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Dean Mhm
Making film

Hi everyone,

I just finished the short film that almost everything is done by myself.

I did screenwriting, writer, director, camera person, editor, and compositor.

it could also be said non-budget filmmaking.

I think it really very difficult when you want to realize your idea into the film but you didn'...

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Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

No budget filmmaking is exactly what you've pointed out. You will wear many hats because you have to. Ideally you can find a few trusted people who have the passion as you so you can divide the workload. This will allow you to do more with more.

Michelle Foster

Wearing all the hats is difficult and demanding. Lindbergh E Hollingsworth is right in that it helps immensely to find a network of like-minded people to help with the workload.

The short film you've finished, is it anywhere for viewing?

Nick Eff

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Barak Shavit
Get your web series funded\produced

Hi guys:)

I'm now finishing writing my web series. As I'm also a partner in a production company ( I have the ability to produce it. Now i'm seeking to fund the pilot and after that to sell the series to a network.

Where do I begin? :)

Thanks! (Missed you guys, haven't been here for too long..)

Debbie Croysdale

Pitch at screenwriting festivals, major ones have both free and paid pitches. Research well who you pitch to.

Debbie Croysdale

Check out Skype and written pitch sessions here Stage 32.

Ramsey Anderson

Yup festivals

Matthew Barker

Crowdfunding? Stephen Fry was recently involved in a crowdfunding campaign for a short film he was going to narrate. So it’s clearly not something to be sneezed at.

Patricio M. Villagomez

I recommend you reading Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers by Richard Botto, it's a great resource full of ideas. I found it very useful listening at the audiobook while I drive to work.

Knight Berman Jr
New Music Resource for Filmmakers

Hi everyone. Wanted to let you know about this great new resource for independent filmmakers with a music budget. It’s going to be a great place to get a more personalized service for your music needs, and - as a songwriter/composer - I’m very excited to be a part of it! If you have any questions ab...

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Joey Madia

I'd like to take a minute more of your time to recommend Knight. He and I have collaborated on 6 produced one-act musicals, and Knight has composed music for two of my short films, created soundscapes...

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Debbie Croysdale

@Joey n @Knight Jr. Thanks for info and share. Cool! Hope to chat when I need new score/lyrics/soundtrack etc. Original and Unique sound is a must, because with a budget you are up against major studi...

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Knight Berman Jr

Thanks, Joey! And yes Debbie, the score can be so crucial. Thanks for your interest!

Vasco Saraiva
Youtube and FIlmmaking

What are your opinions about creating a youtube channel if your main goal is 100% features and so...?

I've heard some pros and cons... I'm wondering if it it will hurt my reputation or help it. Any thoughts are welcome. (I would enjoy making the YT channel)

Vasco Saraiva

Thanks Alex de Luca

Laura Torlaschi

I agree with a lot of the points made above about making a name for yourself, but I love YouTube as an outlet for experimentation and practicing social media branding. I'd say give it a shot!

Jose Jovel

There's plenty of YouTubers who have made features (to varying degrees of success) and it never hurts to build an audience. I'd be curious to hear what were the pros and cons you heard.

Vasco Saraiva

Laura Torlaschi Yes, I'm also considering the experimental side of it, it can be a lot of fun. I guess I will thanks.

Vasco Saraiva

Jose Jovel For sure ir never hurts to build an audience, that is a great, great point. the points are mainly, people won't take you seriously, they will put you in a box as a video technician or whate...

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Jacob Taylor
First Step in Documentary Filmmaking

As a college student beginning the early stages of my thesis film(a political based documentary involving the upcoming 2020 Presidential election), what would be some of the crucial first steps to take care of before embarking on this?

Solange Plaza

For me, I would say that the most important thing is to ask yourself is why am I making this and what do I want to say? It will help keep you focused on the task ahead.

Debbie Croysdale

Location permission for interiors. Go through budget of cost of crew. Check DOP and rest of key crew are familiar with documentary style because it is not a pre planned shoot most times or written in...

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Charles Baldwin

Study project management

Maya Table

I agree with Solange. Figure out what you want your piece to say and it will help guide your edits. Also interview people with a wide range of perspectives. It will make your film interesting to watch...

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Alan Forrest Smith
Movie Makers Manchester UK

I’m preparing a team to shoot a short in Manchester area this year. Creative misfits and non conformist film makers needed. No budget, incredible script from top writer, two well known actors onboard. I need a small team I can work with in this project. You know where I am.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi, Alan. Perhaps post your needs on the Jobs board found in the upper menu bar. That’s where members post various “want ads” or searches for creative partners, paid or not paid. ;) Hope that helps. Best to you!

Alan Forrest Smith

Aha ... perfect thank you :)

Dana Olita Ogden
One Pager

Does anyone have a templete they use to make a poster style one pager?

Heidi Schussman

I love Canva! Easy to use and they even have video posters.

Debbie Croysdale

@Dana Publisher can be used for posters I forgot to add.

Colleen Davie Janes

I design one sheets if you need. Go go canva though like Heidi said if you're good at the drag and drop design thing. You can do it for free!

Niksa Maric

If you are trying to make your own movie posters based on your screenplay, I can send you some links.

Maya Table

Go to They give you a free movie template with font layouts etc. I used it for my last 2 short films

Sheikh Shahnawaz
Finding an Agent as a Director

Can anyone introduce me to a creative agency that represents film directors for commercials, TV and film?

I've produced 11 short films. I have over 1.5 million views and 6000 subscribers on YouTube. I've been listed as one of the top 15 rising filmmakers out of London by Levile TV. The Raindance Fi...

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Sheikh Shahnawaz
Sheikh Shahnawaz
Film Director, Screenwriter & Producer
Dan MaxXx

Rutger Oosterhoff

- and look if anyone accepts unsolicited submissionsI Berlin Associates does, , maybe...

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Matthew Barker

I’ll have to check out your work! You tried Virtual Pitch Fest?

Tri Benh

Wish you will have a lot of luck.

Vital Butinar
Why do they keep destroying all my cars in movies and TV series

This is actually not as much of a question as it is a contemplation and I found it funny so I thought I'd post.

Anyway almost anytime I watch any movie with an action car chase they seem to mainly destroy one of the cars that I own.

Most of the it's a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000. They love wrecking these...

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Dan MaxXx

I had a rusty Mustang Mach 1 in high school, the Hero car in "Gone in Sixty Seconds" movie from 1970s.

Also had a fake Buick Grand National - Dom Torreto drives a BGN in Fast N Furious 4.

Always wanted...

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Nena Eskridge
AD software

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive software for breaking down a screenplay for an ultra low budget feature. more specifically, the best for doing day-out-of-days report? thanks in advance!

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Head over to 'The Writers Store' and checkout Chimpanzee or Gorilla (both run about $150)... both can be used for scheduling and budgeting, and can run the reports you need including DooDs.

Jonas Klocke
Joining DGA

I have a few short questions:

I am a director from germany planning to move to LA when "the time is right" - aka. I need more stuff done in my own country. But for longterm planning: Can a non american citizen or somebody with a greencard or an O2 join the DGA or do I have to wait for my citizenship?...

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Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Go visit the DGA site, after the site loads there's a link on the left 'Becoming a member' :

Dan MaxXx

You don't need to be an American citizen to join DGA. You simply need a DGA signatory Employer to pay you and pay DGA fees.

Jonas Klocke

@Dan Maxxx Thank you - that is want I needed 2 know


Hey to everyone ! I am currently looking for short term paid jobs in the field of storytelling,screenwriting,camera, cinematography. If you know someone or an organization or something let comments below. It can be in London, Germany, Spain , USA.

Debbie Croysdale

@Ayamey Do you speak fluent Spanish? I only ask this cos have had instances where an agency sent crew members out in Sierra Nevada who did not understand each other. GRACIAS.

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