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IIf I find $50,000 to shoot my film in New York City? What is ALL the equpment I will need? And what is the minimum crew I will need?

I put this thread in a few weeks ago, I got a DETAILED report from a very experienced Assistant Director, But after searching my posts I cannot find it. If anyone has a link or if that Assistant Director reads this can you get it to me again?

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Andrew- Thank you for the offer. But I did not lose the post to that report. Just can't find it. But if you look above Rutger in my network gave me a link that will help. On scoring,composing, and mus...

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Bill Costantini

Steven...I'd give you the coordinates for the 10' by 10' section of Central Park where over $15,000,000 of gold coins and a Filmmaker's Equipment List are buried....but you deleted all of us non-New York and non-Amsterdam people from your network list.

JD Hartman

Without knowing and visiting the locations, how can anyone provide a list of equipment? What you ask for, is not the way it's done. No one person can make the "master" list, anyone who provides you such a list without some input from every department is full of skeet.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Cholent Boy- Nah! I am going to dig up the 5' by 5' section of Central Park where $30,000,000 of Diamonds are buried. The Film Equipment list? Already got the link from Rutger Oosterhoff (Yes, he's DU...

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Steven Harris Anzelowitz

JD- okay

Renting Equipment

I'm finishing up a project that was filmed on a Sony a7sii, but I no longer have any video equipment(I have sound equipment) and I was wondering if there are places online or in the SLC area where I can rent the equipment for a decent deal. Thanks!!

Scot Michael Walker

I've used before and they are great. They ship it, you use it, you ship it back. They have that camera and kit:

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The Straight Dope

Want to get in to the motion picture business? Here's how. Mark Duplass lays out the yellow brick road brick by brick in the truest, most pragmatic way you could ever hope for. Watch this speech and you will learn more than you will in four years of film school or from reading dozens of "how to make...

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Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Ryan- Great Video. Really informative.

Vitaly Kozlov

Very useful video for newbies how to get together 3-4 friends in the basement and shoot 1K shorts on the weekends. How enter the festivals and basically start up your career. However this approach has...

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Ryan Maelhorn

Guess I'm just a little confused. Who said this speech or this post was about what to do if you have a crew of 60 and a budget of 10K a day?

Vitaly Kozlov

It's okay to be confused, Ryan. I just did not hear what I wanted to hear.

Erik A. Jacobson

Great post, Ryan!

Filmmaking/Writing Meetups

Hi, I'm a filmmaker from NYC. I recently made a short film and I'm trying to find any filmmaking/writing meetups in the city. Manhattan/Queens are usually the best for me. Anyone know of any meet ups happening? You can also check out my short here: Shot...

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Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi, Peter. Check out the Stage 32 Meetups section found in the upper menu bar and search for meetups being held in your area. Or perhaps organize one yourself. Best to you! ;)

Vitaly Kozlov

Not a bad short. Keep going. Good luck at the festivals. That is how it starts

Why are shoot days 12 hours?

First time Writer/Director/Producer. Going to shoot in Manhattan NYC (Not Manhattan, Kansas). All exterior/interior scenes. All Union. SAG/AFTRA, DGA, ASC,PGA,ACE IATSE(and any other appropriate craft unions). Want to know the reason for standard 12 hour shoot days. Any links to articles helpful. FYI- It is a copyrighted script. It is 106 pages.

JD Hartman

Vitaly Kozlov, for crew and cast (even union crew) OT doesn't start after 8hrs. I don't know where you got that idea, but it's incorrect.

Vitaly Kozlov

Hey JD Hartman, I just shot a feature film with SAG actors and payed OT MYSELF with my LLC checks. You don't know what you are talking about!!!!

JD Hartman

I was talking crew here. My mistake, I put the work cast in my post.
Steven is working under the ULB agreement and unless his first feature is a rousing success, I doubt that he'll be paying the cast anything after permits, food cost, equip rental, transpo, crew payments, etc., etc.

Film Grants 2016
Film Grants Directory
Film Grants Directory
Are you looking for film funding? Here is the list of the top film grants for filmmakers around the world. Choose which film grant best suits your independent film and then apply for film funding dire…
Vladislav Nikitin

Thank you for sharing this

Timothy Dee

I joined Stage 32 just this second. This is the first posting I saw. If I could have chosen any post on the whole site to read first, this would have been it. Serendipity? We'll see. Wonderful resource. Thank you for so generously sharing it.

Lisa Boffo

Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Tracht

More great info on Grants - 1000 Ways to Finance Your Movie (including Grants) and and

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Steven Harris Anzelowitz

@Melissa Tracht - This is a great link for all us independent film makers. This is what makes Stage 32 such a great community. We share with each other our experience, strength and hope so that each a...

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Low budget, big FX?

From time to time I see "low budget" movies pop up that have burning spaceships crashed into various places, like forests, complex rotten city scapes, and more. Are there special software packages for the low budget film maker to get these big FX? Or do these people make use of regular 3D animation and just have a lot of spare time on their hands?

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Some do their own VFX, others grab their friends (who are gifted in their ability to create VFX). I've seen plenty done in After Effects. In the movie "Monsters" (2010) the director did the VFX in his...

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Erik A. Jacobson

Sometimes they shoot with miniatures, such as crashing a toy-sized plane into a simulated forest. Other times they'll use stock footage. For example, I've bought footage of the crowd at a big concert and inserted it where I needed it in a crowd scene. And you can do wonders with green screen.

Amber Greenlee

We did a Sci-fi short about six years ago where the budget was split into 4 parts. Pre-production, production, SFX, and post-production. The producer and director gave my department almost 25% of the...

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Filmmaking Quote

I love this quote by filmmaker Jacques Audiard. What do you think?

Ryan Maelhorn

John Cage said it better.

Nothing but Fixed Shots

What films should I study if I want to try to make a film with nothing but fixed shots? By fixed I mean the camera has been locked off, and does not move or tilt/pan.

Joshua Quincey

Joe Swanberg's Marriage Material. You can watch it here...

This is good modern example. Angles and real world gaps are exploited well. There is a since of frustration built in to the fact that the camera wont let you be omniscient. it was pretty well done.

Patrick Freeman

I don't know about the whole film but John Ford's Stagecoach had a lot of fixed shots. Also, I haven't seen it but I'm told that Clerks is nothing but fixed shots.

Maroun Rached

A French black and white short movie called "La Jetée".

possible cool period Movie Set opportunity in London

Just came x this on FB. Wadda a clever WWII theme idea.

The Bletchley - Cryptic Cocktails in London
The Bletchley - Cryptic Cocktails in London
A cocktail bar in London where everything is coded. Inspired by Alan Turing and Sherlock Holmes. A Lollipop Project.

Hi folks,question how important you think it is to move to LA??? To break in the industry??

D Marcus

As a writer - not so important as alice points out. But as a director I think it's important to be in L.A. to break in.

Doug Nelson

As far as film production goes - I'm pretty small potatoes. I've struggled for years trying to help local young folk develop their film chops - after going through six wannabe Directors in the past th...

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Andrew Sobkovich

Doug - Being happy with where you live is very very important. People are amazingly adaptable in where they choose to live and why. I’ve shot on six continents, and regardless of where I go, I try to...

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C Harris Lynn

Save your money and invest in a Sure Thing, Doug. ;)

Make your Oregon Project later.

Doug Nelson

Andrew - Yes I have a pretty good understanding about why it's not happening here - I live in a town where young people go to retire.

Hello oscar!!!

What are your (3) favorite all time Oscar winning Directors?

Brian Shell

Any masugah like us Steven must bow to the directorial prowess of Woody Allen... one of my favorite lines of his (from Annie Hall I believe), "How could I have misread those signals?!?" ;-)

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Brian- Just FYI Joey Nickels in 'ANNIE HALL' is my Uncle Hy Anzell (imdbpro) who did over a dozen of his films. So there is more of just an appreciation of his 'AUTEUR" abilities, There happens to be...

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D Marcus

My three favorite all time Oscar winning Directors are:
Alfred Hitch... Oh wait, never won one.
Stanley Kub... Whoops
Preston Sturg... damn!
David Lyn..Okay, I give up.
Bob Fosse
John Ford
Woody Allen

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

D Marcus Well, you finally got 3 and one of them I like very much!!

James Grant Goldin

Ford, Capra, Curtiz.