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Do we want to copy Paris and see advertisements in theatres before the curtain goes up?

It seems a dozen French theatres will be showing advertising before the curtain goes up? Do we want this? Trailers and advertisements will be shown. Cash strapped theatres feel they are forced to do it. Yet this will surely cheapen the theatrical experience. I only see movies after the trailers and...

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Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Yes, as long as it does not interfere with the film. Revenues are very tight for theater owners. They need the money.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Ads are always shown in movie theaters already...? Every movie I see there are ads and movie trailers shown before the featured film. It's annoying, sure, but I have no problem with theater owners --...

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Linda Walton

Hi everyone. Delighted to be part of this network! I am based in London, UK. I am a commissioned writer of musical theater and have had two shows produced in the UK. Now challenging myself to write screenplays. My passion in story telling is for exciting drama often based on or inspired by real char...

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Daniel DeNapoli

Great Linda!! Congrats!!! Hope your read my book/script THE BRONX KID!!

S.J. Robinson

Hi Linda, Ireland based here. Like titles of your works... I reckon your musical has themes similar to my own. Would be happy to connect with you :)

Babz Bitela, President/Silver Bitela Agency/WGA

Nice to see you here, and glad you're seeking your passion. Our client, Craig Clyde, just completed a successful musical run in NYC for A Wall Apart. Keep writing. All the best, BABZ

David Timber

Very impressive. Your enthusiasm and creative momentum is infectious, I like it. Congratulations.

David Black

Welcome aboard Linda

Greetings Fellow Creatives!

Hello Fellow Creatives! I've been in LA permanently since 99 after completing a year long National Shakespeare tour. The commercial world (doing another this Tuesday!) has been kind to me, along with VO. Started narrating audiobooks last year, and got to go Washington DC as "The Most Influential Man...

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Yaiza Varona

Hello Jon! Great to e-meet you. Can I please ask you if the audiobooks were recorded binaurally? Thanks so much and break a leg on Tuesday!

James Drago

Nice to meet you Jon

Jerry Jenae Sampson

Hi Jon, welcome!

David Black

Welcome aboard Jon!

When an exec is ok to read your script

Hi, do you have any tips or email samples to know what to answer to an exec when they accepted to read your script?
First time for me, and I can't find any article about it. There are articles about queries or when your script is optioned, but not for what's in between. Thanks!

Dan MaxXx

that is silly-- asking for NDA, lawyer help or sending first 10 pages only.

Alison Kawa

I've heard never to ask them to sign an NDA. It's automatically saying you don't trust them. It's cheaper for them to option your work than it is to reproduce it or get into a legal battle. Unless the...

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Isabeau Vollhardt

i think registering your script with the WGAW would be sufficient. Don't need to do the NDA.

Pierre Langenegger

If you want to register it then do so with the U.S. Copyright office. - DON'T use WGA registration, it's a waste of money. - DON'T ask anyone to sign an NDA, they'll simply ignore it and your script. - D ...

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Beth Fox Heisinger

S.N., assuming you are already well aware of the person to whom you are sending your screenplay, and have had prior conversations or interactions with that person, just send a simple email with a pdf...

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Multi genre writer

Looking for ways to get my novels read by filmmakers.

Jeff E. Gregory

Connect with me, then message me to fill you in.

Lee A. Eide

How about using a banner ad on websites that are popular with filmmakers? Place links to your books on the landing page and make sure to include "can't resist" hooks.


Hi all! Just saying Hello! Keep up the good work...

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Do you accept adapting movie/film scripts at this time? I have a movie/film (manu)script, titled, ''The Success Story'' Below are the following details Genre: Family, drama, aspirational Synopsi ...

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Isabeau Vollhardt

Jonathon, thanks....sharing the love.....

Andrea Thompson

Hi Jonathon! Whatcha working on?

Kaye Williams

Thanks Jonathon!

Allen Lynch

Welcome Jonathon!

Producer/Director looking for Canadian writers

Hi all, I'm a Vancouver-based producer/director looking for Canadian writers to collaborate with. I'm specifically interested in character-based feature scripts, modestly budgeted ($1-2MM), comedies, dramas and lo-fi sci-fi with minimal body counts. I know that there are lot of creative folks on this ...

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Nchango Boris

What about Cameroonians writers?

Maurice McGary

How did you get contact from weinstein or sony

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

I have a movie/film (manu)script, titled, ''The Success Story'' Below are the following details Genre: Family, drama, aspirational Synopsis Greg is the best of all students in his department---T ...

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Rachel Walker

Good evening Jon! Great to hear about your new project! If you need any film scoring or singles please let me know! All the best! Truly Rachel

Allen Lynch

Good luck Jon!

"The Room", a badly written film with a happy ending.

I often hear other screenwriters, especially aspiring ones, talk about how bad and unoriginal movies are these days. And, with Variety Magazine saying the 2017 summer box office was the worst in ten years, perhaps there may be some evidence to support that argument. However, there have been bad film...

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Dan MaxXx

Niche movie with big players involved. A24 distribution. Ratpac Ent funded. Franco starrin and directing. folks with track records get to play with niche projects. So my advice to aspiring Writers- go ...

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Dash Riprock

Absolutely one of my all-time favorites. That and "Birdemic: Shock and Terror". Both of them by SF Bay Area director/writers. Go figure.

Leah Surette

I remember watching a review for this years ago, I thought it looked like a hilarious watch, I forgot about until now.


My name's Erin and I'm a recent film school graduate and LA transplant. I'm focusing on editing and writing now, and would be excited to collaborate on anything and everything!

Robert Premus

Welcome Erin

Leah Surette

Welcome Erin! I haven't been to film school but I am eager to learn everything aswell

Glenn Ratcliffe

Hi erin

Kaye Williams

Hey Erin! Congrats! I am always up for collaborating.

Allen Lynch

Welcome Erin!

Keith J. Crocker Producer Writer & Director

Hello Stage 32, It's been quite a while since I've posted but I'm just stopping by to say that I'll be going into production again over the Winter of 2018 with what will be my third feature, a fantasy film called Three Slices of Delirium. The film is based on two stories by Edgar Allan Poe and one p...

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Theo Perry

Glad to hear you are determined! #Focus #ShineBright

Keith J. Crocker

Thank you!

Looking for ideas on the best way to “relaunch” a popular sitcom from the Golden Age of television

I'm hoping you'll be able to give me advice on the best way to reintroduce a sitcom which was tremendously popular in the forties and fifties with viewers. My educated guess is that this has never happened to anyone before so there's precious little information on the best path to follow. What “this...

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David Trotti

If you're looking for syndication, you might want to reach out to Shout! Factory TV or Get TV. They handle classic TV material. It's probably too obscure with very little subscriber-boost for services...

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Wayne Graves

I sent you a message and request. I have a couple ideas for you, depending on what you're looking for.

Andrea Ciobanu

Hi! I'm a filmmaker, currently doing a directing commercial course. Thought to begin with music videos, fashion/beauty ads before thinking of Feature films. I've made a couple of shorts in the past;
open to read synopsis of under 10 min short scripts of all genres.

Kaye Williams


David Timber

I like your showreel.

Leah Surette


David Black

Welcome aboard Andrea

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