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Hi everyone,

Has anyone else heard of Slated? They have an executive producer program. Just wondering what people think of it. Seems like they fund films if the script quality is good enough.

I'm not sure if their programs are legit or the fees are rip off. Anyone got any experience with it??

Erik A. Jacobson

Have never met anyone who got funded through them. They appear to make their money by selling programs which enhance your ability to reach the top recommended level with potential investors.

Vitaly Kozlov

Do not know anyone who were funded by Slated. I have 3 projects listed there with zero results.

Stanley N. Lozowski

I have never met anyone who was funded through SLATED A lot of people paid them money though....

Alan M. Cossettini

I've just signed in, listed a movie project. I'll let you know if something happens. :)

Rick Mcleod

I dont think Slated is a source for funding but more for promoting your projects anf getting a production team which can include anything from producers, executives, financiers, there really is a broa...

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Crowdfunding animation movie - e-mail list, where to obtain?

Greetings: I am Author / Screenwriter / Producer for The Journal of Rudd (Animation). Previous crowdfunding fell flat on its face, due to lack of publicity (e-mail contacts). I seek a database of a donor audience with the following attributes i.) e-mail address ii.) animated movie preference iii.) his ...

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Hello, I'm looking for a a crowdfunding expert /consultant with a track record. Have any suggestions?

Gigi M. Green

Great, thanks Ron!

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Try John T. Trigonis, head of film for Indiegogo, he has taught for us & did an On Stage With RB broadcast (you can find all of that under "education")

Ron Newcomb

Yes, Amanda - thank you for that - a resource that is going to crush it, is RB's own:

Tanisha White

I saw a presentation by Seed & Spark. They seem to have alot of success.

My campaign hit the over 50% mark!!!

I'm just ecstatic. Fingers crossed the second half goes just as well. Any tips from seasoned crowdfunders?

The MisEducation of Bindu
The MisEducation of Bindu
It's time to re-invent the high school feature movie - breaking tropes and featuring characters that would only typically appear on the sidelines. We want to showcase a unique and lovable lead charact…
Cherelynn Baker

Good luck!

Jack Bybee

Great news! Very pleased for you.
One question: If you used a purchased email list where did you purchase that from? Was the list a major issue in your success?
Again, good luck for another 45%-50%

Caity FitzGerald


Kay Tuxford

Hi Jack, I did not purchase an e-mail list. I did make one from my own e-mail contacts which was about 2000+ people. Years of networking helped make that net a bit wider and more personal. Very few of...

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When do you know your kickstarter is going to fail to hit target?

Hi everyone I've got a kickstarter that seems to have dropped like a stone, no idea what I've done wrong, the campaign profile is solid, it has solid social media support, solid website too, yet the social media support is just not turning into backers. Had more emails from from people trying to sel...

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Justin Davis Watch this video and hopefully it will help out with a decision.

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Matt. E. Hudson

Could really use some advice right about now, got less than half an hour to the first 24 hours completing of a 30 day campaign, and only 3 pledges.

Matt. E. Hudson

Will look at the video Justin, thanks

Matt. E. Hudson

Is there a part of the video that covers the issue we're having? It's nearly two hours long.

Randall Scott White

Matt - You might try

Feature Film Funding

Hi everyone, I have recently finished writing a script for a mystery-thriller feature film and I now I am looking to make it. I am currently looking around for funding but I was wondering if there was anyone on here that could help or come on board this project and make it with me. I have very little ...

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James Drago

No one will just hand you money. Have to build up your relationships and prove yourself on and off the set.

Vitaly Kozlov

Friends and family is your best bet. If you break through with your first feature you can expect investors start looking at you and your body of work. Prove yourself first!

Cherelynn Baker

I crowdfunded one project. That was enough. I won't do it again. Good luck!

Jacob Royce Gustafson

Seed and Spark. Best crowdfunding site for filmmakers and they have a 75% success rate. The duplass brothers are backers of the site. They'll pay you to stream it there too. I currently have project on it.

Educating myself in fundraising to make films

I'm looking to educate myself in fundraising to make films. After making several films in the no budget range, I'd like to upgrade my productions to productions with a budget! Have you been successful with crowdfunding? If so, which sites? What do you consider to be your success reasons? Are there ot...

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Vitaly Kozlov

Crowdfunding sometimes works if you are willing to go through a lot of work and pain. It's not for everyone. But you should try it anyway for an experience. You might like it, some people do. Sites? I...

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Jacob Royce Gustafson

Seed and Spark is the best one for filmmakers. It has the Duplass Brothers as backers. 75% success rate. I have one up right now.

I have projects that meet these requirements

1. A completed script. 2. Bios on talent and professional team. 3. Executive Summary incluiding distribution, marketing and shooting locations. 4. USA entities: tax incentives and projected revenues. 5. An LOI from distribution. 6. Budget plans. 7. Letter of commitment from actors, producers and or direc ...

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Mark Archuleta

Nice Joe. You're further ahead than I am.

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

What's the budget? Depending on the 20% equity in, it might be a deal for Bondit Media Capital.

Nobody knows here any correct approach

Hello. Nobody knows here any correct approach, unfortunately.All that I saw here in the section "Financing and CrowdFunding" is empty chatter. It surprises me that among 500,000 users of this site there is not one person who would receive funding.

Pavel Mosencov

Thank you, David! What about pizza is really funny. The truth is I never eat pizza, I do not like it. But, as for Hollywood, you are right. But fortunately the world of cinema does not consist entirel...

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Rayn D Smith

David, one word ..... AWESOME!!

Adad Joel Warda

That was a great read David Trotti ! :) You told a story and it shows you've been through it and you still have a sense of humor. That's encouraging!

Vitaly Kozlov

Lots of useful and constructive info. But David Trotti said it all and with a great sense of humor. If you Pavel can learn from it and implement it you are ahead of the game. Maybe not. Maybe you have...

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Robert Rosenbaum

David, great story, but you forgot the ending where you are floating dead in the backyard pool of a former Hollywood legend... or was that the beginning? LOL

Funding film for a young woman african filmmaker

Hi everyone! I'm so happy I finally have an occasion to talk with other people in the world of cinema!. So as the title says, I'm a young african lady who started writting films 2 years ago. I had a big project at the begining but my french producer finally left me and I put this project in one corn...

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Feature funding.

Hi everyone! Very excited to network with you all through this platform. I'm directing a creature feature I wrote based on original sin and manifest destiny. The budget is 1.5M USD and I've raised 102K so far. I have a strategy and contacts to raise the rest but I've felt so alone in this process I ...

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James Drago

Where are you filming? Have you looked into tax credits? You've made some great progress so far!

Vitaly Kozlov

Congrats on first money in. Now you have to start packaging your project: Look book, business plan, casting ideas....Who did your budget? Do you have a viable LP on board? Who is on your team?

Richard Encarnacion

Hi, Matthew. Do you have any stars attached on this project? I'm a financier for investors, send me a message and lets talk more.

Vimeo Share the Screen fund???

Has anybody heard about how to apply for the vimeo share the screen initiative fund??? I was reading up on it but I can't see a way to actually apply for it or even how the selection process is done. I've tweeted vimeo but I just wanted to check and see if anybody here had any insight on it. Thanks! -G.R.B

Nelle Nelle

Hey G.R., I personally don't know much about it just yet but I did find this article: Hope it helps!...

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G.R. Barnett

That does help, thank you. I emailed them recently and found out that this fund is not for the general public,they have to approach you. That makes me sad. :( Oh well maybe sometime in the future. -G.R.B.

Nelle Nelle

Ah! That's unfortunate. I was hoping to check it out for myself as well. But not to worry, won't stop us from making films :)

G.R. Barnett

No, that sure won't stop us from making films. ^_^

Daron Jenkins

might want to check out Story Lab -

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