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Scripthop is hoping up.

All those scripthop voucher codes we threw around here... Scripthop is now free-for-all. Yip, you go straight in to create a free account. Also, they have fixed the small tech issues they had, as well as added new great features. Check it out their [Whats new]

CJ Walley

This is my favourite new addition in their FAQ;

No. We do not have any backend entry for industry people to discover scripts. If you're looking for that,...

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Craig D Griffiths

Not to hyjack the thread. Well Done CJ.

John Iannucci

Great way to package your scripts and keep growing that package

Andrii Torn
Seeking Co-Writer for an Epic Fantasy Feature

Author seeks a co-writer to perfect a two-part epic fantasy feature called Unborn Sun. It can be loosely compared to a cross between Cloud Atlas and Inception.

The events and mythology are set up in part one, transpiring in the present time.

“It is a sophisticated story that goes down so many rabbit...

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Ricki Linksman

Intriguing concept Andrii. I have also written fantasy drama feature films with social issue topics. I would be happy to read your script to see if it is a project to take on.

Ricki Linksman

IF it's something I cannot work on, I may have references to those who may be a good fit.

Ricki Linksman

P.S. Stage 32 is amazing in that you can have your script read and get notes and phone consults with professional execs in the business, take webinars, and practice pitching and pitch to studios which will help you in improving your script.

Andrii Torn

Hi Ricki Linksman , please contact me at . I am looking forward to hear from you and send my script. Thank you for your kind offer to recommend other writer(s), in case it is somethin...

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Tristan Hutchinson

Hi Andrii, you have a good concept for a script. I am an author and screenwriter. My creativity could be helpful for you.

Farzad Namazi
Which one?

Which one would you suggest to me, a newbie screenwriter who wants to introduce his screenplay to agents?

(Regardless of amount)

1. IMDB Pro

2. Behind the scenes

3. Blacklist

4. Tip Ink

5. Step 32

7. Pitch Fest Virtual

6. Pro script reader

Tell me if you know a better place.

i'll appreciate that....

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Doug Nelson

As a newbie; I suggest none of the above. Take a little time to create a portfolio, find your own comfort zone, style and niche. Build a network of local film type people. Then expand from there. You...

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John Ellis

All the things Dan and Doug said, plus write some shorts and find a way to produce them. Get them out there (YouTube, festivals, and so on) and repeat- all the while writing features - until agents contact you.

Plan on at least 10 years. Or as Beck/Woods (A Quiet Place) did - 23 years.

Farzad Namazi

Thank you all.

the information you provided was very helpful...

Noureddine Hifad

any of those if your script is on the Consider/recommend range, to check this out you have to pay for coverage here or on wescreenplay, that being said you should have a strong pitch or ask a professional to do it for you

Laurie Ashbourne
Serving Genres

Hi Everyone -

Just a quick note to let you all know that I will be on #scriptchat this Sunday October 25 at 5pm Pacific. The topic will be serving genres in your writing. Something that is often overlooked.

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Brandon Brown
Music in Screenplays

Good afternoon all,

Greetings from London, UK.

Quick question for all my fellow writers:

If I have a piece of music in mind when writing a scene, can I add that it should be playing at that moment in the script? Or is this a no-no ?

Appreciate your help in advance!


Dan Guardino

Doug. I agree.

Claude Gagne

You can well imagine, IF the director is going to direct this film, he/she'll have songs already flipping around in their heads. Let them have fun a little.

Christiane Lange

My main character is a jazz fanatic, so in 2 spots in the script, the music is specified (artist, not specific song). It is part of showing who the character is.

Phil Clarke

Hi Brandon Brown - you should have your answer from the many responses above, but if you need further confirmation, go with the advice from Dan Guardino and Doug Nelson . Steer clear unless it is CRUC...

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Natalie Diorio

In my script I put it as a suggestion... (Insert music. Something like Purple Haze.) It was for a Vietnam flashback scene. Remember, right now, you're writing your spec script for the reader. A script...

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Marc Anthony Greenland
Royalties in film?

Hi Everyone I hope this message finds you well? In terms of royalties what percentage does a writer get of the film?

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

Yeah definitely focus on getting paid up front which should be about 2.5 to 3% of the budget with caps on those massive budget blockbusters.

William Martell

"Monkey points" - residuals are based on net profits, and studio bookkeeping works to minimize those. Don't plan on getting anything and you will be pleasantly surprised every once in a while when you get a green envelope.

Plan on only getting the upfront money.

Dan MaxXx

Here in the USA, union Writers have accountants auditing companies, Dvd sales, streamer services, tv

Mazin & August Scriptnotes’...

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Doug Nelson

In ye oldie days (pre 2000); residuals were not that uncommon but even then they were tapering off. Nowadays the accounting departments blow so much smoke over the books that it's evident that they lost money so your percentage based residuals are nil. Get the money up front.

Marc Anthony Greenland

Thank you Everyone for your responses. I have a better idea of what to expect.

Gabriel Bonilla
Looking for a feedback for my scripts I'm working on.

I'm posting this because I wrote a web series and a shortfilm, and I'm starting to write a feature film but I'm insecure about the theme and tone, which will be controversial and problematic for some audiences when they read the cript and watch the entire film.

The only problem is I don't have money...

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Pierre Langenegger

Post them to your loglines page so people can read them and give feedback.

Laurie Woodward

Join a critique group. It helped my writing grow tremendously.

Julia Petrisor

I'm happy to read your stuff Gabriel, message me and I can take a look. I'm not produced yet but I am a fellow screenwriter immersed in craft. Beyond me reading them I echo Laurie - see if you can con...

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Gabriel Bonilla

Pierre Langenegger I posted the loglines on my profile, so you can check them out.

Julia Petrisor I sent you the friend request....

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Pierre Langenegger

Gabriel Bonilla a logline does nothing for me, why not post the script as well? What's the difference between posting here and emailing it to someone you've never heard of?

Writers block

Anyone have any advice for getting past writers block? Currently my process is stepping away from the project for a while and trying to come back but sometimes that can last a few days and I just get frustrated with life cause I love being in the flow of writing.

Aray Brown

i find it helps to retrace your steps, reread what you have written

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

I don't believe in Writer's Block. I think sometimes we just have to sit down and accept that what we're about to write might not be good or thought out, but it might turn into something down the road with rewriters. Just get out of your head and put something/anything on the page.

A. S. Templeton

A true writer never lacks something productive to do.

• Have multiple projects going.

• Research for the next project.

• Rewrite/update the logline(s).

• Rewrite/update the 2-page pitch(es).

• Rewrite/upda...

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Debbie Croysdale

@Gary All of the above answers are cool but another two cents. If your writers block gets really bad, take time out and forget it for maybe days, sleep and upon waking let the original seed of thought...

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Julia Petrisor

I'm with Nick, I generally don't buy into writer's block.And I totally agree with A.S. - there are so many ways to keep a project moving besides the writing. However, a few questions for you to consid...

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Christine J. Whitlock
Last night, at our Free Zoom Scriptwriters and Filmmakers meeting

Last night, at our Free Zoom Scriptwriters and Filmmakers meeting, we had introductions and everyone shared. We talked about markets, project update – what are you working on, webinars, and other news. See the unedited meeting at . This Zoom meeting is now bi-monthly for...

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Aaron Rivett

I have written a pilot screenplay, and I am looking for feedback/collaboration. I am looking to take it to the next step.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

Hey Aaron, if you'd like some professional feedback from one of Stage 32's industry readers (72 hour turnaround) or an executive we work with, feel free to email me at for recommendations :)

Tommy Chandler
Looking for transgender writers!

Hey there!

I'm apart of a group of writers that are currently writing a show with a STRONG transgender lead. We want this show to be as authentic as possible, so we're looking for someone that can give us their perspective and insight. If you are interested, my email is OR just...

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Dunya K. Ibrahim
Hello friends,

I just wanted to remind you of this saying:

** If you bury a great script in your backyard, Hollywood will find it **

Let's keep moving forward. I wish you all good luck.

Dan Guardino

Brian. I don't know if he broke in the business as a screenwriter. However I agree when you start out it is sort of a crapshoot but there are ways to increase your odds.

Niksa Maric

6,367 miles or 10,247 km but I'd love to see them try. I'll even leave a crumb trail for them. What a joke they have become.

Craig D Griffiths

Brian Flanagan I am jealous. He is one of my favourite people.

Brian Flanagan

Craig D Griffiths

Same here. Learned that he wrote the screenplay for 'O Lucky Man,' which is a real gem.

Brian Flanagan

Dan Guardino

I'm sure that's true. Our comments lose force when we add qualifiers, though.

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