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Steven Taylor
What's up Stage 32!

My name is Steven Taylor a screenwriter who's looking for representative, producer or studio to bring my feature screenplays to life on the BIG SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have always been a quiet person over my shy personality. I’ve watch movies my whole life growing up in Compton California, as some wou...

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Elvir Ali
Job inquires

Hi guys,

We are currently in the process of shooting a Documentary TV show about life after conviction.

5 people, 5 Stories.

We are looking to HIRE Freelancers and Crew members who were FORMER CONVICTS and now employees in the film industry.

Please send any contact information that seem right for the i...

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Cara Bakun Dakin
Screenwriter, Novelist

Hi Stage 32-- Apologies for the late intro; I was at Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins in LA this past weekend- if any one you have ever attended that crazytown and amazing event, I know you will understand :) My name is Cara Bakun Dakin and I am a first time screenwriter and loving the pro...

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Brian Carlin
Hello Out There in Stage 32 Land!

My name is Brian, and I'm a writer, director, actor, and sometimes producer. I'm based in Seattle and I'm in post on a new short and am working on several feature and short scripts. Happy to connect with you all!

And since it should be a fun thing, I'd like to pose a question to the group: If you c...

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Imo Chadband

Good day Brian Carlin Nice to meet you bro! Hmmm, that's an interesting question...My perk: Being able to just make that right move at the right time to avoid being seen and in turn captured by my pur...

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Brian Carlin

Good choice Imo! You never know when you might need to duck an unwanted pursuer!

Imo Chadband

always comes in handy! Brian Carlin

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Heyo Stage 32 Comunity! I am a recent MA grad from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, now doing the artists hustle in New York City. I have an agent in London and am looking for representation in the States as well. Recently became SAG-Eligible, woot! Would love to collaborate. What's next? 

Rachel Rath

Hi Annelise! I'm from Ireland and living in LA now. I loved NYC! You are going to have so much fun. I found the Equity EPA auditions a great way to meet other actors. All the best with getting your SAG!

Rakesh Malik

Welcome! :)

David Timber

Hi Annelise, Welcome to NY.

Chad Stroman

Welcome! Screenwriter here.

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Matthew Guidera
Hey everyone!

My name is Matthew. I have been involved with production for 8 years. I am currently working on building my writing portfolio in an attempt to produce more content. In the meantime, I am also searching for any production gigs that come my way in the Los Angeles area.

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Rick Oldham

Hello. I'm Rick. I'm new to screenwriting. I have 2 scripts as of now. 2 in the works. My feature is about 2 teens going to their first punk show in NYC CBGB's.

Wayne Jarman

Welcome, Rick.

Rick Oldham

Thank you Wayne

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Jade Stone
New here but not new to screenwriting

Hey everyone. I go by Jade. I'm a screenwriter first a foremost but also taking the plunge and directing my first feature film in Toronto this year. It's a dark comedy with a middle-aged female lead. When I found my voice, it was in this script that I wrote 10 years ago - also won an award for it. S...

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Janice L. Walker

Congratulations! What is the link for your crowdfunding campaign? I want to make sure I support it. If a majority of the members of Stage 32 would contribute a minimum of $5-$10, ideally $25 to film p...

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Roxanne Paukner

That's awesome! Best wishes for success and fun in the process. :)

Jade Stone

Thank you Roxanne Paukner and Janice L. Walker ! Janice L. Walker I haven’t shot the crowdfunding video yet but I will put the link once the page is up!...

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Johnnie Johnson III


Jade Stone

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Jerry Ice
Jerry Stephen Ice, Screenwriter

Hello Egypt, I have an award winning script based on the true story of my 3 times great grandfather I would like to discuss.



Kamran Hedayat

Hello, money offer to support your project/business. For more details, email: Skype: kamdhed43. Thanks Kamran.

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Egypt Reale
Egypt Reale from Precision Action Ent

Hello everyone. I am Egypt. I am a film Producer and Actress. I am also the owner of Precision Action Ent, a film and video production company located in Perth Australia. I recently returned from the AFM (American Film Market) where my company released its three films from this past year. We are lin...

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Fernando Paez

Hi Egypt. I have two feature scripts that have won or placed in over 13 festivals and competitions, most recently semi-finalists at the 2019 Utah Film Festival. I will contact you through your website.

Egypt Reale

My website is

Egypt Reale

Stephan my name is pronounced just like the country. :)

Paul de Havilland


Johnnie Johnson III

Nice to meet you as well.

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Joel Irwin
Multi-Award Winning Composer

I'm a composer/orchestrator. Here are some details:

I scored 6 films of 2018 (one of them, "Notes" has been nominated for "best sound design") and I scored 8 films in 2017 (winning one "best score" for "Hotline" and nominated for one 'best score' for "The Last Comman...

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Stefan LaToure
Post Production

Hey everyone! I'm an Award Winning Editor of both picture and sound. Recently was Co-Producer and Editor of the feature film Water In A Broken Glass, which screened last month at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, and is now Oscar qualified for next year. Looking forward to networking!

Keanu Lee Nunes

Wow! Congrats!

Pamela Bolinder

Stefan LaToure, That's AWESOME! Congrats!

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