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Table Reads

I just got cast in a TV series comedy pilot and I have my first table read next weekend. This is my first lead role and I have never done a table read before. What should I expect?

C Harris Lynn

Congrats! :)

Madeline Romine

Thank you! I'm so excited for this project even though it's just a pilot shoot. All female cast with female show runner and writers.

C Harris Lynn

Be sure to let us know when it airs, or hits streaming. Break a leg! :D

Thoughts on Method Acting?

I was script supervising on set this weekend and witnessed something I had never seen before. One of the actors is a method actor. Before and after auditions he stayed in character, so the director knew he would have to navigate this. But on day one of the shoot, he came to the set late and held up...

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Douglas Eugene Mayfield

Sounds like a good start for short dark comedy about the film business.

Joseph Chastain

Not acceptable. Period.

Deanna Carlyle

I'm two weeks late with my comment. I'm a method writer. ... lol

Alec Patchin

In my opinion, making a movie is hard enough. If the actor is being inconsiderate or holding up the process they aren't worth working with again. There is no reason his "process" should inhibit the crew and the film as a whole. Plenty of other actors can get the job done and be on time.

Richard "RB" Botto

Very funny Deanna Carlyle !


Can anyone recommend a good company to start off with, recommend agents, and auditions? Thanks!

Joseph L. Stewart

Hello Ms Yuchasz.

A Wild Afternoon at the Hollywood Palladium with Peck, Heston, Fonda and Sutherland

THE GOOD NEWS at the 1970 annual Screen Actors Guild meeting at the storied Hollywood Palladium was that SAG president Charlton Heston was about to present the organization's eighth annual Life Achievement Award to Gregory Peck. I was there in the auditorium that Friday, Nov. 20th, with what seemed l...

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An Inspirational Quote For The Expat Thespian

Take it from someone wiser than me! #TheSeoulBrotha

Finding a Monologue

Hey everyone, As a drama student in college I am starting to look for monologues that I could use for university. I understand that the monologue has to be right for me. But I can't seem to find any. I was wondering if there was a playwrite that people could suggest that may be interesting and diffe...

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JD Hartman

A monologue can come from a favorite movie/movie character you identify with. Most scripts can be found online.

Shauna Lebihan

I never thought of movies, thank you.

Joseph Wade

I know this is probably way too late to help in any way, but I thought I'd offer my two cents anyway. Some of the best and most naturalistic monologues I've experienced in film are in the 'Before' Tri...

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Barry Clifton

I recently discovered that I could download English subtitles for almost any film for free. They are usually in srt format that can be opened with Notepad and will appear as simple text. I can then copy and edit as needed to put together a monologue.

Let's not Forget!!!!

The writers may have avoided a strike, but let's not forget SAG-AFTRA is still in the midst of its longest strike ever!

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Why do we allow ourselves to be shamed as actors?

I'm just tossing this out there coz it really bothers me! The sheer shaming we get in the biz as actors! WTF? Why do people in the biz shame us actors and WHY do we tolerate it? This goes from agents, casting directors, directors, producers and even co-stars! Something "horrible" happened to one of...

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Mark Heartford

i hear what you saying but I like you to think about people as a whole not just the acting creative side , through life we will all meet people you judge us and either tell us directly or indirectly h...

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C Harris Lynn

^^^ That's why.

JD Hartman

Maybe your not "tough" enough mentally to be an actor. Criticism, correction, rejection, etc., the staple of an actors diet, if not palatable, then maybe this isn't for you.

Debbie Croysdale

Its LIFE IN GENERAL that brings out psychic vampires who feed off and revel in Patronisation of others. Actors are in a special "highlighted" position where they are in the spotlight..... and in some...

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C Harris Lynn

No, actors are treated like shit.

British accent wanted! (not for me, I have one!)

We are currently casting a fully funded movie here in London and for reasons too complicated to go into, want to cast an American A-lister in the lead.
However, as a Brit myself (and to save time), I'm keen to ensure that whoever we approach can pull off a decent British accent so does anyone have any suggestions? Needs to be over 40.

'Christopher Adams

Other than myself ;) Jonny Depp and Robert Downing Jr. are both excellent.

Debbie Croysdale

My Name is Michael Caine. (He lives up the road London and has street cred US as in A lister!).

Richard "RB" Botto

Not sure if you can be sure until you audition them, Dougie. You can make a post for the position in our JOBS section and ask them to send you their reels as well.

Dougie Brimson

I'm not sure A listers read the job section on Stage32 Richard, but thanks anyway.

Richard "RB" Botto

How about their agents, Dougie? Having run this platform 6 years, I'd say that thinking is very short sighted, Dougie, but to each their own.

Cape Town Acting Troupe

I just started an acting troupe and I'm basically the only member. I want to create the opportunity for people to be able to write and perform their own stories instead of relying on others to typecast them or wait to afford an expensive acting school. Please contact me if you want to join or know someone who would want to join

Referral to Talent Manager in Los Angeles

Hi fellow actors:
Hope youre having a great week so far. I wanted to see if anyone here who may live in L.A area ( I guess not always necessary) would be so kind as to maybe refer me to a good Talent Manager for representation? Thanks so much, and have an awesome day.
Eliza Agudelo

Anthony Fiester

Me too please! :P

Monologues and Song

Anyone out there can suggest a 2 minute dramatic monologue? I'm looking for something contemporary and not overdone. I have been looking around at the usual websites but I'm drawing a blank for some reason. I also need a song for for this audition and I have a pretty low voice for female so any suggestions would help. Thanks everyone!

Jeffrey Gitelle

Is Backstage one of the usual websites you've used? Seems like they have a treasure trove of monologues. Wish I could magically come up with one that fits you like a glove! Again, break legs, Madeline.

Tony Fisher

You could try one of the old classic from Shakespeare. But they've been done to death, I think many of the casting sites have monologue sections you can access. Might be worth a look.

Christof Davis

It would depend on what the audition was for - for the song - but there is a great song for a low-belt female from "A Tale of Two Cities" by Jill Santoriello - it's called "Out of Sight, Out of Mind":...

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Javi Toste

As far as I remember, there's a beautiful monologue in Sarah Kane's "Crave", which is contemporary, that talks about love in a non-corny, realistic way and that might be perfectly recommended for an audition. Check it out! :)

Vanessa Bailey

Try for searchable screen monologues, if they're suitable at all.... :)