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Four Wild, Explosive Genre Screenplays Seeking Filmmakers

Hi, Stagers. I'm a screenwriter of big, booming Action-Monster-Adventure-Sci Fi-Fantasy-Thriller screenplays. I currently have four screenplays ready for development.  I'd love to talk to any filmmakers who are looking for that kind of material - big, visual, international, exciting MOVIE movies. They ...

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Steve Cleary

Indeed, Mark. Good luck! Also, SyFy is always looking for tv pilots. Perhaps you can adapt one of your features into episodic format.

Roe DePinto Naber

Best of luck!

C Harris Lynn

SyFy still makes two-hour movies, AFAIK. They usually also release them as uncensored video/VOD releases - that's the way they used to do it, at least.

Janet Scott

THE SWORD AND THE SERPANT SOUNDS GREAT MARK. Being Scottish myself, and believing Nessie is more than just a mythical monster......with a Little less known sister MORAG from Loch Moron.... would love to hear more about this one...

Mark Gunnion

I'm be happy to share the script, Janet, if you'd like to take a look. There's even an echo of Morag in the story. I can email a .pdf, I would love to hear any reactions to it you may have.
And I will look into that SyFy website, thanks Steve and C.

I'm going to launch my acting career when I'm older. I'd better hurry. I'll be 70 this July.

Hi, I'm Jack Goldenberg. I've been a Copywriter/Creative Director my entire career. Although I've had some unusual successes -- I launched the Happy Meal, Cabbage Patch dolls and Pop Rocks candy and created the Pee-wee Herman toy line,-- my wife says I must not be that smart, "If you're so smart," s...

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Roe DePinto Naber

Never too late to fulfill that bucket list! Forge ahead! Best of luck!

Ted Westby

Hey Jack, I don't know that much about Art but you sound like one smart cookie to me. Got gettum!

Brian Shell

As some of my musician friends say, "Often late but worth the wait."

C Harris Lynn

I like your face! Every time I've seen this post, that picture makes me smile. If I manage to get anything going, I would cast you for something. Break a leg! :D

Allen Lynch

Welcome Jack!

New Project: Poetry To Trance Music "About" by annienomad~cyberpoet

I am a poet attempting to transition from the page to meaningful Club Music. "About" is my trial run.

David Lee Melton


Sharee Anne Gorman

Thank you, David:)

Myron DeBose

I love trance music.

Allen Lynch

Powerful Sharee!

Geoff Lee actor

Hi All, I'm an American-Asian actor in NYC, back in the biz for the last 6-7 years and having much fun. I freelance with two SAG agents and two managers at this time and I'm always seeking good projects to work on. I have not yet published my actor's website but my IMDb page is kept fairly current (...

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Joseph L. Stewart

Hello Mr. Lee.

James Drago

Hi Geoff.

Latest Track!

Hi everyone!  I don't believe I've posted to the lounge before.  I'm Scott Mitchell, Owner and Composer at Nomadic Studios.  I'm always looking for great projects to compose for or work with post-production audio.  Here is my latest track I released, and there are many more on my Sound Cloud Channel...

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Einny Kim

Welcome!! :)

Izzibella Beau

Hey, Scott, thanks for sharing and welcome to S32. I liked that bit of composition, definitely will keep you in mind once I get into production on my web series.

Allen Lynch

Welcome Scott!

James Drago

Nice music. Welcome!

My name is Ilias

I am a freelance video editor and production assistant from Toronto, Ontario. I started using Stage 32 to connect with more filmmakers and find more job/career opportunities in my field. I would be happy to communicate and get in touch with everyone, so I provide my link to my website down bellow. E...

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Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Hi Ilias, cool video. It's a pleasure to meet you, albeit virtually at the moment. Thanks for connecting. I also own Julie's Cuban Restaurant here in T.O. It's on Dovercourt Rd. Stop by sometime.

Ilias P. J. Stanois

Awesome :D I'll be sure to make a visit sometime

Allen Lynch

Welcome Ilias!

James Drago

An amazing place to make connections. Invite sent.

Love to collaborate in LA

Hi, everyone!
I'm a produced TV and feature writer and published novelist. I'm looking to expand my network here in LA and to work on indie projects. Do add me to your network in any case. You never know, right?

Jerry Gill

Hi Deanna. I agree - you never know, so I just clicked your plus sign.

Mark Ratering

So David what are you doing about it? Never been a better time in history to make your own film.

Daniel South

Hi Deanna. Good luck and hope to work with you sometime.

Allen Lynch

Welcome Deanna!

James Drago


Brandon Fix (FixProductions)

Hello, guys! My name is Brandon Fix. I am CEO and founder of FixProductions. We are excited to be gearing up for our full animated launch series: "Cyber-Boy: The Animated Series". (Check out the series preview link below). We are so thankful to have been able to work with such talented inspiring art...

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Roe DePinto Naber

Very cool! Great job! Wish you success!

Brandon Fix

Thank you so much! You too! I'll keep you posted! :D

Roe DePinto Naber

Super! Stay in touch! Brandon, if you come across anyone in the toddler animation network, pass me along!

Brandon Fix

We will definitely stay in touch! I will pass them your way too! My work is for all ages! Please spread the word!

Allen Lynch

Good Luck Brandon!

Belated introduction

Evening, all -- Been here a few years and am now being told I never did introduce myself. Not totally sure that's right, but just to cover the bases: I'm an award-winning, published short story writer who dabbles in pretty much every other kind of writing going. I've gotten some industry attention fo ...

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Joseph L. Stewart

Hello Mr. Jespersen.

Allen Lynch

Hello Reay & Good Luck!

Let's put all the B.S. aside and make Movies!!!

Hello everyone, my name is Francesco Philip Reale and I'm a filmmaker from Canada looking for any reason to make a great film, with great people, from anywhere in the world. My background is in Art and art history as well as a minor in classical history and literature. For me it felt only natural th...

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Francesco Reale

Brian Shell, nah just sheer coincidence, would never shut out anyones ideas or thoughts. And its pretty much the same. Cold, semi colourful, and making those movies where ever I can! Like wise to Myro...

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Aray Brown

Love your post! Let's work

Allen Lynch

Welcome Francesco!

Biagio Cilia

Great post! Welcome!

Vladislav Nogin

Hi Francesco, welcome!

Dan Sonnett - Escape from D.C.

Hello, Stage 32! I'm written a pilot television script set in a small city during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's and a spec script for the STARZ series "Outlander." As screenwriter, director, and digital media producer, I have created and produced digital media projects for non-profits, mus...

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Toni Deaver

Great to have you here



Aray Brown

Welcome Chad! Wishing you the best

Allen Lynch

Welcome Dan!

Vladislav Nogin

Hello Dan, welcome!

Writer/ Director - Steampunk Film

Hey everyone. My name is Dave Di Pietro, and I am the creator of Archangel from the Winter's End Chronicles, a steampunk action/adventure film. It started life as a web series, which we are currently in the process of acquiring funding to produce it as a feature film/TV series pilot. Always looking...

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Allen Lynch

Hello David

Brian Alan DeLaney

I checked out your website, looks great! If I had any experience in digital effects I would be all over this project.

Vladislav Nogin

Welcome Dave!