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Your home for screenwriting education, inspiration, and community

The Stage 32 Writers' Room is a community of screenwriters, serious about their craft and pursuing a life in the industry, who gather weekly online for inspiring and educational webcasts. Each week, our Stage 32 writing team and industry executives will provide you with a wide variety of actionable information designed not only to help your writing, but to assist in navigating this increasingly complicated business.

Writers' Room webcasts are available live and on-demand. You can interact and build relationships with writers, staff and execs live on camera and through chat, or catch the recording anytime in the Writers' Room Vault on-demand!

Writers' Room members also receive other amazing perks including 10% off all Stage 32 coverage and consulting services, contests entries and writing labs!

Upcoming Webcast Schedule

Screenwriting Plans

Breakdown Webcast - Learn from the Masters

We breakdown produced screenplays focusing on a different aspect of writing every webcast.

Screenwriting Plans

Pitch Tank Webcast - Improve Your Pitching

Learn to be better in the room. Writers pitch, experts break them down and offer feedback.

Screenwriting Plans

Executive Hour Webcast - Industry Advice from Industry Pros

Working executives and you! Timely, actionable and accurate advice, plus Q&A's

Next Webcast: Wed, Dec 18 - 4:00PM PST

The Executive Hour with Tripper Clancy, Screenwriter, Stuber

Tripper won the 2009 Screenwriting Competition with his comedy Henry the Second. Soon after, he signed with manager Jake Wagner, leading to several studios projects sold including "Stuber" with Dave Bautista & Kumail Nanjiani!

Screenwriting Plans

Write Now Webcast - Develop Your Craft

Let's get you writing! Challenges, table reads, and analysis. Write more, improve with ease.

Next Webcast: Fri, Dec 27 - 4:00PM PST

The Write Now Webcast: Plot Twists!

Using the tips from the Breakdown Webcast: Plot Twists! craft a 3-5 page scene in which your plot takes an unexpected but organic twist.

Writers' Room members also receive 10% off Stage 32 Coverage, Consulting, Contests, Writing Labs & Live Events!

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