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Roman Blat
Acting reel updates

I try to update my acting reel a few times a year. Sometimes I like to make reels for a specific type of character. This my type cast character. ‪2018 OG Reel ‬ ‪I do I lot of shooting and getting shot. ‬ ‪‬

Delores Wheeler

Seeking employment

Headshot photographers and agents!

Hi folks! :) I am a professional headshots photographer in Toronto. I am working with few agents but I find there are 3 extremes. The first type is an agent that ONLY wants a great headshot .. they completely refuse any kick back or gifts. The second type leave things super vague .. they would refer...

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Get on set experience in action T.V. shows and movies

Any help ? I've been dreaming about this for awhile I'm easy to get along with I love to help out especaily when anyone helps me out I would greatly appreciate it

Darrell Powell

i went to a film school before i they ripped me off so

Christopher Pornovets

For me ( and this is my opinion ) , I would recommend building up your resume with indie work and then try and get an agent / sag . network with other people as that can be very helpfull in the future .

Teophiel Weston

Im with Christopher on this one you should really try to gradually build up you resume and accumulate credits with experience and then get an agent. Agents have access to jobs that you will never see...

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Ian James Smith

I agree with Christopher and Teophiel, i got my agent by doing indie work.

Paul Elliston

Do you have a reel?


Hi everyone! Quick question, when emailing a headshot and resume, is it best in pdf or Microsoft word, or does it not matter? Thanks :)

Kyle Climans

From what I can tell, PDF is the format you want.

Kahlid Elijah Tapia

I've always done it in PDF. You never know what settings a person's computer will be at and a MS Word document can be easily disorganized.

Mikul Robins

yes, pdf almost anybody can open these days

Samantha Bowling

Thank you! I will definitely start submitting everything in PDF! :)

Mike Williams

Personally; I agree with pdf also. I've found many people are now split between being Macs and PCs...and although there is a word version for Mac, most use pages and that just doesn't translate at all to those who use people like me who can't let go

Beth Fox Heisinger

After much outcry... but certainly a supportive act! Very cool! Hopefully more will choose to be a part of change. :)))

Michael LaVoie

Celebrity Pay scales are relevant to Q values. It's marketing and mass appeal. But I'd be curious to see a breakdown of films with Q values of performers in different territories and their relative pa...

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Beth Fox Heisinger

Michael, yeah, sure, market value. But let's not forget that Williams is a top-award-winning talent. What I found telling is that both Wahlberg and Williams are represented by the same talent agency....

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Michael LaVoie

My point was only that there's a precedent for certain names that dictates what those people will earn by default. Their own track record of proven ticket sales dictates it. So whatever the salary on...

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Steven Harris Anzelowitz

When you do the right thing it shows.

I need Help.

I'm an actor who's got a nice collection of footage together for a reel. My problem is I'm on a contract on a cruise ship and for the gig I've lost close to 50lbs. Don't get my wrong I'm healthier, looking better and more confident but my look no longer matched ALL of previous footage. My goal was t...

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Alexander Doddy

Get some footage of you now, even just on a phone, so you can show off your new look. Keep the old reel as it still represents your skills. Send them both with the explanation that you are on a ship and ...

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Kaye Bewley

Start a daily video blog... focus on your work as an actor and the things that you do daily while on this cruise ship and why you had to lose the weight... you can then offer snippets of your previous...

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Michael LaVoie

Fit or average, in movies you want to look like the "type" of actor you intend to be and reference those who came before you. In theater it's not as critical. But if you're shifting to film, look at t...

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Kesean Williams

Yeah man, if anything this situation makes you MORE marketable. Follow the advice above from others to turn it into a strength. Best wishes

Mikul Robins

Yes, they need to see how you look now

Acting Training

Hi folks, I'm currently looking at a variety of schools for acting training including Atlantic, Esper Studio, Circle in the Square, and the Neighborhood Playhouse as well as a couple across the pond -- LAMDA and Mountview, specifically. I've heard and read for a while now that UK training is "the bes ...

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Kahlid Elijah Tapia

I did an extensive amount of research on universities in Europe with acting programs. You are correct they all seem to have a general verbiage that they use for their schools. To weed out the "weak",...

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Ashton Lewis

Fascinating. So it's less about the technique, and more about the quality of the teachers and program as a whole, proven by post-graduate successes?

James D. Margelony

If you're looking in NYC I would go with Stella Adler, just my thoughts.

Ashton Lewis

Thanks for the thoughts, James. What did you like about Adler?

James D. Margelony

I think with any training you're going to get restrictions, but they really focused on me as an artist, and the technique makes me feel less in my head, and gets me into my body, where acting is meant...

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Interview With Expat Thespian Kevin Lee

At a soaring 6 feet 5 inches tall (or 198cm) Kevin Lee stands head and shoulders above 99% of foreign actors. His literal & metaphorical commanding presence is the reason for his success. However, the only thing taller than this expat thespian is his dedication to the craft in the divine country, Th...

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Acting Classes

Hello. Where are your film acting classes held?

Does anyone have any interesting stories to tell about their acting experiences?

As actors, we are always looking for opportunities to find work. I started my little acting career in background work and I had no idea what I was in for. I was in the waiting room in the bottom of a church with other background actors on the set of the 3rd episode from the 1st season of Blue Bloods...

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Christopher Trastoy

But I appreciate the tip. I can def. use some because sometimes it seems that you can submit to multiple roles and all you have is a dry inbox!

Tomasz Mieczkowski

I often hear stories about background acting, and recently, more and more I hear that screenwriters are doing it. They bring their own stuff to work on while they wait, because it often times involves...

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Ralph Cashen

I do background acting for SAG projects only as a SAG actor and I have thought more than once that the conversations we sometimes have would make an interesting story which has gotten me thinking to t...

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Iesha Washington

Well if you had worked background on a SAG project for at least 3 days you're eligible to join SAG and then you too can become a "Union background" actor.

JD Hartman

Iesha, can you point to a reputable source that can verify the 3 days (as background) and your eligible. I've always known it to be three waivers (earned for speaking roles on a SAG project) and you are eligible to join.

8 Indispensable Character Creation Tools

After studying many techniques, I'm heavily involved in making up my own process that uses tools from writing fiction and universal archetypes, but here are the tools and techniques that served me best along the way so far. 1. Breathe Like Them: by observing others' breathing, even in performance, on ...

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Joshua Lander

These are extremely helpful! I've studied bits and pieces of various techniques but found that combining certain elements from them made more sense for me as an actor. I'm not sure what you would call my technique, lol.

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