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Patrick Michael Walsh Jr. was born in Trenton, New Jersey on December 4, 1965. He is the youngest child of Patrick Walsh Sr., a successful professional boxer and iron worker, and Evelyn Walsh, a real estate broker. Pat graduated from the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina, ...

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Franki Jo

Welcome aboard Patrick. I'm relatively new here too but much enjoying the kindness of this audience and absorbing all of the professionalism and tips that people are sharing. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too! Until we chat in the future, Franki

Patrick Walsh

Hi Franki. Thanks for your warm welcome :)

Chad Stroman


Patrick Walsh

Thank you Chad.

Harri-Pekka Virkki

Thanks for the connection Patrick! Great to see you here on Stage 32!


Today's my birthday I'm 24 now

Patrick Walsh

Happy Birthday!

Roberto Dragonne

Happy birthday!!

Chad Stroman

Happy Birthday Destiny!

Eric Abrogoua

happy bday Destiny

Greetings Stage 32!

Hey everyone, I'm a pro fight director, based in the UK, and at the moment with a toe in Hong Kong. I've been directing fights in Scotland for 23 years and over the last 10 years have also made a few indie shorts and a feature along the way. I've been pulling out of social networking over the past f ...

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Fernando Canedo

Hi! Carter, it´s great, welcome!

Debbie Croysdale

Hi and Welcome Carter. Your specialist field of “fight director” sounds very interesting. You lo

Debbie Croysdale

Sorry phone slipped on my unfinished comment above. Great photo. You look as free as an Eagle on mountain trail. “Fight Director” sounds very interesting. Welcome Stage 32!

Chad Stroman

Welcome Carter!


Wanting to say hello. I'm a songwriter, fond of making connections within the industry and growing my fan base. Here is an example of my music Blessings! Kristy

Kristy Cepielik

Aside from music I am a Marriage and Family Therapist at, specializing in infidelity.

Rob Wold

Kristy: Thanks for reaching out, and especially for providing a special example of an enjoyable composition. I'm about to produce a documentary on a most intriguing topic abroad and invite you to remain ...

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Kristy Cepielik

Thank you!

Filmmaker and Screenwriter from Virginia

Hi Everyone, My name is Kat, and I just started screenwriting back in 2016. I've been writing since I was little which started off as short stories, then transitioned into poetry, and now screenwriting. I could never find where my artwork was appreciated until I started screenwriting. I specialize in ...

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Kat A. Cooper

Thank you!

Kelly Krause

Welcome, Kat! I'm a fan of thrillers, so I look forward to exploring your work. : )

Nicolle Bryant

Welcome Kat, it's awesome to women out here achieving their dream, good luck with all your endeavors.

Kyle Climans

Welcome to Stage 32!

Kat A. Cooper

Thank you, everyone. :). I appreciate the warm welcome.

Hi there

Hi, I'm Julio from Madrid, Spain. I'm 39 years old, Med School graduate with a passion for film and the process of filmmaking. I 've been watching movies since I was a kid I'm trying my hand on writing my first script. As a newbie/FNG/rookie or whatever you wanna call it I beg for any outrageous stu...

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My name is Ivana and I'm novelist and aspiring screenwriter and director. I often develop ideas for films and TV shows. I mostly prefer to write espionage, but i like adventure, gothic and history. I often mix these genres.

Brian Alan DeLaney

Hello. Sounds like an interesting mix. I'd like to read a spy novel set in gothic times, like a Fleming meets Poe.

Sai Pillay

Ivana..Hello..I am a writer-Actor with 02 short film subtitled in Hindi for US production companies. and 01 produced script here in India...let me know if any assitance require in any way ...I look forward seeing your success...

Ted Westby

Ivana, welcome to the party. I dig that you're a mixologist and bet your work is tres interesting. Write on!

C. L. Jaya Singh

I am spend 20 years for research and analyst to write the book regarding god and human my first book Final Judgement Day published in 2nd January 2018 This story is suitable for making good film maki ...

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Fernando Canedo

I loved create to espionage and gothic genres!

Soundtrack and Sound Design to Animation
Beautiful Madness

Hello Stage32, My name is Cecil, I'm a screenwriter based in South Africa and a new member to Stage 32! I just wanted to send out a quick introduction and at the same time post my logline for my one hour TV Pilot dramedy "Beautiful Madness." If this is what you're looking for, please don'the hesitat...

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Final Judgement Day

I am spend 20 years for research and analyst to write the book regarding god and human my first book Final Judgement Day read , happy and review This book is suitable for film making copy right value 200,000 US $

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Greetings to all! Collaboration - did you experience that?

I am making my first steps in screenwriting and I am excited to be part of the community where screenwriters from all around the globe can socialize and communicate with each other. I know that some of you have achieved success as solo screenwriters but I am very curious about the possibility of col...

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Aray Brown

I haven't collaborated with anyone thus far. But i'm open to it.

Brandon Hawkins

I tried to collaborate on a script, but they wanted me to do everything for them. I do really want to help out but they aren't replying to any of my emails or messages. She just wanted to hear my ideas then run away with them. I'm guessing it's so she doesn't have to share a writing credit.

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