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Does Starting with a Comic Book Rather than a Script Save Money

I tell stories in the comic book medium. I'm talking with people about producing them as movies, and one of questions that comes up is whether it at all helps in production to have an already existing comic book. To my way of thinking, you already had one version of the scene as a starting reference...

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Claude Gagne

I'd say a comic book. Why you say? Well, if you're going to do a comic book, you'll need illustrations, a story board of some sort, to show what your intentions are- a film with illustrations or a fil...

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Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Jah Rae - Thank you for sharing. Thank you for putting the link in RED,RED, RED. This screenwriter/director/producer now has a better understanding of what color grading is thanks to you. Now I am goi...

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Andrew Sobkovich

Colorization is the process of adding colour to a monochrome image. The link shows a log file being graded or corrected. Decidedly different processes.


Hi guys, I am looking for some tele-lens for Canon C100mkII (s35 sensor - 1.5 crop) I need it for filming animals around 500m - 1km distance. I was thinking about Canon 300mm F4 prime lens, do you think it will be enough focal lenght for filming on that distance? maybe should i use any teleconverter...

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Andrew Sobkovich

It is important to know how to do some simple lens calculations for Field of View, Angle of View, etc. These are the basics that everyone who is a Director of Photography or Cinematographer already kn...

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Jakub Micuch

Hi Andrew, Thank you wery much for you answer, it was really educational. I knew what means angle fo view, field.. etc, but i never though about it in this way. you really helped me.

Andrew Sobkovich

hi Jakub you are very welcome. Now that you know you can calculate all the components, you will always have the answer to such questions about lenses. Glad you took the time to do it the hard way first, now you will know how for the rest of your life.

Any advice for my no-budget filmmaking efforts in a mansion?

I'm in pre-production for a short film I'm going to shoot in mid to late August. I managed to get permission to film in a mansion for three days, six hours each, and the main scene will be in the dining room, shown in the attached picture. 3 will be seated along the left, with the hostess appearing...

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Gear Geek Question.

Hi All, I am a writer and love my BMPCC setup (short films etc). I'd like to get this community's opinion of the new announcements, Canon C200 or the Panasonic EVA1. These look like very cool 4K options above and beyond beefing up a DSLR. A big chunk of change but I do like my toys.

Dan MaxXx

I like the body shape of the C200. Dunno if the camera overheats and if it is field-tested for 10 to 14 hrs continuous use. Does Canon cameras mount prime lenses?...

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Craig D Griffiths

They have a great set of cine primes, the EF mount is pretty common. I have a collection of L series Canon glass which would work on both the C200 and the EVA1

Fake reel footage

Do you ever shot fake footage just to put in your Reel, like not even make a short film, Commercial, etc. just shoot a cool shot.

Andrew Sobkovich

If you shot the footage, how is it fake? Creating the images is an end unto itself. Those images being used in a picture of some sort puts them to use where the whole should be greater than the parts,...

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Lens whacking / Free lensing

This is a technique I've recently started to explore, which involves shooting with out attaching the lens to the camera. You hold the lens in front of your camera's sensor, moving it back and forth to adjust focus. It gives your footage some great looking practical light leaks, and some really stran...

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Pat Savage

Very cool effect!

David Timber

Not impressive.

Lionel Kahn

Thanks for putting the video together. I enjoyed seeing the end result.

Royce Allen Dudley

Somewhere mid 90's I think, music video editors started to include all manner of unusable footage as style: flash frames, edge fogging, and "whacking"- which was an unintended effect of swapping lense...

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Keith Hopkins

That's interesting Royce. I didn't know the history of it

DSLR Mirrorless - Lens suggestions

I recently acquired a Sony a6000 to start up a few short videos/films. The provided lens is decent but a zoom lens, and lack the beauty of some of the primes I got used to working with a friend.
After hunting around a few websites I am a little unsure of what lenses I should aim for. Any suggestions?

Andrew Sobkovich

You are looking for high quality lenses that can be adapted to a variety of cameras, including the one you have. The PL mount is pretty ubiquitous for high end cameras and can be adapted to most other...

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Robert F. Hockaday

Indeed, it has been stressing me a bit. Been staring at various prime lenses forever - also rental places.
Thanks for pointing that out on the PL lenses and adapters. I hear Metabones adapters are pretty good.

Andrew Sobkovich

Going to an APS-C sized sensor a PL mount lens should not need any optical correction. The simplest adapter would just securely mount onto the camera and provide a stable rigid mount for the PL lens 5...

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Lionel Kahn

If you plan on manual focusing, you can get an adapter and go for some vintage full frame still lenses like canon FD lenses. The crop factor will be a bit different so the lenses will shoot longer (lo...

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Rachael Saltzman

Be aware that some mounts (PL for instance) may be too deep and hit your sensor.

Cannes Film Festival

Jut saw Wonderstruck at the Cannes Film Festival. Amazing cinematography! I love the concept and the tone of the picture, very well executed. Well done Todd Haynes!

Buscando cineastas Independientes de habla HISPANA, en diferentes paises del planeta. Con por lo menos 3 trabajos publicados.

Buscando cineastas Independientes de habla HISPANA, en diferentes países del planeta. Con por lo menos 3 trabajos en cine Independiente publicados.  Por favor contactar :

Debbie Croysdale

Gracias. Hasta Luego.

JPL's Cassini's Grand Finale short film is cinematic and very well done.

Was blown away at how cinematic and Hollywood quality it is.

C Harris Lynn

I'm consistently "blown-away" by how Hollywood NASA's footage is. ;)

Mark Ratering

Always love a good Murder MystryStory.

Forced Perspective [HINTS NEEDED]

Hello! I'm kind of newbie here in this Stage 32 network, so I'm sorry for any misuse of the website. I'm a brazilian filmmaker, currently working on an expressionist short movie about some cocaine-addicted guys, and I want to take a shot where two of the characters are walking down a dark road, only...

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