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Premiere 2017 bugs and large render times

Has anyone else noticed unusually large render times in the 2017 release of Premiere? I'm running dual 6gb GPU's on a MacPro cylinder (and in FCPX and Avid it is really fast, even for 4K) and it takes hours for clips to render. This is why I like FCPX, but I have to use Premiere to be able to use an...

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Alfonsina Sterling

Yup, had that feeling too - it does do playback faster

Jakub Micuch

hi, you're completely true. Any newer version is going wrong...

Video Archiving

I have a couple of hours worth of video after my different projects. I don't want to delete the files because I use them as "stock videos". What is the best option for archiving? Is cloud storage or external storage better?

Kyle Climans

I've found that it's always good to have a backup of all your files in case your computer crashes unexpectedly.

Anthony D Paul

One particular festival I entered said that if the streaming of my short film doesn't work, they strongly suggest sending in a DVD. And one particular venue I might screen at only takes DVD's. So my question is if anyone knows the process of putting a short film on a DVD let me and the stage32 gang...

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Anthony D Paul

That's alright my dp gave me an idea.

Cole Morgan
Davinci Resolve 12.5 Open FX plug-ins

Hello. If anyone edits on Davinci Resolve 12.5 free version. Can you use OpenFX plugins? If so; where can I download free plug-ins at?

Daily Rate for post production positions

Just wondering what the average daily rates were for any and all post production positions. first time working on a budget. Just need some numbers or a website that has them. Personal message me if you are more comfortable with that.

Valeria Zaitseva

Hello. Has anyone here been shooting 360 videos? I want to edit this. None of my acquaintance does shoot the like. So I never worked with VR editing video. Open-minded. Thanks.

Alfonsina Sterling

Hi! You can edit VR videos on premiere cc 2017 - it already has the option included and automatically detects 360 format.

James Grant Goldin

Fascinating and occasionally creepy...!

Dillon Birdsall
What to Edit On? Avid or Premier Pro?

Hello Everyone! I would love some help/advice on learning some new skills. I really want to work in this industry and it seems like there are a ton of editing jobs on the job boards the only thing is is don't know how to edit really. I was an assistant editor on my first film but that was all story...

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Julius Jean-Baptiste

Avid is more for like broadcast journalism and working for tv stations. TV shows and Movies are better off using Premiere. That's what I use and I have no complaints.

Dillon Birdsall

Thanks Man, Premiere it is!

Mario G. Lopez
Re: Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate

I decided to go cheap and try out this editing software. Not too please with it. I'm taking advantage of its 30 day refund. I have Windows and I really don't know what editing software to use. Any recommendations?

Robert Sean-Riaz

This one is free and maybe will do what you need: VSDC Free Video Editor

Mario G. Lopez

Hey, Robert, thanks for the tip. I'll check it out and see if it gets the job done. If it doesn't work then my only other option is Adobe Premier Pro, which isn't free :(

Michael Yurinko


Joseph Grant

Hi Mario, I appologize for the late reply as I see your original post was 5 months ago. If you haven't settled on anything yet (or even if you have), hopefully my suggestions will help. I have 10+ yea...

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Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Go grab Hitfilm 4 Express, it's free ( The pro version runs $299 (if I recall)

Looking for material to color grade/ color correct

I'm a full time cinematographer, editor and colorist.  I've been so busy shooting that I haven;t been able to collect any footage for color grading and practicing.  Do you have a short or medium length film, video or commercial?  Would you like it color graded for free?   Contact me -

Izzibella Beau
What equipment is most important and needed?

My daughter wants to start taking classes for video editing, hoping one day to edit for shorts, features, music. What type of computer system and graphic card could you recommend for a beginner, of course within reason of price for a college student? Any and all suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

David Trotti

Final Cut Pro. $300 for a solid video editing program. You don't need a high end Mac to run it, unless you're going 4k. I suggest buying...

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Dan MaxXx

Im a Mac guy and iMovie software is free , good enough for simple projects to start.Desktop Mac system hardware is gonna cost about $3K. It is the software apps that eats up $$$$.Final cut pro HD seem...

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Izzibella Beau

Thank you, for the responses. She has both a Mac (older all in one) and Windows laptop now. I like Mac, but they are expensive for everything...I will have to get her Final Cut and see what she can do...

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Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Go grab a FREE copy of HitFilm Express 4. Perfect for her!

Izzibella Beau

Thank you, Lindbergh, she's going to try this out today. This will be of great help to get her started.