Stage 32 Next Level Webinars

Stage 32 Next Level Webinars are typically 90 minute broadcasts that take place online using a designated software program from Stage 32. Stage 32 prides itself by bringing in the top-level industry executives, managers, agents & professionals to teach our community about all things current in film, television and theater. What's best is that you can participate from the comfort of your own home! If you attend a live online webinar, you will be able to communicate directly with your instructor during the webinar. If you cannot attend a live webinar and purchase an On Demand webinar, you will have access to the entire recorded broadcast, including the Q&A. After the purchase of a live or On Demand webinar, you will have on-demand access to the audio recording, which you can view as many times as you'd like for a whole year! Check out some of our amazing instructors below!

The Basic Sounds and Principles of the Neutral American and British Accents and an Introduction To Regional Variations
Learn directly from Jon Sperry, one of the most experienced dialect coaches in America who has coached such actors as Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Rodrigo Santoro, Sofia Vergara, Zoe Saldana, Russell Crowe, Matt Dillon and Harvey Keitel!
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The Actor's 5 Steps To Success
Learn directly from Kristi Speiser, Certified Image Consultant and Life Coach for Actors!
How To Write A Kick-Ass Comedy Pilot That Will Get Executives’ Attention!
Learn directly from Michael Poisson, Director of Development at Silent Machine Entertainment, Krysten Ritter’s production company that has a first look deal at Universal TV​! Previously he was at Ryan Reynolds' TV pod, DarkFire TV​. Michael is also a comedy writer who used his insider knowledge to land a manager, and get two projects in development at production companies!
The Small Town and International Guide To Getting Work Without Being Pushy Or Aggressive
Learn directly from Jessica Sitomer, International Entertainment Industry Speaker, Career Coach, and Author who has had her writing produced by an Emmy Award winner, produced TV herself and has coached thousands of professionals who work in the entertainment industry!
Creative Approaches To Making Your Directorial Debut.
Learn directly from Jairo Alvarado, Manager at Circle of Confusion (The Walking Dead) who specializes in representing and breaking young directors, and recently signed Mischa Rozema on his feature debut with Warner Bros. for his project Sundays!
From Internships To Development Executive Positions!
Learn directly from Amanda Johnson-Zetterstrom, Development Executive (Short Term 12, Friends With Kids, It Follows)!
How To Approach Copy As A VO Actor
Learn directly from David H. Lawrence XVII, VO and screen actor with over 50 film and TV credits, including Heroes, Lost, CSI, How I Met Your Mother, Men In Black III, Iron Man and more!
How To Get A U.S. Entertainment Visa
Learn directly from Liz Profumo, Managing Attorney of the Immigration Firm D'Alessio Law Group!
Strategies, Techniques, and Workflows To Take Low Budget Filmmakers to Higher Levels of Success!
Learn directly from Mike Stivala, 3 Time Emmy Award-winning Reality Show Producer, Director, and Editor (Friday Night Tykes, My Crazy Obsession, Best Week Ever, Ghost Stories)!
How To Create A Useful Beat Sheet And Use It To Develop Your Screenplay!
Learn directly from Jeni Jones, Development Executive, Screenwriter and Independent Producer (Law Abiding Citizen, The Woman in Black, Snitch)!
Understanding Foreign Markets (including China, Russia, India, Brazil, etc.) and What This Means For Your Career
Learn directly from Alex Franklin, Veteran Studio Executive for New Line Cinema, Dimension Films, Lionsgate Films and Artisan Entertainment!
How To Get Attention As A Director And Gain Higher And More Exciting Filmmaking Opportunities!
Learn directly from 20 year veteran Michael Davis, Director of Shoot ‘Em Up (Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti) and The Amazing Steve Ross with Steven Spielberg.
Tips To Better Position Your Independent Film For Festival Success!
Learn directly from Maren Olson, Producer of SHORT TERM 12 and represented worldwide distribution for over 70 finished films (including an Academy Award winner!)
How To Build Your Suspense From The Ground Up And Craft A Twist Ending No One Sees Coming!
Learn directly from Steve Desmond, professional screenwriter who has worked on projects with Davis Entertainment, Imagine Entertainment, Treehouse Pictures, and more!
How Understanding Global Tax Incentives Can Help You Make A Smart Decision
Learn directly from Simon Graham-Clare (Producer) and Ricky Margolis (VP) at Future Films USA (Over 200 films & TV shows financed and produced)!
A No B.S. Look At How Managers Actually Approach Signing Writers Straight From The Mouth Of A Respected Hollywood Manager Himself!
Learn directly from Lee Stobby whose clients include writers on films that have premiered at Sundance and Cannes, as well as a stable of multiple writers on the Black List!
Tips From The Trenches For Successfully Getting Your Horror Film Through The Entire Production Cycle!
Learn directly from Nick Phillips, Studio and Independent Producer for nearly 20 years (Halloween, Hellraiser, The Crow, Straw Dogs, The Roommate, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, the Project Greenlight film Feast)!
Become An Attractive Client To A Screenwriting Agent!
Learn directly from Nish Panchal, Talent Agent for Curtis Brown Literary and Talent Agency!
How to Build a Strong Professional Acting Career
Learn directly from Cheryl Texiera, Actress, Writer, and Producer (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Girl Meets World, The Mentalist, Shameless)!
The Ever-Evolving Worldwide Distribution Process and How to Secure the Right Home for Your Feature Film
Learn directly from Tiffany Boyle, VP of Packaging Sales at Ramo Law – Over 50 film credits including - Stuck In Love (Jennifer Connelley), Pawn (Ray Liotta), Maladies & The Broken Tower (both starring James Franco)!
Learn directly from award winning playwright, screenwriter and writing coach Corey Mandell, (Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Disney, Showtime, AMC and HBO)!
Learn directly from Jordan Barel, TV Dept. at Abominable Pictures (Burning Love and Children’s Hospital on Adult Swim)!
Tips on Getting Your Film Funded and Made
Learn directly from Laurie Cook, Head of Development & Producer at Bigscope Films!
Learn directly from Jack Plotnick: Actor, Director and Performance Coach (The Mentalist, Reno 911, Buffy The Vampire Slayer)!
Learn directly from Producer Michael Wormser, whose online distribution projects have reached over 30 million viewers!
Learn directly from Conrad Sun, TV Literary Manager and Development Executive for Meridian Artists!
How to break into the industry, and what you do after...
Learn directly from Sam Estes and Michael Hobe, composers and sound designers (Inception, Dark Knight, American Horror Story)
Host Tatiana Kelly has produced 12 independent films including Wristcutters: A Love Story and The Words (Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana), and The Procession
How to Get Your Script Past the Front Lines of Hollywood
Learn directly Rachel Chervin, Development Dept. at Broadway Video (former assistant and reader for the Gersh Agency, Imagine Entertainment and Broadway Video!)
Learn directly from award winning non-fiction producer, Jim Young, who's produced 8 films based on books, including LOVELACE (James Franco, Amanda Seyfriend), THE MAN WHO KNOW INFINITY, THE CATHER WAS A SPY and LAYOVER
Learn directly from Daniel R’bibo who's worke on films such as FOXCATCHER, AMERICAN HUSTLE and THE MASTER
Learn What Work Visa Is Right For You
Learn directly from Managing Attorney of the immigration firm D'Alessio Law Group, Lorraine D’Alessio
How To Avoid Potholes and Protect Your Work, Your Relationships and Your Career
Learn directly from Producer Gary W. Goldstein (Pretty Woman, Under Siege)
What ACME Doesn’t Tell You…
Learn directly from Daniel Stellan Kendrick, Manager and Development Executive at Chatrone LLC (The Book of Life).
Learn directly from David Landau, 30 year Lighting director and Director of Photography.
Learn directly from Michael Poisson, Writer and Director of Development at Silent Machine Entertainment!
Learn directly from Simon Graham-Clare, Producer at Future Film Group (Bend It Like Beckham, The Queen, Mrs. Henderson Presents)
Learn directly from Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher, Actor, Acting Coach and Founder of Actors Comedy Studio!
Learn directly from Amanda Johnson-Zetterstrom, Production and Development Executive at Animal Kingdom.
Place-Based Filmmaking
Learn directly from Marty Lang, award winning producer of over 20 films!
Learn directly from Kristy Maurer, Creative Executive who’s worked on Looper, Side Effects, and Friday Night Lights.
What You Don't Learn in Acting Class
Learn directly from Ron Marasco, Ph.D., 25 Year Veteran Actor and Professor (40 Year Old Virgin, West Wing, Lost, Entourage)
The Ultimate Guide
Learn directly from award-winning Line Producer and current EVP of Production for Indigenous Media, Maura Anderson (Winter’s Bone, Suit Up, Would You Rather). Webinar will include live examples of schedules, budgets, wrap binders, etc. from films she's worked on!
Six Steps to Refine Your Creative Process and be Productive Every Day
Learn directly from Chris Boardman, 6 time Emmy Award winner and Academy Award nominated composer.
How to Turn Your Personal Experiences Into a Compelling Story
Learn directly from a studio executive, Nikki Levy, Vice President of Wedge Works at FOX
Navigating the Future of the Film Industry in The U.S.
Learn directly from Jake Detharidge, Head of Development and Production at 3311 Productions (In A World... starring Lake Bell, Eva Longoria and Big Sur starring Kate Bosworth).
What Happens if They Want Your Script?
Joe, the Director of Development at Level 1 Entertainment, has worked on projects with FOX, SyFy, A/E, Lionsgate Films and Universal Studios!
Make Them Say "I Want To Read More!"
Learn directly from Conrad Sun, TV Literary Manager & Development Executive at Meridian Artists
Developing Your Marketable Identity - Loglines, One-Sheets, and the Critical Personal Narrative
Learn from Lee Jessup, Screenwriting Career Coach and author of best selling book 'Getting It Write: An Insider's Guide to A Screenwriting Career'
7 Case Studies of Success
Producer Mitchell Peck has produced 3 studio movies with worldwide distribution!
Without Packing Your Bags And Moving There
Amanda Toye is a producer who developed over 100 drama, comedy, and reality projects to network and cable!
Tips and Tricks About the Scoring Process
Learn directly from composer and producer Christopher Lennertz, who’s first breakout score on Alvin and the Chipmunks grossed over $360 million worldwide
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Option AgreementsOption Agreements
Everything You Always Wanted to Know
Learn directly from Lane Shefter Bishop, Vast Entertainment, Emmy Award Winning Producer!
(Acquiring / Developing / Writing / Producing / Distributing)
Learn directly from award winning non-fiction producer of 8 films, Jim Young, President of Animus Films
Micro-budget/ DIY / Indie Filmmakers
Host Tatiana Kelly has produced 12 independent films including Wristcutters: A Love Story and The Words (Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana), and The Procession.
From Concept to Script to Screen and Beyond
Learn directly from award-winning producer, Ross Putman!
Available On-Demand
They Said "No" They Said "No"
Why Did They Pass?
Taught exclusively for Stage 32 by Creative Executive Dan Wiedenhaupt at Atlas Entertainment (American Hustle, The Dark Knight Trilogy)!
(How the Statistics Will Help You Sell)
Taught by Director of Development at Cider Mill Pictures, Mike Flavin!
of Film, TV or Theater
Learn directly from Jessica Sitomer, who has had her writing produced by an Emmy Award Winner, produced TV herself and has coached thousands of professionals who work in the entertainment industry.
(In-Person and Online)
Learn from Herectic Literary Manager Jeff Portnoy, formerly from CAA and Resolution!
for TV Auditions
Learn directly from Scott David, Casting Director for CBS's Criminal Minds, tips on landing your next job!
Don’t sit around and wait to be discovered – produce your own career!
Heather Hale is an Independent Film and Television Director, Producer and Screenwriter
Available On-Demand
Taking Your Book (or Screenplay) from Proposal to Published to Produced
Learn from an Emmy-award winner on how to bring your book (or screenplay) to screen!
finding material, acquiring scripts and projects, attaching talent, getting pre-sales to convert into actual money for your film and getting tax rebates.
Learn directly from Theresa Won, Manager of Production and Acquisitions at Myriad Pictures (Van Wilder, Oscar-Nominated Margin Call)!
Available On-Demand
Learn How Studio Executives, Producers & Reps Evaluate Your Script So You Can Get Signed & Sold
Learn directly from a studio executive, Nikki Levy, Vice President of Wedge Works at FOX
Learn from Danny Manus - Top 15 “Cream of the Crop” Script Consultants by Creative Screenwriting Magazine
An empowered approach to networking to help you get on the right people’s radars, get noticed, gain momentum - and get hired.
Heather Hale is an Independent Film and Television Producer, Director and Screenwriter. Ms. Hale cast and crewed over 80 when she directed and produced Absolute Killers.
Where to Start and How to End
Presenter, Tim Moshansky, has been a Location Scout for nearly 20 years and has worked on hundreds of films and television shows such as The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Alcatraz, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, Seventh Son, and Fifty Shades of Grey
What to Do Between Acting Gigs
Aaron Marcus has been making his living as a full-time actor and commercial model for nearly 3 decades and has been cast 1,201 times.
Examine What You Need to Know Before You Shoot
John Keedwell has been a film maker for over 30 years, who has worked in over 65 countries
Available On-Demand
Voice ActingVoice Acting
Your First 5 Steps to Making Money with Your Voice
Learn from Tara Tyler, leading Voice Over Artist Specialist!
Improve Your Odds for Success
Heather Hale is an Independent Film and Television Director, Screenwriter and Producer.
An In-Depth Primer
Your host Tyler Ruggeri is a screenwriter and former manager with a decade of experience on both sides of the film industry.
Get your projects noticed, gain momentum and get made
Heather Hale is an Independent Film and Television Director, Screenwriter and Producer.
How you are Perceived, Achieving Performance Level Work and Getting the Final Callback
An Actor, Director, Writer and Producer, Cynthia White has coached hundreds of professional actors and acting students
Your Pre-Move Strategy and Arrival Plan
Hosted by Jessica Sitomer, Producer, Writer and Entertertainmant Industry Coach
Available On-Demand
Finding The Film
Learn from Award-Winning Independent Producer, Shaun O'Banion!
What Are Casting Directors Looking For?
Award-winning Alexander D. Carney has staged works all across the country
Spike Jonze’s Oscar-Nominated Script
10 lessons you can learn from one of the best films of the year
What Most Filmmakers do not Know
here is no getting around it. If you want to make your own project, if you want to control your own career, you will need financing. In order to secure that financing you will need the necessary tools, language and know-how
Accent Reduction and Elimination Training
Jon Sperry is one of the foremost acting, voice, dialect and accent reduction coaches in America. He has coached many of the finest actors in the world including: * Russell Crowe * Philip Seymour Hoffman * Harvey Keitel
Rules and Techniques
Diane Messias is a former BBC Comedy Producer and Director
Available On-Demand
The Film Director's Process of Discovery
Learn from 40 year veteran Director & 1st AD, Peter D. Marshall
Choosing the Best Camera for Your Film
Learn from planetMitch from planet5D!
(and Other Creatives)
Host Bobby Reed has over 60 IMDB credits!
and Survive to See Profits
Exclusive video chat with Stephen Mitchell
The Keys to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
Learn from Indiegogo Film Campaign Specialist, John T. Trigonis
Tips and Tricks
From Lee Jessup, Screenwriting Career Coach
Learn The Buzz Around Town On What Makes A Television Pitch Truly Stand Out Amongst The Crowd!
Learn directly from Kat Walsh, Director of Development for Edyson Entertainment and former Agent Trainee at CAA where she worked on such films as 12 Years A Slave, Looper, Drive, The Great Gatsby and many others!