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Harry Mah
Seeking pitching connections.

Hey all..Are there any animation producers or people who have connections with Disney or Nick's development team executives? You will get your percentage in writing if ever the tv project is sold. Thanks!

Shelly Paino
Short animation script

Hi animators! I'm a screenwriter who has written nine feature scripts and several shorts. I have a script for a silent animated short (in the vein of Pixar's shorts, but needless to say I don't know anyone at Pixar), but it's not clear whether something like this goes down the same path as a feature...

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Paul Mahoney

Hi Shelly, Maybe you could try connecting with some of the members who are animators? Or if you see some animated short films at festivals that you like you could contact the producers? Good luck with your project.

Bob Harper
Animation Co-Production

Anyone know if an animation studio looking for coproduction for a feature?

Amber Greenlee is always looking for opportunities. Cheers.

Bob Harper

Thanks Amber!

Eduardo Maciel

Hey guys, maybe you can help me. I am thinking of having an agent in the United States to represent me and get work in art direction, illustration and 3D. I do not know if this is possible since I live in Brazil but if possible what tip would you give me to reach my goal and get in touch with some agent? Thank you very much for your attention.

Laurie Ashbourne

For animation, you don't need an agent, just samples of your work. Animation studios rarely go to agents looking for artists, it's word of mouth and demonstrated skills. Try building a portfolio on

Eduardo Maciel

Thanks for the reply Laurie, but I refer to 2d and 3d illustrations.Artella's tip was good.

George McMorrow
Asbury Park Music and Film Festival

I have gotten involved with the APMFF. They are having a film festival in April and are looking for submissions. I know that they don't have many in Animation and I thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase your animated films or shorts. If interested, please visit the website

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Jessica Rainville

Hello! I'm looking to pitch a game but I'm having trouble finding where I can pitch it. If someone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Jessica Rainville

Thank you so much!!!!

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

You are welcome!

Tosin Omotayo

hello, what about us, who do not have the financial resources to pitch an idea through your site.

Harold Shores

Do you have music for your game??

Edward A Haynes Jr

I don't have money to pitch any scripts, but have working on a horror script that I would love to see filmed. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks. :)

Robert P. Davenport II
Lightwave 3D, Poser, & Daz Animation Users

Hello Stage 32, I am trying to connect all of the animators that are using these compatible programs. We need to know our peers and share best practices. If your expertise covers any or all these programs please get in contact with me here on Stage 32.

Mark Ratering

Video Shot on Cannon 6D or Sony ASii.

Robert P. Davenport II

1080p? Sounds interesting. Do you have storyboards or art department sketches of what you are looking for?

Mark Ratering


Mark Dyson

Long time (since [8]) Lightwaver here, and I have years of experience working with Poser (as far back as Poser 4) and DAZ assets as well. My website is and there's a contact form there...

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Lauren Lindsey

Hello! I am sure these questions have been posted before, but I am bit overwhelmed with this whole process so I am not even sure how to begin or where to look for info. Unfortunately I can't afford to attend some of the webinars Stage32 offers, so I am seeking advice here. I am a writer who has rece...

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Laurie Ashbourne

Michael same thing applies. If you are doing a series such as Archer or BoJack you still need the basics. By studio to partner with, do mean an animation studio or a media outlet? If it's an animation...

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Faruku Sayyadi

Hi, I am an animator. You may need my help.

Michael Berry

Laurie Ashbourne Yes, I know. I found a possible studio now I just discovered I need a Animation Producer. Any suggestions or recommendations?

Laurie Ashbourne

Michael, it depends on what you need a producer for. Do you need someone to raise funds or someone to help with the production? If you have funds I can steer you to people but ultimately you need someone to believe in the work so I'm guessing you have pitch material?

Michael Berry

Laurie Ashbourne Yes, I need one to help with funds. And yes, I have script, storyboards and concept art, and a studio willing to do it. So, please can you hook a Brotha up?

Faruku Sayyadi
Any 3ds max user here?

Hi everyone. I will like to be sharing experience with animators specifically 3ds max users. Thanks

Shivakumar Reddy

Hi Faruku Sayyadi. I am currently using 3DS Max.

Faruku Sayyadi

its great to meet you here

Faruku Sayyadi
Animated series TV deal

Hi everyone, It's important to seek for advice on respect of the subject mention. I am from Nigeria and I am highly interested in producing animated series for tv's. Can someone please help me the info concerning getting a TV deal for animation and live action series globally? Thanks

Victor Sunstar
Planetarium Full Dome Christmas piece...

As you may know. We now a daze use full dome digital projection in planetariums... Here is a recent piece from a fellow planetarium producer vic

Laurie Ashbourne
DC comics writers and artists program
DC Launches Talent Development Workshops For Writers, Artists
DC Launches Talent Development Workshops For Writers, Artists
DC Entertainment has announced that they are launching Talent Development Workshops designed to seek out and give up-and-coming talent an opportunity to show off their work. Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, Scot…
Richard "RB" Botto

Nice initiative.

JL Ivory

This is great! I was just talking with a friend of mine about the need for more opportunities geared toward this space.