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Feature Film Financing

Hello Fellow 32 Stage,

I hope everyone is have an awesome day...I am currently looking for producer will to help out with getting my feature film financed. I welcome everyone who interested in taking this journey with me, and bring this project to life...

20% UK Credit for Shorts!

UK short filmmakers: You might be ignoring a government scheme which gives you 20% of your budget for free!

The UK's secret 20% tax relief for short films
The UK's secret 20% tax relief for short films
Short films have long been a vital part of the journey of new filmmakers, allowing them to learn new skills, meet like-minded collaborators and showcase their talent. Most people's first few shorts ha…
Cherelynn Baker

This is awesome! If only I had some help funding my short film!

James Drago

You're always sharing great content Jeff. Thank you.

Looking for the next project

I am available for a new project. Toking forward to build a new team.

Jesse D Greathouse

Is love to hear about what types of projects interest you. I have been juggling several development projects of my own and I want to coalesce with others who are interested in teaming up.

Silena Fuller

Hi there, What type of team are you "looking" ( I assume) to build ?

Valentin Val Sapcariu

Posible a documentary, or music video. Once I got the project, then start hiring.

Silena Fuller

Are you looking for an idea?

Rob Kelly

Hello hello. Documentary you say! just came in here to look up financing a documentary. The concept: at the 2016 Oscars the short documentary film 'the white helmets' won the Oscar for best short doc....

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Hiring crew

Other than Stage 32, are there any other good websites that are commonly used for hiring crew for film?

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Danny Villanueva Jr. Understood. Good idea. One more suggestion. Have you thought of subscribing to @imdbpro? It is only $21 a month. And I find having the e-mail addresses of agents and managers of A...

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Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Danny Villanueva Jr. Sorry my bad you were looking for CREW not CAST. So won't help you with crew, just cast, Good Luck.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Check out: --- also check out your local or state film commission. Often there's a database with a crew directory.

Regina Lee

J. R. S. Storch

As Lindbergh E Hollingsworth said, depending on the state you live in, there should be a state-wide database for crew for hire. For example, Illinois has a nice database for this. Obviously this doesn...

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Short-Form Digital Series ... watch out!!!

Short-form web series coming of age ... no longer just teens with webcams mugging for the camera ... not we're talking big budgets, name talent, TV-quality productions ... and growing!!!! Even the PGA is talking about it... heads up!!!

Producers Guild of America
Producers Guild of America
Original digital short-form series have become far more prolific over the last few years. And we're not talking about YouTube videos of kids talking to camera from their bedrooms, or mash-ups of other…

I am an expat living near Dresden, Germany. I am wanting to gain experience in producing filming. This is my game plan: 1. Read through this discussion board 2. Find workshops 3. Read some more 4. Find a producer in the area to shadow 5. Find a mentor I would love to find a Producer in Germany (+ fe ...

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Jo Henriquez

Hey Becky, I highly recommend Producer to Producer -- also it depends on what part of producing you want to learn more about? The creative/packaging? Or the physical production?

Becky Taylor Hellwig

Thanks Jo. I think it is more about the physcial production. This book look like it's a great start!

Jo Henriquez

You're welcome!


Any suggestions of insurance carriers for production?

The Cost Of Film-Making.
Dan Aykroyd Blames Director Paul Feig for 'Ghostbusters' Reboot: "It Cost Too Much"
Dan Aykroyd Blames Director Paul Feig for 'Ghostbusters' Reboot: "It Cost Too Much"
UPDATE: Sony Pictures has refuted Dan Aykroyd's version of events, saying that the reshoots he referred to actually cost between $3 million and $4 million, and not the $30 million to $40 million Aykro…
Steven Harris Anzelowitz

You need to reprint in RED,RED, RED. Because in BLACK,BLACK,BLACK. You will see less GREEN,GREEN,GREEN. Just a suggestion! Don't shoot the messenger! If they can't CLICK on it and have access . They won't go to it! You follow? Good!

Script breakdown and budget

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has tips for me on how to breakdown a script and make an accurate budget? What software, preferably not to expensive, is really easy to use and calculates a budget within the script breakdown software. So all in one programme. Also where to get it and tutori...

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Paulette Pearson

Here's a template but not in color.

Caatje Van Leeuwen

Thank you Erik, Steven and Paulette!! I very much appreciate it. And I feel you are right by doing it myself to learn and safe money. I will do it the old fashioned way and use this free doc. Really thank you all!!

Paulette Pearson

For future gigs, don't overlook Steven's suggestion. There is much to learn from the pros.

Caatje Van Leeuwen

Wonderful thank you!! And I will :-)

Some Hands-on Producer Resources

I figure most of us posting on this forum are Hands-On Producers, so I thought I'd share my top resources with everyone:   an Industry Standard Call Sheet & Production Reports Template:   the site I use to open most of my film's LLCs:   If you're shooti...

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Introducing Casper! Casper is an Excel workbook that contains a Call Sheet, Production Report, Exhibit G and Hot Cost Report. All of the documents contained in Casper talk to each other, nearly elimin…
C Harris Lynn

Wow, thank you! :)

Legitimizing a Production Company

How do I legitimize my production company? Creating a name and a logo is a start, but should I form a separate LLC for it? I'm in pre-production on a feature length film and have formed a LLC specifically for the film. I was advised to form an LLC for each film rather than putting it all under one p...

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Dan MaxXx

Federal, state & individual income taxes and Lawsuit protection.
open a business bank acct under the LLC, hire an accountant & lawyer to do paperwork. Also look into hiring a payroll company.

Danny Villanueva Jr.

I've done all this under an individual LLC for the specific film. What I'm asking is should I have one under my production company name and why?

Paulette Pearson

Yes, for the same reasons Dan mentioned. For your own company, you could form a sole proprietorship (dba), LLC, or corporation, and probably a business license depending on your state. Probably less t...

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Jo Henriquez

I second what Dan & Paulette said. Something to consider: I also get paid as a loan-out through my "Umbrella" company. Sometimes it's third parties that pay me, and they pay me through my Umbrella com...

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Produced by Conference

Good Morning Everyone,
I'm just curious if anyone will be at the Produced By Conference next week at Fox Studios? I will be there and I hope to meet some of you there. Have a good weekend :)
- Robby

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