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Matvey Filyushkin
Let's collaborate

Hello guys, let’s collaborate.

I am a CSUN student, perusing a bachelor's degree in cinematography.

I have experience in shooting and editing BTS (photos & videos).

I edit on DaVinci Resolve and own BMPCC 6k, DJI Ronin 4D, and Sony A6400.

I am currently looking to build my reel. Send me a message if...

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Aamir Shahzad

Please message me

Amman M. Said

MATVEY, what is CSUN?

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Gary Keyes
Gary Keyes

Hello, everyone!

Man, it's great to be back at Stage 32. I've been away far too long.

MB Stevens

Welcome back Gary Keyes Onward and upward.

Maurice Vaughan

Great to meet you, Gary Keyes. How's it going?

Sam Sokolow

Welcome back, Gary!

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Delores Wheeler
Seeking Employment

I am an actress/writer. My website is

Delores Wheeler - IMDb
Delores Wheeler - IMDb
Delores Wheeler, Actress: Breaking Them Up. Delores Wheeler is an actress and writer, known for Breaking Them Up (2020), Painted Woman (2017) and Infamous (2020).
Mercy Ephriam

Nice meeting you.

Gary Keyes


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Sebastian Tohouri
Send me your scripts

Hey Everyone,

I would love to read some of your scripts, I am also reading scripts from websites but would like a wide variety.

Sidenote: I'm from the UK and moving up north for my MA, it would be great to connect with other screenwriters both online and in the country.  Here is my email: tohouriseb@g...

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Andrea Zastrow

Have you checked out Script Revolution? It's a free script-hosting platform created and run by CJ Walley, who's also from the UK (and also frequently contributes to this forum). Lots of scripts to read there, and you can narrow them down by your interests.

Gary Keyes

That's real cool of you!

Robert Russo

I am on script revolution. If youd like a great drama you could read Roughneck, which is based on my life, working on a drilling rig in West Texas, and healing from PTSD.

Sebastian Tohouri

Hi everyone, thanks for sending over your work! I have started reading and will contact you all with my feedback. Have a great day!

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Alex Goroshko

Hi everyone!

I recently join this awesome community. So many great people here, it's cool!

I am a composer and sound producer from Kyiv, Ukraine. I write songs and hybrid orchestral music,

Enjoy listening!

If anyone need composer for any pr...

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Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Alex Goroshko. Best to you, your friend, and the crew on the documentary about the war in Ukraine.

Alex Goroshko

Thank you, Maurice!

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Alex Goroshko.

Stephanie Madison

Welcome, Alex! It's great to have you here. This is a lovely, supportive community and you'll love it. Cheers.

Alex Goroshko

Hi Stephanie Madison thank you! I enjoy this community.

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Molly Peck
Hello Everyone!

Hi there, I'm the Contest & Success Manager for Stage 32! I wanted to introduce myself to anyone who doesn't know me yet. Please feel free to ask any questions about our Contests or Script Services.

MB Stevens

Hey Molly Peck You're awesome.

Na Huckeba

Hello Molly! Thank you for what you do for us!

Pule S Mokgadinyane

Hello Molly. Nice to meet you. Hope our journey here is going to be a great one.

Amman M. Said

Hi, Molly, I don't know about the contests program. Link?

Molly Peck

Hi Amman, everything we currently have open is listed here:

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Gregory Fishwick
301 Pictures

Hello everyone!

I'm a UK based screenwriter and director. Along with my producer, I recently set up an independent production company, 301 Pictures - We have a slate of projects in development, all unique takes on genre pieces including "A Town Dressed in Black", a supe...

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Heather McNamara

Hi Gregory!

Gregory Fishwick

Hi Heather! Nice to meet you!

MB Stevens

Interesting and congratulations Gregory Fishwick Onward and upward.

Gregory Fishwick

Thank you MB Stevens!

Maurice Vaughan

Congrats on being a quarterfinalist, Gregory Fishwick (and your producer).

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Kevin S. Deziel
Independent Storyteller Writter

The merging of treatments and film.. While my heart is in the lessons found within my verbal and wrettin stories,. Having an interest they be told in film requires extra creativity, I'm hoping. Is iit common for someone to take a long time to transform existing stores into loglines and treatments for film.? My script for the truth....

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I'm Tara from Chennai, India. I'm a mom to three amazing teens, a homemaker and an aspiring screenwriter.

Very excited to be here on Stage32 to learn screenwriting and connect with some wonderful people! I'm beginning with the Netflix + Stage 32 Present: How to Write Drama Scripts for Streaming Telev...

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Bamutiire Jerry Edmund

Poetic! You make a good poetic screenwriter, Tara Alexander! Welcome aboard! Say hi for me to Deepika Padukone! You should check out Anupama Chopra's film review YouTube channel, Film Companion: https...

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Evelyn von Warnitz

Such a lovely flow you have, Tara! Welcome in this beautiful network.

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Grigor Stewart
Grigor Stewart CEO Clickboogie TV Distribution Exec Producer and course creator of

If any of you guys are thinking of shooting in Southern Africa talk to me, millions of dollars are spent here on commercials, series and movies, the technical expertise is second to none ask BBC Nat Geo Discovery and Studios, not forgetting big brands

Patric Eriksson


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Janett Mendez
Hello Everyone! Seeking scripts

Hi there!

I am a film producer with eight shorts to my credit. Previously, I was selected to participate in the prestigious Academy Gold Rising and worked with reputable production companies and script competitions.

I currently work with Feature, a Web3 Studio dedicated to creating a new online marke...

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Amanda Michel

Hi Janett, I love to know the submission guidelines.

Cecil Anthony Valdez-Hernandez V

How do you submit

Jatinder Sairaj

Mail I’d pls for content post

Constantine Ganosis

Hi Janett. I hope you’re well. I sent a message.

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The Cost of Opportunity

Hi everyone, good to be able to Introduce Myself through this platform. I am a passionate writer, very much into historical literature and fictional writing also. I have, as of late, been working on a plot about a dying man, who, having lived through a series of life-changing events, hard decisions...

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Cherelynn Baker

Hola Pedro! Welcome to Stage 32 - keep writing and pressing forward towards your goals. Take massive action!

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