them again in the future." -AZ Yeaman, Educator 
Sami Arpa Testimonial

Sami Arpa

"I had a great time speaking at Stage32's webinar on using AI in film development. The audience was very engaged and the discussion at the end was intriguing. Stage32 does a fantastic job of bringing communities together and fostering meaningful discussions." -Sami Arpa, Educator 
Nicholas Levis Testimonial

Nicholas Levis

"I enjoy the process at Stage32 allowing me to givie back my experience to the community. GREAT questions from the attendees today. I look forward to working with the members of Stage32 very soon. Knowing that there is a new group of industry professionals entering the workforce; passionate, communicative, educated and ready to GO!!!" -Nicholas Levis, Educator 
Rachel Paulson Testimonial

Rachel Paulson

"I really love working with a company that connects creatives in such a safe and creative environment, I think connecting with Stage 32 has been an invaluable experience, and highly recommended for all creatives." -Rachel Paulson, Educator 
Maria Baltazzi Testimonial

Maria Baltazzi

"Working as a consultant and educator with Stage 32 has been fantastic and rewarding. There is a lot of talent on this platform. This community is fortunate to have a responsive support team that genuinely cares about offering classes and information that will uplift the content creators here. When I did my webinar, "Mindfully Happy for Creatives: Seven Steps to Creating Your Inner Sanctuary," the team was with me every step of the way, from: Reviewing my course outline Getting the word out Making sure I was comfortable with the webinar platform Monitoring as the webinar happened realtime Letting me know how I did. Thank you for this wonderful experience." -Maria Baltazzi, PhD, MFA, Stage 32 Executive, Producer/Director, Author, Wellbeing Teacher.
Catherine Cole Testimonial

Catherine Cole

Just finished our first of two classes with Alexia Melocchi. She's terrific! I SO appreciate her talent in honing in on key details, yet at the same time presenting the broad based questions that make you think why you're on this journey and where you seek to go! Bravo Alexia!
Tash Ann Testimonial

Tash Ann

My time teaching for Stage32 was such a joy! Everyone who helped set up my class and prepare me was so knowledgeable and kind. My class was so warm and welcoming and it was really fun to have an interactive learning experience with them each week! -Tash Ann, She has produced and directed nine short films before joining Icon Media in 2020, where she produced 45 pieces of short-form content varying from narrative to documentary to reality
Jennifer Goldson Testimonial

Jennifer Goldson

Screenwriting contests can be utilized a few ways – breaking in newer writers to the industry or re-introducing a writer who may be in a stagnant stage in their career. The latter was where I found myself last year and the reason why I entered the First Annual Female Driven Contest. I entered, never expecting to win, but looking for a jolt to my screenwriting journey and the win did just that! I had the best prize for any writer – a fabulous network of mentors including Colleen Labella (Shoot to Midnight), Kate Sharp (Bellevue Productions), Catherine Delaloye (Female Voices Rock), producer Kristen Lucas, producer Kate Sergeant Curtis, Andrew Kersey (Kersey Management), Sarah Cornelius (Whitewater Films) and Dallaslyn Lamb (RAIN Management) who I have since signed with for representation. What a stellar group these creative and engaging (and wise) women are (also including Andrew Kersey who’s female friendly and also gave great advice). I got tremendous support internally from Stage 32 which helped navigate things along… and hey, two scripts of mine are about to “go out!” #ThanksStage32!
Lee Shargel Testimonial

Lee Shargel

Peter McDonough, was true to his word. He Liked it! Gave me fours and two fives and requested the pilot script. Now I wait and see what's next. Let's hear it for STAGE 32. No place like it on earth.
Rebecca Windsor  Testimonial

Rebecca Windsor

Stage 32 is a great bridge to help creatives get the right information they need in order to excel in their career and I love being part of the Stage 32 Educator family! -Rebecca Windsor, Vice President & Head of Television Writer Workshops at Warner Bros.
Diana Dai Testimonial

Diana Dai

Shaun O'Banion is a great script consultant, he doesn’t sugarcoat things and is very thorough. Shaun is generous with his time and he has provided the extra help I needed. His feedback is very insightful. I would not hesitate to recommend Shaun to anyone who wants to have honest and inspirational feedback.
David Max Brown Testimonial

David Max Brown

Submitted my screenplay for a script read and talk with a top level exec Julia Verdin, we talked on Skype and it was immediately rewarding as I could tell that she had read the script thoroughly and gave me very useful and precise notes for improvement as well as very encouraging remarks on my writing style and the content, I am currently polishing the screenplay based on her input.. and am grateful - especially as this is a multi-protagonist tandem narrative feature film, so gets tricky :) thank you Stage 32 for this great match and thank you Julia for your time and expertise.
Matthew Wheeler Testimonial

Matthew Wheeler

Shaun hit the nail on the head for me when he pointed out that the game of pitching scripts or story ideas is to pique the interest of a commissioner/producer just enough to make them want to know a tiny bit more. They want to say no to everything and they hate reading - so if you give them loads of words then that’s a “no” straight away. Shaun went through my overly-wordy pitch deck and did what most people don’t do - he read it. Then he was thorough in his assessment - offering clear advice and tips at every key point. The subsequent video call helped to clarify things even more. If nothing else I can write a decent pitch deck now.
Margaret C. Price Testimonial

Margaret C. Price

Pitching STAR HORSE to Jim Young was an empowering moment to be in the presence of a professional who really listens, who had read every page and offered keen (also "brilliant") insights and strategies for moving the "horse towards the starting gate."_Highly recommend Jim Young._And grateful to Stage 32 for offering these sessions.
Bryan Kish Testimonial

Bryan Kish

Rachael Conrad is incredibly talented at giving detailed ideas on how to improve scripts across all aspects: story, themes, characters, and the dos and don'ts in 2022. I highly recommend anyone Looking to craft a fine-tuned next draft to talk with Rachael; you will come away super jazzed to jump back into your script and write the best possible version of it.
Carolyn Davis Testimonial

Carolyn Davis

I did it! I gained my self-confidence as a screenwriter through Stage 32’s fantastic Writers Room and the webinars from relevant industry professionals. There’s nothing that we can’t do or have on Stage 32’s platform!
Sean Francis Ellis Testimonial

Sean Francis Ellis

I recently had two separate phone consultations with development executives - Christian Taylor and Robbie Combs. Both read my feature screenplay, "The Legend of Yakatutch" (Action
Brad Carpenter Testimonial

Brad Carpenter

“Stage 32 goes so much further than any site I know in terms of connecting artists and projects...” Brad Carpenter, Emmy-winning Producer (Fosse/Verdon, Boardwalk Empire)
Alysia Reiner Testimonial

Alysia Reiner

"Stage 32 is the best online community of film and television artists I have encountered" Alysia Reiner, Actress, Orange is the New Black
Anna Elias Testimonial

Anna Elias

I just had a GREAT call with Exec Jason Piette of Disrupting Influence. He read my pilot and gave me a 30-minute call with notes. Very insightful. Very knowledgeable. Thoughtful and kind, as well. He knows thriller and crime, which I love to write, but also does social justice-related projects which most of mine are. I highly recommend him if your work fits his genre.
Mark Hammond Testimonial

Mark Hammond

Had a great conversation with Collin Lieberg, Creative Exec. with Cobalt Knight re: an urban/fantasy-horror/female hero origin story script. (I know, good luck with that.) A major takeaway was the importance of having IP (book, graphic novel, etc.) along with the script to make it more attractive to prod. co.s. Thanks to Jason for alerting me to a genuine opportunity.
Sherry Berkin Testimonial

Sherry Berkin

One month ago, I only had one solid script to submit to the 2022 Austin Film Festival. Now I have 4 scripts thanks to Scott Schulman. Within a few short weeks, Scott helped me get 3 scripts into tip top shape, Trust me, it wasn't easy because the original drafts were ROUGH. But Scott really pinpointed what worked, what didn't and what would take it to the next level. He also did it with passion, enthusiasm and speed. Now I'm so happy I have 4 solid scripts, and I cannot thank Scott enough. Scott, you are a genius! Thank you!
Lyndon Booth Testimonial

Lyndon Booth

My screenplay has been forwarded to an A-list company through the OWA and it's made me feel good inside!
JD Wallace & Jennifer Donohue Testimonial

JD Wallace & Jennifer Donohue

Money. Then more money. Sneaking to Starbucks for solace. Skipping events with friends because another pricey coverage came in and you want to get a jump on the rewrite--as if someone in the industry has a stopwatch on you. Now what? Queries. Then more queries. A bite here and there but no one to talk to, just yet. Where can I get that honest feedback from a live operator about my pitch or script? Stage 32 that's where. Setup a call with a producer who has actually produced something you heard of. Spend an hour, let them get to know you. It's not just about the script, or the pitch. It's about you. You have to sell yourself and your passion. They know. They can tell. They were where you are. Come join us for a coffee and consult. My partner and I are award-winning scriptwriters and in a little over a year gained what we needed--a manager. Someone to champion our work to the world. It's your turn, let Stage 32 help.
Nitara Osbourne Testimonial

Nitara Osbourne

I had the amazing opportunity to have a consultation meeting with Segolene Zimmern regarding my TV pilot half hour dramedy series "Chosen?" Not only was she down to earth and very thorough with her feedback, she asked my permission if she can pass along my project to a few of her contacts. She genuinely wants to see the project get produced, despite the fact that it wasn't the right fit for her particular streaming service. She sincerely wanted to help me as a writer and move the project along. Authenticity and integrity go a long way with me. Segolene definitely represents those qualities. Thank you for referring her to me, Jason Mirch! I appreciate you and the whole Stage 32 community.
Daniel Stuelpnagel Testimonial

Daniel Stuelpnagel

I was very glad to schedule a consultation recently with Kristina C. of Sunswept Entertainment, regarding one of my feature scripts, and I can definitely recommend her as an insightful consultant for those writers looking for tangible feedback from an industry pro. She provided a very thorough analysis of the character web and story elements, in fact we had a great discussion and she went into so much detail that it was abundantly clear that she had read the complete script and spent time developing thoughtful critique, I find this service very valuable and worth the investment. We talked about the story itself and also ways in which it could be brought through a rewrite to be perhaps more coherent and marketable, inevitably her feedback led me to more thinking and the realization that the script is somewhat uneven in tone, it's funny how when you follow some notes they lead you to deeper revelations that might not yet have surfaced. So I'm well into a rewrite and thankful for the catalyst of having such an enthusiastic and fast-paced discussion with a highly-intelligent professional through the Script Services available here on Stage 32!
Marcia Rothschild Testimonial

Marcia Rothschild

Just want to say WOW! I'm only in day 1 of Kate Sargeant's mock writers room, and I am psyched, nervous, and already learning loads. HIGHLY recommend for others wanting to be staffed or just learn more to sign up for the next class.
Stephen Metelsky Testimonial

Stephen Metelsky

A few weeks ago I registered via Stage 32 to do an 8-minute pitch with producer Tessa Shaffer, as it pertained to promoting my book as a true crime docuseries. Since my pitch, I received a scorecard and favorable feedback from Tessa - including a follow-up request for additional information about my book. I aimed my pitch to be within the timeframe of 5-6 minutes, to allow some time at the end for questions, answers and feedback with Tessa - which was very valuable. Overall, an awesome experience. I highly recommend signing up for a session to promote and pitch any written projects you have on the go!
Martin Reese Testimonial

Martin Reese

Total transparency. I am an advocate of Stage 32 Script Services. I have used them and they have helped me improve my writing and even led to me winning a script contest. Even so I was skeptical of using the Script Consulting Service. I just didn’t know what I could get out of it that I couldn’t from script coverage. Finally I decided to take the plunge and scheduled a consultation for my TV Pilot MAJK with Cindy Villareal on a 30-minute call. I am glad I did. She gave me insights on how to improve the script. Not only that but she gave me insights on a multi-pronged approach that will make the series more appealing to executives. She really changed my perspective. I have to have more of an entrepreneurial approach to my project. It’s very competitive out there so you have to really find ways to standout. You have to make the executives see how valuable your project is. She pulled no punches. There's a lot more work to do, but she saw the project as viable. I took a lot of notes and I’m already working on the things she recommended. I am no longer skeptical of Script Consultation. It is worth the investment. Not only do you learn how to move your project forward from someone who is in the industry, buy you're able to cultivate a future relationship. This is, after all, a relationship business.
Steve Maidment Testimonial

Steve Maidment

I had a 60 minute phone consultation with Michael Schulman through Stage 32. He gave me some great insight on how to make, what he thought was a good script, even better. I found his ideas very helpful.
GW Allison Testimonial

GW Allison

I just had a consultation with Spencer Robinson and he was great. Spencer had thoughtful questions, keen insights, and pretty good ideas. On top of all that, he was a pleasure to speak with for 60 minutes. Highly recommend.
Eric Christopherson Testimonial

Eric Christopherson

So here's what's working for me at Stage 32: Pretty much everything. And I think it's useful to know what's possible here. I've been using the "premium" coverage service so that I can choose the exec who provides me coverage. It's always a good idea, I think, to select someone from a company that produces in your genre. I've received good to great notes each time, and I've had my script passed along for consideration within my reader's company several times. Recently one such script resulted in a multi-year option offer. Twice my scripts have made the Stage 32 LookBook, which is blasted out every so often to industry execs with info on the scripts that have earned a double recommend or, as I believe is now the case, at least one recommend and one consider. I've had a total of three script requests via the LookBook, including from an A-list manager and an A-list production company. More recently, I joined the Writers' Room, which offers a smorgasbord of activities and opportunities (that I would particularly recommend to writers at an early stage and those at later stages with a lot of time to devote to screenwriting), and have begun submitting to the Open Writing Assignments, or OWAs, that spring up fairly regularly now. An A-list production company recently requested one of my scripts.   Bear in mind I've been at this game for a while now, and I have a half dozen scripts under my belt already, so your mileage may vary.
Bohdan Turok Testimonial

Bohdan Turok

Stage 32 has earned the trust of industry professionals who can make a difference. I have recently pitched to Disney Streamers producer Carver D. who was extremely encouraging, perceptive, and above all, helpful. He has requested to read the screenplay. I know that this service at Stage 32 didn't happen overnight, so a big thank you for all the hard work to the team! I see you!
Kevin Felix Testimonial

Kevin Felix

After a successfully written pitch, my screenplay was requested by Alexia Melocchi with Little Studio Films, which proceeded with an exciting phone call about my screenplays prospects and future development with me attached as a screenwriter. Never give up!
Brian Streaty Testimonial

Brian Streaty

Stage 32 is a fantastic online social platform connecting me to other professionals working in the entertainment industry. In March 2022, I met a brilliant and dynamic Producer, Writer, & Showrunner. I currently have a TV Series and film in development at this world-renowned production company.
Simon Hartwell Testimonial

Simon Hartwell

Just wanted to share. Last night I received feedback on my Pitch to Michael Collins and whilst it was a Pass, Michael took the time to provide AMAZING in depth feedback as to what I needed to change, how and why. I was blown away. Whilst the trend for me this year has been all down hill so far, it was a boost to connect with an Exec who cared enough about the craft to take the time to explain what worked and what didn't. Thank you, Michael.
Donnalyn Vojta Testimonial

Donnalyn Vojta

Hey, screenwriters! I just wanted to tell you that I had a 30-minute call with Michael F. about my new thriller movie. It was obvious that he read the script carefully when he gave me his praise and criticisms. He not only told me what to strengthen in our short call, but he allowed plenty of time for me to ask questions. I left the call excited to apply his clear advice to my script. I definitely recommend him!
Ricki Linksman Testimonial

Ricki Linksman

I had a 60-min script consult with Will McCance on one of my feature film scripts which was encouraging, inspiring, and motivating. I also took his webinar and based on those interactions I signed up for and just completed his Pitch Like a Pro lab class. Will's insights and suggestions are priceless. I am now taking his advanced lab class for Pitch Like a Pro in which he teaches not only pitching but crafting a strong script. He is not only talented and knowledgeable but a caring person who creates a safe environment for students to share their works. I highly recommend Will's classes, webinars, and consults.
Mirella Muffarotto Testimonial

Mirella Muffarotto

I just signed an Artist Management Agreement with LITTLE STUDIO FILMS in Beverly Hills after connecting through a Stage 32 pitch session. I couldn't be more honored and excited and thankful. Breaking in, hanging in and making it in show business is about having the right screenplay in the hands of the right industry professional. I've been so lucky to meet my accomplished, dedicated Manager, Alexia Melocchi of Little Studio Films. A successful entertainment industry professional and a courageous visionary dreamer, able to make dreams reality. I can't thank Alexia enough for believing in me even though I live outside of the United States and I'm a first time writer, for providing me with all sorts of ways to kick open Hollywood's door, some kind of superhero costume to break into the film industry as a screenwriter.
Matthew Carpenter Testimonial

Matthew Carpenter

Stage 32 has been a great place to interface with writers from outside our standard ecosystem, and hear their diverse stories. I've had the chance to speak with writers from around the globe, and it's been great to learn about the worlds they are passionate about. I would have found a place like Stage32 to be a great resource back when I was finding my way into the industry, and I have enjoyed helping writers advance their craft.
Donnalyn Vojta Testimonial

Donnalyn Vojta

Hey, screenwriters! I've had several consulting calls on my scripts via Stage32, and they have been worth the price and more! One consultant, Shaun O. actually gave me scripts notes IN my script doc and emailed them to me. He went above and beyond. Other consultants have been great about giving me feedback and answering my questions in under 30 minutes. Thanks, S32!
Kevin Nicklaus Testimonial

Kevin Nicklaus

Stage 32 has done a great job bringing quality, diverse writers to the attention of Tapas Media.
Laura Vorreyer Testimonial

Laura Vorreyer

If you're on the fence about paying for feedback, rest assured, it's completely worth it. I opted to have Liz Dickler speak with me about my deck and she gave me great advice and a few trims to make my deck even better. Liz and I really hit it off, I enjoyed talking with her and am grateful for her for sharing her experience and expertise with me. Liz was honest, encouraging and thoughtful, she gave me actionable next steps to sell my show. I got off the call feeling invigorated and even more excited about my project than ever before. Great experience altogether, thanks Stage 32.
Monika Moreno-Lapp Testimonial

Monika Moreno-Lapp

After submitting my 80s comedy feature TOTALLY AWESOME ALLY to Stage 32 for coverage & notes, so excited to share that my screenplay is now being read by an A LIST production management company! Can't wait to hear back from them. I've learned investing and believing in my work and taking the next step -- Stage 23-- is vital to building my career. Highly recommend to everyone.
Eddy Sanchez Testimonial

Eddy Sanchez

I was fortunate enough to have a consultation with David Harris. He went above and beyond in our consultation, he gave me invaluable feedback on my work. I would definitely recommend the career development call or script consultation.
Sean Francis Ellis Testimonial

Sean Francis Ellis

I submitted my screenplay for the "Feature Script Read Studio Level 60 Minute Talk with an Executive" and chose Will McCance, of Ian Bryce Productions. The one hour consultation call was just what I needed at this stage of my writing process. Will was impressed with my screenplay and offered several notes while asking questions, so he could offer guidance that was considerate of my objectives. have a fresh perspective on certain characters and themes, and I'm eager to incorporate his notes as I develop the current draft. I recommend this service to anyone getting ready to pitch or submit their script to contests, managers or producers. Will was recommended by Stage 32 because of his experience within my genre (Horror).
Andrew Kersey Testimonial

Andrew Kersey

I am always excited to read new, fresh voices and Stage 32 is amazing at introducing me to these talented writers.
David Tilson Testimonial

David Tilson

Working with Stage 32 is like having my own development team on my side who feeds me material, opens doors and introduces me to a diverse pool of writers from around the world. I've discovered some pretty weird yet exciting stuff from this platform, something I wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. It's been an invaluable resource for me and my company.
TJ Keenan Testimonial

TJ Keenan

After meeting though Stage 32, screenwriter TJ Keenan has been signed by Alexia Melocchi of Little Studio Films in LA. Alexia will represent TJ as a Literary Manager for all his projects and act as a consulting producer on TJ's Kit Marlowe biopic INFINITE RICHES: THE STORY OF CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE; the first ever biopic on Marlowe!
Tessa Shaffer Testimonial

Tessa Shaffer

Whether it's providing coverage notes or pitch feedback, I'm always happy to make time for Stage 32 writers who are invested in their growth. Just because it's a pass on one particular script or pitch doesn't discount the connection that Stage 32 provides. There are so many writers I'm rooting for and hoping to see more from in the future! I've found so many great writers through Stage 32. Whenever I have room in my roster Stage 32 is the first place I go to for talent.
Todd Remis Testimonial

Todd Remis

RB and Amanda, and the entire Stage 32 team have built an amazing organization which does an outstanding job of providing an unparalleled resource by connecting entertainment professionals and company executives from around the world. Everyone in the industry should be a member of the Stage 32 platform.
Rishi K Gallion Testimonial

Rishi K Gallion

Recently had an hour long script consultation with J.M. on my 60 min TV pilot 'Ulterior Motives' J.M. was well familiar with my pilot (so I know it was thoroughly read) and he was able to succinctly address everything that worked and didn't work with it. Since he was able to provide the script coverage quickly, we spent the majority of the call discussing ways I could successfully navigate the business. A very important take away from the call was that as a screenwriter, your geographical location does not matter. I've heard it time and time before but I've always had some doubt as I reside outside of the U.S. J.M. helped to put that doubt to rest and let me know to just keep writing.
Mike Kalvoda Testimonial

Mike Kalvoda

I can't speak highly enough of Sarah J. Cornelius (Whitewater Films). She's a total professional: sharp, savvy, smart, a people person. She's also amazingly supportive and encouraging. We're 2 for 3 on Read Requests. Even on the pass, she goes out of her way to impart encouragement ("another great pitch", "you are a consummate storyteller"). We'll find the right project, I'm confident. In the meantime, I look forward to that 15-30 second check-in at the top where we break a little ice and joke around.
Thomas Pemberton Testimonial

Thomas Pemberton

What I most like about working with Stage32 is finding new writers. We have optioned three projects that have come through Stage32. Two from the pitch sessions and one from the lookbook. The range and variety of material is amazing, so whatever you are looking for they have got something for you.
Christina Pickworth Testimonial

Christina Pickworth

Consulting for Stage 32 has been a wonderful way to be introduced to new voices, and I’ve even signed a writer who’d booked in for a 10 page read!
Liska Ostojic Testimonial

Liska Ostojic

I’ve been impressed at the variety and quality of scripts I’ve read. In the 6 months or so I’ve been taking pitches and reading scripts for feedback, I’ve continued a working relationship with a least half a dozen writers to one degree or another. I love the “best of” lists we’re sent every couple of months or so, especially by genre. The more social media side of it seems quite useful for online networking.  
Julia Verdin Testimonial

Julia Verdin

Stage 32 is a great resource. I am currently working with a couple of writers I found on the site. I have been impressed with the level of talent.
Charles Fuller Testimonial

Charles Fuller

Working with Stage32 is very refreshing! It’s great to be able to work alongside such a great team that is very involved with what’s happening in the industry and are always willing to help facilitate when needed. They have such a large audience and it makes finding new material or creatives a breeze. These guys are a diamond in the rough for sure!
Charles Lee Cavanaugh Testimonial

Charles Lee Cavanaugh

Dear Stage 32, I wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with producer Julia Verdin's review of my synopsis. Knowing she is very busy, she still took the time to highlight what worked in the synopsis and what was lacking, giving an ample explanation of both. It was a valuable lesson that inspired to revise all my synopses. The lesson learned was to make sure ALL key elements in your script are in the synopsis. I was following the "keep it lean" philosophy of query letters and thus omitted important elements of the story. Thanks again, Chuck Cavanaugh
Carole Field Testimonial

Carole Field

Dear Stage 32 friends, I just wanted to tell you I just heard the Jake Wagner webinar on What managers look for in a horror screenplay. I wanted to tell you (and him) how much I learned and enjoyed the webinar. It was wonderful and it really streamlined my queries in that genre. Thanks very much.
Daniel Turkewitz Testimonial

Daniel Turkewitz

In February I had a 30 minute TV script consult with Spencer Robinson, and it was the best of the numerous consults I’ve had. Many consults, it feels like the person doesn’t have nearly enough to fill the 30 minutes. They spend a big chunk of time asking me about myself, my life, my writing history, as a cheap way of burning through time. There’s been consults where I feel like I’ve done more talking than they did. Robinson did the exact opposite. He got right to my script, was well prepared, and had more than enough to say to fill the half hour, even speaking quite fast. He had valuable feedback, in both general big picture stuff and act by act notes, something not everyone does. It was one of the few 30 minute consults I've had where I wish I sprung for the full hour. I had a writer friend who had a consult with him who had the same feedback, placing him at the top of her consults. I would recommend him.
Meredith Boswell Testimonial

Meredith Boswell

I have learnt an extraordinary amount from pitch sessions. The professionals have been polite and detailed in how I need to correct my pitches and I am so grateful for the opportunity and their knowledge. I recommend pitch sessions to move your work forward.
Petrina Hull Testimonial

Petrina Hull

Working with Stage 32 has helped me discover exciting new writing talent and material that I would otherwise not have had access to. Similarly, for writers, it gives them the critical access they need to producers, agents and executives that can help champion their work, and move the needle on their projects. It really is a win-win for all involved and I love being involved. I especially enjoy the collaborative approach behind everything Stage 32 do, and I'm thrilled to be working with them!
Anna Elias Testimonial

Anna Elias

I had an amazing, insightful and informative Career Dev. Call with Sam Sokolow. He is so steeped in TV and answered so many questions that helped me with the two pilots I'm writing. Jason recommended him to me, and I highly recommend him to anyone else who is serious about their projects, pitching, the marketplace, current development climate, etc.
Steve Vinson Testimonial

Steve Vinson

I recently had a Career Call with Scott. It was fantastic! I could tell right from the start, he is genuinely interested in helping a writer like me. He had gone over the info I submitted and had quality answers ready. He was also tremendously encouraging. Additionally, he was realistic about how things work in the industry. A great balance. ... Another great Stage 32 resource!
Jonathan Barkan Testimonial

Jonathan Barkan

Stage 32 is an incredible platform that has led to me meeting some truly incredible writers. The material they provide proves that there is a wealth of talent just waiting to be tapped into and Stage 32's system gives access to that very pool.
Sarah J. Cornelius Testimonial

Sarah J. Cornelius

Stage 32 is full of hidden gems! And Stage 32's platform makes them- well, unhidden gems! It's such a delight to educate writers who are learning to flex their skills. But I must confess, I've learned as much or more from the emerging artists I've coached, as they have from me!'s my best kept secret. Thanks Stage 32 creators for letting me be part of the community and camaraderie!
Rufus Chaffee Testimonial

Rufus Chaffee

I enjoy working with Stage 32 because it gives me direct contact with writers and projects they are working on. This allows me to give quick and honest feedback that they hopefully find useful. Helping a writer create the best screenplay they can is one of my favorite parts of the development process and Stage 32 allows me to do that on a larger scale.
Nicole McLendon Testimonial

Nicole McLendon

Stage 32 introduced me and my team to a wide breadth and diversity of writers who each have something unique to say. Through the pitch sessions we’ve been able to discover new stories with new perspectives, and see the talent that’s out there.
Catherine Keithley Testimonial

Catherine Keithley

Working with Stage 32 to hear new pitches in the unscripted space has been a lovely experience. I’m always in awe of the smart producers that come my way from Stage 32 and the fresh ideas they dream up! I have optioned a handful of projects and hope to continue to sell one soon to a major network.
Thomas Crowell Testimonial

Thomas Crowell

Stage 32's dedication, expertise, and passion for the filmmaking community are second to none. Their commitment to professional education has done so much for filmmakers, showing them how to become their own best career advocates. It's what keeps me coming back as a lecturer. --Thomas A. Crowell, Esq., entertainment attorney and author of The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers.
Alexia Melocchi Testimonial

Alexia Melocchi

Stage 32 has raised the bar on discovering upcoming writers and filmmakers that actually are willing to put in the work and continue to get better at it. Because of their educational platform, the level of content creators that have pitched us has become of very high quality. Almost every time we put out an inquiry for stories, we discover someone wonderful, be it an author, producer, filmmaker or writer. We have entered into many creative collaborations as a result of Stage 32.
Stuart Arbury Testimonial

Stuart Arbury

The Stage 32 team has blazed trails for new talents to learn about the entertainment industry and give them the best chances at connections with appropriate partners. I’m thrilled to see how the company has grown, and how it has helped a launch an ever increasing number of successful ‘alumni’. As someone who has worked at a number of companies in different capacities over the years, my relationship with Stage 32 has been a constant – they do a great job for both executives and writers.
Felicia Villarreal Testimonial

Felicia Villarreal

Stage 32 has been my go-to platform when it comes to finding hidden gems! I have read countless incredible scripts and everyday look forward to connecting with someone who could be Hollywood's next big writer!
Dan Stone Testimonial

Dan Stone

Michael Schulman's suggestions regarding structure were valuable, specifically his concerns about presenting the protagonist's initial circumstances and challenges with more clarity. His notes sat with me for several days, then things moved quickly in my thinking and on the page. The hour with Michael was time (and money) well-spent. Highly recommend.
Rashidah De Vore Testimonial

Rashidah De Vore

For anyone on the fence about booking a consultation with Scott Schulman, particularly if you have a project you think may be more on the cerebral end than most are used to - please don't hesitate to go for it. I learned first hand that the reviews listed with Scott's bio are the real deal, and he has single-handedly restored my faith in lit managers (a feat I thought not possible until our call.) His feedback on my pilot was beyond thorough, insightful, and filled with actionable gems and takes that I can utilize in not only rewrites of the project I submitted - but can keep in mind for future works as well. He picked up on layered elements and potential twists for my series that no other exec noticed in their readings of it. He also showed a deep understanding of the process of developing a rich, character driven piece amidst a complex world. "Passionate" does not begin to describe Scott's approach to helping writers develop themselves and their craft. I cannot sing his praises enough. Individuals like him are what make the Stage32 platform one worth using.
Queila Doyle Testimonial

Queila Doyle

Just wanted to give a quick recommendation here as I had the most amazing script coverage service by Ewan Dunbar. He read my sci-fi Aurora and he gave me the answers to everything I was looking for. I am working on all his notes now and almost ready to finish the script for good. Keep going everyone!
Dennis J Hamilton Jr Testimonial

Dennis J Hamilton Jr

After working this past couple of years with very informative Stage 32 script consultants, and doing necessary script revisions with a most cordial executive producer through Stage 32's Mentorship Development Program, my screenwriting and script project went from pass to consider.
Micky Levy Testimonial

Micky Levy

Stage 32 gave me the opportunity to speak about my journey with film and television adaptations. They gave me creative freedom while providing guidance and helpful tips. The webinar's moderator was great, and my students asked insightful questions. I will not hesitate to work with Stage 32 again. Micky
Bob Canning Testimonial

Bob Canning

I had three great consultations on my screenplays with Will McCance, who is the ultimate professional. He is kind, supportive, knowledgeable, and has a terrific knack for coming up with ideas and suggestions that are both painless and practical. While my scripts were not a good fit for Ian Bryce Productions, I nevertheless have three screenplays that are far better than when I first introduced them to him. I can't recommend Will McCance more highly!
Elia Andrioletti Testimonial

Elia Andrioletti

I had a career development call with Doug Draizin last week, and It was incredible. We talked about the steps to take forward my career. Now I know exactly what to do. I'm excited for what’s to come. Thanks again, Doug.
Don Thompson Testimonial

Don Thompson

I had a very positive experience speaking with Josh M. after he gave my script a read. He provided great insights into my script as well as how the dynamics of the manager-writer relationship works. He is definitely at the upper-tier of the industry spectrum and I would recommend giving his 60-minute consult script read service a try.
Heath Cullens Testimonial

Heath Cullens

Teaching through Stage 32 has been an immense pleasure. The students have been energetic, engaged, and incredibly passionate. Stage 32 makes me very very supported as an educator.
Tiffany Boyle Testimonial

Tiffany Boyle

Through Stage 32 I have found some of my favorite clients. They care about their community and are in it for the long haul with their creators. Stage 32 thinks outside of the box and fast, and can be a true ally for industry vets and newcomers alike. - Tiffany Boyle, President of Packaging and Sales, Ramo Law
Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith Testimonial

Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith

Working with Stage 32 was a dream. The team were very supportive, professional and enthusiastic. The event was very well organized, promoted and the communication crystal clear. I've given many Masterclasses and this one was one of the best.
Trina Spillman Testimonial

Trina Spillman

I just wanted to give a huge shout-out to the team at Stage 32 and let the community know of the tremendous customer service I recently received. My phone, and maybe universal powers, prevented a call from an agent I was scheduled to pitch. I sent a desperate email to the support email address and received a prompt reply resulting in the individual I was pitching to call back. The pitch ultimately resulted in a pass but did give Stage32 a green light in terms of exceptional customer service. Thank you, Stage32!
Matthew Ross Testimonial

Matthew Ross

Hello everyone! My name is Matthew Ross, and I have been a member of Stage 32 since last year. About a month ago, I submitted my screenplay for the First 10 Page Review. After reading the notes made by Jason Mirch, I made those changes and resubmitted the script to be read by another executive. With much excitement, my scores ended up improving in many of the scorecard topics! Even though I do have a long way to go, it truly feels great to get an inch closer at achieving my dream of finishing this story!! I definitely could not do it without the support from people like Jason Mirch, RB, and Angela from Stage 32!! They are such an encouragement to many, and I hope they know how much the Stage 32 community appreciates them!! I hope all of you are doing well and staying safe!! Fellow screenwriters, keep writing and never give up!!!
Melton Cartes Testimonial

Melton Cartes

I had a fantastic conversation with Will McCance of Ian Bryce Productions. He gave me 2 basic broad brush notes and made them very clear to me. I am really grateful that he took it seriously and really got the point of the script (not that he wouldn't, but you know). So much so that he gave me an idea of how to achieve his main note. We sort of spitballed it together without setting out to do that. It actually gave me goosebumps. I revised my script, trimmed the first 50 pages by 10 and brought a major revelation 10 minutes sooner, which actually allowed me to add a new "apparent defeat" scene within the new page count of 90. Thank you, Jason and everyone at Stage 32.
Arial Burnz Testimonial

Arial Burnz

I had my TV Pilot read and evaluated by Jaime Becker. She was SUPER fast. I was a week late submitting my script because I was in the middle of a rewrite and expected it to take her longer to get back to me – but BAM! She was on it. But she was patient with my submission. Two days after I submitted the script, we were on the phone with my evaluation, and she sent notes. Jaime was encouraging and motivational. The notes were quick and bit a blunt, but thorough and honest, which is exactly what I needed.
Valerie Connelly Testimonial

Valerie Connelly

I enjoyed a script coverage with Michael Schulman today, and I want you to know of all the coverages I’ve had through Stage32 and other sites as well, his grasp for my complex film idea was by far the most genuinely insightful, helpful, collegial and encouraging of them all. Because of Michael’s diligence, I now have a very good sense of the genre, Supernatural Musical. He spoke frankly and clearly about how important it is to write the protagonist into every useable scene and then how to modify, replace or remove the scenes and characters that will no longer fit. Valuable and actionable advice.
Keith Wiggins Testimonial

Keith Wiggins

The coverage service for my script, A Stable Life, provided excellent feedback which was both encouraging and informative as to the next steps for my rewrites. The script had made the quarterfinals of the Stage 32 Comedy Feature Contest, so I am excited to use the coverage service notes to make this script even better.
Paul Matta Testimonial

Paul Matta

I just want to thank Stage 32 for opening opportunities for up-and-coming-goal-is-to-be-produced screenwriters, such as myself. Among the wonderful career services offered by Stage 32, there's also now screenwriting contests. I recently submitted a script to Stage 32 for the 1st Annual Family-Friendly Screenwriting Contest, and my script, THE LADY IN BLUE, advanced to the Semifinalist round. I'm very proud of this accomplishment. It only motivates me to continue writing my stories. This company is worth the investment. I believe Stage 32 is on the side of Creatives like you and me. This platform allows up-and-coming writers the chance to get their work seen. I'm very proud to have stumbled upon this site. And I look forward to the many services offered by Stage 32.
Kathleen McGee Testimonial

Kathleen McGee

This week, I had two really great feature script consultations with Jason Mirch and Scott Schulman. I was blown away by the energy, focus, and story insight that both Jason and Scott brought to each session. The two consultations complemented each other perfectly and have helped me to develop a clear revision strategy that focuses on story and elevating my concept so that it stands out in the market. Thanks so much Jason and Scott!
Michael Eric Ross Testimonial

Michael Eric Ross

My recent meeting with Will McCance of Ian Bryce Productions, a one-hour consultation, went very well. Will, whose enthusiasm was infectious from the start, inspired confidence by recalling specifics about my WWII drama on the Red Ball Express, calling the script "page-turning" and "well-written." Later he was less praising, but no less insightful, about what the script needs for improvement, item by item. I've been working on rewrites to Acts I and II since then. I'm amazed at the things Will noticed in my script that I never even imagined. The value of another viewpoint in this process, other experienced eyes, is inestimable. This is for me what makes Stage 32 such a valuable asset: its proven ability to find industry executives like Will, ready to make a difference in creative lives. So: After discussing the script in granular detail, Will requested my pitch deck for the project, and said he would be taking the current script to his boss, Ian Bryce, for his opinion. And Will asked to see the rewrites as well. It was my second great meeting in as many months, via Stage 32. Thanks S32, for all your help.
Dan Stone Testimonial

Dan Stone

I just concluded a second consultation with Michael Wormser - his notes on both scripts were first-rate, based on in-depth reads of the material and a genuine concern for the writing process; he has an excellent eye for missing
Barbara Lauria Testimonial

Barbara Lauria

I can't say enough about my consultation session with producer Christian Taylor. Christian's valuable guidance on my script and our professional discussion went above and beyond my expectations. He took the time to dive deep into my script, to understand my characters, the world I created, and the history surrounding them both. As we talked, it seemed as if he knew my characters as real people. Above all Christian, gave clear, sound guidance with many actionable comments on how to develop critical elements into the story to make it feel grounded and unified. We discussed where the project falls in terms of budget and where it needs to land so that it will, hopefully, find a home some day. For anyone seeking recommendation of a script consultation, I highly recommend Christian Taylor and I will likely book a session again with him in the future.
Michael Grice Testimonial

Michael Grice

I had a fantastic (pitch) experience with Ms. Carli Haney today. I would like others to know that if they have any doubts put them aside and connect with her. She obviously has a great personality, laughed easily, got everything quickly, was positive in her comments - overall an 11 on a scale of 10. People need to connect with her! I would also like to compliment your support person, James, who helped me with a different pitch yesterday. I had never done this before, and I was suddenly travelling on an unplanned trip, so I did not know if it were something on my end or something else. He helped me throughout and I wish to commend him to you as well.
Kelly Namey Testimonial

Kelly Namey

I was honored this morning to be the first consult with Stage 32 new execs, Tim Clague and Danny Stack. Wasn't sure which one I'd get to talk to...AND GOT BOTH! Whaaat! Come on people, where else can you get two great award winners helping little old you, than Stage 32! Being screenwriters themselves, they were so insightful. They both read, I mean really read, the animation and sort of tag teamed ideas. I thought I'd died and gone to screenwriting heaven. Anyone out there working in the family genre need to book a consult with these guys. Like.... right now! Thanks, Tim and Danny! And of course, Stage 32!
Roy Hsu Testimonial

Roy Hsu

Shaun (O'Banion) was one of the most thorough reviewers I have had for my script. He went into great detail about the issues with specific examples on how to fix dialogue and plot points. His stress on clarity of intent was invaluable to make sure key elements of my complicated story are understood. I have had other reviewers help, but his thoroughness helps make certain a script is at the best place it can be before showing development executives. Use him as an objective review if you feel you can’t see the forest from the trees anymore.
James Caffery Testimonial

James Caffery

We are all trying to find our way through this roller-coaster maze of the business of Hollywood- and like most of you, I am looking for guidance. For direction and understanding, for a light in the fog AND most importantly, to know if I am on the right track, or the wrong one. So like most of you, I too dove into the Exec Consulting waters:) And at first I thought I was drowning, or at least, stuck. Each consult yielded greater and greater clarity to the point where I needed REAL business answers: where was I professionally and what can I do with my ever-revising script. This is when I met MICHAEL BLUTSTEIN. As with EVERY Stage 32 Exec, Michael was both kind and professional and 100% supportive but where Michael excelled was in giving real-time analysis of both the market AND HOW I FIT INTO THAT MARKET. It was the first call where I had clarity not just with improving my script (which he did)..but WHAT I COULD ACTUALLY DO WITH IT. This wasn't a pie-in-the-sky promise, but an honest assessment of my skills as a writer, how far I had come much more work lie ahead of me. I think some writers hope for that magical SALE moment where your script is whisked away to some imaginary DreamWorks and you're left with a check in your hand. This isn't what Mike left me with and it isn't what most writers really want to hear; that to get to that next level requires EVEN MORE WORK, DETERMINATION and SWEAT. What Mike gave me was the TRUTH. That I have something that can sell, and now I need to work just as hard to bring it to MARKET. It was without a doubt, the best Exec consult I've had yet. I have an open door with most of the execs I met with and I now have a roadmap for what to do NEXT. And i will absolutely be calling Mike for round two. Thanks to everyone for reading this, for Stage 32 staff and good luck writing!!
JD Wallace Testimonial

JD Wallace

As a person who works for Amazon in a group that parallels Studios (writing coverages, etc.) and am returning to the screenwriting world after a 20 year hiatus. I have seen a number of sites that... tell. Stage 32... shows... with its ability to introduce--those truly motivated--to people within the industry who are willing to help the ingénue through pitches, coverages, and seminars... and... and...In my first pitch experience, I drew upon the knowledge and energy of Alexia Melocchi, who has a long list of credits and experiences. She listened, let me drive the first part of the pitch-intro, logline, then closed with a 2min pitch paragraph. I clapped my hands twice and my mouth shut, then listened. As my grandfather (RIP) used to say, "You have two ears and one mouth. Think about it." She asked great questions, gave great feedback, and asked for my script. Clap twice... out. Thank you, Jason, Kay, and RB.
Melissa Caudle Testimonial

Melissa Caudle

I had my session with Mike Blutstein - where he reviewed my screenplay to give me feedback, etc... WOW! He is THE BEST! Not only is he attentive, but also pays attention to details and really hones in the script with both positive critique and constructive criticism for improvement. Then, he took the time to make real suggestions on how I could move forward to secure financing for my film and connect to an A-list director. Even though we lost connection during our phone call, I didn't expect him to call me back; however, he did and our conversation continued. His questions about my characters, plot, and my pitch deck were so profound. I couldn't be happier.
Otto D'Agnolo Testimonial

Otto D'Agnolo

Regina (Lee)'s feedback was incredible. It was obvious that she was reading with intention. ...She laid out her feedback as if I were a pro and it really helped me see the distance between where I am as a beginner and where she needs me to be if I'm really going to be able to take advantage of her time and talent. I think that was incredibly kind and above and beyond what I've experienced in previous reviews.
Rebecca Benzell Testimonial

Rebecca Benzell

I wanted to share my session with Michael (Schulman) was incredibly helpful.   I sent him a script I'd been having a lot of difficulty with. I knew it wasn't working, but I'd rewritten it too many times to see it as a whole piece rather than a collection of parts. His notes not only helped me see more clearly why it wasn't working, they also helped me uncover what it wanted to be. He had a great understanding of what I was interested in exploring thematically -- and he gave me a ton of fantastic ideas on how I could adjust both the scope of the project and its storytelling to give those themes more weight. I especially appreciate his encouragement to indulge my more personal, quirkier instincts. Unlike others I've chatted with about this project who encouraged me to mold the story to fit genre beats, he seemed to truly be invested in uncovering the heart of what wanted to be told, and in helping me craft a piece for my portfolio that I can actually do something with in the here and now.   There are a lot of voices in this industry giving advice out there, but Michael's notes really elevated the project. He discussed the script and the narrative tools I was using up to the very last minute of our hour consultation. I left that call with a renewed enthusiasm for a project I'd been thinking of giving up on. I cannot thank him enough. :)
Frank Vespe Testimonial

Frank Vespe

Having another set of eyes, besides my overly critical, fact-checking daughter, from a a seasoned, non-partisan reader, is extremely helpful in revealing hidden, sometimes obvious corrections in your script, and thankfully, those set of eyes belonged to Liz Dickler, whose insightful Feedback I warmly embraced and tweaked my MOBNOXIOUS script, which was just awarded Semi-Finalist in Creative World Awards contest, as well as Official Selection in SOCAL Fest and Selected in New York Venture True Fest. I truly look forward to thanking Liz one day on the Red Carpet.
Susan Lori Frank Testimonial

Susan Lori Frank

Hey Community, Just wanted to acknowledge that in the last couple months I have some made huge leaps in my understanding of how this crazy industry works. I have completed my first pitch and I am rewriting a Pilot that was critiqued by a real industry insider. Whoa!! I have a long way to go on my journey, but I am blown away at how much I have been able to progress with the help of Stage 32 professionals. This is for real by the way. I reread and it sounds like an ad. But nope, its just me feeling really grateful for what I am able to access from my little laptop out in the boonies of Tucson AZ. Thanks and special thanks to Jason Mirch for actually personally answering my emails along the way. Your personal touch makes all of the difference!!
Kyle O'Connor Testimonial

Kyle O'Connor

I did some development notes with TIM HEBARD. Actually really pretty great notes. The revisions he suggested are very doable. So I’m excited to rewrite some scenes and do exactly that. I'm starting to get into the revisions he suggested for me and once I'm done I'll book more time with him to resubmit.
D A Stenard Testimonial

D A Stenard

If you have a crown or gold stars or a big bouquet of flowers that you can hand out, please give all of them to Tara Joshi. I apparently had a pitch booked with her today WHICH I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT. Not only did she call me, but she CALLED ME BACK WHEN I DIDN'T PICK UP. She talked me down off the ledge, told me to take my time, listening to me do my pitch and then asked really pertinent and smart questions,, which proved she was really listening. I don't know if this is ultimately something she will want to move forward with, but WHENEVER I have a script that is something she might like, I am certainly going to book another pitch and try and make her laugh again. Seriously, she was kind and wonderful and make me feel like I don't have to kick myself for the rest of the day. Thank you, Tara and thank you, Stage 32. I promise I'll write things down!
Evelyne Gauthier Testimonial

Evelyne Gauthier

I recently got my first logline review from Christian Sander, and it's really great! His comments were so helpful and positive, and the new version of the logline that he suggested is absolutely amazing! I just love it! I really want to thank Stage32 and Christian Sander for the help. I appreciate it so much. Thanks again!
Rebecca Glazer Greene Testimonial

Rebecca Glazer Greene

I have had several consults with Mike Blutstein. He's not only an effervescent personality but his coverage is top notch. Twice now (once on a feature and once on a TV Pilot) he gave me pivotal notes. I had gotten notes beforehand on these scripts, but he gave actionable ideas to elevate my scripts. He shares his expertise with a generosity that is unparalleled. If you want a thoughtful script coverage session, sign up with Mike.
Sherry Berkin Testimonial

Sherry Berkin

I just completed my 2-hour power session with [Literary Manager] Scott Schulman, and it was absolutely mind-blowing. After the total 2 1/2 hours I spent with Scott, I felt like he really helped take me writing, pilot and pitch to the next level, along with my confidence. Wow! Truly life changing, all within a few hours. I have spent a lot of money over the years on various conferences, classes, consultations, etc. but this was really money well spent. I'm truly thankful to Jason Mirch, Scott and Stage 32. Thank you! I booked one more half-hour session with Scott to polish my pitch even more so looking forward to that. Thank you!
Jon Hill Testimonial

Jon Hill

I had some minor issues with a couple of pitches recently (not the fault of Stage32), and was helped out by Angela Cristantello. I have to say, she was superb. Faultlessly helpful as well as very pleasant to deal with.
Rebecca Glazer Greene Testimonial

Rebecca Glazer Greene

Angela Cristantello has been fantastic in helping answer my questions and navigate the purchasing process whenever I run into difficulties. I often make mistakes, and she always helps me whenever she is able to do so. I can almost hear the smile on her face even though we've only ever interacted via email. She is kind and helpful.   In a world where people love to complain, I often find it twice as necessary to send the positive feedback out to recognize when people go above and beyond. Angela is that person, and Stage 32 is lucky to have her working there in my humble opinion.
Martha Caprarotta Testimonial

Martha Caprarotta

My 60-minute Mentoring Call with screenwriter/director Doug Atchison blew me away. I had submitted loglines for my four (unfinished) screenplays and one finished TV drama series, and was amazed at how insightful and helpful his comments were. We also briefly discussed each project and he gave his estimation of how “marketable” each one was. (This was one of the questions I wanted him to address.) He advised which screenplay concept was the strongest contender and why (i.e., low budget, high concept, and original idea). He also suggested a different comp to use for it, thinking its theme might work with my concept. It’s a comp I hadn’t thought of and it does add a new dimension to my story’s theme, so I’m elated! Now I’m I concentrating my efforts on completing that screenplay. Receiving Doug’s professional advice was worth every penny. He obviously gave serious thought to what I had submitted and it felt like we were collaborators for that one hour. I chose a mentorship call with Doug because I found him to be an excellent instructor during his screenwriting class thru Stage 32. I admire his films and hope to emulate his quality screenwriting. My only regret is that Doug doesn’t do any script reading services, as he’s too busy writing his own marvelous scripts! I will certainly use Stage 32’s mentoring services again.
Rangeley Wallace Testimonial

Rangeley Wallace

Shaun (O'Banion) reviewed a very early draft of a WWII pilot based on a true story. He discussed his observations with me and even sent a rewrite of a few pages, so that I could see in detail where he thought I should go. His observations about a better way to introduce this complex, ensemble war story led to a more polished draft. His insights were valuable, and I will reach out to him with other scripts in the future.
Paul O’Bryan Testimonial

Paul O’Bryan

Shaun (O'Banion) did a fantastic job reviewing and critiquing my pilot pitch deck. From broad strokes to fine details, he offered great insight on how to make my deck tighter and better. Starting with my cover image and title font, and moving through the entire contents and sequence, his advice and suggestions were spot on. Our conversation flowed easily, with Shaun going through the deck page by page (and later sending me his marked-up copy). He was generous with his opinions and time, and I'm glad I got a chance to work with him. I've already booked him for a script consultation.
P.A. Lopez Testimonial

P.A. Lopez

Carmen Knox was absolutely fantastic! She went above and beyond to help me with my project, her notes were stellar and her encouragement was priceless!
Rebecca Glazer Greene Testimonial

Rebecca Glazer Greene

I spoke with Ewan Dunbar yesterday about my feature script. He was helpful and positive and gave me actionable notes to help move this draft of my script forward. He took a macro approach (his words) which helped me look at my themes and strengths in the script and figure out how I might move to the next draft. His extensive knowledge of the industry and current and past content served as a great reference point for our discussions.
Mark Laing Testimonial

Mark Laing

I spoke with Scott Schulman regarding my script last night (Saturday, June 5th, 2021) and he was superb. Scott read the whole script super fast (I mentally checked off some obscure plot points and he definitely read the whole 94 pages ;) ) He didn't rush me and was even generous enough to let me slip a few minutes over our allotted hour. Great guy! Scott's notes were super insightful and useful, and yes, I scribbled and I scribbled. He picked up on at least six things that no other Manager or Producer has noticed before (even at Stage 32) so he's definitely in my "rock star" book from now on. I feel energized, enlightened, and enabled. I'm jealous of anyone who has the good fortune to have Scott at their side in a pitch or rep meeting - he's dah bomb.
Rebecca Greene Testimonial

Rebecca Greene

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about my two executive script consults with Scott Schulman. I sent him two of my thirty minute pilots to discuss. Scott is a consummate professional. His breadth of knowledge of both the industry and his love for all things television and film made him the ideal person to discuss my pilots. Throughout the thirty minutes, he gave me thoughtful feedback and helped me navigate ways to move my projects forward. My only hesitancy in telling you this is that when I need to sign up for another consultation with him, he may be booked. :)
Samantha Lee Testimonial

Samantha Lee

Had some great feedback from an Industry Professional, as a newbie didn't know what to expect but the advice pointed me in the right direction and some great encouraging words to say I am on the right track with my story.
D A Stenard Testimonial

D A Stenard

I am working through my fear of pitching live by taking advantage of the written pitches with various professionals. I was smart enough to book a written pitch with SCOTT SCHULMAN. I sent my written pitch and received my response today. To say I was happy with his response and notes would be an understatement. While my script was ultimately not right for him, I will absolutely come back with my next script when I feel it is ready. If you want a thoughtful, interested and KIND exec to review your script and give you his ideas on your work, you can't do better than Scott.
D A Stenard Testimonial

D A Stenard

I was lucky enough to snag a spot in order to pitch my holiday comedy to AARON DANIEL JACOB. I sent in my written pitch and received back his thoughtful and kind notes. I say kind, because I have gotten some harsh notes from other people, that don't do anything except shrivel my soul a tiny bit. But Aaron Daniel was enthusiastic and insightful and gave me the path in order to fix my pitch. And I'm confident that the next time I pitch him, which I most certainly will, I'll get all 5"s and a recommend. Thank you again, Aaron Daniel. You really were a help. And thank you, Stage 32, for bringing him on board.
Matt Friedman Testimonial

Matt Friedman

I just wanted to let someone at Stage 32 know about my experience with a 60-minute call with manager Scott Schulman. Scott not only provided great insight and guidance, he was extremely encouraging and passionate. He's the kind of no BS guy that goes above and beyond what might be expected. Scott wants you to win. Overall, he was specifically helpful in helping craft a better pitch after he read our script. Scott made us (the writers) feel even more excited and prepared. Thank you to everyone at Stage 32 for providing the opportunity for us to speak with a seasoned pro like Scott. It was an invaluable experience.
Lisa Garvey Testimonial

Lisa Garvey

I had a 30 minute call with the prolific multi-hyphenate Julia Verdin to discuss my feature. Not only did she provide honest critical feedback, she gave me excellent marketing advice and suggested a director she thought might be interested in my script. Very grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with her. Thank you Stage 32 and thank you Julia for sharing your knowledge.
Amy Volker Testimonial

Amy Volker

I had a consultation with Christina Pickworth and she couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. She thought my script was lovely and fun to read and told me that I should be very proud of myself especially since this is only version 2! She had great notes and made me feel so motivated on making my baby even better. I highly recommend on having a consultation with Christina and really hope to work with her again.
Robin Bradford Testimonial

Robin Bradford

I had the pleasure recently of speaking with Christina Pickworth for an hour consultation. It was obvious that she read my script with great care, as she well understood the story, its theme, its through line, and all the characters and their plights and quirks. Christina is an intelligent and thoughtful person who was candid in her feedback, and generous about complimenting the work, while offering suggestions that made perfect sense and were easy to integrate into the script...and gave it a little snap
Jack Polo Testimonial

Jack Polo

Just wanted to say that I had a tremendous meeting w/ Ashley Henderson. Her comments were spot on, highly professional and very insightful. On points that weren't clear in my script we talked and after I explained my goal, we both spitballed ideas that will make the script that much stronger on rewrite. Want to improve? Go w/Stage 32. And if you can, work w/Ashley.
Renee N. Meland Testimonial

Renee N. Meland

I just had a fantastic call with Julia Verdin regarding one of my scripts. She gave me very specific, actionable notes (including page numbers! I'm a big fan of page numbers partially because it lets you know that the person reviewing your work really took the time to go through it carefully) and clued me in on some aspects of the business that I was not aware of that could help me in the future. Highly recommend!
Robert R. Smith Testimonial

Robert R. Smith

I had an excellent one-hour script consultation with Scott Schulman. He constructively counseled me to lengthen my script and further develop my characters. Scott was warm, encouraging, and inspiring. In addition to personal suggestions for pitching, he recommended I get on board pitching my project at Stage 32 pitch sessions. He was very generous with his time and his helpfulness.
Terry Lynam Testimonial

Terry Lynam

Hi, Jason - I had the hour-long phone call with Mike Sammaciccia for my script Horse Up a Tree and another hour for my Ajeeta the Invincible. Mike came well prepared to each call, having given each tale a careful read and thorough analysis. He made many excellent suggestions for each story. Thank you. Sincerely, Terry Lynam
Matthew Walsh Testimonial

Matthew Walsh

I recently purchased a consultation, from Stage32, for a script read and 60-minute conversation with Scott Schulman. __Scott's excitement and energy after having read my script was infectious and truly hyped me up even more about the caliber of my writing and storytelling. His guidance and suggestions for "what's next," not only for my script but also for me as a writer, was extremely insightful and personable. I feel stronger and more confident about ... really everything, after speaking with Scott. __In short, I had a very wonderful and productive session and I would absolutely recommend this service, and Scott if he's available, for any other writer looking for advice and experience that will shape their future. __Thank you for reading my testimonial!
Manoj Rao Testimonial

Manoj Rao

Had an appointment with Janean Jeffries from ViacomCBS Streaming service after submitting my pilot for her review. Session was great and ended with Janean asking for a pitch deck, and a series bible so that she could pass it along for consideration. I wouldn’t have been prepared to give either of those documents if I didn’t go to every stage 32 class available to me over the last 2 years. Don’t know how it will end for my project (fingers crossed), but this is the closest I’ve ever been. Here’s hoping it will get picked up so I can be a bonafide Stage 32 success story and share my experiences through them for others to learn from. Thank you Stage 32.
Michelle Aldridge Testimonial

Michelle Aldridge

Just had my first ever script consultation with Scott Schulman! He was so encouraging, gave excellent feedback, and had some of the best advice I've ever received about writing and pitching for television. He is a champion for writers and really celebrated my script, which has LGBTQIA storylines, a female lead character, and themes around mental health. I left the call feeling more encouraged than I ever have before about my writing and about my vision for my series. Thank you Stage32 and Scott!
Courtney King Testimonial

Courtney King

I spoke to Colleen Marshall who had very thoughtful and knowledgeable feedback on my screenplay. She was very professional but also just an awesome human to speak to. I feel like she’s set me on the right path for the future of my project. Thank you Colleen and thank you Stage 32 for creating a bridge to great industry pros like her.
Kristy Ellington Testimonial

Kristy Ellington

I purchased a Pilot Read 60 Minute consult with Kevin Nicklaus a few weeks ago and it was the best money I ever spent. I knew going into it that Kevin was an industry veteran (25 years of experience and a first-look deal with HBO), but I wasn't totally prepared for how generous he would be with his insights and feedback from a development perspective. At one point I had to just put my pen down and be present for his feedback because it was truly priceless. __Kevin gave me some hard truths alongside some encouraging words, and got me hyped for a rewrite which I'm almost done with. In fact, I'm planning on grabbing another session with him for this version because his POV was so helpful. _
Katharina Testimonial


I have watched a webinar about RomCom by Jason Mirch lately. I was very impressed and really grateful for the clear and detailed hints on how to construct a RomCom in this webinar. It is a brilliant webinar and I would recommend it to every writer interested in that genre. I have seen most of the films that are shown as examples, only two of them I did not see (I will order the film "Bluebeard's Eighth Wife" at Amazon.) It is interesting to see the first film where a "Meet Cute" was defined as term in screenwriting. The film examples are well chosen between classics and modern cinema. Jason´s explanations about their detailed construction open a wider horizon about this genre. Take a look at this webinar by Jason Mirch if you are a true fan of RomCom like me! (Link:
Jack Vandagriff Testimonial

Jack Vandagriff

I continue to be impressed by the talented people you bring into Stage 32. I had my conference with Drew Gatto last evening and he more than lived up to my expectations. He not only knew my screenplay, he had great suggestions on how to improve it. You're doing a great job bringing in quality people to aid us in our screenwriting careers. Thank you!__
Jack Vandagriff Testimonial

Jack Vandagriff

I continue to be impressed by the talented people you bring into Stage 32. I had my conference with Drew Gatto last evening and he more than lived up to my expectations. He not only knew my screenplay, he had great suggestions on how to improve it. You're doing a great job bringing in quality people to aid us in our screenwriting careers. Thank you!
Tony Germann Testimonial

Tony Germann

I recently had the pleasure of a 30 minute Script Consultation with Colleen Marshall and I could not be happier. Colleen was focused, professional, and very quick with her critique of the script. We had a robust discussion about how it could be improved and how to bring more focus to the key points of what is already there. She was really excited about the story and provided fantastic insight into what it could become. __Big thanks to Jason Mirch and Nick for all of their support in Script Services. And to everyone at Stage32 for creating these great opportunities for writers to establish meaningful relationships with executives. Writing may be lonely work, but this community definitely makes the rest of the process a collaboration. Cheers!_
Drew Nelson Testimonial

Drew Nelson

I received some very thoughtful and insightful feedback from exec. Shannon Looney on the first 10 pages of my fantasy drama pilot LOST ONES. I highly recommend reaching out to her and taking advantage of Stage 32's coverage service. To have this kind of access to top industry players working TODAY, you won't regret it ! __
Wanda McCormick Testimonial

Wanda McCormick

The presentation with Netflix was well organized and so interesting, I was glued to my computer screen. It was brilliant! Thank you Stage 32.
Arthur Payne Testimonial

Arthur Payne

I very recently ordered and received coverage from Stage 32 on one of my screenplays and I am really happy with the results. The coverage was very thorough, thoughtful, and helpful. And, I did not have to wait a long time to get it. I have ordered coverage from other services in the past- and some was good and some was bad- But this coverage was really excellent. One of the things that was really a plus for me was the fact the reader did not just point out some areas where things could be improved, he also gave some very good suggestions about dealing with those areas that needed work. I am impressed and will order more coverage from Stage 32 in the future.
Sean Francis Ellis Testimonial

Sean Francis Ellis

I received a "First Ten Pages Review" from Thomas Pemberton (Development Executive, Mind's Eye Entertainment) via Stage 32, which gave me several key insights into my feature screenplay's set up. I chose Thomas because of his preference for Thrillers, Suspense, Action & Sci-Fi (my screenplay combines these genres) and his experience with international co-productions (I'm an Australian). __Having just completed a rewrite of my Thriller, "Shadow Men", I wanted to know if I had established the mystery in a compelling way, and the feedback confirmed what I was hoping, but also suggested several ways to improve it by holding back on a certain reveal. A scorecard also ranked the First Scene, Set Up of Character(s), Set Up of World, Clarity of Tone, Originality of Concept, and Strength of Voice. __I recommend this inexpensive service as a way to not only test your first ten pages, but also help you decide which executive to go with when you're ready for development notes, consulting or mentoring services. I look forward to sending the completed draft to Thomas for the "Feature Script Read and Talk", soon.
Mark A McKee Testimonial

Mark A McKee

Hello!__I wanted to make you aware that after meeting Chayah Masters through a Stage 32 pitch session, that she recently optioned one of my stories and it is now in the development phase.__Thanks for helping me make this connection!__-Mark
Brent Beebe Testimonial

Brent Beebe

Felipe Machado [of Raimi Productions] has supplied me with the most specific notes of any reader in my 30+ years of writing. Anyone looking for helpful notes in this genre would be a fool not to take advantage of his assistance. I’m currently working on rewrites of my script based on his notes and plan on re-submitting to him on it’s completion.
Bobby Chacon Testimonial

Bobby Chacon

I recently signed up for a "Tv Pilot Read + 30 Minute Talk With An Executive" (with) Scott Schulman and couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only did Scott contact immediately to arrange our phone call, he was genuinely interested in getting his hands on and reading my pilot script. He also read the script quickly and setup our call within a day or two of our initial contact. On our call it was obvious Scott had not only read my pilot script but also understood the world I was going for. He used his keen insight and expertise in the business to point out a few things that will make my script better and one major issue that will make my script absolutely sought after. I am currently rewriting and instituting the changes Scott recommended. I have no doubt my pilot script will be much better and stand a far greater chance of getting sold once I incorporate Scott’s expert and insightful notes.
Jack Vandagriff Testimonial

Jack Vandagriff

Just had my session with Michael Ewing [of AGC Studios]. Michael is insightful and to the point with great suggestions on how to improve the script. I greatly appreciate his insight and wanted to pass along to you on what a great asset Michael is for Stage32 and all of the budding writers.
Robbie Robertson Testimonial

Robbie Robertson

Just wanted to say that Drew Gatto was the most inspiring consult I have had with Stage 32. It was very obvious that Drew took the time to fully analyze my pilot and had plenty of questions, comments, and guidance on even the smallest of details. He also gave me a lot of inspiration and encouragement on my current draft as well as recommendations on what steps to take next. As a customer (and a writer), the experience was phenomenal and I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with a real pro like Drew.
Nancy Milholland Testimonial

Nancy Milholland

In the last few months I purchased feedback from: Jalessa Jones, Kevin Nicklaus, Sara Ray and Janeen Jeffries. It is so important for me to share with you how invaluable these sessions/written feedback was. I could tell that each one of them had REALLY READ the material ( Jalesa had notes per page! ) - they took my work seriously and really committed to helping me improve on my ( ok - I know it ) already great show idea.   What was interesting to me was that there was a through line in terms of my areas needing improvement that they all touched upon - so obviously - I had a few blind spots. Pretty much all of their notes resonated with me and I understood where they were coming from. I did not have resistance to any of their questions/observations/concerns. Jalessa in particular asked questions that I could not answer: that told me a lot about my preparation and my writing- it also told me that just because I SEE IT - doesn't mean that the reader does.   Just wanted to give feedback on what I think is really important work that [Stage 32] is doing. Thank You.
Lonnie Martin Testimonial

Lonnie Martin

I just had an excellent phone call with Ken Korba Jr. [at Universal Pictures] who had a lot of interesting insights about my script. He had some really great suggestion about how I can raise the stakes for my main characters. He immediately understood the marketplace for it and gave me some great advice as to what I can do to move forward. And thank you for the coverage and consultation services you provide.
Conrad Vernon Testimonial

Conrad Vernon

I've taught a masterclass on animation and was on a panel with two other artists/friends in the industry at Stage 32 and the experience, depth, professionalism and most of all FUN I had working with these fine people could not have been better! Amanda is supportive and enthusiastic and the site friendly and easy to use especially for a non-tech savvy grunt like me! What a great service and place to meet other artists in the community. Bravo!  -Conrad Vernon, Director, Addams Family, Shrek 2, Sausage Party
Gerry Yukevich Testimonial

Gerry Yukevich

I had a strong, very helpful, chat with Drew Gatto about my script “Death Dose.”Thanks for setting it up. He was incisive and succinct. I highly recommend him to other writers. He clearly had studied my work carefully, and he was sharp on many details of dialogue, character, and flow of the plot.Bravo to Drew and Bravo to you for setting up the interview! Very helpful and supportive!Keep up the great work!
John Taylor Testimonial

John Taylor

I was having a difficult time trying to decide which executive to send my script to for a read and consultation, so I reached out to Jason Mirch for suggestions. He could not have recommended a better individual than Brad Wilson. Brad not only provided constructive and thoughtful feedback concerning my project, but he was just a delight to speak with, period. I couldn't be happier with the experience and can't thank Brad and Stage 32 enough for providing me the opportunity.
Andrea Zastrow Testimonial

Andrea Zastrow

As someone who has purchased coverage for my comedy/romantic comedy script, Parallel Proposals, from several services, I can’t tell you what a relief (and joy) it is that my script landed on the desk of someone who truly connected with my characters and understood the message. The reader clearly gave my script a thorough read—that doesn’t always happen! While I’ve been able to find nuggets of valuable information in most of the other feedback I’ve received, I’ve also had way too many head-scratching moments. Not one with the Stage 32 reader, whose comments were very insightful throughout. Her comment summary beautifully summed up the messages I had hoped to portray, which fed my soul. The suggestion she had is a good one, and I’m looking to where I can incorporate it in my script. A big thanks to Stage 32!
Cameron Johnson Testimonial

Cameron Johnson

Scott Schulman is incredibly passionate about what he does. He offers practical advice and truly cares about your success. He helped me completely change my strategy of being a writer. He is the one who taught me that it is more than just writing a good script. He taught me that being a great writer is only a quarter of the battle. It is about selling yourself and having something significant to say. Once I was able to change my way of thinking, I know that played a significant part in my success.
Kelly Namey Testimonial

Kelly Namey

Hi everyone! Just finished my second marketable script with the one and only Sarah Cornelius. I seriously doubt there's a master class in the world that better equips a writer than working with a consultant like Sarah