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Film Calculation Nature Documentary

Hey guys. Is there any free software for film calculation? I have to calculate a nature documentary which is of course without a fixed screenplay. Hence, I find it difficult to calculate as you can't plan exactly. Any expierences, tips?

Elisabeth Meier

Ryan McCoy Well, in Germany you can get money from the gov, a film subsidy from the country. To apply for this you have to write down a complete calculation with all costs. I have written calculations...

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Elisabeth Meier

Tony S. No, I don't think so, but thank you for your help.

Tony S.

Oh, a budget. Try this free Excel spreadsheet: Just delete the ACCT# that don't apply.

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John Ellis

Tony S. - I glommed onto that template, I hope you don't mind! It's one of the best I've come across!

Tony S.

NP, John. It's a public post.

I've used it before. It's an industry standard covering all Union and Non shoots. Enjoy.

Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right low budget producer

I'm happy to be part of the Stage32 community. I'm a lawyer by day while I try to write my low budget character-driven stories on my cell phone while standing in a packed train car on my way to and from work everyday. I look forward to the day I finish this indie script and find the right producer f...

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Adam Harper

Hi Peter, I sometimes write on my mobile too, I have a lot of spontaneous scripts stored on it. I noticed you're a fan of Alexander Payne and Tom McCarthy, me too! In fact, they're the two writers I'v...

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Peter Evan Smith

Thanks, Adam. I appreciate it. Love those guys. Also, love Bob Nelson (Nebraska), Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine) and Kenneth Lonergan (You Can Count On Me, Manchester By The Sea). Good luck to you, too-and would be happy to read your work anytime!

Ryan McCoy

Peter, where are you based out of?

Ramon Richardson

Hi Peter, here is a link to a production I am working on.

Steven Hernandez

Peter, I too am a lawyer who dreams of writing a screenplay and having it produced.

Production software recommendations

Hi Folks, I'm looking for advice on an operating system to create 1000s of short videos in different countries with many different collaborators, and crews, but allowing a centralised production system for creating script for voice-overs, shot list for images, call sheets, client sign off on all of...

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Shadow Dragu-Mihai

I don't know what you are asking... are you looking to develop an application to do this and want advice on the fitness of a particular OS, or are you wondering if there is a platform out there that does this ? (There isn't one).

Ryan McCoy

Yvonne, send me an email at I’m a bit confused about what exactly what you’re asking, but I am developing some tech to innovate in these areas, if that’s what you’re asking. Take care!

Yvonne Coughlan

Studio Binder has been recommended and also Celtx as getting at least some of the work centralised I'll email to see what you're developing Ryan McCoy thanks.

Dan MaxXx

Everybody uses movie magic. It’s kinda the industry standard for scheduling and budget reports.

Miami Location

Hi, I have a Miami film location which is listed on sites like Setscouter. The location has been used for a music video, photography and an event, and I’d like it to be used more. Any suggestions as to where to post about this? I’m on Splacer and Peerspace too.


Top 25 Dealmakers for Indiefilms

Here are the top 25 Producers, Movie Packagers, Dealmmakers, Power Brokers and/or Film Financiers that you want to meet and partner with.

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MOVIE MONEY AT CANNES: 25 Top Movie Financiers
MOVIE MONEY AT CANNES: 25 Top Movie Financiers
CANNES: MARKET OR FESTIVAL First, a Festival is where you attend, with your finished film, to screen for buyers (aka: Acquisition Executives) for them to see that your film sells out (it is marketable…
Ashleigh Angel Nastassia Klein

Great information, Thank You ;) #social #share Best of Luck, Buddies


Hi Peeps, hope you feel all great. Any business owners over here free for a meet up in LA? Like production companies owner or any business owners related to the movie industry? I would love to talk with anyone who has a business for a coffee or anything you drink (on me of course) to tell me about h...

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Dan MaxXx

Coffee? Use better bait like dinner at AGO or NOBU restaurant, field box tickets to Dodgers baseball.
I know some Entertainment bosses and they don’t come for coffee.



Minneapolis Video Studios

Where are the Minneapolis Video Studios?

Doug Nelson

Just a wild guess but I'd say they are in Minneapolis.

Royce Allen Dudley

A friend is shooting his feature at Ironbound Studios. Claiming* to have the largest stage in North America, Ironbound Studios are in Chisholm, which is 200 miles north of Minneapolis. https://www.iro...

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New Webseries - New Connections

Hi! I have an idea for a web series and so far I've planned the first few episodes to be producible with almost no one on the team but myself. That being said, I'd love to gather a small team of people who are interested in working on the show with me, but I just recently moved to LA and don't know...

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Allie Jessing

Hi Jean, I don't mean to bother you with questions but I don't have that tab. Under education I have podcasts, the most recent one being from April 9, On Stage with RB, the most recent one being from...

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Jean Buschmann

No worries, Allie. You're not a bother. :) It takes a while for new podcasts to be uploaded, so keep checking.

Ryan McCoy

Allie, I am a filmmaker based out of LA and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Shoot me a message here on S32, or send me an email at: I wish you all the best!

Christof Davis

Hello Allie - I'm a UK based composer of music for media, and would love to find out more about your project (granted i'm not LA based but the world is so small these days). Would love to have a chat...

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Michael Rogers

Are you having any luck, Allie? If you still need help, I am available!

Producing & Funding

Hello All, I have several projects that I’m working dillegently on. I’m still pretty new to producing and so far I’ve used my on funds for projects. What resources do you guys use to promote and raise funds for indie projects. Thanks

Dan MaxXx

credit cards.
You gotta believe this is your career, your destiny and you will make $$ and pay back everyone.

Doug Nelson

I agree with Dan M - you believe in your project, or you don't.

Sam Borowski

Playing off of what both Dan and Doug said, I believe you'll find once you INVEST in YOURSELF, both money, time, connections, you will find that others will also. This happened for me. I have spent to...

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Who is your "go to" film production insurance company?

I'm developing a road trip coming of age project and know that I need better insurance than what I have purchased in the past. Locations are driving between Barstow CA en route to Nevada. If you have a company that you have worked with with a great experience, would you please recommend? Thanks!

Erik A. Jacobson

Check out,, Momentous Insurance.

Cherelynn Baker

Thanks for the resource Erik!

Yayoi Winfrey

Momentous does not respond to inquiries left on their website contact page. can they be that busy, and is that a good thing?

Erik A. Jacobson

Yayoi ~ For a detailed comparison of companies' rates, check out 'The Ultimate Guide to Production Insurance" on (April, 2018) by Alex Ferrari.

Nicholas Jordan

DeWitt Stern

Crime mini-series production

Hi fellow creators and filmmakers! I'm a French-American writer now based in Paris and I'm looking for producers interested in producing a one-hour crime pilot for a mini-series called "Illusions". The story won the second prize at the New York Screenplay Contest. "Illusions" is written along the li ...

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