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Karen E Ross
Hans Zimmer's Upcoming Projects

First off, I've totally seen him live - he's so much fun! Second, I love that he's out there advocating to keep projects moving forward so other musicians are getting work as well. Finally, I LOVE that he's bringing light to " a Black Music Matters More Than Ever orchestra" through his Lion King sco...

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Hans Zimmer Talks 'Dune,' James Bond, 'The Lion King' and Scoring His Way Through the Pandemic
Hans Zimmer Talks 'Dune,' James Bond, 'The Lion King' and Scoring His Way Through the Pandemic
Composer Hans Zimmer must be glad that ASCAP's 2020 Screen Music Awards are virtual, because he's so busy with upcoming films that he wouldn't have time to pick up his Top Box Office award for last ye…

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Amanda Toney
Let's Celebrate Composer Ennio Morricone - What a Legend

Saddened to wake up to read the news in Deadline that Ennio Morricone passed away. He is a legend and one who truly influenced cinema. Let's celebrate him here. Has his work influenced you in any way? My favorite work of his was Cinema Paradiso.

Julia Petrisor

super loss for music in film - this guy was a true legend indeed!

Allen Lynch

A true legend. He will be missed, his music and legacy will never be forgotten.

Tony Germann

From the classic Spaghetti Westerns to The Battle of Algiers, The Untouchables and Cinema Paradiso, his compositions helped make these films true classics. I'll be raising a glass this evening.

Vladislav Savvateev

We love you, Ennio! and so many songs that we love. Ok, this one takes me back to my childhood days: "Le Professionel"

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Karen E Ross
Remixes: Love 'em or Leave 'em?

I found this awesome compilation of remixed themes from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I absolutely fell in love with the first one.

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Jonathan Price

More of a visual remix than musical if that counts, but several people have taken my song "The Hubba Hubba Hula" from AMERICAN DRAGON: JAKE LONG and edited Zuko from AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER to make...

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Grace Yee

OMG this is sooo cool!! Soothing to listen to like a soundtrack!

Karen E Ross

Grace Yee Right?! It's hard for me to not get misty with that African thumb piano as Aang's theme. So touching, no matter what beat you put it to.

OMG Jonathan Price That Hubba Hubba one is hilarious!...

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Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services
Sample Tracks to Post?

Hey composers! Do you all have any samples you don't mind sharing or want to post in this thread?

Elizabeth Capra

Hi, everyone! I write a lot of neo-classical music, using piano and looping cello. I am hopeful to work with you!


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Lukasz Lowkis - Composer

Hi Nick and the other members. Here are my recent reels with some of my music. I'm open for any genre. If any informations required please feel free to contact me any time on lukaszlowkismusic@yahoo.c...

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Jack Graham

Hi Nick! Here is some recent music and soundscaping I've put together!

Hope you enjoy!

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Joanna Karselis There's quite a lot up there so if you have a specific style in mind let me know!

David Churchill

Want to compose music for film

Fivaz Buys

Hi David, I'm looking for a composer for a 40minute short film. Let's have a chat. ;-) Cheers, Fivaz

Kerry Kennard

Writing music for film. Hi, Did you find someone to write for your 40 min project ? Hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Kerry Kennard

Camilla Giordano
Knock - knock...

Hi everyone! I'm a violinist and I recently started a solo project. So... I'm looking for people that do the same thing, so we can talk about and learn more, from different points of view. :)

Joel Irwin

what exactly do you mean by 'do the same thing' - you looking for people to collaborate on the writing of new material, performing on new material or both? where do you enivision this taking place?

Rich Terdoslavich

Hi, Camilla. My name is Rich. Currently working on recording and working with drum loops. Pro Tools sessions or acoustic demos. Enjoying it, nothing to sweat about. Lots of luck on your project. Stay safe.

Karen E Ross

Hey, Camilla Giordano! Congrats on the solo project! You can also search for members based on their title, so that could be a way to find people and reach out:

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Kerry Kennard

Hi Camilla, I’m working on funding for my Jazz Project. So. Here’s the link to listen to some instrumentals and read about it. Could you share with others or possibly Donate a few dollars. i.e. $1-10?...

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Joanna Karselis
Composing in the time of Corona Virus

Hi everyone,

I'm sure I'm not the only composer who's worried about how the next few months will affect work.

I've been considering how to have a perspective shift on the situation. Rather than thinking, "I don't know when the next film scoring job will come along", instead I'm trying to focus on the...

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Joanna Karselis

Sounds like a good plan Tim! I did a massive website revamp in January and it's totally worth investing in some time in. Let us know how you get on with getting organised and pushing towards your goals!

Joel Irwin

Its been very quiet here and as this post suggests we are in unusual times. I normally don't post links to my own work here but I am happy to take feedback as I write and this has all been done in the...

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David Obaniyi

Yes. I think we should all be really worried trying to write music that's really emotional and serve the project's vision while also worry about the financial risks that come with planning a few months or even the rest of the year down the road. We're in unusual, uncertain, weird times. haha

Donal Rafferty

Hi Joanna Karselis - yes like you I'm focusing on library music but aiming to complete my first (of many I hope!) exclusive album which I plan on 'pitching' to libraries. Just generally trying to main...

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Nadia Cripps

I too believe in positive thinking. Keeping creating music is one way of making this thought materialize. I upload my new pieces on Bandcamp and Youtube and I hope one day my music will be in movies....

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Amanda Toney
Masters of Craft Webinar with Film Composer Terence Blanchard (Dir. Spike Lee, Dir. George Lucas) October 9th!

I've been hearing our composers tell me how much you'd love a Masters of Craft webinar. I am so excited to announce that we hit gold. I'm bringing in Terence Blanchard, who has composed Spike Lee's films, as well as for George Lucas. He's Golden Globe and Grammy nominated and he is all around an ama...

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Joel Irwin

I fully support webinars like this from extremely qualified and honored composers like this one.

Here is why I believe there is a 'gap' between the composers like this who often do webinars and those o...

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Linwood Bell

This is going to be great! I'm such a fan of his musicianship and I look forward to it. Thanks Amanda!!

Amanda Toney

Looking forward to having you Linwood Bell! Terence is superb...bring your questions...he's ready for them :)

Alessandro Mastroianni

Looking forward to this, I hope I'll be able to make it. I love both the Blanchard jazz musician and the Blanchard film composer.

Michael Mason

Really looking forward to this!

Joel Irwin
Society Of Composers And Lyricists (SCL)

Is anyone who does NOT live in the LA or NY area, a member of the professional organization, Society Of Composers and Lyricists (SCL).  I used to be a member but I let it lapse though I still regularly get the emails.  For those in LA/NY there are obviously many physical activities - viewings, netwo...

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Joel Irwin
Story Music

With many of us staying at home for extended periods of time, we will lean towards/tend to get creative by writing original music.  That is all and good but for many of us, that means we will composing based on our current skills - what we know.  I am not suggesting we don't write - I am doing so my...

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Sandeep Sharma


Thank you for posting this!

Paul F. Henderson


Thank you very, very much for posting this, Joel!

Victor Spiegel
New to this Lounge

Film composer living in Sydney, Australia. Looking forward to getting to know you. I was originally in LA doing film, TV, etc, then to San Francisco doing all kinds of media, and now here in the DownUnder Land. Hi! Full studio, ready to work and collaborate. Happy to talk about any of the biz.

Mara Cracaleanu
Short film soundtrack

Hi guys, anyone here who can help me with some music? I’m currently writing a script for a short film, a drama about 2 close friends, about death, grief and that feeling when you lose someone. I get very inspired by all sorts of songs when I’m writing something, it helps me a lot. Can you help me please? Thank you so much! :)

Ali Alyousuf

Hello Mara, did you find a composer to help you? If not, or your looking for a composer for another project, kindly visit my Youtube channel, you might like my music :) screenshot added.

Michael Williams

Contact Allan Phillips - does some great stuff.

Kenneth M Sutton

Hi Mara, I have a song I think you'd love. It's titled "Now It's Goodbye", contact me if you like.

John Doyar

This is my experimental project:

I'd be happy to help.

Nadia Cripps

Hello Mara, grieving sadly hits home. Here are some of my compositions:


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