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Legitimizing a Production Company

How do I legitimize my production company? Creating a name and a logo is a start, but should I form a separate LLC for it? I'm in pre-production on a feature length film and have formed a LLC specifically for the film. I was advised to form an LLC for each film rather than putting it all under one p...

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Dan MaxXx

Federal, state & individual income taxes and Lawsuit protection. open a business bank acct under the LLC, hire an accountant & lawyer to do paperwork. Also look into hiring a payroll company.

Danny Villanueva Jr.

I've done all this under an individual LLC for the specific film. What I'm asking is should I have one under my production company name and why?

Dan MaxXx

Your production company is just self-advertising. Doesn't mean much when you get into brass taxes. Hire yourself as the Executive Officer and draw a salary. You have to ask your tax accountant what's...

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Christian Producers

I'm a Christian screenwriter/producer. I'm wondering how other producers of faith-based content have met the challenges in the industry.

Kenya Branch

I see the play has legs. I can't sponsor it but I'll check around to see who might be interested. Keep the faith!

Kenya Branch

Have you placed an ad in the Stage32 Jobs section? There are creative types who post ads seeking producers.

Corean Strong

ok..i see the jobs tab. I will try that. thanks.

Kenya Branch

I hope that works. I found this online. If you haven't read it it's worth glancing at:

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Toni Deaver

As an award winning actress/director/acting coach who quit the industry to rear my children in the Lord. Now they are grown and out of the house, it's been a journey coming back. I'm praying one of my...

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The Great No-Budget Producers

So, since I don't know where to start... I'm just going to throw this bomb out and see what happens. A few years back I wrote/directed and "produced" my first feature. To my surprise, it was immediately picked up by a small company for national distribution. That was all great, we didn't spend crap...

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Bill Houser

James, Looks great. Good luck, can't wait to see the film. I would say the no-budget thing about our first feature as well, but it's more accurate to say it was shot out-of-pocket. We had the gear, an...

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Dan MaxXx

Obviously no one here is talking bout Art or Oscars. It is just product to put on shelves and fill airtime in some part of the world.

Chris Leonard

An informative and entertaining thread... thanks for posting everyone.

Doug Nelson

Dan M -Actually I'm thinkin' of shooting for an Oscar in the live action short category.

Stanley N. Lozowski

All the best, Bill, We will soon be shooting a film that can easily be nominated to win Oscars. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I plan everything out very accurately with each of my directors. I work most...

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Dan MaxXx

When lawyers make the creative decisions, it's time to pack up and move on to another trade.

Funding Feature Films and Submitting your TV Series to Networks:

Funding Feature Films and Submitting your TV Series to Networks: Investors, network and industry executives answering questions and telling the truth about what it takes for independents to get funding for their film or their TV project submitted to the networks. Some of you may have already read this ...

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Vitaly Kozlov

Doug i deleted that part already I realized it will be hard to swallow.

C Harris Lynn

I've spoken to some heavy-hitters here on S32. But Doug is right, generally speaking.

Pidge Jobst

Vitaly, I grew up in the Midwest private sector, and, what you speak about was the talk we talked and how we conducted business -- Assets, ROI, distribution, monetization, first to market, seed capita...

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Vitaly Kozlov

Pidge. If you are in Rome you do it like the Romans would do. I don't see another way around it.

Jesse D Greathouse

Everything you deep down know is true, but no one want's to admit. Thanks for posting.

Morocco Insight? Incentives and Rebates....

Are there any producers here with experience working in Morocco? I'm developing a feature and am looking for some practical insight on best practices - incentives, rebates, production companies, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. - RT

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Does anyone in my network have Morocco shooting experience? If so, can you chime in for RT? RT Herwig - this is from last year, but figured I'd pass along:

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Vitaly Kozlov

If you want to develop a feature first focus on getting a first chunk of equity in. like 40-50% of your total budget. And only after that look into incentives, rebates and other debt instruments. Work in that order and you will have a chance to be ahead of 90 percent of the filmmakers.

RT Herwig

Thanks Vitaly Kozlov I agree. I'm just needing to read up on it to become a little more familiar.

Cannes 2017!

I'm off to Cannes this weekend and hopefully coming back with progress on at least one movie project. Anyone else going? Let's meet for a cheeky glass of something! Please get in touch :)

Publicist time! I'm looking for a publicist for my short and feature - any recommendations?

Hi Stage 32! Happy Hump Day! If you know a publicist or have links to someone who does ULB film publicity, would you please share their name? Thanks!

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Yes! You need to connect with Tamaryn Tobian - she's the best!

Cherelynn Baker

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education Thank you so much for the referral! Connecting now!

Mentor or Help?

Does anyone know how to shoot a reality show pitch for networks? I was told they look for certain things.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Dov SS Simmons has a great book that might help. It's called "Reel to Deal".

Karen R. Hardin

thank you

Starting my own production company

I had a question is there any sort of grant or funding I can apply for to start my own company, I'm just doing my research and am curious as to what my resources may be.

Doug Nelson

Jonathan - You got any skin in the game? Setting up a LLC costs a couple hundred, you need some production equipment - likely about $5K min and you need to show folks you know how to use it (a damn go...

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Jonathan Roberts

yes I'm aware of the LLC cost.... I'm wanting to get filming back into the Carolina's. Which I am wanting to help get other movies to funded which I have don't EP work successfully have closed a deal for one in NY so I know it takes a lot of patients and work

Writing Rejections

I LOVE these rejection stories - it just goes to show you . . . Amusing Moby Dick rejection letter asks "does it have to be a whale?" via @YouTube

Raymond Negron

The best book in the world "The will of man and the malice of nature," who doesn't love Herman Effin Melville. Hip Hip HOORAY! Hip Hip Hooray! Warm Blowholes, RJN


Hello! Can anyone suggest a few books on producing

Michael Wearing

Interesting question, And some interesting answers. I guess the truth of the matter is it depends what level you currently are, as to what "producer" books would be useful to you. Many of the books I'...

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Christopher Blake Johnson

Best books on producing I've ever read: Bankroll: A New Approach to Financing Feature Films, by Tom Malloy, From Reel to Deal, by Dov Simens, Indie Film Producing: The Craft of Low Budget Filmmaking, by Suzzane Lyons and So You Want to be a Producer, by Lawrence Turman...

C. Jeffery Evans

Thank you all. Not sure I'll ever produce, but I think that understanding the process more completely will make me a better screenwriter.

Stavros Georgiadis

Google Film Legal in Amazon and start reading. Production management also. But remember at the start of your journey think small not large. SMALL projects, practical; little steps. Don't start attempt...

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Raymond Negron

Hey Vasco "The School of Hard Knocks," that's the book i'm writing on it! :) I would advise start small and garner some interest. Actually, wait til my book is out. Good luck RJN