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Mark Bowes
Congrats Diversity Springboard Writers!

I feel honored to be included in the semifinalists. Best of luck to everyone and keep writing. 

Dawn Prato


Matthew Barker


Kaleigh Fitzgerald
Casting call for action crime thriller

A short crime action thriller called "Routine Stop" is holding auditions Wednesday March, 19 2014 at 7:30 pm at the Point Park University Center. This crime action thriller is a great addition to anyone’s reel. Filming will take place the weekend of March 28. Logline: A man with something to hide en...

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D Marcus

Kaleigh, for those actors who do not know which city the Point Park University Center is in you might want to mention it.

Dr. Marilyn Monroe
I am an actress. model. nude video artist. singer - i want you to aware of vimeo action around women artist

To All my friends in Stage 32. and Vimeo fans. If you care for me. care for me at all as an artist. I need your help today. I am no longer working with Vimeo. I found out They are ready to destroy and kill and murder phenomenal multi-talented artists like me -since they want to sell privately my ful...

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Harri Joensuu

Heve you checked for your videos? It might be a good platform.

Steven M. Cross
Characterization question

I posted this question in the screenwriting lounge, but I thought this would be a good place to.

I finished the first draft of a script which has in it a 17 year-old-girl with DID (multiple personalities disorder). I'm getting ready to do my first revision and I was thinking about whether or not I sh Expand post

Karen "Kay" Ross

You need to talk with Sarah G. Baron - she's been studying this subject and could really help you!, I feel like unless the mannerism is pivotal to the s...

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Magdel Roets

I think it is a goid idea to add a hint or two about what might be coming, is a good idea. It builds up suspense towards the climax without giving away too much prematurity. Leave the rest to the actress. Let us know how it goes.

Rohit Kumar

For me, I often try to first think about the character and then write a story around that character. Everyone is different. But my approach is first see story through the eyes of character, study how...

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Steven M. Cross

Rohit, I kind of start with character too.

Rohit Kumar

Steven M. Cross I saw a documentary of DID long time ago. May be you can pick up the traits suitable to your story if it matches. Like this

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Clark Lewis

Hey what's up Stage 32. As actors we know a major tool in getting booked is having a reel to showcase your work. Can anyone help me connect with someone that does reels in the LA area?

Stephen Foster

and you can contact Paul Preston.

Clark Lewis

Thanks for the info.

G.S. Ford

I'd be happy to film a scene for you.

Clark Lewis

G.S. Ford I would really like to speak more about you filming a scene for me.

Tony Ginn

If you are a SAG-AFTRA member then contact the LA office for assistance!

Karen "Kay" Ross
The Greatest Monologues

Okay, clearly we are all going to have our own opinions, but I'd LOVE to hear from you - what do you think are some of the best monologues? You can choose either written, performed or both.

Do you agree with this list?

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Tanvir Apu
Erick Freitas

My monologue that I always keep in my back pocket is Tim Roth in 4 Rooms. One of my favorites, when he quits his job right before he enters the penthouse suite with Quentin Tarantino.

Kinney Scott

is it Jumanji great film by robin wiliiams

Kinney Scott

robin wiliams was Veitnam war vet saw hell over there most my cousins served there also

Kinney Scott

all these actors have great monolgues

James Ivan
American guild of variety artists

Is anyone else here a member of the American Guild of Variety Artists? How do you find jobs/auditions for this union?

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, James Ivan! Great question! I would suggest emailing them and see what they say: I know plenty of people in LA who get lots of good information straight from the source. Maybe...

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Stephen Foster
I manned up this year!

I took this down time to put together pitches for my screenplays and got the footage from all my indie work! This made me feel so awesome after the hell of 2019!

Evette Henderson
What's the best acting advice you've ever received?

I'm collecting the best acting advice to potentially be included in my 2nd e-book, Awesome Scripts For Young Actors (13-30 yrs). So what's the absolute first thing that comes to mind when you think of helpful acting advice. Cheers for your inspiration!

Sarah Dawn Kelly

Especially with Screen Acting, it is VITAL that you listen to the other actor-the audience will learn from your reactions more than the words being spoken.

Minka Wiltz

IVANNA CHUBBUCK's book The Power Of The Actor. Find a class and keep studying. I have learned more concrete technique in three months of class with Victor Love's EvolvAtlanta ( cl...

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Evette Henderson

Thank you, thank you once again. The latest great quotes have been added to the collection. You can check it out here: Also is anyo...

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Thomas Bailey

"Don't be afraid to fail." Took me a while to really hold on to but you think about all the great performances, how many different iterations of that character did the actor fail with until they got it right?

Evette Henderson

Thanks to all who contributed. Here's a free teaser from my second book A PERFECT PERFORMANCE coming out soon.

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Flash Russo
Seeking actors for recorded table read

I am looking to do a table read with actors of my script, The Docks. It is a mob film with a very diverse cast that embraces multiple communities not just the Italian community. In need of multiple males females and a couple of teens.

Also, need a narrator to read the actions and scene headings.


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Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi, Flash. Perhaps post your casting needs on the Jobs board found in the top menu bar: That’s where members place various “want ads” or searches for creative partne...

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Laken Gage

Hi flash. If I was interested. Would we be able to read the script before hand? I have dyslexia and so I’d need to read it a few time before I read it out loud.

Mel Nieves
Actor-playwright-screenwriter - member of the LAByrinth Theater company.

Just wanted to hi and hope all is well with everyone. It has not been the easiest of times living under the umbrella of this pandemic. Hang in there. A light will be coming through soon.

Samantha Bowling

Hi everyone! Quick question, when emailing a headshot and resume, is it best in pdf or Microsoft word, or does it not matter? Thanks :)

Kahlid Elijah Tapia

I've always done it in PDF. You never know what settings a person's computer will be at and a MS Word document can be easily disorganized.

Mikul Robins

yes, pdf almost anybody can open these days

Samantha Bowling

Thank you! I will definitely start submitting everything in PDF! :)

Mike Williams

Personally; I agree with pdf also. I've found many people are now split between being Macs and PCs...and although there is a word version for Mac, most use pages and that just doesn't translate at all to those who use people like me who can't let go

Stephen Anthony Bailey

PDF always. You never know what the person has on their computer and you never want them to open your file and it be all jumbled! Always play it safe.

Also, a side note. Always be as simple and clear...

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