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Production Accountant Shortage Equals New Hollywood Careers

TheWrap, 1/17/2024

Another recent effort to groom more production accountants comes from Stage 32, a membership organization providing webinars, classes and labs for the entertainment industry. The company recently launched a global certification program for several below-the-line categories, including production accounting.

Stage 32 Partners with Screen Australia and WIFT's ElevateUs

Australia Independent Film Magazine, 12/6/2023

WIFT Australia’s recently announced partnership with Stage 32 will also facilitate a variety of international mentors from companies such as Amazon Studios, Warner Bros. and the Verve Talent & Literary Agency.

As part of the three-month program, mentees will have access to the mentors for guidance, industry insights and practical advice tailored to their career goals. It will run to a structured framework, including regular mentorship sessions, panel events, and exclusive industry insights.


Film Ink, 12/6/2023

Following WIFT Australia’s recently announced partnership with Stage 32, the US-based online platform that connects and educates the global entertainment industry, they will play a significant role in ElevateUs, providing a variety of mentors from top organisations such as Amazon Studios, Warner Bros. and the Verve Talent & Literary Agency. Amanda Toney, stating, “In Stage 32’s continued commitment to break down global barriers and support creatives, we look forward to providing opportunities for Australian-based artists and technicians, on a global scale.”

Stage 32: Lead With What Your Clients Need

Inc. Magazine, 11/28/2023

Instead of looking for the next viral video idea, research a niche customer problem and provide a solution. Stage 32, a global online community and app designed to connect people from all parts of the entertainment industry, did just that when they noticed film schools failed to provide students with relevant training and certifications.

Digital Transformation for Every Legacy Space - Grit Daily News

Grit Daily News, 11/17/2023

Established as a global online community and app designed to connect people from all parts of the entertainment industry, Stage 32 recently launched a new digital certification program to help individuals get valuable training for a fraction of the cost of an art school in a fraction of the time, and with real-world career opportunities at the end of the program.

Stage 32 Providing A Credible Alternative to Film School

Forbes, 11/16/2023

College can leave students anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 in debt. It’s true for any form of education and especially film school. This is why Stage 32 is doing the same to offer career certifications to film students at a fraction of the cost.

Richard Botto, “consolidation and M&A isn't speculation, it's a certainty"

Cybernews, 10/9/2023

The evolution of social media over the last decade is hard to ignore.

There is no doubt that social media platforms are transforming; creating a space where colleagues can network is not something new, but meeting the needs of different industries is.

That's where democratizing the enterprise comes into play. Providing a platform where professionals who work in the same industry can connect in a career-influencing and collaborative way is the first step in leveling the playing field.

Meet Richard Botto: Founder and CEO of Stage 32

Digital Journal, 10/4/2023

Richard “RB” Botto, CEO and founder of Stage 32, chatted about his latest endeavors.

He discussed being a CEO in the digital age, and he shared how Stage 32 is trying to support the workers that have been affected by the SAG-AFTRA strike. He addressed his thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI) on the future of the entertainment industry.


Stage 32's Richard "RB" Botto On 5 Strategies For Successful Networking

Authority Magazine, 9/27/2023

… My overarching philosophy revolves around honesty, transparency, and authenticity. Understand and define your online brand. Especially in today’s world, your online persona carries weight, especially in our industry. For instance, if you’re consistently confrontational on social media, it can have consequences; I’ve witnessed people losing opportunities due to this. Your brand matters, and in an increasingly online world, people research you online. So, ensure your brand is aligned with who you are. This doesn’t mean you can’t express opinions, but choose your battles wisely. Constant combativeness can have repercussions that you might not even be aware of. It’s a great approach to navigating this landscape....

Stage 32, Catalyst Studios Launch Social Impact Screenwriting Contest With Option Guarantee (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety, 9/1/2023

Stage 32, the entertainment industry social network and educational platform, and Catalyst Studios, a U.S. production company supporting female-fronted projects, are partnering to launch a screenwr...

Stage 32 to Give Away $100,000 in Entertainment Industry Education to Support Striking Workers (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety, 8/30/2023

In support of the SAG and WGA members, and those affected by the strikes, entertainment industry social networking and education platform Stage 32 is giving away $100,000 in free education so they ...

Stage 32 Entertainment Industry Social Network Hits 1 Million Members

Variety, 7/7/2023

Stage 32, the social network designed to support TV and film professionals in more than 185 countries, has reached the milestone of 1 million members as the company expands its offerings. The servi...

Third Annual Black Boy Writes/Black Girl Writes & Stage 32 Mentorship Initiative Set

Deadline, 4/12/2023

The 2023 class of mentees for the Black Boy Writes & Black Girl Writes Mentorship Initiative was announced today. The mentees are presented by writer Mike Gauyo ( Insecure, Ginny & Georgia), in partnership with Stage 32, and with support from Culture Creative Entertainment, M88, and Final Draft.

‘Insecure’ Alum Mike Gauyo & Stage 32 Open Submission For 3rd Year Of Black Boy Writes/Black Girl Writes Mentorship Initiative

Deadline, 11/15/2022

Mike Gauyo (Insecure, Ginny & Georgia) and co-showrunner of ALLBLK network series Send Help, with industry training platform Stage 32 open submissions for the third year of the Black Boy Writes & Black Girl Writes Mentorship Initiative under the Black Boy Writes Media banner.

AFM Names Stage 32 Founder as a 2022 Innovator for the Entertainment Industry

Screen Daily, 10/14/2022

Richard Botto was honored as a 2022 Entertainment Industry Innovator at the American Film Market. 

How Trending Tech Brings the SXSW Stage To You

Grit Daily News, 3/17/2022

Stage 32 offers creators the same benefits year-round, free for members leveling the playing field on information transfer, pitching, training of professionals, and other activities traditionally requiring an in-person networking event to accomplish.

Why the future of the Oscars and Emmys might be in jeopardy with guest Richard "RB" Botto

CNBC, 2/26/2022

From the glamor of celebrities strolling down the red carpet to the memorable speeches to the surprising wins, award shows have attracted massive attention throughout the decades. That storyline proved true for the Oscars and Emmys through much of the late 1980s and 1990s. But that entertainment award-show zeitgeist isn't what it used to be.

Your Digital Impression Is Your First Impression, Here's How to Make it Count

Inc. Magazine, 2/8/2022

Look for virtual communities that are targeted to your industry or your niche and use them to connect with others who share your interests and can help you reach your goals. For example, Stage 32 is a platform that caters to creatives in the entertainment industry who need to connect with others in the field.

5 Innovative Global Initiatives to Invest In

Entrepreneur, 1/17/2022

Creators tend to be gig workers who, not surprisingly, create content of some kind. They may work in the digital space, but some can offline work in more artistic capacities. However, the problem is that there hasn’t been any single way for someone to become a Creator until the advent of entertainment industry talent incubator Stage32’s newest initiative.

KidNation Co-Founder Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges to Give Keynote at BRIC Summit on Diversity and Inclusion, Stage 32 Partners

Variety, 1/5/2022

Musician, actor and KidNation co-founder Chris " Ludacris " Bridges will give the opening keynote address at the fourth annual BRIC Summit, set for Feb. 11 and 12. Bridges is the co-founder of KidNation, an interactive platform for children to enjoy kid-centric, educational entertainment. His remarks will open the summit on its Industry Day.

Bric Foundation Sets Lineup For Fourth Annual Summit, Taps Chris "Ludacris" Bridges To Deliver Keynote Address, Stage 32 Partners

Deadline, 1/5/2022

The Bric Foundation, dedicated to increasing representation in the entertainment and gaming industries, today unveiled the lineup for its fourth annual Bric Summit, taking place virtually from February 11-12. The first day of the summit, which is invite only, will open with a keynote address from Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, the musician and co-founder of kid-centric, educational entertainment platform, KidNation.

'Black-ish,' 'Jack Ryan' Talents to Present at Netflix & Stage 32 Content Creation Program

Variety, 12/6/2021

A panel of industry experts will present workshops at the Creating Content for the Global Marketplace program from Netflix and Stage 32. Designed as a series of educational virtual workshops, the program is aimed at emerging talent from around the world who will learn how to turn their ideas into compelling structured series.

How Niche Platforms Will Dominate Social Media in 2021 and Beyond

Fast Company, 11/10/2021

People are shifting from larger, older social platforms to niche networks. Stage 32 is an entertainment industry-specific social media network that connects executives and creatives to bring competitive content to big-box producers and streaming platforms. In addition to a sense of community, the platform offers libraries of training and education users can access at any time, and there are also instructors who advise members on how to make high-quality content.

'Insecure' Writer Mike Gauyo And Stage 32 Reteam For Black Boy Writes/Black Girl Writes Mentorship Initiative

Deadline, 11/8/2021

Writer Mike Gauyo (Insecure, Ginny & Georgia) and training platform Stage 32 are set to open submissions to the Black Boy Writes & Black Girl Writes Mentorship Initiative, under the Black B...

How Stage 32 Is Helping Filmmakers Navigate Changes In The Entertainment Industry

Yahoo, 10/12/2021

At Stage 32’s State of the Industry: Virtual Film Finance Summit, leaders in entertainment from across the globe gathered to discuss emerging trends and industry changes taking place.

How This Social Platform Became The LinkedIn Of The Entertainment World

Yahoo, 9/8/2021

As people began losing their jobs at the beginning of the pandemic, a growing need emerged for connectivity among peers. We saw Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms have usage spikes and become the dominant way of communication in a world where in-person working environments had largely come to a halt.

'The Next Ted Lasso': After Year in Pandemic, Hollywood Dumps Edgy for 'Uplifting' Projects

TheWrap, 9/1/2021

Stage 32 CEO Richard Botto told The Wrap: "I hear from a lot of executives, and every single person says they want the next 'Ted Lasso'".

How One Company Is Leading the Way in Democratizing the Entertainment Industry | Stage 32

Grit Daily News, 8/30/2021

Entire industries made significant adaptations in the last year in order to survive. Among them is the entertainment industry. Long monopolized by large conglomerates and corporate ladders, it can be difficult for those starting out to find the connections they need to succeed.

The rise of online hiring platforms - Here's what to know about Stage 32

CNBC, 7/30/2021

CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports on the next frontier of hiring as new start-ups zoom in on specific areas of expertise, including Stage 32.

Why the Entertainment and Social Media Industries are Converging

Entrepreneur, 7/17/2021

Stage 32 sets a precedent for companies answering a unique challenge within their industry. Many creatives simply lack access to executives and don’t know how to connect with peers, especially in a remote environment, but a specialized network makes this possible. Much like LinkedIn, platform users can connect with leaders and get unparalleled access to educational resources.

Why Niche Communities Are the Future of Social Media Marketing

Inc. Magazine, 7/13/2021

One niche platform helped cull the stall by offering a place for creation to continue--Stage 32, a social media network for the entertainment industry. This platform connects executives and creatives at every level to bring competitive content to big-box producers and streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

How Stage 32 is Changing the Way Hollywood Operates

Yahoo, 6/12/2021

The entertainment industry has long been monopolized by large conglomerates and corporate ladders, making it difficult for those starting out to find the connections they need to succeed. Newcomers to Los Angeles or New York often covet the opportunity for careers in entertainment, but they soon find industry exclusivity is a major barrier.

How Stage 32 Became A Global Powerhouse By Combining Entertainment And Tech: A Case Study With Richard Botto

Forbes, 5/6/2021

Social platforms that serve and foster communities (think Clubhouse) may now be trending, but one platform has quietly been changing the entertainment game for the last decade by fostering community, connections, and e-learning. Industries need strong networks to survive, and Stage 32 CEO Richard "RB" Botto saw this need in the entertainment industry, long before it was trending.

One Man's Pursuit to Change the Entertainment Industry

Influencive, 5/3/2021

Richard "RB" Botto is changing the way the entertainment industry operates. A forerunner in his field, Richard saw first-hand the obstacles facing fresh talent in the entertainment industry and decided to create the solution himself. He pulled his resources, created a vast network of talent, and in 2011 was born.

How Netflix Tapped LA Talent Incubator Stage 32 to Pull in Global Creatives

TheWrap, 3/1/2021

"The purpose of doing this ... was to help people realize their pitches for serialized storytelling," Netflix's Christopher Mack says "One thing I noticed back in 2011 was, we were headed towards an era where content was going to be produced on a mass level, not just at the studio level but with the proliferation of streaming platforms," Botto told TheWrap.

US-based Stage 32 ropes in Assam India filmmaker as brand ambassador

The News Mill, 2/23/2021

US-based social networking and educational site, Stage 32, has roped in Assam filmmaker Arunjit Borah as their brand ambassador in India. Stage 32 helps creative professionals who work in film, television and theatre from across the globe by helping them come under a common platform. As of now, t

Selon Netflix, les utilisateurs décident s'il vont continuer un programme au bout de 5 secondes

Business Insider France, 2/11/2021

Netflix a découvert que les gens décident s'ils vont continuer à regarder un programme presque au moment où ils appuient sur lecture. Christopher Mack, directeur de l'investissement et du développement des talents chez Netflix, a déclaré lors d'un récent événement destiné aux professionnels de la création que l'équipe de l'entreprise chargée de l'information des consommateurs (consumer insights) a constaté que les spectateurs décident inconsciemment s'ils vont regarder un programme dans les cinq secondes qui suivent son début.

Netflix research finds that people decide within 5 seconds whether to keep watching a show, workshop hosted by Stage 32

Yahoo, 2/10/2021

Netflix has found that people decide whether they're going to keep watching a show nearly the moment press play. Christopher Mack, director of talent investment and development at Netflix, said during a recent event for creative professionals that the company's consumer-insights team has found audiences subconsciously decide whether they're going to watch a show within five seconds of starting it.

How to sell a show to Netflix with the help of an easily digestible pitch document, according to a workshop by one of the streamer's execs

Business Insider, 2/9/2021

With the streaming-video giant on the hunt for more local-language series, Netflix broke down some best practices for pitching series t0 its executives, during a three-hour workshop hosted by Stage 32, a social-networking and education platform for creatives and professionals in the entertainment industry.

Variety Business Intelligence and Stage 32 Partner to Ease Post-Pandemic Production

Variety, 9/16/2020

Variety Business Intelligence and industry-focused social network Stage 32 have partnered on plans to increase networking and educational opportunities for VBI subscribers. VBI's Variety Insight, which offers data and analytics surrounding the entertainment industry, and Stage 32, a social network for members of the industry, created the promotional partnership to offer their services to users of both products.

Festival-Bound Filmmakers' New Dilemma: Screen Virtually or Wait for Another Market?

The Hollywood Reporter, 6/24/2020

After the cancelation of SXSW and postponement of the Tribeca film festival due to the coronavirus pandemic, a slew of once festival-bound indie features are working to not get lost in the shuffle.

Two SXSW-Awarded Films Among 70 From Canceled Festivals To Be Screened For Sales Agents, Distributors By Stage 32

Deadline, 4/20/2020

Online platform Stage 32 is rolling out a screening series starting Tuesday to highlight filmmakers and films impacted by cancellations or postponement of festivals to a network of industry executives and professionals. The 70-plus films include with Maggie Gyllenhall and documentary Echoes of the Invisible , respectively the Final Draft Screenwriting and Zeiss Cinematography Award-winners from SXSW.

The Pandemic Is Hitting One Part of Hollywood Especially Hard

The Atlantic, 3/23/2020

"It's like, we're never going back. Things are never going to be the same." Kate McLean and Mario Furloni have been working on Freeland, their first narrative feature film, for almost a decade.

Spotlight: U.S. entertainment industry reels from industry-wide impact of COVID-19

China, 3/23/2020

by Julia Pierrepont III LOS ANGELES, March 22 (Xinhua) -- The COVID-19 pandemic is delivering blow after blow to the beleaguered U.S. entertainment industry, as movie releases, film and TV shoots are being postponed or canceled across the country and internationally.

5 Ways Entertainment Companies Are Doing Business During Coronavirus

Variety, 3/11/2020

Entertainment companies are doing business online while the world confronts the epidemic. Online film fest Online film platform Stage32 is inviting filmmakers who were accepted to SXSW to screen films via their platform, saying it will promote the titles to its community of more than 600,000 creatives and industry executives.

SXSW May Be Canceled, but There's Another Way to Screen Your Film on Stage 32

No Film School, 3/10/2020

COVID-19 has shut down SXSW 2020, so where can you watch the films and read the reviews? SXSW was canceled last week over concerns about the spread of coronavirus. It was a blow to indie filmmakers everywhere. Lots of people were waiting to have their life's work debut there.

Films Set to Screen at Canceled SXSW Offered New Platform Stage 32

CNN, 3/10/2020

An online community for entertainment creatives is offering filmmakers affected by the cancellation of South by Southwest a chance to give their movies some exposure, free of charge.

Films set to screen at canceled SXSW offered new platform Stage 32

Nbc-2, 3/10/2020

"As filmmakers, producers, screenwriters and actors ourselves, all of us at Stage 32 are devastated for everyone impacted by the cancellation of SXSW. Given the sad reality that the Coronavirus will likely cause more festival cancellations, we want to assure that these filmmakers and their connections get the exposure their work and efforts so richly deserve," said Richard "RB" Botto, CEO of Stage 32.

Films Set to Screen at Canceled SXSW Offered New Platform Stage 32

ABC, 3/10/2020

"As filmmakers, producers, screenwriters and actors ourselves, all of us at Stage 32 are devastated for everyone impacted by the cancellation of SXSW. Given the sad reality that the Coronavirus will likely cause more festival cancellations, we want to assure that these filmmakers and their connections get the exposure their work and efforts so richly deserve," said Richard "RB" Botto, CEO of Stage 32.

Film News Roundup: Stage 32 Sets Online Screenings After SXSW Cancellation

Variety, 3/9/2020

Social network-educational site Stage 32 will offer SXSW filmmakers a showcase for their projects beginning in April. The site made the announcement on Monday, three days after the film festival was canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus epidemic. Filmmakers and content creators accepted into SXSW 2020 are welcome to submit their pics for screening.

Film News Roundup: Stage 32 Sets Online Screenings After SXSW Cancellation

Yahoo, 3/9/2020

FILM FESTIVALS Social network-educational site Stage 32 will offer SXSW filmmakers a showcase for their projects beginning in April. The site made the announcement on Monday, three days after the film festival was canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus epidemic. Filmmakers and content creators

US industry explores virtual solutions to coronavirus outbreak

Screen Daily, 3/9/2020

On Monday Stage 32, an LA-based social network platform that connects film, TV and digital creatives and professionals, said that starting next month it would showcase select films from the recently cancelled SXSW on its platform. The company’s community includes distributors, buyers and sales agents, as well as managers, agents, financiers, development executives and producers.

Stage32 Streaming Platform Offering to Play SXSW 2020 Selected Movies Starting in April - IMDb

IMDb, 3/9/2020

Since SXSW 2020 was canceled last week due to coronavirus concerns, filmmakers hoping to show their movie to an audience for the first time and possibly land a distribution deal have been left out in the wind. However, a streaming platform called Stage 32 is offering them the chance to get their movies in front [...]

Stage 32 Microbudget Horror Competition Offers Film Option, Production Mentoring, Greenlight Eligibility

Deadline, 1/18/2020

Online film networking and education platform Stage 32 has partnered with Trick Candle Productions and Glass House Distribution to launch a Microbudget Horror Script Competition for 2020. The winning script will receive a $5,000 option and be entered into a mentorship program with the film's producers, and be eligible for a production greenlit for up to $100,000 by Trick Candle and Glass House.

Stage 32 at the Hamburg Germany Film Fest - Transatlantic Empowerment

Screen Daily, 10/4/2019

Stage 32, founded eight years ago by Rich Botto, is dubbed a “LinkedIn” for film, television and theatre creatives. It has 500,000 members, split 60% in the US and 40% international, and is a partner with both the Cannes Marché and the American Film Market (AFM).

Speaking in Hamburg, Toney highlighted some of the platform’s recent successes in bringing together directors, actors, technicians, financiers and writers.

Film Experts From Stage 32 Give Advice at Trinidad and Tobago Workshop

Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, 9/6/2019

THE Business of Film Workshop which began on Thursday at the CreativeTT office in Port of Spain, attracted a number of people in the film industry, given the calibre of international facilitators in TT for the event. At the opening session, presented by the TT Film Company, the topic was "From script to screen: Understanding ...

National Lampoon & Stage 32 Launch Comedy Screenwriting Competition

Deadline, 5/31/2018

National Lampoon has partnered with online film and TV creatives platform Stage 32 to launch the National Lampoon & Stage 32 Comedy Screenwriting Competition, with the winning script to receive a $5,000 option of 18 months by NL and the winning writer or writers placed into its mentoring program.

Bondit Media Capital, Stage 32 partner on masterclass series (exclusive)

Screen Daily, 10/25/2017

Bondit Media Capital and Stage 32 have partnered on a four-part online masterclass about film financing featuring Bondit CEO Matthew Helderman and experts that include producer and co-founder of Fortitude International and e2b Capital, Robert Ogden Barnum. The two other expert speakers are Yale Productions president and ...

Have a Short Film Script? Here's Your Chance for $20K and a Production in Florida

No Film School, 9/23/2016

You've got the perfect short film script. You just need money and a crew. Well, how about $20,000, for starters, and some professional gear and mentorship? In an industry that has only a few opportunities for short films, you shouldn't pass this one up. Stage 32 has partnered with St.

Stage 32 and St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commisison To Offer $20,000 Grant To Shoot in Florida

Indiewire, 9/8/2016

The online platform Stage 32 has announced a partnership with the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission to provide a filmmaking contest where one writer and director will be flown to Florida and given a $20,000 production grant to film a short film in St. Petersburg/Clearwater.

6 Places to Find Video Editing Jobs

Premium Beat, 3/15/2016

Sure, the job market is crowded, but if you've got polished video editing skills, there's work waiting for you out there. Let's take a look at six online resources that can help you find video editing jobs and get your name out there.

The successful social network you haven't heard of yet - with Richard Botto - Mixergy

Mixergy, 2/5/2016

My goal is to find out about the kinds of companies that you don't see on TechCrunch... I want to find out about the kinds of people who don't get to the top of Hacker News because, frankly, I feel like there's a world of successful companies out there that we're...

Silicon Beach LA - Blog View - Meet The Founders: Richard "RB" Botto (Stage32)

Siliconbeachla, 11/2/2015

Yesterday we had a chance to chat with Richard "RB" Botto, the Founder of LA's Stage32, "The online platform dedicated to connecting and educating film, television and theater creatives worldwide." As one of LA's fastest growing entertainment startups we were excited to catch him between his whirlwind film festival and conference schedule.

Raindance: Stage 32’s Richard Botto on Social Media, Education Site’s Short Film Competition

Variety, 10/3/2015

In the first of what is planned to be an ongoing series of collaborations with the Raindance Film Festival, L.A.-based multi-media creative website Stage 32 used this year’s event as a launch-pad for their first-ever shorts competition. The result of a meeting with Raindance founder Elliot Grove in Cannes earlier this year, the program is intended as an annual platform for new and low-budget filmmakers.

Stage 32 Fills Short Film Category for the 23rd Annual Raindance Film Festival

Indiewire, 9/22/2015

Richard "RB" Botto, CEO of Stage 32, will also join the Raindance's Grand Jury and host an expert panel on crowdsourcing. READ MORE: 2015 Raindance Web Fest Announces This Year's Slate, Along With Raindance Independent Series Award Nominees The Raindance Web Festival kicks off tonight in Leicester Square, London.

Stage 32: An Education Hub For Entertainment Industry Creatives

Tech.Co, 9/21/2015

LinkedIn is by far the world's largest professional network with more than 380 million members in over 200 countries and territories. But it isn't meeting the needs of everyone, leading to the creation of several sites positioning themselves as the go-to professional network for niche industries. If you work in hospitality, you've got Industry.

What is Stage 32, Anyway?

Indiewire, 6/8/2015

Richard Botto's three and a half year old site Stage 32 is a social network and educational hub for the entertainment industry. I'm sure I'm not the only who has been wondering exactly what website Stage 32 is all about.

Stage 32 and PGA Women's Impact Network Launch Pitching Event for Female-Centric Scripts

Indiewire, 4/3/2015

Female protagonists at the movie theater are becoming an endangered species. To help tell more relevant and interesting stories to girls and women -- an audience that has proven itself loyal and reliable -- the entertainment-industry social-media hub Stage 32 and the PGA Women's Impact Network will host a two-weekend educational panel and pitching event to find female-centric stories and projects for film, television, reality, and new media.

The Life Out Loud: Fostering a Creative Community

The Huffington Post, 12/14/2014

I'm not afraid to say, and I say it with zero ego, but when it comes to the dreams of those who choose a life of creating for film, television and theater, I want to change the world. -- RB, Founder and CEO, Stage 32 It's tough to make a living as a creative.

Blood List Names 'Bird Box' Best 2014 Genre Script; Adds Pilots, Books

Deadline, 10/31/2014

This year's Blood List has named the 13 best genre scripts around town, and in its sixth year the annual screenplay contest is expanding its scope to include hot books, TV pilots, and young scribes ripe for signing.

'Bird Box' Claws its Way to the Top of the 2014 Blood List

The Hollywood Reporter, 10/31/2014

To honor its sixth year, the Blood List has added additional lists for Top 6 TV pilots as well as Top 6 horror books and also a New Blood contest, presented with Stage 32.

Stage 32: Meets LinkedIn For Film, Television And Theater Creatives

Forbes, 7/9/2014

Some business ideas come in a flash; a moment of inspiration when all other mental chatter falls to the wayside, and the path forward becomes immediately clear. More often, however, they take the form of a perfect storm – an accumulation of observations over time that reveal a business opportunity worth pursuing. Those are the stories I like to tell, aiming to inspire readers to heighten their awareness to what key lever points may exist within their own lives, and might eventually lead them to take a creative and/or entrepreneurial risk. So when I find one of these “perfect storm” stories that hooks my interest and hasn’t been told before, like recently when I was introduced to founder and CEO of Stage 32 Richard “RB” Botto, it feels like winning the editorial lottery – a mini “aha moment” that leads me to quickly scheduling an interview.

Stage 32, The Blood List Launch Screenplay Contest to Discover New Writers

TheWrap, 5/20/2014

The "Search for New Blood" aims to open doors for undiscovered dark genre writers Stage 32 and The Blood List have partnered to find undiscovered genre screenwriters via the new screenwriting contest "Search for New Blood," it was announced Tuesday by The Blood List founder Kailey Marsh and Stage 32 founder/CEO Richard Botto.

What is 'Stage 32'?

Daily Actor, 11/27/2012

Let's say you are looking to connect with a writer for a film project or maybe you're in need of a director of photography who has their own camera package to shoot your project, you might want to look at Stage 32.

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