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Finding Producer

How can I find a producer for a big budget feature film? I have written the screenplay, got it copyrighted, got it read by other screenwriters and read out loud, so I know it's ready. I've got some top line actors/actresses interested, but can't say yes till I've got a producer under my belt. (Naomi...

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Regina Lee

Neither realism nor pragmatism preclude being nice to another person, especially to a young person.

Gabby Dennany

Regina Lee, thank you very much! Thank you for all of the support. I am currently talking with D Marcus and hopefully can get things sorted! It's okay if some people don't want to believe in amazing things, like this opportunity. It's been quite a year!

Regina Lee

Best of luck!!

Valerie Michele Oliver

Wishing you continued success with your project, Gabby. Here's my motto: "Things are only impossible until they're not.” "Make it so." ~Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Go, Gabby, Go! ~Valerie

Vitaly Kozlov

I love smoking those dream pipes here!

Selling a film

Good day folks, I hope this is the right topic I have chosen to post my question. If not please be kind direct me on this. I have started pre-production on a feature film posed to shoot in the summer of 2018. Without saying who (because I can't right now) the film does have some known talent. "known...

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Dan MaxXx

be invited to a major festival. Sundance, TIFF, Telluride, Cannes.

Randy Mars

Outside of that? That can't be the only way.

David Trotti

I think Dan just means that the Festival route is one of the more common paths for Indie films to generate enough buzz to sell for more than pennies on the dollar of your production budget. You need a...

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Vitaly Kozlov

You can do all the above with the festival run ^^^^^^ or If your name talent is big enough (A-lister) your distributors and sales agents will have a chance to get you into the movie theaters. If your...

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Animation show

There was a show produced by Disney and created by Dave polsky the buzz on maggie. I wonder how was it pitched ? Did Disney call him or reach out to him or was he recommended by someone or he simply had an agent. I'm covering an event for pitching in a university so your feedback would be of value. Thanks

David Trotti

You can try reaching out to him on Twitter @DavePolsky and ask him directly. You'd probably get the straightest answer. I looked on imdb Pro and he has a pretty good track record as a staff and punch u ...

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Would this type of technology be useful to producers and agents?

I'm working on a passion project to try to solve a problem that I've seen in the film industry and I'm curious to hear feedback to see if I'm on the right track. Here it is: For those of you who are producers or agents, how challenging is it to find great scripts and screenwriters? And ...

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Dan MaxXx

another BS algorithm website.

Enough beating around the bushes

I know that I have great stories to share, and I've been told that I'm a talented writer. But I can't tell you things to make you believe it. So here's the thing, I'm looking for producers who are willing to take a chance on my work. I'm doing it for work and feedback. Money isn't what I'm after, I'...

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Dan MaxXx

Dont ask for permission. Do it yourself, with you own Talent, sweat and $$$.
$$$ means respect in show biz. If folks aint paying you, it means they don't respect you. So why would you want to work with people who don't respect you?

Chloë Bellande

My best advice to you as a fellow screenwriter is to PITCH to the Producers who are in the same genre as your scripts. For example, I am writing a Horror movie -- therefore I have to pitch to a Produc...

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Need true movie producer

I have a true story romantic/drama screenplay that is in need of a true movie producer. logline an older women meets a younger man, they fall in love and take on the world in dramatic Style to be together.

My Director needs a Producer

Hi fellow Stagers, I am a screenwriter with several options and 2 in pre-production - I have a female director attached to 2 low budget horror Indie projects set in Cornwall UK who is in need of a producer, many actors attached, just needs that kick in the butt to get going. have a great weekend all!!

Michael Rogers

Hi Simon! Good to see you outside of Twitter-sphere!

Seeking Pennsylvania Producers

Hello everyone, I'm trying this again cause it appears that I must have broken a rule since my post was deleted this morning. I have a feature film I'm producing in Pennsylvania next year, and I'm looking for anyone who's interested in an adventure comedy. This will be my second feature. Please let me know, thanks! 

Question on LOOK BOOK

Dear Smarter-Than-Me Movie Peeps, I have the opportunity to have my screenplay showed at an upcoming festival via LookBook. I put one together (my first attempt ever) using Powerpoint. I'm sure it will need a lot of work... My question is, for those of you who have done them, what software do you use? ...

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Rome Mubarak

Hey David, I am using powerpoint. However, I am a bit mystified by what actual "format" is industry standard.

Regina Lee

PowerPoint, PageMaker. I'm sure there are others like Corel. There is no industry standard. Depends on the situation.

Steve Cleary

I just put together a look book for a comedy feature I wrote that's set in, get this, New Jersey! If anyone would take a quick look at it, I'd be happy to return the favor. :^}

Shaun O'Banion

Keynote for Mac. Beautifully simple and really can do a lot.

Danielle Winston

I've made look books on pages, word, even google docs. Use what you're most comfortable with. When you send/submit you'll likely be turning it into a PDF so the original program doesn't matter much. My advice: try to look at some samples from friends if you can before submitting.

The Bechdel-Wallace Test

“I only go to a movie if it satisfies three basic requirements. ONE, it has to have at least two women in it… who, TWO, TALK to each other about, THREE, something besides a MAN.” The Bechdel-Wallace Test—What is it, what does it mean to different players in Hollywood, does it really matter? http://bit ...

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Dan MaxXx

Is this theory for Americans and American films? A Lawyer wrote this article.

David E. Gates

Dumbest test I ever heard of.

Cost for optioning a film

I have a question as far as budgets go say from $30m-$60m well... as far as optioning story and rights is there a percentage we go by or how do we determine that fee?

James Drago

All deals are different and vary. Could be a flat fee. Could be a flat fee and a percentage of the budget. One big variable is how many people are bidding on the material.

I developed a project, went through the development hell, brought in a source of funding, maybe even a talent and after all that heavy lifting why do I need another producer? What is it for a filmmaker like me? I can do it myself.

Really? You are still wondering it too? Let dissect that statement and dig into a "conversation"...  Okay you have a package, some package, you did it on your own, how do you know its good? -Well, I have a great script. Do you want to hear my log line? Not really. But how do you know it's good?  - Well, ...

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