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Bondit Media Capital, Stage 32 partner on masterclass series (exclusive)

Screen Daily, 10/25/2017

Bondit Media Capital and Stage 32 have partnered on a four-part online masterclass about film financing featuring Bondit CEO Matthew Helderman and experts that include producer and co-founder of Fortitude International and e2b Capital, Robert Ogden Barnum. The two other expert speakers are Yale Productions president and ...

Have a Short Film Script? Here's Your Chance for $20K and a Production in Florida

No Film School, 9/23/2016

You've got the perfect short film script. You just need money and a crew. Well, how about $20,000, for starters, and some professional gear and mentorship? In an industry that has only a few opportunities for short films, you shouldn't pass this one up. Stage 32 has partnered with St.

Stage 32 and St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commisison To Offer $20,000 Grant To Shoot in Florida

Indiewire, 9/8/2016

The online platform Stage 32 has announced a partnership with the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission to provide a filmmaking contest where one writer and director will be flown to Florida and given a $20,000 production grant to film a short film in St. Petersburg/Clearwater.

6 Places to Find Video Editing Jobs

Premium Beat, 3/15/2016

Sure, the job market is crowded, but if you've got polished video editing skills, there's work waiting for you out there. Let's take a look at six online resources that can help you find video editing jobs and get your name out there.

The successful social network you haven't heard of yet - with Richard Botto - Mixergy

Mixergy, 2/5/2016

My goal is to find out about the kinds of companies that you don't see on TechCrunch... I want to find out about the kinds of people who don't get to the top of Hacker News because, frankly, I feel like there's a world of successful companies out there that we're...

Silicon Beach LA - Blog View - Meet The Founders: Richard "RB" Botto (Stage32)

Siliconbeachla, 11/2/2015

Yesterday we had a chance to chat with Richard "RB" Botto, the Founder of LA's Stage32, "The online platform dedicated to connecting and educating film, television and theater creatives worldwide." As one of LA's fastest growing entertainment startups we were excited to catch him between his whirlwind film festival and conference schedule.

Raindance: Stage 32’s Richard Botto on Social Media, Education Site’s Short Film Competition

Variety, 10/3/2015

In the first of what is planned to be an ongoing series of collaborations with the Raindance Film Festival, L.A.-based multi-media creative website Stage 32 used this year’s event as a launch-pad for their first-ever shorts competition. The result of a meeting with Raindance founder Elliot Grove in Cannes earlier this year, the program is intended as an annual platform for new and low-budget filmmakers.

Stage 32 Fills Short Film Category for the 23rd Annual Raindance Film Festival

Indiewire, 9/22/2015

Richard "RB" Botto, CEO of Stage 32, will also join the Raindance's Grand Jury and host an expert panel on crowdsourcing. READ MORE: 2015 Raindance Web Fest Announces This Year's Slate, Along With Raindance Independent Series Award Nominees The Raindance Web Festival kicks off tonight in Leicester Square, London.

Stage 32: An Education Hub For Entertainment Industry Creatives

Tech.Co, 9/21/2015

LinkedIn is by far the world's largest professional network with more than 380 million members in over 200 countries and territories. But it isn't meeting the needs of everyone, leading to the creation of several sites positioning themselves as the go-to professional network for niche industries. If you work in hospitality, you've got Industry.

What is Stage 32, Anyway?

Indiewire, 6/8/2015

Richard Botto's three and a half year old site Stage 32 is a social network and educational hub for the entertainment industry. I'm sure I'm not the only who has been wondering exactly what website Stage 32 is all about.

Stage 32 and PGA Women's Impact Network Launch Pitching Event for Female-Centric Scripts

Indiewire, 4/3/2015

Female protagonists at the movie theater are becoming an endangered species. To help tell more relevant and interesting stories to girls and women -- an audience that has proven itself loyal and reliable -- the entertainment-industry social-media hub Stage 32 and the PGA Women's Impact Network will host a two-weekend educational panel and pitching event to find female-centric stories and projects for film, television, reality, and new media.

The Life Out Loud: Fostering a Creative Community

The Huffington Post, 12/14/2014

I'm not afraid to say, and I say it with zero ego, but when it comes to the dreams of those who choose a life of creating for film, television and theater, I want to change the world. -- RB, Founder and CEO, Stage 32 It's tough to make a living as a creative.

Blood List Names 'Bird Box' Best 2014 Genre Script; Adds Pilots, Books

Deadline, 10/31/2014

This year's Blood List has named the 13 best genre scripts around town, and in its sixth year the annual screenplay contest is expanding its scope to include hot books, TV pilots, and young scribes ripe for signing.

'Bird Box' Claws its Way to the Top of the 2014 Blood List

The Hollywood Reporter, 10/31/2014

To honor its sixth year, the Blood List has added additional lists for Top 6 TV pilots as well as Top 6 horror books and also a New Blood contest, presented with Stage 32.

Stage 32: Meets LinkedIn For Film, Television And Theater Creatives

Forbes, 7/9/2014

Some business ideas come in a flash; a moment of inspiration when all other mental chatter falls to the wayside, and the path forward becomes immediately clear. More often, however, they take the form of a perfect storm – an accumulation of observations over time that reveal a business opportunity worth pursuing. Those are the stories I like to tell, aiming to inspire readers to heighten their awareness to what key lever points may exist within their own lives, and might eventually lead them to take a creative and/or entrepreneurial risk. So when I find one of these “perfect storm” stories that hooks my interest and hasn’t been told before, like recently when I was introduced to founder and CEO of Stage 32 Richard “RB” Botto, it feels like winning the editorial lottery – a mini “aha moment” that leads me to quickly scheduling an interview.

Stage 32, The Blood List Launch Screenplay Contest to Discover New Writers

TheWrap, 5/20/2014

The "Search for New Blood" aims to open doors for undiscovered dark genre writers Stage 32 and The Blood List have partnered to find undiscovered genre screenwriters via the new screenwriting contest "Search for New Blood," it was announced Tuesday by The Blood List founder Kailey Marsh and Stage 32 founder/CEO Richard Botto.

What is 'Stage 32'?

Daily Actor, 11/27/2012

Let's say you are looking to connect with a writer for a film project or maybe you're in need of a director of photography who has their own camera package to shoot your project, you might want to look at Stage 32.

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