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Advice regarding documentary film Currently looking for distribution or next-step advice regarding this documentary… See 1'52" trailer… Thanks

Mario G. Lopez
Re: Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate

I decided to go cheap and try out this editing software. Not too please with it. I'm taking advantage of its 30 day refund. I have Windows and I really don't know what editing software to use. Any recommendations?

Robert Sean-Riaz

This one is free and maybe will do what you need: VSDC Free Video Editor

Mario G. Lopez

Hey, Robert, thanks for the tip. I'll check it out and see if it gets the job done. If it doesn't work then my only other option is Adobe Premier Pro, which isn't free :(

Michael Yurinko


Joseph Grant

Hi Mario, I appologize for the late reply as I see your original post was 5 months ago. If you haven't settled on anything yet (or even if you have), hopefully my suggestions will help. I have 10+ yea...

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Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Go grab Hitfilm 4 Express, it's free ( The pro version runs $299 (if I recall)

Looking for material to color grade/ color correct

I'm a full time cinematographer, editor and colorist.  I've been so busy shooting that I haven;t been able to collect any footage for color grading and practicing.  Do you have a short or medium length film, video or commercial?  Would you like it color graded for free?   Contact me -

What equipment is most important and needed?

My daughter wants to start taking classes for video editing, hoping one day to edit for shorts, features, music. What type of computer system and graphic card could you recommend for a beginner, of course within reason of price for a college student? Any and all suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

David Trotti

Final Cut Pro. $300 for a solid video editing program. You don't need a high end Mac to run it, unless you're going 4k. I suggest buying...

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Dan MaxXx

Im a Mac guy and iMovie software is free , good enough for simple projects to start.Desktop Mac system hardware is gonna cost about $3K. It is the software apps that eats up $$$$.Final cut pro HD seem...

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Izzibella Beau

Thank you, for the responses. She has both a Mac (older all in one) and Windows laptop now. I like Mac, but they are expensive for everything...I will have to get her Final Cut and see what she can do...

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Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Go grab a FREE copy of HitFilm Express 4. Perfect for her!

Izzibella Beau

Thank you, Lindbergh, she's going to try this out today. This will be of great help to get her started.

Eric J. Vasquez
Just Looking for a Connection... or two

Looking to connect with After Effects, Visual Effects, and Special Effects talent for future endeavors... I'm also keen on connecting with people versed in the post-production world such as post-production coordinators/supervisors, editors, colorists, sound designers, sound editors, foley artists, m...

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Ken Hall

I have been editing for over 20 years. Video and audio. Hit me up. and

Kieran Kaye

Hi Eric, I just joined Stage 32. I'm a post production sound designer and mixer for most content. If you need any help with future projects let me know! Check out my site for past work and contact det...

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Dillon Birdsall
What to Edit On? Avid or Premier Pro?

Hello Everyone! I would love some help/advice on learning some new skills. I really want to work in this industry and it seems like there are a ton of editing jobs on the job boards the only thing is is don't know how to edit really. I was an assistant editor on my first film but that was all story...

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Julius Jean-Baptiste

Avid is more for like broadcast journalism and working for tv stations. TV shows and Movies are better off using Premiere. That's what I use and I have no complaints.

Alise Ambaine
One Hand Editing

Hello :) I have quite often read that to maximise the workflow of editing, you must use shortcuts. I have spastic hemiparesis, and who don't know what it means - I have a paralysis (but not complete) of my hand and to actually use it , I have to actively concentrate to do anything. So my question is...

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Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Alise, I found a book that might help with the functionality of being one-handed. Maybe it can provide some general tips:

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Michael Yurinko

Wacom Pad may work for you. Also look at something called Shuttle Pro V2. It's like a mouse with a jog wheel and programmable buttons. Hope you find something that works for you!!!

Christopher Birk
Editing Platforms

Hi guys! I wanted to start a discussion here with the pro's and con's of various editing software! From Final Cut to Premiere, iMovie, PowerDirector, Avid etc! What's your experiences and frustrations with the programs and do some work better with certain type of jobs than others?

Allan Houston

Been on Premiere for about 3 years. I didn't bother with Final Cut X and if I ever use FCP 7 now, it is so irritating. Premiere has come a long way, and I'll agree with Oleg and Stephen, After Effects integration is invaluable.

Christopher William Scott

I use both Final Cut X and Adobe Premiere. I personally enjoy using FCP because it is very simple and straight forward. I make a lot of video game montage videos for YouTube and I think Final Cut Work...

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James Grant Goldin

Every production company I've worked at has used Avid -- usually 6.5. Things are getting more complicated with the increasing demand for 4K shows.

Ken Hall

The pros use Avid and Avid Pro Tools. I have used both. It's very nice but costly. Almost $200 a month plus a $50 ilock that takes one of your increasingly valuable USB ports. Oh and you need to use t...

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Michael Yurinko

Been using Premiere Pro w/Adobe CC. My opinion 2015 version is better than the 2017 version until Adobe sorts out the GPU confusion. Premiere effortlessly ingests all raw files and whatever you can throw at it. CC is about $50 a month. Just Premiere Pro is about $20 a month.

Cynthia Lopez
Young editor that needs a way to build portfolio

How do I get work? I have done a couple things on my own, but I need a way to show workplaces that I have experience in editing.

Michael Yurinko

If you have an editing system - I would offer your services for free on a short film or 2 just to get the ball rolling.

Erik Linthorst

Hey S32 community, I need a little help :) I have a documentary that I'm trying to put on Amazon Video Direct. AVD requires closed captions and audio descriptions, which I have! The master for my film is on a DIGIBETA and has both CC and AD. I took the Digibeta to a guy who put it on a thumb-drive s...

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Ken Hall

I would try and consult the tech guys at Amazon. What are their CC protocols and language selections. Sometimes it's there and they need to tell the computer what language it is so it can be translated later, etc. Not sure about that but it's an idea to look into.

Theresa Clark
Green Screen Movie Images: Before/After
46 Famous Movie Scenes Before And After Special Effects
46 Famous Movie Scenes Before And After Special Effects
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