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Davinci Resolve 14 Thoughts

Hello everyone in the post production world. How's everything going? Monday if I am not mistaking, BlackMagic released a beta for Davenci Resolve 14. For the first 20 mins of playing around on it. I am very impressed with the functionality of it. 10x faster processing, open fx included right now (ho...

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Jakub Micuch

Hi Cole, I tried Resolve 14 for few projects, and it's really impressive, speed, audio editor, I love Davinci Resolve. But due to several big bugs i had to go back on 12,5 and maybe i will wait for fi...

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Cole Morgan

Right. I have touched bases with premiere. I am not a huge fan of it but if I was to ever work on a project using premiere I could handle it. That's exactly what I had to do was go back to 12.5 I hope the final version is nearing completion.

Jakub Micuch

Hi guys, yesterday was released 14.7 update. Just want to say, that I am mainly editing in Davinci from 14.5 update and I can say, now is Davinci pretty stable with really good performance. I love it! Most of previous bugs was solved and eliminated.

Cole Morgan

So can a low end laptop run Resolve 14.7 now?

Jakub Micuch

I dont think so Cole. Minimum system requirements are the same as in previous versions. But you can try it..

Remote work for Video Editors

Hi all!

I´m looking for new alternatives for remote work as a video editor, any suggestion?

So far I use Upwork and manages to find a direct contact from my website. Now I´m trying to ´´expand´´ and find new project sources.

Any recommendations?

Jakub Micuch

Hi Alfonsina, i worked on upwork in past. I think it's best freelancing service on web. You can try some work for video editing companies like but there is not so much money for...

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Maya 2017 Tutorial: Creating Smoke

In this Maya 2017 tutorial I explain how to create some cool smoke!

Is production sound hiss a regular part of post mixing?

Just shot a short in a silent building and received the audio files which all have a background noise hiss. Will there always be hiss that gets corrected in post?

David Trotti

How much hiss are you talking about? If you're hearing it a perceptible level compared to your dialogue, something may be wrong with the equipment or the way the audio was recorded. You can eliminate...

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Kyle O'Connor

Hey Danny! David is right, and another question to ask yourself is what type of "hiss" is it. All rooms are going to have their own room tones and sonic characteristics when recording--even "silent" o...

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Primarily Editing on Premiere Pro

Hey all! My company uses Premiere Pro to edit nearly all of our projects. Recently we've had the good fortune of obtaining a few new clients who work with Final Cut X. The process of going back and forth between these two programs had been an arduous process to say the least. Does anyone here have e...

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Jakub Micuch

Hi Matt, the xml is not a perfect way for editing in cross platform. Actualy, serious editing cant be done across these platforms. The best way could be for you purchase fcpx if it will be longterm client. Most easiest way. And yes, that updates are killing these softwares... :-/

Matthew Waggoner

Hey Jakub, thanks for the response! Yeah, I agree it's definitely not the best process. We went ahead and bought fcpx, but it's still a problem to get such projects through our color and mix workflows. We always eventually get it all worked out it just takes twice as long.

Jakub Micuch

Yes, its not good work, you need to find optimal system for this jobs. The best way is, if you, or your team are working on projects from start to end. Or maybe give a try to Davinci Resolve, they hav...

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Nick Sebastien Theriot

Switch to Resolve- got audio, color and edit all in one and free- or buy the full version and get remote viewing and note making abilities for less than $400

Scott Singer

I have been fighting for 2 years with Adobe because of all the changes which kill the current workflow. Lost fonts after updates which have to be bought and brought back into Adobe. I started with them in 1982 or 3 and still fighting. I also have Vegas 14, Davinci etc.

I'm trying to start up a portfolio. What format should it be in?

Hey all! I'm a sound design student starting the latter half of my program. I graduate in December. I'm starting to build up enough examples to get them into a portfolio but I'm not quite sure how to go about making it. I've seen people use websites, vimeo, youtube, facebook pages, and lots of other...

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Presley Hynes

Thanks jakub! I might stick with YouTube more than sound cloud, and have them embedded on a website. A lot of what I'm doing is visual oriented, as it's sound design rather than music, mainly.

Jakub Micuch

aha, yes so in this case the youtube is the best way for you. send me something from your work, i am curious. ;)

Presley Hynes

Not exactly what you'd call a pretty link, but here's an example of some sound design I did, as well as a music edit for a trailer. I'm doing all of this while in school, so the examples are given to...

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Gregory Green

Or you can embed your YouTube links on your website. It's a bit more professional that way.

Mike Wargo

I use Vimeo for my reel. Then, get a Wordpress type account (free) and use that as the portfolio presentation. Link the Vimeo video to the Wordpress. Anyone think that's a bad idea?

What website do you recommend for sound effects and soundtrack music?

Hi Stage 32, I'm finishing a project and need a few sound effects (cafe door bell ringing, dishes being washed) and dramatic horror music. If you have a subscription site to recommend please do! Thanks!

Philip Sedgwick

We used AudioBlocks for sound effects in our recent short. Hired a composer outright. There are some very good ones on here.

Dean Robaina

Hi there, I saw your post where you were looking for specific sounds for your project. I'm a sound designer with a massive collection of sound's within my toolbox & when I don't have something & I don...

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Cherelynn Baker

Thank you @DeanRobaina ! Just what I need!

Catalin Popescu

You can always hire a composer / sound designer / mixer that delivers the whole soundtrack with a professional (mastering) touch.

Jakub Micuch

For sounds is good database on but good soundguy could make great job for you. it depends on project type.

Check-In: Halfway through my Sound Design program!

It boggles my mind how 6 months have gone by so fast, but here I am in term 4 of the VFS Sound Design for Visual Media Program. I came into this having never opened ProTools, and never worked in film. I had a good understanding of music and live theatre coming into this, but that's about it. 6 month ...

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Do you have any experience in Post-Production for BIG studios or for a famous TV-channel?

What major problems did you encounter when you provided post-production services for them? Please share your knowledge, thank you!

Ubuntu as main OS for video editing?

Hi guys, what do you think about Ubuntu as main video editing OS? I know that Mac and Win are most commonly used in real world, but is here anybody who is editing on Linux? In past this wasn't good idea, because of availability of pro editing software, but today we have Davinci Resolve on linux, Fus...

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JD Hartman

You answered your own question. If Mac and Win are the two main OS in the world, who are you going to turn to for support when the application has an issue? What do perceive as the primary advantage?

Jakub Micuch

no no, i'm just interested, if anybody here is using linux for professional post-production.

Cherelynn Baker

Used Ubuntu once and it kept crashing... stopped using

Jakub Micuch

Yes, i tried it two weeks ago. But it goes with several bugs and crashes. Not good for real work. :)

Need 5.1 for DCP - can stereo sound recording on set be mixed in post for 5.1?

The sound guy I want to work with has equipment to record on set in stereo - BUT - I need a 5.1 mix for the DCP? Post is not my wheelhouse. Any advice or help is appreciated!

Grant Katzin

Most of the time stereo is good enough to use for SFX, Foley, Ambient buzz tracks, etc and in post you can go from mono and artificially create 5.1 digitally. However it depends on what you are shooti...

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Cherelynn Baker

Grant Katzin Sir, thank you so much for a detailed explanation! I appreciate you taking the time to share your expertise!

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