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Spanish actress with experience in theatre, tv series and cinema

On my Imdb account you'll can see all my works ➡️

Tania Lamata - IMDb
Tania Lamata - IMDb
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Laura DiNovis
Looking for New Projects

Hi all! I've just moved to New Bern, NC and can't wait to connect with the creative community here! An enthusiastic actress and model, I love working with a team to bring a project together. I'm open to all opportunities!

Tom Luca

Get in touch. Do you want to form an alliance, to pool all our resources and band together to help each other out with our films/TV series/commercials? I sure would. I'm asking for recruiting teams prior to productions in Newark, Paterson, or elsewhere throughout New Jersey, so I can call upon you w...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE To: LUNCH movie fanbase From: DreamFactory Studios Date: Monday, January 13, 2020... Subject: PRESS RELEASE DreamFactory Entertainment is currently in Story Development Conferenc…
Tasha Lewis

Welcome and thank you for the details!

Tom Luca

Hello Tasha. Thank you for the welcome and my pleasure. Have a safe and great week ahead.

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Silvana Arias
Celebrating PARTY OF FIVE's success!!

Our Casting team has received great reviews from TV critics. :) If you need a Casting Director/Associate for your next project send me a request! Wrapping 2 independent films right now.

Tasha Lewis


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Tamir Yardenne
We had our WORLD PREMIERE of web series, Adversity starring Enrico Colantoni

Hey, Fam, actor, writer, and producer here. Adversity, my web series starring Enrico Colantoni made its WORLD PREMIERE at the 28th annual Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles Feb. 11 - 23, 2020. Cast and crew enjoying the night out. What a special evening. #tamiryardenne #tamirfilms

Tasha Lewis


Maurice Vaughan

Congrats on the premiere!

John Ellis

Wonderful! Where will it be distributed? And how did you get Colantoni on board?

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B. K.-Z.
The Unknown Entity coming soon...

Dear Stage32 community,

I'm B. K.-Z. a.k.a. Funeral Master an independent filmmaker from Darmstadt (Hessen of Germany). Former/Owner of Funeral Home Films and Funeral Home Records. I working on the dvd process of

my 2nd "motionless picture" Funeral Master's "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places : Par...

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Evelyn von Warnitz

That's great! Here is another one from Darmstadt. I did send an invitation to you.

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Tim Maloney
An Irish / Italian / Indian Soul yogi

who am i … a friend wrote me … “how do you manage? You should write and share about your experience.” i wrote by the grace of the guru lineage and the holy siddhas I am approaching 4 years with NO Western Medicine for the 18 year ‘present’ of choosing to take on HIV. Who am I? This question is a med...

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Siddha Gorakhnath
Siddha Gorakhnath
The life of Siddha Guru Gorakhanātha is no less mystical than those of Vedic sages like Vaśiṣṭha, Vyāsa, Śukadeva. Born and brought up from the blessed ash of Śrī Guru Matsyendranātha, he i…
Opera writing

I am Padma Narayanaswamy an Indian writer. I am a devotee of Baba . Baba has blessed me to write an opera . I have written and looking for a music collaboration Baba is an avatar and as a devotee I want to spread his glory . I cannot pay much .

Erik Grossman

Hi Padma! Welcome to Stage 32! Who is Baba?

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Ray Verduzco
Key & Peele– Sound Off

The Armed Forces Day theme song that never quite took off. – Funny Video .. Key & Peele have somewhat tedious dialogs about their humdrum lives. Their comedic insights are brilliantly creative and should be revisited as ongoing themed taken over the world.. Enjoy the v...

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Key & Peele - Sound Off / Marky Mark - Nightclubs
Key & Peele - Sound Off / Marky Mark - Nightclubs
The Armed Forces Day theme song that never quite took off. - Funny Video .. Key & Peele have somewhat tedious dialogs about their humdrum lives. Their comedic insights are brilliantly creative and sho…
Alex R Price
How's everyone doing?

Finally finished writing my 4th novel and sent it off to beta readers. I find that I get more accomplished when I focus on one thing at a time.

I have started writing "Harris" or maybe I'll call it "Harris and Loyde". Both titles have potential. It is a mix of Smokey and the Bandit, Like Father and...

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Jose Zambrano Cassella
Director of photography!

Hello My name is Jose Zambrano Cassella, experienced and award winning Director of Photography.

Experienced in several theatrically released feature films, over 900 national and international TV Commercials and much more.

An expert in cinematic lighting and framing.


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Tasha Lewis

Welcome and Congratulations!

John Ellis

Really great reel! Would love to collaborate... Connection request sent.

BTW, love your email handle, "glorifiedcameraman"! LOL

Jose Acevedo

Great reel! Where are you based?

James Pickering

Hi Jose,

Beautiful looking reel.

All the best,


Jose Zambrano Cassella

Thank you all, based in LA but really work all over the states and outside the country.

James Pickering

Hi All,

I've been away songwriting and producing for a while so thought I"d re-introduce myself.

I'm James Pickering, Film Composer, Music Producer and Songwriter.

I'm always looking for bold and exciting projects to work on.

I've linked to the trailer of the most recent feature I composed for, 'County...

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