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Trevor Gustafson
Future of Animated Features?

Hello - How do folks here see the feature animation industry evolving?  I have been amazed for decades how feature animation in the west has been so completely stuck in one sort of mould, its all family films, same looking characters and style of storytelling etc. There is so much new tech now for a...

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Gary Smiley

Two Yeti-themed movies this year, huge budgets, and simplified scripts (journey, will they make it? of course...)

Simon Turnbull

Yeah I feel you,. Cool stuff does get made, like Persepolis, or Sylvain Chomet's films but The mainstream stuff is all very samey. I don't even bother going to see a Pixar style animated film any more...

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Rolando Gómez
Am I the Only One on S32 With This Problem?

I'm constantly getting friend requests from people in Vietnam, does this happen to you? Now in my non-virtual world, I have several Vietnamese friends, and back in my days as an active-duty soldier, in 1994, I visited Hanoi with Sen. McCain when we brought back ten sets of remains (photo in my photo...

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Rolando Gómez

Another example.

Rolando Gómez

And yet another...

Doug Nelson

I get 'em all the time - fortunately there is a decline button.

JD Hartman

It's not you, it's an issue with S32 who lets every spammer in the world join and post without being initially moderated.

Christopher Cooksey
Creating A Miniature for VFX

This is how I planned out the creation of a miniature practical effect to best serve the post-production visual effects process.

Corey Piper

That is really cool work. Very inspiring.

Christopher Cooksey

Thanks very much, Corey Piper I really appreciate that.

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Paul Zeidman
Any theatre you want. Anywhere.

Question for screenwriters:

The film based on your script has been produced (way to go!)

You get to choose the venue for the premiere screening.

Where would that be?

Genevieve Cadorette

A theater in Boston. Or maybe even Chunky's - right here in the Podunk town I live in. =)


Because, the story takes place in both Boston and New Hampshire.

Brian Shell

In Ann Arbor, Michigan... at The Michigan Theater

Chandeliers. Balcony. 1928 Barton organ.

It accompanies showings of Nosferatu

David Downes


Aray Brown


Roxanne Paukner

I'd do the premier in the city it was filmed in.

Markus McLaughlin
Markus Henry McLaughlin needs help...

How to PITCH a Screenplay online....

Kay Luke

OK, I'll bite-- How do you pitch a screenplay online?

Doug Nelson

The harsh but simple straight answer is, you don't. This is still an eyeball--to-eyeball business.

Craig D Griffiths

How do you get a date online

How do you buy a suit online

You still need to make a connection with someone. You find how they like to communicate and do that. As always keep it short. If it is in writi...

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Kay Luke

Or this one has a slightly better success rate:

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