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Cassidy Robinson
Need some practical advice! *ACTORS AND AGENTS*

Hello! I'm an aspiring film composer and recently took an interest in acting since I landed a small part in a recent Netflix series and would like to have the chance of becoming a series regular should they write in my character. Anyone have some advice about what it takes to break into the acting i...

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Richard Smith

Hi Cassidy, I just listened to some of your music and enjoyed it. There had to be a passion behind your success as a musician to play music like that and I suggest you just use the same passion for your acting and allow your career as an actor to just unfold as beautifully as your music.

Cassidy Robinson

Thank you so much!

Mark Schaefer

Actor, crew, writers #Networking event! Sat Dec 7th 9am till noon in Claremont, CA. #laemmle theater. Free tickets on eventbright.

Steve James

Looks like you have already broken in!

Jac Davyn

Hi everyone, I am French with a French accent. My question is, do you think it is important to get rid of it to succeed? Because everyone I meet tells me that it is cute and I think this is one of my thing, like a particularity... But on the other hand, I often read that it is better to not have an...

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Stephen Foster

I'd say use your accent as your calling card. I was told to get rid of my southern accent and it's been my greatest asset to book roles. it all depends on the type of acting you want to do. there are no hard and fast rules for this.

Rob Ewing

I don't think its something you need to get rid of necessarily, especially if it adds to your overall "likability." Don't change who you are. I do, however, think it might be useful if you had some variety in your stable, and were not solely dependent on that one accent for work.

Douglas Olsson

Guys, she won't "lose" her accent but have the ability to turn it on or off. That opens up roles. I've played Italian, Southern, Armenian, Russian and Spanish. It takes work but it can be done.

Raymond Zachariasse

I think in Hollywood you should, but as a person I think you should not. However, with an accent you do get type cast. I know with Dutch (I am one) you will get German roles. Only when you are really...

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Steve James

Aren't you working in France?

Kaylah Hope Felker
Agents and Demo Reel?

Hey guys. So I am planning on moving to Toronto next spring to pursue acting professionally and I would like to secure myself an agent. Are there any specific agents you would recommend and how do I go about securing one? Do I get a recommendation or just message them myself? Also, I am aware that I...

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Daniel Johnson

Don't skimp on the showreel material - get some new stuff filmed if you can which really showcases what you can do!

Stephen Foster

go to Actors Access and sign up. get a list from the net of agents in Toronto and start emailing them your resume and reel. I got my last agent on FB!

Daniel Flint
American Actors in London

I'm moving to London very shortly. Anyone have experience on being an American actor looking for film work there? My resume is mostly theatre, small films, industrials, etc. But I am now focusing on screenwriting, and potentially film/tv acting.

Lauren Litt

Just jumping in to the VO game. Have you been working in voiceovers long?

Robert Hyacinth

Not that long and I don't have a long list of credits, have done some research though

Stephen Foster

networking and a good demo

Edward A. Stodolski

Can you suggest a voiceover acting agent in New York?

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator
Online Table Reads

Hey Actors of Stage 32!

Just wanted to put out the call again for if you're available to do some online table reads with the scripts from the writers over in The Writers' Room. We're doing one a month and want to try to cast Stage 32 members before anyone else.

Let me know if you're down and I'll add you to the list :)

Lydia Kalmen

I just saw this, I'd love to!

Edward Skirtich

Hi Lydia and Bill- Would you ,like to do a zoom table read with me in Pittsburgh, PA at & 7 PM Thursday November 12 th with my written version of "Top Gun" Thanks-Ed Skirtich

Lydia Kalmen

Hi Ed, yes definitely

Edward Skirtich

Hi Lydia- That's excellent. You would play the role of Charlene of a new version I wrote of "Top Gun." I want to help veteran and rookie actors and actresses with skills to improve and stay fresh with...

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Mugaya Faisal Uganda

Hey there. I would like to be added to the list for the online table reads and you can email me at:

Nitin Shashindran
Scammer Alert


Vinay Maheshwari is a con out in there in the market, primarily targeting film makers. He is a big fraud, absconded with our money after promising investments for films in 2015. Me and some of my friends lost our money. He forged us into paying upfront amount by calling it as a processing f...

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Immigration fraud by Law Chamber Immigration Sector 8 Chandigarh - Latest Legal News, Stories & Updates by LegalSeva
Immigration fraud by Law Chamber Immigration Sector 8 Chandigarh - Latest Legal News, Stories & Updates by LegalSeva
Immigration Frauds are soaring high as students, individuals and working professionals are more interested in going abroad and make their career. Especially for the State of Punjab , youth is swayed b…
Nitin Shashindran

Karen "Kay" Ross Maybe, Maybe not! But, I found it very necessary to inform our community here.

Nitin Shashindran

Diana Martinez I am not running after for the recovery of that money since it was me being naive and desperate to make films. I consider it as sheer loss, but really cant waste time behind such worthl...

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Nitin Shashindran

John Ellis Indeed! If someone is asking money before investing in my business, I find very suspicious.


Harry Dzumhur

I am sorry to hear that Nitin. I adressed this issue in one of my earlier post on Stage 32

I will post it again:


If you ever meet someone who says raising $250k for your film is not a problem...

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Nitin Shashindran

Harry Dzumhur Thank you for the awareness.

Imo Wimana Chadband
Accents: A How To Guide

Hey there actors. Pleasant Sunday :)

Maybe you're in a pinch trying to fine-tune your Boston, or London accent. Well, today is your lucky day. Richard "RB" Botto Coffee & Content Sunday Blog, brings to you the vids you need to help in mastering your accents.


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Richard "RB" Botto

Thanks for sharing Imo Wimana Chadband

Richard "RB" Botto

Let's not mix up NY/NJ either, Christine! That drives me crazy as well :)

Christine Capone

haha! yes, there is a difference for sure! People on the West Coast confuse it...not us East Coasters : )

Noy Hardt

Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm dying to learn a london accent.

Jean Buschmann

It's also very common for Hispanics to be portrayed the same. Especially Nuyoricans and Chicanos. I'm half the former and married to the latter, so I love both, but they are not alike - from accents,...

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Sam Ornstein
Historical fiction...


Is anyone here in Stage32 interested in historical fiction?

My lifelong dream is partially realized with the completion of my historical fiction screenplay about ancient Egypt. I believe the world is ready for another epic film about ancient Egypt like The Ten Commandments and Cleopatra

Monica Mansy

Sam Ornstein, I love the idea! I l am always ready for another story from ancient Egypt. I'm Egyptian and am here to help in any way I can!

Charisse Tyler

I actually did a little research, Reuters article out there about how Americans know Big Macs better than the 10 Commandments. And I liked the music comment to add a la "The Lion King" to DeMille's in a revival - Food for Thought

Steve James

Sword and Sandals !

Tonya Todd

Hi, Sam. Congratulations on your screenplay. Tell us the details. Where are you in the process? (first draft, 3rd draft, polished and finished?) How long is the screenplay? What are your goals with it, and how can this community help?

Loren E Chadima

I love historical fiction. I think The Crown, Downton Abbey are great examples that people like them and want more.

John Silver
Resume Feedback

Hello everybody!

Would anybody be willing to give me some pointers on how I can improve my Professional Acting Resume? I am in the process of getting headshots, reworking my reel, and updating my acting portfolio for this year as I aim to take on any new projects that come along. I also intend to su...

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Karen "Kay" Ross

Oh, and you may want to include where you work locally - so, even if you are located in NYC, for example, if you are willing to work as a local in Boston or Philly, include those as well.

John Silver

Jameson Martel - I am looking for auditions right now.

John Silver

Thank you Karen! I've been looking for pointers even as I review my resume and the only thing I've been getting in return are links to websites to pay for creating resumes.

Jameson Martel

Crap! If I'd know you were in Port Saint Lucie I could have got you in as a extra in my last feature. We only have a day or so left of filming unfortunately. If I get anymore projects down your way, I...

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Karen "Kay" Ross

WHA?! That's awesome, Jameson Martel! Glad to hear you two are so close - looking forward to hearing about y'all's collab!

Erick Freitas
Websites for Acting Gigs?

What does everyone use? I've been using Actor's Access and Backstage, and have landed gigs on both. But someone mentioned to use Casting Networks as well? The price seems pretty steep. Is it worth it? What do people generally think?

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Erick! You must be the same wavelength - posted something similar a few days ago! Here is the link for that post:

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John Higgins
Training in Acting again

Hi there. Just to let you know that I am now training again in Acting in the Meisner technique via remote training at an LA Studio from London, so will be looking to act in Films soon.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Congrats, John! Will you be doing scene work or monologues? I'd love for you to drop in and let us know how you're enjoying virtual training!

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