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Bristol, United Kingdom

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About Geoff

I grew up in the industrial north-east of England, in a little town called Hartlepool.

I wasn’t academically inclined in those days, just forever curious about life. My school holidays were generally spent reading books hidden away at home, or playing football with my Dad and a few mates on the local Recreation Ground. (This was a former Prisoner of War Camp for Italian soldiers in WW2).

I think this reclusive side of me is still present today, and is at its strongest when I’m writing. I tend to lock myself away, not craving the company of others. However, put me in a room full of people and you can’t stop me talking!

A great deal of my curiosity stems from my early years and being involved in three death-threatening accidents by the time I was 8. They included a dummy (soother), a Van and a Motorbike.

Aged 2, I choked one night in bed, on a soother and stopped breathing for a while, only to be discovered by my Dad, who was just checking to see that his kids were okay in our new home!

The curious incident with the van happened when I was 4 years of age. In my wisdom I stepped out onto the road, only to be hit face-on by an oncoming vehicle, resulting with teeth and blood everywhere; let’s call it a head trauma. All I can remember about this was two headlights coming towards me and whilst I was unconscious, being placed on a red sofa in a red room and there being lots of people there, who all looked like my Mum!

My last 'adventure' (aged 8) was stepping out into the path of a motorbike, which dragged me along the road, skinned my face on one side and broke my leg. These early years left me with night terrors, always being chased by death and only escaping by waking up. They also inspired me to look for something more, for some kind of deep 'rootedness'. A lifetime of spiritual searching ensued, of me wanting more than just a material life, a life of bling.

Looking back, my spiritual search led me away from religion into spirituality and contemplative practice, but there always seems to have been a passion for social justice woven in to this.

As a teenager I demonstrated in London outside the Russian Embassy (and a few others), because of the persecution of people who had opposed the spiritual and political views of the State. (Let’s not talk about having my phone tapped, there’s no space here.)

The Hartlepool area had three staple industries, Mining, Shipbuilding and Steelworking. By the time Thatcher had gone, none of those industries were left and whole communities were destroyed. Since then the town has suffered from perpetual asset stripping and hasn’t recovered economically or socially. (I moved to Bristol in 1987 to study for my first degree).

All of this informs me as a writer and filmmaker. Seeing Rachel focuses on the social issues of human trafficking and organised crime. I am passionate about filmmakers having a voice about social injustice and human rights. My whole storytelling energies are geared to this.

Whereas some may pursue this through social realism, I choose the psychological and supernatural genres. I like to hybridise genres because I’m curious about seeing where that leads and what mixing them up can produce.

The ‘Owl’ series of novels will confront the issues of the Corporate State controlling the life-choices of a group of young adults (artists and coders) who are perfectly gifted to subvert State authority and disrupt the Government's management of consent. (Please check out my Loglines for more on this).

I'm a producer of short films, now stepping up to direct my first feature length psychological drama about human trafficking and organised crime. "Seeing Rachel" is set in the city of Bristol, identified recently as a distribution hub for trafficking in the UK.

In 2013 we created a Russian version of 'My Name Is Sorrow' (Меня Зовут Скорбь).

I’ve also written a spec Pilot Script for an ethnically and age diverse conspiracy/supernatural noir TV series. It's about a community of resurrected people who help with the healing of the victims of violent crime. It's an ode to my commitments to bring social change through non-violent action.

I’m looking to connect with people who can help me establish a career in film and TV. I’m a passionate, no quitter kind of guy who wants to bend the rules of visual storytelling and create new ways of helping people engage with the stories they see unfold before them. My stories are very strongly based in the social and political context of our times, but my desire is to create great stories and not score political points. We should have fun if we work together!

Unique traits: Arthouse. Human rights stories thru the lens of the psychological drama. Looking to connect with seasoned professionals who like to bend the genre rules!


  • Seeing Rachel

    Seeing Rachel Independent Crime Two women, a Detective and a Spook, enter the world of a sinister patriarchy when they delve into the case of a missing schoolgirl. The Detective lacks everything the Spook seems to have in abundance; fearlessness, physical prowess and mental strength, but who will fall victim to the web of deceit. They thought it was a city-wide problem, but then their investigative skills uncover an international conspiracy.  

  • Broken Mirror

    Broken Mirror War Tommy Hall was 14 years old when his father died and he took responsibility for his family, by replacing his father in the same factory. In 1945 he was 18, when he was flown in a Glider to the east side of the Rhine. Landing in the fields south-east of Hamminkeln, as all hell let loose around him; his comrades dying through gun fire, explosions or burnt alive.  20 years later, Tommy tells his son Geoffrey a few bedtime stories about ‘what he did in the war’. They are like the fragments of a broken mirror, but they will leave an impression on his son; that there has to be a better way than violence to change the world. The broken mirror is repaired, so that others may see that war is never about glory. Shattered lives leave shattered reflections in the mirror of history. 

  • Pr0toco1 (Pilot)

    Pr0toco1 (Pilot) Action Thriller With the political disintegration of Europe, the only thing holding it together is the International Intelligence Community, otherwise known as Pr0toco1. They work to maintain security on a contract-by-contract basis, dealing with threats from rogue nations and clandestine groups, which test their commitment to one another as the political will to prevent the decay wanes across Europe.

  • Death Spirit

    Death Spirit Fantasy "There's only one species on Earth dedicated to its own destruction."

  • A Little Death

    A Little Death Action Crime Drama Independent Thriller One family. One world in crisis. One woman to hold it all together.

  • "Owl: believe"

    "Owl: believe" Horror Action The Resistance begins. Not with acts of violence, but through subversive non-violent protests. But the Corporate watching.

  • Screech - TV Pilot

    Screech - TV Pilot Action Crime Fantasy Film-noir Horror National Security is the ultimate conspiracy.


  • Seeing Rachel

    Seeing Rachel (2016 - 2019)
    Film by Seeing Rachel Ltd/Director (Drama and Film-Noir) Writer, Director A psychological drama, following two women who fight against a toxic patriarchy to seek justice for missing schoolgirl, Rachel Andersson. Arthouse style meets social conscience.

  • My Name Is Sorrow (Russian Version)

    My Name Is Sorrow (Russian Version) (2013)
    Film (short) by Handy Cloud Productions/Director Producer, Director, Writer Меня Зовут Скорбь is the Russian version of 'My Name Is Sorrow'. A story about sex trafficking.

  • My Name Is Sorrow (English Version)

    My Name Is Sorrow (English Version) (2012)
    Film (short) Producer, Director, Writer My Name Is Sorrow is a film drama about human trafficking with a difference. It looks at the effect rather than the cause. The film shuns the usual trafficking fare, by resisting the urge to sensationalise or politicise the issue. My Name Is Sorrow offers an intimate and intense reflection of one woman's experience of sex trafficking.

  • One

    One (2009)
    Film (short) by Handy Cloud Productions Producer, Director, Writer "One" is a period comedy set in a UK mental institution after the First World War. It showed to critical acclaim at the famous Alex Theatre in Glendale, LA. The story is about two brothers who have been institutionalised due to the psychological scars of battle. Neither of them have a grip on reality.

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