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Temp agencies

This may be offtopic for the group , but what type of temp agencies usually hire actors with little to no experience in NYC ???? I am planning on going to some tomorrow and see what would happen, but do not know where to start.

Leah Surette

Try looking for casting calls for extras. You will get the experience you need eventually

Jorge J Prieto

Grant Wilfley Casting. mostly for extra work.

Christopher Pornovets

im trying not to be an extra . it does not give experience as an actor and people are lying if they are saying it . I am looking for actual work so I can focus more on principal roles.

Shawn Speake

Hey, Christopher. I'm Shawn Speake. I don't lie - except about the women I'm messing around with at the clubs where I DJ.... Everybody doesn't need to know everything! Being an extra does give experie...

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Interview With International Thespian Michela Carattini

Take a look at how this international thespian is getting it done! What's your favorite aspect of Michela Carattini's acting career? #TheSeoulBrotha

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Debbie Croysdale

Thanks for the share, a great read over Sunday Lunch. Such a multi layered and faceted artist. Im now trying to get to watch some of her work. I totally agree Artistic performance should have no bound...

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I have had some dalliances in acting before and I am wondering who I could connect with in the NYC to help build a portfolio etc with because acting is going to be my main focus now.

Denzel Washington, Giancarlo Esposito, Esther Rolle, Rosalind Cash, Lynn Whitfield. What do they all have in common?

The iconic Negro Ensemble Company founded by actor Robert Hooks. Tribute to Robert and the NEC this Saturday, September 23, 2017, Nate Holden Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, 7:00 p.m.

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Writers Workshop

I'm interested in forming a wroiters workshop in the philly / Trenton / Princeton area) some place where we can exchange ideas, get feedback, get reads. If interested please reply

JD Hartman

You could go to the S. Jersey writers meetup in Deptford, NJ

John Iannucci

What days does it meet? What is there method? It's about an hour so I'd like it to be worthwhile

JD Hartman

See: Just passing on the information that's here. Never been, not a screenwriter, don't plan to go. However is driving an hour too...

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NYC Acting Classes

Can anyone recommend an affordable acting class or teacher in NYC?

Matt Bailey

here's a few, they all have websites you can check out:Improv - the Pit
Stage - Barrow Group, Larry Singer Studios, Michael Kostroff
On Camera - Bob Krakower, Matt Newton

We need a casting director site

We need to make a site where we upload our acting profiles for free totally free site but it's more for agents to be able to find you and cast you or send you audition's to make it to the top make there a way to find that door we all want to open

Alexander Doddy

Stage 32 etc... already allow you to put up a profile and showcase your skills. The problem is, that isn't what mainstream casting directors want. Nor do agents. So they will continue to use the paid casting sites as it makes their jobs easier

Still Trying My Best

I keep trying but I am still getting let down. I just don't know what to do. I love to act BUT it seems the only decent jobs I can get are seasonal. Starting to think I have no talent.

Alexander Doddy

If you are getting seasonal work then you clearly have talent. What is your Headshot, Showreel and agent situation?

Alena Shipilova

You shouldn't start hesitating in yourself. If you are the actor you have to know that each role is a result of a hardworking process of your agent and of you too. Its not so easy, yes but keep trying...

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Christopher Pornovets

I think ( from what I saw in your posts ) is that your not really self pushing out of your comfort zone . Things are not going to come to you just like that . It just takes time and energy and alot of...

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Why do we allow ourselves to be shamed as actors?

I'm just tossing this out there coz it really bothers me! The sheer shaming we get in the biz as actors! WTF? Why do people in the biz shame us actors and WHY do we tolerate it? This goes from agents, casting directors, directors, producers and even co-stars! Something "horrible" happened to one of ...

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C Harris Lynn

No, actors are treated like shit.

Joseph L. Stewart

People who have potentially narcissistic (The illusion of "control") tendencies, almost always attract and prey on the more empathetic (kind hearted) types. Even when that doesn't apply, people handle...

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Stephen Foster

wow! I really appreciate all this feedback. I think actors are tough, strong, flexible, but easily manipulated into always feeling "not good enough" by Casting Directors, Agents coz we are always "job hunting"

Debbie Croysdale

Agree @Stephen. Well said @Joseph.....just love the new term "Intro/Extrovert Hybrid."

Barbara Faye Glover

Or, false evidence appearing real.

Looking for actors...

I'm a director, screenwriter, script consultant, producer who just moved to Dallas to spearhead a new filmmaking degree at UNT Dallas. I've written and directed shorts in both narrative and documentary form and directed a one hour drama pilot and a feature length film. I've also directed several awa...

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Chantel-Mari Atkins

wishing you the beat of luck

Chantel-Mari Atkins

I meant to say best

J Michael Silver

If I was only in TX... best of luck!!

I Can REALLY Relate!!

I have SUCH respect for the talent in this industry - Look at what we see here on Stage32!! With such reverence, I love to contribute my Life Experience... To make the characters so real! You see, I've worked construction, been the Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce, taught at various levels ...

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Stanley N. Lozowski

Are you able to record and edit your voiceovers? Can you eMail me a link to your recorded voice(a) online? Thanks, Mitch -

Theme Park Jobs: Good Career Moves?

I have recently auditioned and been placed on the "Final Consideration List" for a theme park performer job in Japan. While it is a nice gig with good pay, my career goals are focused on being a film actor and a 13 month contract in Japan would seem to put that on hold. Would this be a legitimate st...

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Brett Berg

you first need to live and travel in order to gain rich acting qualities - This will be an experience unlike no other - I say go to Japan -pick up the lingo - and gain a new skill and new friends.

Debbie Croysdale

Don't look a gift horse the mouth. People promise film parts that never actually materialise. At least with this gig you have legal contract.

Brett Berg

we also have many years on this earth and time flies when your having fun - I took a job for a year on a cruise ship as a Youth Councilor - I created possibility once on board and also worked in the T...

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Zedrick Restauro

Believe that you have a long career ahead of you [because you do ;) ] and that this opportunity is one of the early adventures in this journey of yours. The more you experience life, which includes ot...

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Alexander Doddy

Use it as an opportunity to build up capital, practice your skills (especially improv) use the downtime to build other skills etc... A bit of income and stability for a year gives you the opportunity to develop in ways you otherwise would be unable to do as a 'jobbing' actor.

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