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Nine9 Modeling and Acting

So I saw this post on Facebook calling actors for a DC casting call. They didn’t specify which film. I clicked on the post where they had an online form that asked for my height, weight, gender, etc. It also requested my email and main phone number and I obliged, linked my headshot to that form and...

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Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

I don't think you'll find an answer to that question online. The website looks pretty professional and bad-mouthing is something incorporated in this industry. Using the web for trusted serv...

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Lauren Alexandra Fletcher

Good to know. Thank you.

Shanghai Jack Neal

I typed in "Nine9 scam" on google - The proof is SOLID about what it really is & what isn't ... If you read the Glass Door reviews should give you some idea of what it really is... Their reviewers spe...

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Lourdes Trammell

I'm sorry you experienced that. you get so excited, only to find out it's all smoke and mirrors. Scary out there...

Karen LaMantia
What are our priorities?

If your priorities are simply making money and getting anything that feeds the status quo, forget reading the rest of this.

We are actually facing the change of climate and stability of environment and our government institutions that may lead to the extermination of human species, first through war...

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Roland Fahnbulleh Jr
I'm in need of Actors and Actresses to collaborate with.

I'm looking for actors and actresses in the South Eastern Connecticut area willing to collaborate on a few short films with me, over the next few months. This will be films that I will be filming and producing. I'm looking to create a lasting working experience and friendship while collaborating on...

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James Harper

Hi is any film or casting director looking for actor a film role? I,m locketed in Cologne Germnany. I would appreciate to hear from you,

Mikael Roth

Hi Roland!

I am an actor from Sweden and it would be fun to collaborate with you for your upcoming projects. You can check out my website and let´s get in touch if you find me intresting.


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Lourdes Trammell
Response to Make Connections in the Film Industry When I Don’t Live in LA? (by Richard Botto)

I just got back to Stage32 after a hiatus. I just want to say, I really appreciate this video I views. I totally agree with Botto, when he says, "You go to a party, you get dressed up, you look nice, you socialize...why can't people do that online?" You have to just go do it. If you want to direct,...

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Robert Hyacinth

I've found it can be challenging to get people involved who share your vision. If you want to do it all by yourself though, fair play.

Robert Hyacinth
Opportunity to get involved
Ben Roberts on Twitter
Ben Roberts on Twitter
Please RT: We're looking for someone to spearhead a revolution in UK programming for young audiences (under 18). Are you or do you know someone who could run the major new @BFI Young Audiences Content…
Ciara Sherry
Representation rates

I've found myself an agent on starnow but he says he takes 20% commission. Is that too high? I don't want to drop him because I'm not yet on spotlight so I think I'd struggle, but I also don't want to be scammed!

Mark Burger

20% is excessive at best and gouging at worst. You can do better Ciara. Good luck !

Carlo Alvarez

10% is the normal cut for an agent. Managers usually 15%

Michael Bott

Sort of Groundhog Day thing going on here ...

Ciara Sherry

at least everyone is being helpful though! :)

Romane Robb

Michael Bott what do you mean?

Marisa Torre
Watch Marisa Torre (the other one) interview Emily Blunt

Watch Marisa Torre (the other one) interview Emily Blunt

Disney’s #DreamBigPrincess global video series, produced and directed by young women from the UN Foundation’s Girl Up initiative...

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Joe Mosqueda
Improv Nights Sessions

We are looking for actors that would like to participate in improv nights once a month. If you are an actor and want to polish off your skills and stay active, this is an excellent opportunity. No fees of any kind, just your passion for acting. Reply for location and time.

Nadeep EL

I love Improv. Where is this located?

Roy Nowlin

Hey Joe, I was looking for something like this. Right on time!! Send me more info

Emily Pascal

Hi Joe! I'm interested. Is this a show setting or more workshop/class without an audience?

Boe Loucas
Actor, Print Model

Hey S32. Hope everyone is well. Is anybody seeking talent for any current, or upcoming Film, TV, Commercial, or Print Shoot projects?

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi, Boe. Perhaps glance over the Jobs board for possibilities: ;) Hope that helps! Best to you!

Amanda Woodhouse
Extras background vs Acting career

Hi everyone I am a Canadian actress, and my question is I am pursuing my career as an actress I have been landing lead roles, principle ect… If I did extra or any type of background just to make extra money or for fun would that effect my career, would I be typecast. I would never put it on my resum...

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Stephen Foster

thank you!

Shanghai Jack Neal

Go to any actor that has an extensive IMDB from the last 30+ years & see how they've been type cast... In today's world pick the future rolls you want to be known for & that play to your strengths... (A good example is look at Eric Roberts & Julia Roberts IMDB)

JD Hartman

Royce Allen Dudley wrote. " When BG get pushy and try to work their way into something more on a set is when they can lose future opportunity for either." Not to say that isn't true, but I've also obs...

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Royce Allen Dudley

Agreed JD... but there is a fine line. When one is known to the AD and the show, it's a much better chance than day 1. My cautionary comments are aimed at newbs. Thanks for the broader pic.

JD Hartman

It's all a roll of the dice.....

Slava Babenkov
Self tapes

Hi everyone, I have a question. How do you make self tapes with action scenes? With moving, jumping, shooting, etc. Do you do all that actions or you concentrate only on lines and trying to minimize actions? For example, I have two-three pages of the scene, but there are only 3-4 lines, other is actions and lines of other charecters. Thanks!

Matthew J. Kaplan

Hi Slava, I recommend concentrating on the lines. If it feels right, leave room for those actions and show them through facial expressions, but in general, a CD is not looking for you to do those acti...

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Slava Babenkov

Thank you, Matthew!

James Scott

Shoot mid to long shot in 4K, then you can crop, pan, and zoom as much as a 720p little window of original to simulate that you have camera movement.

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