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Tasha Lewis

CEO at The ICC Group
Actor, Author, Choreographer, Dancer, Director, Editor, Filmmaker, Marketing/pr, Narrator, Producer, Researcher, Screenwriter, Student, Translator and Voice Actor

Silver Spring, Maryland

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About Tasha

I'm an actor, author, dancer, director, filmmaker, model, producer, professor and screenwriter. Having worked in the industry more than 20 years and run successful businesses, I love using my gifts to make a difference and be a Change Agent in every project that I work on. Some examples of being a Change Agent would be assisting organizations with fundraising, community service and promoting their products and services.

Additionally, assisting organizations make their projects a reality by being a Subject Matter Expert or providing counseling or mentoring on a as needed basis.

As organizations have to reinvent themselves or mission statements, The ICC Group tries to come along side them by providing support when needed. ICC Publications, an extension of The ICC Group, provides ghost writing services and Referral Advisor Forumpay.

Unique traits: Multi-lingual (ASL, English, French, Spanish, Some Italian, Some Portuguese)




  • The Graduate Student (Based on My Experience)

    The Graduate Student (Based on My Experience) Budget: $10M - $30M | Family After having a successful career in corporate America and as a entrepreneur, the business executive decided to return to graduate school, human resource management and philanthropy, to become a change agent as a philanthropist by using her film projects on Stage 32 to achieve those goals. The official major would be Professor of Research. Like in “Gifted” or “The Graduation Present” or Searching for the Perfect Place” or “The Continuation: Living Your Destiny.” Examples of some of the resources https://www.solveres.com/store/tashalewis/ https://www.solveres.com/store/tashalewis/i/875/solutions-representatives (https://www.un.org/en/observances) https://artsandculture.google.com/story/_QUh41SUsLCX6w (See footage of dailies on my Stage 32 Wall or in the Videos Section of this website. Please rate and provide feedback.)

  • The Tree that saved a life-Faith Based on true events (Like in The Bible)

    The Tree that saved a life-Faith Based on true events (Like in The Bible) Budget: $1M - $5M | Other As the wind blew through the fabric of her lime green jumpsuit, the rain drenched dancer held onto the tree for dear life, like her life depended on it in the hurricane with wind gust blowing so quickly that she almost lost her footing, she hung onto the tree with all her might and strength because letting go was not an option, she would have been blown into the intersection with oncoming traffic. The tree had become a symbol of love that would weather many storms, trials and tribulations by its appearance, green grass had grown in the form of a dancer and her love, a mystery man, becoming as one on the side of the tree which had been there for countless years as a symbol of their love. (The video clip of the tree is posted on my Stage 32 Wall and on the videos page.)

  • Strikes: What causes them and how they can be resolved

    Strikes: What causes them and how they can be resolved Budget: $0 - $100K | Independent Strikes open the door to open dialogue between parties with different points of view for resolving work related issues; this feature will define the striking culture and organizations can come up with solutions that work.

  • The Power of Truth

    The Power of Truth Budget: $1M - $5M | Family Whether spoken or heard, the truth has a liberating effect on the pupil; the student whose life is driven and filled by truth can accomplish anything their heart’s desire inspite of the price tag that can be associated with standing on integrity and ethical behavior. (Who -student, What-truth, Where-every day life, How-the price tag, Why-standing on integrity and ethical behavior, Conflict-Practicing what you preach or live by) Read synopsis. Like “The Graduate Student” and “Overcoming Adversity By A CEO.”

  • Gifted

    Gifted Budget: $0 - $100K | Family A 30 minute TV program that celebrates your children’s gift by allowing their parents or caretakers to learn their unique learning styles (audio, visual, tactile, musical and/or Kinestetic) maybe a gift in itself to themselves and others; in each episode, we will try to examine these characteristics and their origins. Like in the movie Journey to Bethlehem 2023 (Antonio Banderas and Milo Manhiem) IMDB) https://www.journeytobethlehemmovie.com/ or The Letters 2014 (Mother Teresa, one of my heroes)

  • The Graduation Present-Feature Film

    The Graduation Present-Feature Film Budget: $10M - $30M | Romance Driven by excellence and making a difference, Monique wanted her last semester in undergrad to be a defining moment at this stage of her life having worked tirelessly to meet or exceed the expectations of her professors and her bosses (Director of a government agency, Chamber of Commerce, internship, the hotel chain, in various positions in Florida, which opened its doors in 1987, and the DC Metropolitan Area, that she had been blessed to work for during her undergrad years in the beverage and front office departments); Monique’s life-long desire to study abroad hopefully could become “A gift of a lifetime” in the Summer of 1992.

  • The Casino Life

    The Casino Life Budget: $1M - $5M | Historical Financing can be one of the most difficult and important part of a filmmaker’s project; the casino maybe a viable option. (Proof of Concept for my PhD Project 2020-2025)

  • The Coverup

    The Coverup Budget: $30M+ | Thriller Government…..Banking…….Corporate America…..Name the industry and you will find there’s always some type of coverup involved; Friendships are tested; Families are impacted and relationships can be compromised or destroyed.

  • Global Movements Create Global Opportunities (Read both synopsis to get the whole picture.)

    Global Movements Create Global Opportunities (Read both synopsis to get the whole picture.) Budget: $10M - $30M | Documentary Loglines-Global Movements Create Global Opportunities

  • Searching for the Perfect Place

    Searching for the Perfect Place Budget: $30M+ | Other Logline-Searching for the Perfect Place

  • The Continuation-Living Your Destiny

    The Continuation-Living Your Destiny Budget: $10M - $30M | Other Logline-The Continuation; Living Your Destiny

  • The Lawn

    The Lawn Budget: $5M - $10M | Comedy Imagine the royal family waking up to a historical event of a lifetime and looking out across their grounds on their beautifully cut/ manicured lawn and seeing an image of a large Penis carved into the lawn facing the royal palace. What’s your reaction? Based on true events! (Let’s challenge the Bond Franchise (See my Budget Challenge for Studios on Location shoots for the Bond Franchise on my Stage 32 Wall) or MI 6 to figure this out or additional TV or Movie Law Enforcement)

  • Thank you!  Gracias!  Merci!

    Thank you! Gracias! Merci! Budget: $100K - $1M | Family An exploration into what it means to be truly grateful for what life and the Lord gives you each and every day (second, minute, hour).

  • The Definition of Love

    The Definition of Love Budget: $5M - $10M | Romance As he looked into a pond, he saw a reflection in the water of a beautiful, intriguing and elegant woman staring up at him; instead of turning around to see her, he continued his gaze until suddenly it vanished; upon turning around, the mysterious lady had disappeared leaving him dazed and bewildered. Like in “Searching for the Perfect Place”, “The Graduation Present,” and “Overcoming Adversity By A CEO.” (See Rooftop of Kennedy Center Video on my Stage 32 Wall or Video Section as one of potential location shoot for this or near the Reach where you can see in the water.)

  • Taking Chances

    Taking Chances Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy Living on the edge is how people of faith live their daily lives whether they are involved in community service like Missionaries of Charity or leading a board meeting with opposing points of views.

  • Real Leadership

    Real Leadership Budget: $100K - $1M | Independent Who are the real leaders in our daily lives; The Lord; Our Family; Our Spouse; Our Community; Our Political Officials; Our Television; The games we play daily; Please tell me, I would like to know. (Man can’t serve both God and Money). Like “The Power of Truth” or “Gifted.”

  • A Lesson in Forgiveness

    A Lesson in Forgiveness Budget: $100K - $1M | Family In life, we are called upon to extend a hand of forgiveness to someone who may have hurt or wronged us in someway that makes us reach deep down in our soul to find the capacity to forgive no matter the circumstances; Then we look at our own “Life Choices” , “The Power of Truth” and the healing begins. (Song “How can I ease the pain” by Lisa Fischer 1991 the song which I have listened to it live in concert and now have seen the video- Ms. Fischer captures the sentiment from that chapter in Searching for the Perfect Place.) This project will be a great illustration of a Buddy Film. See Stage 32 Glossary for definition.

  • Life Choices

    Life Choices Budget: $5M - $10M | Family As you open your eyes each morning, you get to make a choice of how you will spend your day; that choice will set in motion a series of life changing moments that make life determining decisions that will set the stage for your next scene. (“You live to die another day.” James Bond movie Die Another Day, or “Just surviving”) Cuba scene filmed in Spain

  • The Disappearing CEOS

    The Disappearing CEOS Budget: $10M - $30M | Thriller First there was undercover boss which highlighted CEOS going undercover to learn the inside outs of the inner workings of their enterprise; now, comes The Disappearing CEOS about CEOS who are turning up missing or replaced due to mysterious circumstances. Like being coded over on Social Media. Like in “Overcoming Adversity By A CEO.” (See Social Media News Reels. Coding and Timelines)

  • Mental Health and Society

    Mental Health and Society Budget: $0 - $100K | Family What is the price of our mental health? Is it our Net Worth? Our education? Our family? Our social standing? Our sexuality? Our connections? Who we date or work with? Or is it just the fact that too many of us don’t get proper mental health counseling young enough to correct mental health issues. Especially, when we are willing to destroy society as we know it to be right or save face. Like in Addicted 2014 version and Rainman in IMDB.

  • Laughter is Good for the Soul

    Laughter is Good for the Soul Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy While celebrating National Laugh Day, a tv host travels around to different locations looking for simple everyday situations that create comedic circumstances that make you laugh; as the participants laugh at themselves and others, they describe the healing effect of the laughter and are charged to Pay it Forward daily.

  • Overcoming Adversity By A CEO

    Overcoming Adversity By A CEO Budget: $1M - $5M | Biography As I awoke from a deep sleep filled with memories of my past, my eyes gazed at the ceiling. Flash-Forward. The light returns finding a designer business suit wearing executive sitting on a balcony, who has lived a complex and extraordinary life, staring at nothing but crystal clear water and a white sandy beach that beckons her to come and enjoy. She smiles as she sees her man, who is her life partner and a man, who’s eyes you can get lost in, a mystery himself, doing laps in the ocean after an incredible passionate night of lovemaking after they both realized that individuals who couldn’t comprehend their trials and tribulations were out to alter their past and future. (Select the setting (s) https://www.casothebys.com/films that you might like to see for this opening scene. Penthouses/houses) (possibly a 3 level one for talent, crew and family-To be decided) or https://www.privateislandsonline.com/page/aboutus



  • Founding Member of Scholarship Educators online group

  • Dean's List

  • Volunteer for Power Lunch Wednesday

  • Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel Liturgical Dance Ministry

  • FEDELE.org (Invite to first FEDELE)

  • Study Travel Trip (Malaca Instituto)

  • Advanced Commercial Spanish (Malaca Instituto) in Malaga like on the Amazing Race

  • Wolfson Dance Company

  • Dance Solo to Liberian Girl by Michael Jackson won First Place (Hyatt Coral Gables)

  • University of Maryland Spring

  • University of Maryland Fall

  • Young Voices Dance Ministry-Moving in the Spirit

  • National Spanish Honor Society

  • Golden Key Honor Society

  • Modeling Club

  • University of Maryland Fall

  • Laverne Reed Dance Company Howard University

  • Kennedy Center Dance Performance (Young Voices Dance Ministry)

  • Laverne Reed Dance Company Howard University

  • Laverne Reed Dance Company Howard University


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