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Will ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Flap Lead to Changes for Actors of Color?
Will 'Hawaii Five-0' Flap Lead to Changes for Actors of Color?
Will 'Hawaii Five-0' Flap Lead to Changes for Actors of Color?
"Hawaii Five-0" series regulars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park are exiting the show after contract negotiations broke down, and the situation has added fuel to a bigger discussion as to whether Hollywo…
Lisa Bogner

Owen - I appreciate the request but no thanks :) Beth - I'm sorry, but the last time I checked this was a free country. The problem that some African American people have (apparently this includes Owe...

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Gerald Edwin Chule

Lisa, Do you ... actually even know that you are being racist ? You don't seem to understand that everything you say about race seems purposefully inflammatory and, frankly you seem to be going out of...

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Owen Mowatt

Isn't equality what black people have been begging the world to get?? UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. This is without doubt one of the dumbness things I've ever read on the Internet. And as if that statement coul ...

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Robert Franklin

I love the original!

John Ellis

Wow, I'm sorry I posted to this because now it show up in my feed.

Why sit at home all day?

Ok, so we're not working, our friends don't understand the lives we have chosen so we are now going it alone. That doesn't mean that we have to stay in doors all day. Go out, make new friends; carry business cards, you never know it might turn into an opportunity. Don't be afraid to go out on your o...

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Martha Hazzard Decker

So true. If I were to wait around until someone called, who knows, especially since I live in a rural area outside Dallas, TX. There's a lot going on around here which means I can find something to do most of the time. Besides, I can talk a lot if needed!

Robert Franklin

Go for it, baby!

Jason Raymaker

I can totally relate to what you said here. We really need to be creating our own opportunities instead of waiting for the phone to ring.

Alex Scoras

That's it man, Thx!

Robert Franklin

Get outside and sell the world on how great you are! Watch movies. Go to a cafe and get involved in a conversation. Volunteer somewhere.

The Underdog

But still pursuing....Keep pushing actors! Keep dreams alive! an actor, I AM!!! IMDb:

Robert Franklin

Always follow your dreams!

Agent Headshot Which One First

I'm in need of new headshot and was planning on getting them at the end of the summer. However, I was also planning to submitting to various talent agencies. Do you think I need my new headshot before submitting for agents or submit for agents first?

Niamh Andrews Fraher

Headshots first I'd say. Agents like recent headshots.

Alex Scoras

True, I'd think the same!

Elizabeth Broghanne Jessamine

Thank you both I was leaning towards that.

Robert Franklin

Shop around for best headshot price!

Acting education.

Here is a list of acting education resources I hope someone finds useful. Thx!

Monologues and Song

Anyone out there can suggest a 2 minute dramatic monologue? I'm looking for something contemporary and not overdone. I have been looking around at the usual websites but I'm drawing a blank for some reason. I also need a song for for this audition and I have a pretty low voice for female so any suggestions would help. Thanks everyone!

Robert Franklin

Have you exhausted google?

Pamela Perrine

My 'go to' is from Crazy, Stupid Love- role of Tracy (

Steve Purvis

The play "Constellations" has some good monologues.

Alex Scoras

CRIMES of the Heart!

David Fritsch

Write your own based on a personal experience.

Talent Finds Talent. "The Summer of 2017"

Hey all.  I have been posting my work with more than a little "please just hand me  a script, or get me to the director".  And l would like to find an invisible beach again.  However. I feel guided to say something this summer.  Nothing Great and I mean Nothing Great happens without a Vision and a T...

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Paying Gigs vs. Unpaid "Art"

I've run into this dilemma many times when it concerns acting and actors and maybe you all can give me your two cents! To me most true artists can't help but do their art, regardless of whether they make money or not. I have always kept busy and been paid for very little of the work. Being in a plac...

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Christopher Trastoy

If you are passionate about what you are doing you would jump at the thought of being able to work on your craft or art. Money helps keep the wheel spinning but it shouldn't be a deal breaker if it we...

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JD Hartman

Christopher Trastoy Is acting your full time profession or do you have a regular day job? Passion is great, but bills still have to be paid unless you live at home with your parents. That's just reality.

Robert Franklin

Do all you can get, even if unpaid! Make connections and friends!

Christopher Trastoy

JD Hartman I can't believe I am just seeing this now. I do have a job that I work in aside from the arts that helps pay the bills, I do not think it is safe to assume that actors are living at home wi...

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JD Hartman

Never did I say all actors.... Great that you're working while pursuing you real passion. Also great that you were able to find the type of job that gives you the freedom to audition and take off from...

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Greg Joseph
Picking the Minds of Legends

GREGORY PECK: AT HOME WITH A LEGEND This is one of the photos I took of the late, great actor Gregory Peck at his Los Angeles home when I visited him for a profile I was writing about him for a large Southern California newspaper and its news service to coincide with the reopening of the La Jolla Pl...

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LindaAnn Loschiavo

What a terrific story you wrote for us about "getting the story." Gregory Peck -- always charismatic onscreen.

Debbie Croysdale

Thanks for sharing this fantastic, unique and one off recollection of your meeting with a legend. Some lovely one liners in there. "There are no fairy godmothers in Hollywood." Maybe that gem of wisdo...

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Greg Joseph

Thanks so much!!!

Advice from working actor.

A nice video that offers helping tips for actors! Enjoy!

Ready for an agent!

I've been getting agents that I'm not comfortable with and I would turn them down and now I know it's time but still skeptical. My last agent was unbelievably jealous and would not help me and I'm in need of a great Agent that will help me can anyone refer me to one they know that's great?!!!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Tyandra WIllis read Robert Franklin article above you.

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