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Filming my first short

Hi all, I have written a short that I'm keen on shooting myself. Now this would be my first foray into filming my own short and because this is going to be micro budget. I've been watching some videos in regards to shooting using a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and it seems to be a good start out "no-budget" ca ...

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Vitaly Kozlov

Doug did you read my saga with David Huff as a lead? I've got three season of that. its always up-front to him and nothing back to you. Its a a pure scam. Clear and crystal.

Doug Nelson

Vataly - yes I did read it. Of course it's a scam but I hoped that I could lure him out here in public.

Vitaly Kozlov

Sorry for spoiling that fun. He is already exposed.

Andrey Savchenko

Great stories deserve to be treated accordingly. I would not compromise or take a risk with the quality of footage for any of my stories. Take your time to research other options and it may work for your benefit. It may be just a little bit more expensive but still doable.

Debbie Croysdale

A fresh and passionate idea/story, something audience not seen before, is key in delivering the principle goal of originality. Creating emotion is not related to an expensive camera. Don’t hem yoursel...

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Storyboarding -

I’ve finally just started doing the storyboard for one of my movies - about time, after I’ve been writing scripts for a few years - and I can’t believe how time consuming it is to portray my clear idea of the movie into shots. I’m doing it by drawing out oblongs, cut them into areas and draw the peo...

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David Trotti

FrameForge is a popular tool. The industry standard is hiring a professional storyboard artist and generating original art. Most directors just do shot lists and only storyboard complex scenes (like t...

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David Trotti

I should also say to save time drawing those oblong boxes if you're going to draw it all yourself, just create an 8.5x11 page in any paint program with eight boxes in the approximate aspect ratio you...

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Lauran Childs

Thanks David, very useful! Actually I was an artist but yes, doing shot lists sounds way more efficient. Also I’m not too great at using things like paint programs but definitely sounds worth trying.

Sundance Film Festival 2018

Hey everyone,

Will anyone be attending the Sundance Film Festival this year?
I am just looking to hang out with a lot of filmmakers this year. I’m a volunteer and want to network beyond those in my department.

Ryan Brewer

I would love to but probably not until next year. How do you get signed up for volunteer work?

Zuanne Kyle

Bummer! Next year I hope to have my film as an Official Sleection in the Dramatic category... and for the Win

Doug Nelson

This year, no. Next year, maybe.

Ruth Maramis

I submitted my short film but was not selected. It was a loooong shot, I know, but I wish I could go to Sundance one day, that's been a long dream of mine. Have a great time!

Stock Footage

Could somebody refer me please to the best online catalogue for stock footage? First time for everything .. Thank you!

Erik A. Jacobson

Youtube, VideoBlocks, FilmSupply

Theresa Joy Lorenzetti

Thanks Eric

Theresa Joy Lorenzetti

Oops. Erik.

Doug Nelson

I think you have to put it in context over time. Our society defined and handed out various roles for both men and women over the decades and centuries and during most of that time, we humans were rea...

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Martina Cook

Yup. And it is shocking. And unfair. Thinking that hundred of thousand women work in the industry and yet they are invisible. I come from the Oil and Gas industry. I worked in Offshore platforms. You...

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Any location recommendations?

Hi All! I am in the middle of production for an Indie series and am in search of a few more locations. If anyone has recommendations for the following locations let me know, thanks! Library Restaurant/Cafe Science Lab Warehouse We have a small budget, and some of these scenes are very small. Mostly tryin ...

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Robert Franklin

Best of success

Doug Nelson

Well Sarah you're in the middle of production but you don't yet have your locations nailed down? I'm not trying to be argumentative but why not? I'm guessing that you neglected this little detail duri...

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Sarah Delpizzo

Actually Doug, we did not neglect this detail during pre-production. As people know, things can change in production, obstacles arise, and some of our locations fell through. We are also shooting a series, so it is a little different than shooting a feature film or short film.

Doug Nelson

If they're fairly small and you need them again & again over time then you may want look in to building some modest sets.

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Hey Sarah Delpizzo! We'd love to know your experience with Peerspace's locations, we've found them so helpful for our community, so I'm wondering since your locations are so specialized, is that why y...

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coming to LA to meet folks

Hi guys I will be coming to LA early next year, it would be great to meet some of you existing folks on her and also establish new relationships. Always great to have colleagues and friends across the water. So if we haven't spoken before give me a shout, lets talk! (promise not to bombard you with what I do) haha

Shon LeBlanc

Hi Julian,
Great to hear another creative is coming to LA. I am a costume designer and own a costume house, just FYI, love to meet you when you get to town.

Julian London

Most definitely Shon, thanks for reaching out. Lets stay in touch. Julian

Shon LeBlanc

Great..I am looking forward to meeting you in person.

Joleene Moody

This looks fascinating...

Theresa Clark

It is. A guy created a World War 2 era "town" in his back yard for therapy reasons

First Feature Film

Hi, I am looking to make my first feature film in India. Pitched the story to a leading actor, although he liked the script he is unable to give a date in the next 12 months due to prior commitments. My producers backed out because of that, currently looking for producers to kick start the film with...

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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone know of any film production companies or any kind of film making jobs on the east coast. Thanks for the help!

The story of the creation of a film company - the failures and triumphs

Here is the latest article on Oz Indie Cinema. It's an honest and brutal account of the creation of an production studio. It details their struggles and triumphs. I though that it might be of interest here

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Patricia Poulos

Hi David, Thank you for posting this. Perhaps I may be of interest. I am an Aussie and, dependent on with whom you're speaking, famous or infamous. My life has been described as 'spectacular'. I've writ ...

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Anybody going to Slamdance?

I am covering the film festival for my online platform GoIndieNow, so if any of you want to get together and talk about the festival, the movies we have seen, the people we have met. If you want to do an interview with me there. I would love to hook up with you all. I will buy you a drink or two or...

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