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From all facets of a traditional raise to soft money to crowdfunding strategies, this is the place to discuss, share content and offer tips and advice regarding raising funds for a project.

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Tennyson Stead
Shahar Namer/The ICO Rocket

Dear Stage 32 Members,

Over the last two weeks, I've had a couple of Skype meetings with a fellow by the name of Shahar Namer, who I met here on the site and who is looking to sell me the service of launching my company and my film projects as a cryptocurrency. What appeals to me about this idea is t...

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Tennyson Stead

Thank you, DL Stickler! We've actually been asking whether or not this might be some kind of money laundering deal, and obviously that's something we want to avoid. The Etherium thing is helpful.


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Raphael Botelho Bittencourt

Hi Tennyson,

I've been approached by Shahar today too, but on LinkedIn. Thank you and everyone else for the info shared up until now. I look forward learning the development of your negotiations with h...

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Tennyson Stead

Having been promised information on the ICO’s Shahar has already launched, and then having reached out again, I haven’t heard back in about two weeks. What I will say, without any other facts, is that...

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DL Stickler

Tennyson Stead Thanks for the update. And insight. "Investments NEVER sell themselves. Investors ALWAYS want something easier, faster, and less risky. Whatever you do, please don’t assume that someone...

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Tennyson Stead

You are most welcome.

Nitin Shashindran
Beware FIlmmakers

Hey guys,

I've recently encountered a person who showed interest in financing my short and equity stake in my company. I was spooked, because I did not present him any dockets related to film or my company. Finally, he told me, that he has $25 Million in his bank, need $50,000 for bond and insurance...

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Shadow Dragu-Mihai

investors who ask for money have the process backwards

Kay Luke

Yet another variation of The Spanish Prisoner con.

John Forrest
Feature Horror Film - Full Package Available -

My team and I are working on the feature film version of our awrad-winning horror short, "Innards". We are working with Buffalo 8 and have a budget set at 1.1 Million. The script and package are currently going out to Sales/Distribution companies, and we are approaching talent for the film.

The origi...

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GB Hajim

If you have the $1.25m already, it would be easy to get the rest through pre-sales of certain regions. Also, look into film credits/tax incentives. Some places they can be over 50% and there are financial companies that will front you the money.

Steven Bernier

Have you completed funding? We would be interested in seeing the full package with ROI, schedule, pitch deck, and other necessary items for the film. Let me know.

Funding needed to develop fantasy book series to web based series

Hi. My name is Cris Pasqueralle and I am the author of a young adult fantasy adventure series titled The Destiny Trilogy. I am looking to develop my books into a web based/TV series. I have teleplays for three episodes, a per episode budget, a TV series pitch, and a five minute teaser reel available...

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August Adel
Partnerships on movie productions

My company has great content which may be in the interest of some of you who may be reading this

but the issue is funding for our productions, we have multiple scripts which are equally amazing as the other but at the moment we need sponsors and partner for our productions

Please do contact me if you...

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Leanne Campbell
Financing in Australia

Hi everyone,

I keep reading these posts and nothing seems usable for Australia. I have two feature films ready to go and all we need is funding. Finding people wanting to invest in films is no easy feat in Australia as it is a very small market!

Is there a reason an American investor would consider/b...

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Jesse Marcus Di Campli San Vito

Hi Leanne I am in the same predicament in Australia, we should brain storm and try to break through the market. If you want to share ideas please let me know. Cheers

Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

If the package of your film has commercial potential, investors from anywhere are interested in what your doing. But you have to create and sell such a project which is quite a pain in the ass. If you...

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Amanda Toney is a great resource that works with the US & international markets that you might find useful.

Tennyson Stead

Really, the Australian one producer I know is more interested in finding Australian government and corporate film incentives than she is in finding American investors. My impression is that if you can...

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AFM Panel on Crowdsourcing

Had a great time listening to Richard speak on Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing at AFM.

Rebecca Velez
New to the group

Hi everyone! I'm a writer/assistant/producer in Los Angeles (and new to this site so just learning about all the different sections!) Right now I'm helping put on a masterclass on film finance and equity crowdfunding, and have been working to help spread the word about this new method of indie film...

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Jean Buschmann

David Willis, first of all congrats, since I see that your film has the distinction of being "The very first feature length narrative film to use Equity Crowdfunding in the United States." That said,...

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GB Hajim

Love to hear more about the process. My last feature I did the standard PPM, SEC filings etc and it was a monster of paperwork and accounting.

David Willis

It's still some paperwork, but not as much as the old school. I found it worth it because it worked ;)

GB Hajim

Which are the best platforms?

David Willis

I cover that in my masterclass. It depends on your campaign. But StartEngine, Microventures, and WeFunder are the top three.

Barak Shavit
Get your web series funded\sold to a network

Hi guys:)

I'm now finishing writing my web series. As I'm also a partner in a production company ( I have the ability to produce it. Now i'm seeking to fund the pilot and after that to sell the series to a network.

Where do I begin? :)

Thanks! (Missed you guys, haven't been here for too long..)

Nitin Shashindran
A girl and the Bird

Hello Everyone,

Thank you Stage 32 and the whole network around for making this platform network-worthy.

Without wasting much of your time I will come to the point.

I am presently developing my directorial short. It's a subtle drama with good narrative and I am intended to make it as a visual retreat...

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Dan MaxXx

Where's your showreel and references?

For example, at USC film school Ryan Coogler was vouched by his professors as the next "John Singleton"

How to get investors

I have a script for the first film of a 3 part series of short films. Basically it’s going to be 3 separate short films linked together as sequels. I was originally going to try to sell it as a television series but I decided to make a series of 3 shorts. My question is how do I reach possible investors to get the funds to start shooting?

Erik A. Jacobson

Your first film? It's unlikely you'll get investors. Most shorts are made for under $5000. That means tapping credit cards, family, and friends.

Mike Heff
Is every site bad??

I've been reading articles lately about how GoFundMe is terrible or how Kickstarter is anti-union etc. I'm just trying to find a good crowdfunding site to take my work to that doesn't have a lot of heat on their name. Any suggestions for a up and coming crowdfunding site that has yet to alienate everyone? Thanks!

Daniel Lyddon

Try Seed & Spark - they're filmmaker friendly and also offer built in distribution...

Mike Heff

I did some research on Seed and Spark, they seem like just what I'm looking for! Thanks for the recommendation!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

IMO no one cares. You are worrying about nothing. Just use whatever platform you want.

John T. Trigonis

Bottom line, Mike Heff, as Shadow Dragu-Mihai eloquently stated, no one actually cares. Depending on how much funding you're looking to raise and whether or not you're willing to work with some money...

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David Willis

IF you want to raise serious money, use EQUITY crowdfunding.

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