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Animation show

There was a show produced by Disney and created by Dave polsky the buzz on maggie. I wonder how was it pitched ? Did Disney call him or reach out to him or was he recommended by someone or he simply had an agent. I'm covering an event for pitching in a university so your feedback would be of value. Thanks

Collaborator wanted

I have a song I wrote and recorded that I want to animate for a woman's empowerment's a humorous song, and I have some images, and am looking for a humorous animator to bring it to life.


Just curious who is using what out there. We use Toon Boom Harmony for most of our 2D work. More recently we have started with MOHO which has some great features. After Effects is fine, but my god so slow and clunky to use, and no way near as nice as Toon Boom for character animation. Apple Motion i...

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Bob Harper

We are using Flash on our second season for a show we are producing in and for China. We find it way more affordable than Harmony and more efficient on the front end as we are on a tight schedule- wit...

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Mauricio de La Orta

Toon Boom is amazing!

Kevin Herbert

8 core processor.

Tad & Chad.

I am interested in doing an animation of my children's book. Need input from professionals on how to start the process.

Gary Smiley

Hi Jeffrey, my comment was about animation and meant for Cindy. Not a problem and I'm glad to talk to you. It's very sophisticated animation software, found at toonboom (com) and you can use it free for a short time. (most programs, ie South Park use it, I believe)

Jeffrey Patrick Bird

Oh ok thank you!

Gary Smiley

Sent a network request? Nice to talk, best to you

Jeffrey Patrick Bird

Thanks I accepted! Nice to talk to you too! If you know any film maker who needs an original score... Let me know!

Gary Smiley

Will do, thank you!

Thinking Ahead

I'm interested in any new up and coming entertainment platforms with their focus on animation. As a content creator, I find it heart breaking that animation is considered the low hanging fruit in this genre. It would be even better if they actually have a better way of monetizing the artist more than YouKnowWho. LOL!

Aditya Prajapati

yes it is, also Watch our New Indian SuperHero "Tricode" Movie Official Motion Poster. HIt Like or Give your Precious comment on this Effort!

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Robert Franklin

This site should be able to offer some help!

Maurice Tyson

I appreciate the suggestions. May I add a slight correction? What I'm noticing is that animation in the PAST had BEEN considered low hanging fruit to Hollywood UNTIL the studios hype a major named sta...

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Laurie Ashbourne

I wouldn't say animation has ever been considered low hanging fruit. It is a very specialized space and tight knit community, once you immerse yourself in it, a whole new world (no pun intended) of op...

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Epic Acg

we are focus on animation, check us out

Pixar style storytelling - the Beginning

From Michael Arndt, great thoughts on the first act ( based on Incredibles, Toy Story and Finding Nemo)

Robert Franklin

Nice to see this.

Epic Acg

nice one

Other Festival Trailers

Why do they call them trailers ... never mind. While I've done a lot of character animation work and vfx work on features such as Sam Raimi's DRAG ME TO HELL (animating the Evil Hanky character), or even on Michael Jackson's ill-fated stage show THIS IS IT, my true playtime is Film Festival opening...

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James David Sullivan

Here is the explanation for the use of the term "trailer" -->

Robert Franklin


Adam Fisher

Great job!

Keith English

Thanks Adam.

Epic Acg

good job. we like to screening it at our festival. submit it to us

Animation for Dyslexia PSA/mini doc

I'm hoping to find someone help me complete a 3 min mini doc about a young dyslexia activist as a part of our movement to get dyslexia legislation passed in the Massachusetts state government. So far there's nothing to protect these students in our law, and no enough is being done to help them. I'm l ...

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C4D Xpresso/Python Help Needed

Hello, I'm working on a project in Cinema 4D, and need help building an Xpresso rig. I have a scene with a bunch of cloned, dynamic spheres. I want the spheres to independently change color once when they collide with each other. I figured out how to tell which clone is which, and can get all the clo ...

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Karl Pontau

I'm still trying to get this to work. If you know C4D and Xpresso, or know someone who does, I could use your help!

Dan MaxXx

It is coming soon! Movies don't need real Actors.

Regina Lee
Tongal / Project Greenlight contest - #NextGreatAnimatedSeries
The Next Great Animated Series on
The Next Great Animated Series on
Tongal presents, in partnership with Project Greenlight Digital Studios, an animation incubator to develop the #NextGreatAnimatedSeries with YOU! Submit your Pitch now for the opportunity to get the g…
Georgette Hanna

My movie script is completed; Where can I sell it? any suggestion?

Lauren Lindsey

Georgette Hanna check the Happy Writers section

Lauren Lindsey

This contest looks great only there is a possibility that all your rights will be given away to the sponsors, with no guarantee that you will be involved! doesn't sound all that legit or rewarding to me. A lot of people on the page have commented asking about it too...

Robert Franklin

best to you!

Planetarium Full Dome Christmas piece...

As you may know. We now a daze use full dome digital projection in planetariums... Here is a recent piece from a fellow planetarium producer vic

Robert Franklin


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