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Kendra Christel
Black Boy/Girl Writes

I love to tell Southern tales that happen just south of somebody's God. I love that someone at Stage 32 listened. Feeling like a pretty marvelous 2nd rounder! 

Karen "Kay" Ross

That's fantastic news, congratulations!

Tamesha Edwards


Sophia Charlotte

Looking forward to meeting some talented people here.

Kendra Christel

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome and kind words!

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Kendra Christel.

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John Mezes
Where do you like to write?

Hi Stage 32 community!

I hope this weekend in super productive for you!

Where do you like to write? What surroundings are best conducive for you to write in? Is it a bedroom, kitchen, the park or backyard, or maybe your local coffee shop? What place are you at peace to create?

My space is my den. Once...

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Yu-Chen Kuo

I like to write in my tiny room lol

John Mezes

Rebecca - That is a terrific insight and a unique perspective, I love it!

Chad - It's a wonderful setup you've created for yourself that allows you to write in! Also, thank you for sharing the photo of your creative space!

Yu-Chen - Tiny room, big I right?

Yu-Chen Kuo

well, I think u could say that again! lol

Eric Christopherson

My personal best as far as writing stretches go was when I wrote about 50 pages of a first draft on a 14-hour plane flight to Japan. And from an aisle seat where people kept bumping my elbow. So I guess what's most conducive for me is ignoring lots of nearby strangers and eating crappy food.

John Mezes

Mad props to you Eric, writing under those conditions?! I know writers who can't belt out 50 pages with optimum conditions around them. Kudos!

James Ofuya
Hello my fellow writers

And it's a wrap ! My first screenplay for the year , a dance movie trip ,has just been concluded by my humble self... Let's keep the creative fire burning guys! Have a nice day

Lily Stecyuk

Congrats, James!

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Divine Chieza
The short quote stories i write or storie poems

How are you I hope i find you well. Can you please tell me what you think about my writing


She's a grown up not a child anymore

Too many responsibilities

6pm no worries she will be home like always

7pm no she will be home like always

But not today.

It's too late she is already gone

You now r...

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Divine Chieza

Thank you ☺️

TJ Keenan

Very impressive!

Divine Chieza

Thank you

Jason Mirch

Hey Divine Chieza! So great to have you here sharing this energy! Very well done. I'm so glad to have you in the community.

Divine Chieza

Thank you... I would also like to share what I wrote.. It's not that big its just a small story.

Nash Peterson
Two-Part Pilots

Good Morning Everyone,

I just finished part 2 of my Sci-Fi/Adventure pilot "Odyssey of the Psygonauts" this past weekend. And it got me wondering what y'all (the community) think of Two-Part pilot scripts.


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John Austin

I wonder if you email the coverage company in advance and explain whether they might be able to assist you? I know, for example, WeScreenplay allows you to select a reader and provide a note to the re...

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Dan MaxXx

as a writing sample - no.

as an idea to be made to a tv series - no.

at one time, I was a salary reader and two-part spec pilots just says the writer cannot tell a story in 40-50 pages. I have never see...

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Pete Whiting
Done. Finished.

This weekend I finally finished my romance drama 'James and Millie' (working title). So that's my first screenplay done for 2022 and now third completed feature. Has taken about two months to write but I finally got those words 'fade out' on paper. Now I'll spend a couple of weeks editing it and ref...

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Yu-Chen Kuo

Congrat! Good on ya mate! I like your logline, hope someday I can watch it on Netflix :D

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Eljohn Macaranas
HOW THE YELLOW MELLOW made the Quarterfinals of the 7th Annual Feature Comedy Screenwriting Contest!

Wow! I just got the news that How the Yellow Mellow has made the quarterfinals for the 7th Annual Feature Comedy Screenwriting Contest! It's so gratifying to see a story (partially based off my disastrous high school years) make the cut! Congratulations to all the other quarterfinalists!

Matthew James Sheridan

Congratulations Eljohn Macaranas !

Angela Cristantello

Wonderful news, Eljohn, Congratulations to you! We had so many amazing entries this year, too, so this is a particularly huge deal :)

So thrilled for you!!

Vincent Paterno

Congrats on the quarterfinals! I write rom-coms ("Stand Tall!", "Fugitive Sweetheart") and am at work on "Screen Time," a time-travel comedy set in classic Hollywood.

Muhammad Faheem Sadiq Syal

When there's will there's way

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Block busters scripts

Hi my name is Dartanyan Adkins here from the Golden State of California. Are you or your production company looking for scripts? If so, I have two completed scripts ready for the Big Screens. Find out what comes CRAWLING OUT of the night when a gas station clerk tries to interpret a ghost of a girl...

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Jose Holder
The Year Ahead! New Shows, Pilots & Pitching:)

Hey All! Love this community and wanted to share my experience during the past 12-month marathon, in large part to the energy and resources here on Stage 32. In 2021, I embarked on a steep learning curve to absorb as much as I could about tv producing, as a means of facilitating personal projects, m...

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Maurice Vaughan

Congrats on the success, Jose Holder. Thanks for sharing it with the community. I'm looking forward to seeing these projects (as well as your future projects).

Jose Holder

Many thanks, Maurice. And congrats on all your successes as well. This is indeed a great place for screenwriters and creatives of all types.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Jose Holder. You're right. It's a great place to connect and support each other.

Billy Kwack

Hey Jose, you done a lot of cool stuff, are you looking for anything?

Art Thomas

Jose Holder This place is the best. I know this year will be a great one for you. Let me know how I can assist.

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Molly Calliste
Nice start to the new year!

While it might seem a premature celebration, this is the first feature I've enter into any script competitions. Making even the quarter finals is feels great!

Matthew Parvin

Congrats! Glad to hear you are being brave with your work. Keep submitting and don't look back, you Writer you!

Molly Peck

Congratulations! It's a huge accomplishment already!

Molly Calliste

Wow, you're all so badass and uplifting! Thank you for that!

Vincent Paterno

Hello! I 'm a screenwriter, film historian and former journalist who writes rom-coms ("Stand Tall!", "Fugitive Sweetheart") and is working on "Screen Time," a time-travel comedy set in classic Hollywood (think "Back to the Future" meets "Singin' in the Rain").

Cherelynn Baker


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Noel Bastien
Netflix + Stage 32 Present: Television Pilot Story Structure FAQS?

did anyone watch this and know where the FAQs can be found ? wondering about the question/link about how to get your script to netflix?

Janelle Rollins

Hi. I watched it and I believe the FAQs come with the original download.

Noel Bastien

thanks, I'll have to look, but didn't see or not sure where to go.

Kacee Diehl DeMassi

In order to get your script to Netflix, you would need to go through a production company first - also Richard Botto has a webinar on this site which answers that question as well!

Cherelynn Baker

Perhaps a second question to the first is, "is Netflix a good fit and platform for my story?"

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Stacy Coffey
Coverfly Screenplay Ratings

Hi everyone! I've only been on Stage32 for a few weeks, but I've been on Coverfly for a few months and it's been pretty helpful, too. Your scripts get rated based on contest placements and stuff, and if you want to, you can make them discoverable and industry people can read them right there on the...

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Stacy Coffey

Hi William! Thank you for posting. Also, I just sent you an, "add to network" request and I may have referred to you as "Andrew" in my note. I'd just answered a message from a fellow named Andrew and I might have had a menopause moment and used his name. :D If I did, my sincerest apologies!

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks for explaining Coverfly, Stacy Coffey. I've heard about Coverfly, but I don't think I've used it.

Stacy Coffey

Absolutely! It's got a lot of features and everyone on there seems pretty kind and helpful, so far. :)

Frank Baruch

Excellent work, Stacy! That's a really great accolade as well as a nice placement!

Stacy Coffey

Thank you, Frank! She's a labor of love, that script. Based on a true story, too. :D

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