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Can I include pictures or storyboards in my written pitch?

Of course! Please keep in mind that the 2 page maximum for written pitches includes such material. Pictures/storyboards included, your written must must not exceed 2 pages.

What if my script gets produced as a result of pitching through your service? Will you get a percentage, credit, etc?

No, we will have no stake in the project once we pass it along. We just want to be thanked at your Oscar or Emmy speech!

Has anyone had success with your pitch sessions?

Over 500 writers have been signed, bought, optioned, or placed in the television or film workspace after utilizing our pitching and coverage services. You can read some of our Success Stories here. You can also read testimonials from our writers and our terrific executives here.

Can I choose which executive I want to pitch to read my script or pitch my project to?

Of course! We believe in full transparency. For any of our script services including pitch sessions, coverage and consulting, YOU are the one to choose who will be reading your script, or reviewing your pitch. If you're not sure which executive is right for you, feel free to reach out to us at

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us directly at and we will assist you with whatever you need! Stage 32 is here to help you every step of the way!

What do I do after I sign up for a written pitch?

After you sign up for a written pitch, you will receive an automated e-mail from us with complete instructions on how to submit your written pitch. Please be patient as you might not receive this email immediately after signing up. Be sure to check your spam and/or promotions folder. Please upload your written material as soon as possible. Do not wait until the start of the session. The absolute deadline to submit your material is 2 hours before the scheduled start of the session. Failure to submit your material on time will result in a non-refundable forfeiture of your pitch session. NO EXCEPTIONS.

You do not have to be present at the time of the pitch session if you are turning in a written pitch. Simply upload your pitch and you will receive your feedback within 3 weeks of the pitch session date.

How do I submit a script to a Stage 32 screenplay contest?

When you complete your purchase for a Stage 32 screenplay contest, you will be sent to a screen and prompted to upload your screenplay.

ONLY .PDF FORMAT SCRIPTS ARE ACCEPTED. No .doc, .fdx, .celtix, etc.




Can I participate in your live pitch sessions if I do not live in the US?

Yes. You can be anywhere in the world to participate. If you want to do a verbal pitch then you must send in your Skype username, not an international phone number.

What type of report will I get after my pitch session if I get passed on?

Your report will include 2-6 sentences of feedback on how to better your pitch and/or story filled out directly by the executive you pitched to. The report will include a 1-5 grade on multiple categories and a "PASS" or "REQUEST". If you are requested, you will receive an email from us with further instructions on how to submit your screenplay. Please note that once you've received your initial feedback your service is complete. Executives request material at their own discretion and any further feedback or communications is outside the scope of the Pitch Session Service.

Do you have pitch templates that can help mold my pitch?

Please reach out to and we'll be happy to send you our sample written pitch template!

Do I contact the executive directly at my designated time?

No. You will be contacted by your executive at the time of your pitch session if you are doing a verbal pitch. Do not call in on Skype as we have several sessions going on at once and it will disrupt other sessions. Do not reach out to these executives on your own. They do not accept unsolicited materials and contacting an executive outside of Stage 32 is a violation of our terms and conditions.

If you are participating in a written pitch, no action is necessary on your part. Your pitch will be submitted to the executive on their scheduled date and they have 3 weeks to review and provide you feedback. 

I submitted a pitch and got passed on. What should I do?

Please know that this is just one person's opinion. Take the feedback constructively and graciously. Tweak the pitch with any notes that resonate. If you get more than 10 passes on your project, you might want to consider getting coverage as there might be some story issues that are getting in the way.

I got a request! Am I able to continue pitching it to other companies?

Congratulations on your request! Yes. You can pitch it to other companies even if it was requested. 

If I got a request, can I submit more material than just the script (i.e. a business plan, a show bible, a series overview, a bio, etc.)?

When getting a script request, please only submit the script. Ancillary material not specifically requested by the executive will not be sent. This includes query letters, cover letters, letters of interest, treatments, pictures, outlines, etc. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

It is a good idea to include the list of your ancillary material in your pitch so the executive knows it is available to be requested.

After I submit a written pitch or script to an executive and make changes after the fact, can I turn in revised material?

Revised material may not be submitted. Please review all material thoroughly before submitting.

Can I pitch more than one project in one session?

It's better to keep the focus on each session to one project. Otherwise you will not be able to give each pitch their due diligence. If you would like to pitch more than one project in an 8 minute session or 2 page written pitch, then you must sign up for an additional slot.

I signed up for a pitch and missed my slot. Can I send in my pitch late?

If you missed your slot you can not turn in your pitch late or have a make up session. By missing your slot you forfeit your opportunity to pitch to that executive and there will be no refund or credits.

Can I pitch a book?

Yes. You can pitch books as long as the genre matches what the executive is looking for. Please note at the top of your pitch that you are pitching a novel.

What is better, a written or verbal pitch? What's the difference?

In our professional opinion and experience, the best verbal pitch trumps the best written pitch every time. However, it's really up to YOU and how you like to convey your story. Some writers feel more comfortable pitching their story verbally and some prefer to write down their thoughts and organize things that way. It depends on you and what you feel your strengths are.

Verbal pitches are 8 minutes long and done face-to-face over skype or over telephone. We recommend keeping your pitch to 4-6 minutes to allow room for questions.

Please note how you would like to be contacted. Even if you are opting for a Skype session, still provide your phone number and keep your phone near you at the time of your session in case we have to call you. International phone calls outside the United States will NOT be made.

Written pitches are 2 pages max. Take care to format your document to make sure it is easy to read - do not submit a document that is just a block of text. Remember that a written pitch is, in essence, a miniature writing sample.

Please review our written pitch requirements:

  • By signing up to a written pitch you are agreeing that your pitch will be complete and ready to be submitted no later than 2 hours before the scheduled start of the session.
  • You will NOT be able to submit a written pitch after the pitch session has started. No exceptions.
  • Your pitch must be 1-2 pages max. Written pitches exceeding the 2 page limit will not be read past the second page.
  • Your pitch MUST have your name, title of your script and email address in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  • Please save your written pitch using the following naming convention: YOURNAME_SCRIPTTITLE (ie. JaneSmith_TheFastTrack)

Failure to abide by these stated requirements may result in a non-refundable forfeiture of your pitch.

After I sign up for coverage, when can I expect it returned to me?

You will receive your completed coverage or consult 2-3 weeks after signing up and submitting your material.

I have a script that I want covered but don't know who to pick. What should I do?

Our executives are broken down in terms of the genre they feel the most comfortable critiquing. You can choose the executive you want based on your genre, or reach out to for a recommendation. Please include your script's genre and logline so we can recommend the perfect executive for your project.

I want to sign up for an executive, but when I click on the coverage or consult option, they don't show up.

Some executives are only available for certain services. Some executives only want to give notes verbally and some only want to give notes in written form. If you sign up for a particular service and the executive you want doesn't show up, that means they are not part of that particular service.

What is the status of my order/Where is my feedback?

To check the status of an order, log into your account and click on the "Purchase History" link in the footer of every page or the "Purchase History" link in the settings drop-down menu on the top-right of every page.

If you are already logged in, you can click here to view your purchases.

For further details click "view order status" for any specific order.


If you are looking for feedback on your PITCH, COVERAGE or CONSULTATION, your order page will have a progress bar on top of the page indicating the status of your order.

Note that standard response times are as follows:

  • Pitch Session - 21 days from the date of the Pitch Session
  • First 10 Pages Review - 14 days from the date of submission
  • Feature Premium Coverage - 21 days from the date of submission
  • Feature Studio Coverage - 21 days from the date of submission
  • Feature Script Read & 30 Minute Call - 21 days from the date of submission
  • Feature Script Read & 60 Minute Call - 21 days from the date of submission
  • TV Premium Coverage - 21 days from the date of submission
  • TV Studio Coverage - 21 days from the date of submission
  • TV Pilot Read & 30 Minute Call - 21 days from the date of submission
  • TV Pilot Read & 60 Minute Call - 21 days from the date of submission
  • Pitch Deck/Bible Review - 21 days from the date of submission
  • Adaptation Review - 21 days from the date of submission
  • Reel Review & 30 Minute Call - 14 days from the date of submission
  • Career Development Call - 21 days from the date of submission
  • Feature Proofreading - 21 days from the date of submission

I have a conflict, can I switch my pitch from verbal to written?

Yes, as long as the pitch session hasn't started yet, you may switch from a verbal pitch to a written pitch.

Please email and attach your 2-paged written pitch. The deadline remains the same, all material must be turned in no later than 2 hours before the pitch session. You will receive your feedback within the same timeframe, 3 weeks from the pitch session date.



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