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Sylvia Pilar

Hello to Stage32 network... Sylvia Pilar

John Vizzusi
Noir 2017

Film Noir is as popular today as was with Warners in the 1930s. Why not shoot your next crime drama Noir Style. You will need the following props, see pic. A 45 Revolver, a Men's Fedora, a glass of Rye Whiskey, safety matches, ticket to the fights, love letters from your mistress and a Gumshoe Office! Need help.. John Vizzusi, Filmmaker at Large

Vitaly Kozlov

And the main item - MONEY, which would get you a right team on board, name talent and distribution.

John Vizzusi

Your talking Budget, I'm talking genre.. jv

Vitaly Kozlov

I'm talking reality, you are talking garnishing.

Sandra Reed
Sandra Reed

I am a writer, actor and dancer(ballet/jazz). I also love yoga. I always try to encourage others because it is not all about me. "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud."

Ramon Olivo
Ramon Olivo, Writer, Video Producer

Hi everyone, I'm a video producer out of New York City trying to break into screenwriting!

Izzibella Beau

Hey, Ramon, welcome.

Ramon Olivo

Thank you Izzibella!

Christopher Henry

Welcome aboard, Ramon!

Raja Riaz M Khan

Hey welcome

Ramon Olivo

Hello Christopher and Raja

Hello, hello, hello.

Hello, fellow writers. Atlanta is my home. In my writing, I bring the margins of society front and center. One of my New Years resolutions was to take my writing more seriously and to work toward creating a short film; that's why I'm here! I've written a pilot: Blood. Sex. Work which follows a toxic...

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Izzibella Beau

Hey, Sorahya, we're not too far from one another, I'm further south down here in Macon. Your pilot sounds really interesting.

Kyle Climans

Welcome to Stage 32!

Martina Camatta


C Harris Lynn

I like that, too. Break a leg!

Bo Barker
Want to brainstorm with show runners and creatives about a possible show pitch!!! Established Emmy - winning Voice Actor / Broadcast Narrator... also recognized as a legitimate Intuitive Consultant / Evidential Medium....

G'day all... always great to connect with others here! I am a proven, established Voice Actor, operating from an equipped home studio in the Midwest USA... I'm an Emmy and other award winner.. have voiced work for some of the largest brand names on the globe and am connected with many agencies and c...

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Jan Haley-Soule
Shooting first film Memorial Weekend

Hi Everyone, I've been a professional actor most of my life and I have written tons of screenplays and now I am ready to shoot my first short film over Memorial Weekend. I'm so excited. I have my cast, editor, music, and more. A very exciting time. I'm based in LA, but I am from the Bay Area and the...

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John Vasquez
Boston Filmmaker crewing up for the summer

Hello Stage 32! I'm a filmmaker based in Boston looking to collaborate with other filmmakers. Currently looking to fill some key crew and cast positions for a horror short filming this summer: creature concept artist, creature costume maker, special F/X, dolly grip and a 6'7"+ actor to play Bigfoot....

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Pre production of a documentary about murdering and conspiracies during the Renaissance in Florence.

Hi all! I'm a film director and producer and I'll be at the Cannes Film Market from May 18th to 27th. I'm in the process of planning a low budget documentary with my business partner Nicola Vitale Materi. The topic is murdering and conspiracies in the Medici family in Florence. We are looking for co...

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Rich Patriaco

Check out my videos about my ebooks at
I am hopeful someone will want to make movies out of some.


I'm a screenwriter with eight completed feature length scripts, mostly with female leads or strong female characters. Two of my scripts were among the top finishers at the Women's Film & Script Competition.

Mark Laing

HI, Everyone, I'm a screenwriter\actor with three finished scripts which I'm actively pitching through the wonderful Stage 32 pitch sessions. Delighted to make any new connections and help out with projects. I'm also a working professional photographer and do a lot of industry charity work too. If I...

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Marketing & PR Guy

Hi There! I am a marketing and PR professional and I absolutely love indie films and attending film festivals. If you have a marketing / promotion / PR / publicity / social media related questions, please feel free to ask. And, if you're attending Cannes, let's meet:

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Vladislav Nogin

Hi Gotham, welcome!

Gotham Chandna

Thanks Vldislav!