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Freelance Sites that work

I have been looking for freelance sites that I can possibly get editing work in. I have tried Upwork, Freelanceer, Fiverr, and some others, Money is very much an object that I cannot really spend. any and all advice would be helpful.

Pierré Steven Buys

Hi John, upwork and people per hour have given me some connections after months of effort and building up my profile. Local people I've met by networking has equaled that amount of income. Combine all...

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Michelangelo Torres

HI, maybe you can try I had some gigs on Upwork but then they decide to delete my account, I'm on but most of the job ads are fake. Fiverr with people willing to edit videos for only 5$ is offensive to me.

Carlos Ziadeh
Cinematic Intro Slideshow - Premiere Pro Template

Premiere Pro CC 2019 Template, Cinematic Intro Slideshow, download it here: Video Editors, feel free to use this template in your production!

Included: 10 Image/Video Placeholders 

10 Text Holders / Logo

Color Controls / 10 Adjustment Layer Based Colo...

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CURVEVFX - Cinematic Intro Slideshow
CURVEVFX - Cinematic Intro Slideshow
Cinematic Intro Slideshow, download it here: Music: Included: 10 Image/Video Placeholders 10 Text Holders / Logo Color Controls / 10 Adjustment Layer Base…
Katie Collins

Wow, thanks for sharing!

Carlos Ziadeh

welcome Katie

Stefan LaToure

Thank you Carlos, it's awesome!

Carlos Ziadeh

tx Stefan LaToure ! appreciated!

Tom Eboli
Editing dilemma

Our film's director was stricken by an illness as we moved into post-production. We were forced to have our screenwriter (he was on set) work with an editor to cut the film.

Screenwriter went through all the footage along with his notes and the script supervisor’s notes with the editor. He then did...

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Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

What's the contract say in regards to the director and getting his cut/edit? Is there a clause in there about not being able to submit an edit due to another job or illness? Who gets final cut: the di...

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Louis Tété
Skinless body effect

Howdie y'all.

On a project i'm working on there's a scene in which the protagonist, standing before a mirror, is shaving the little hairs he has on his face and upper body. Despite having no more hair to shave, he continues to do so. He peels of his skin and ends up with a skinless body , exactly li...

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Peggy Garner
Need help trying to export my first full featured film in Filnal cut pro

I am trying to export my full featured film in final cut pro to MPEG 2 so I can burn it on a dvd so I can show it in a movie theater but I have had soooooo much trouble trying to export I'm about to oull my hair out help please somebody!!!!!

Jean Buschmann

Try File > Export > Using Compressor. Then inside compressor go to the settings tab in the settings window and find "Apple:Formats:MPEG-2:Program Stream" and drag it onto your file. Now just chose you...

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Sean Mannion
Managing the Existential Dread of Video Editing

Wrote this post for people who are new to editing who might be feeling overwhelmed by a project and how to work through that:

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Debbie Croysdale

Thanks for share @Shaun. Love your expression “Existential Dread”. LOL I will add another phrase I invented my first time Editing, “Cut off time Psychosis.”

Debbie Croysdale

@Sean Apologise my i phone has a spell check that puts in own spellings so just seen ur name wrong on post above.

Peter Roach

Editing is tedious. but when it comes together, there is nothing like it.

Peggy Garner

I have edited my entire Christian film in final cut pro now I am having a major problem exporting the film in an impeg 2 so that I can burn it on dvd to be able to show it in a theater...I'm about to pull my eyebrows out can you help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Mayra Ferrer
Joleene DesRosiers
Blog Post Contributors

Hello, Stage 32 Members!

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Ethan Geiger
Music (Vocal Removing)

Hello, I am working on a video and when I started editing it I picked some music for it. For some reason, I did not listen to the whole song before choosing it and editing the video too it. At the end of the song, there is a vocal track that I find distracting. I tried removing it via the stereo voi...

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Barry Ryerson

It's really difficult to completely remove vocals from a mixed track. It's a bit like removing egg from a cake - It's all mixed in and difficult to separate.

There is a tricky route where you separate...

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John Christopher Bell

Izotope RX 7 Advanced is the definitive standard for audio post production ( it has a boatload of features for audio clean-up from noise hi...

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Tim Gorman

The iZotope RX7 is the best way to go.

Ethan Geiger
Seeking someone to color correct &grade my short six minute video

Hello, I am Ethan and I am seeking someone who would be willing to color correct and color grade my short video. I have tried time and time again to learn how to color correct until I took some tests and my doctor told me I am color blind (very unfortunate). This video is a short video I filmed in A...

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Mohamed AbdulRahim

Hi Ethan - I'm Mohammed from Egypt .. I want details about what you want to correct .. And I want to be a server for you always without anything .. If I succeeded in the implementation of your request - I do not need anything

Shane Kelly Davis

I am wrapping up production on a recent full length feature. I have had sound problems throughout filming. Some of it I can fix in post but I am wondering if there is specific software that can help reduce background noise. I am planning on picking up Adobe Pro next month and maybe that would fix it...

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Curt Edwards

Hi Shane, there are a Variety of plugins for various Software , premier pro has a default adaptive denoiser which is fairly simple and offers a few tweaking options. For more advanced reductions and better analytics you may need to look further and will cost.

Sean Mannion

Depending on the severity of the issues, it's very very worth it to find a pro and pay them to do it. I taught myself sound to finish my no-budget feature and that was a rough experience. If you need...

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John Kevin Bell

Adobe Premier has 4 good ones I have had to work miracles with. De-hummer, Adaptive noise reduction, parametric equalizer and multi-band compressor. I would find some bad audio and try them all there are tons of tweaks you can do with them.

Barry Ryerson

I've just spotted this. Doubtless I'm too late now, but I help repair audio including de-noising. If I can help out please do get in touch.

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