November Write Club Challenge

We'll use the 30 days of November as a personal deadline for whatever project you are working on, be it a first draft, a rewrite, a pitch, a short, a feature, or a TV pilot. Whatever “it” is for you. There are no parameters other than what you choose to accomplish within the month of November. We’ll support, inspire, and cheer each other on throughout our 30-day endeavors. And. Get. It. Done. Let's do this!

Maurice Vaughan
My November Write Club Goal

My November Write Club Goal is to finish rewriting a Crime/Comedy/Holidays feature script titled "ROByn" and start pitching it by the end of Nov.

My original goal was to finish it and pitch it this week (week of Nov 1), but I worked on/finished another feature project (that's going to make two feat...

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Maurice Vaughan

What are some of your favorite Thrillers, Colette "ByFilms" Byfield?

Colette "ByFilms" Byfield

Maurice Vaughan I like “Unfaithful”, “Crimson Peak” and “The November Man”. I prefer the Action-Thriller but there’s so many more great ones out there.

Maurice Vaughan

I've seen "The November Man," Colette "ByFilms" Byfield. It was a while ago.

Becky Balsano

I love the "ROByn" concept. I hope Nov. brought some good writing Maurice!

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks, Becky. "ROByn" is in rewrites. How are you doing?

Teodora Oniceanu
Trolleo and Henriette (based on a poem with the same title_ and a friend's poem written for the two characters)

SOON to be published. A crazy little bird, proudly spreading its wings and dropping blessings on us. A short theatrical work that got its tone given from a poem with the same title. It just felt like high-school days again

Karen "Kay" Ross
What's This?!

Do we have an entire LOUNGE for the November Write Club, now?

Petula Miller

Is this the current lounge / area to post for this year’s WNC Karen "Kay" Ross ?

Jill A. Hargrave

That's why I was confused because this lounge is separate from the one I now use to update my achievements for the week.

Jill A. Hargrave

Everyone else seems to be on Jason's November Write Club page so that's where I'm posting now.

Jill A. Hargrave
Goals for November

I plan to finish a scene by scene outline for a screenplay I'm writing. It's an adaptation of a novel I've just optioned. I should have that finished by the end of the first week and will then focus on rewriting another screenplay that I have just got notes on, Looking forward to a productive month.

Let's rock some 'November Rain'

In November, I'll be working on finishing the other 2 episodes (on top of completed 4) of the mini-series and do some random features - need to finish a detective story on a cold case turned out to be a serial killer mystery (it's 40 pages in, need another 4-5 days to complete). Launched my Patreon...

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Gabriel Bonilla
Have a clear a story for this feature this November.

This is my first time in this challenge and I started to write a feature screenplay since last week, but I'm not sure about how do I tell, theme and tone of the story, which genre is Drama. I already have a goal for this in mid-February to get completed and submit to some competitions. I'm looking f...

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Brian Fitzgerald
November Goal

I am hoping to finish a second draft of my series pilot CHICLE, and I've started on a horror feature as well DO RABBITS CRY. I am on target to finish draft one of the feature by end of month. Not sure if they will ever see the screen, but it is a fun ride.

Writing for November

This month’s goals are to finish my ultra low budget, character driven horror script and write a first draft of a family SciFi script.

Eddie Joseph

You got this Desiree!

Linda Bradshaw-Rogers

Atta girl!

Gilda Ayoub

Awesome! I hope you succeed being your wildest dreams! I am new to Stage 32. I'm excited about your progress. Keep us posted.

Desiree Middleton


Eddie Joseph
Pitch in November

Hello everyone! I had a Stage 32 account a while ago but now I'm getting back into the swings of things and want to get the ball rolling. I have scripts already written and want to be ready to do a pitch. I haven't let anyone read them and I wonder what should I do.

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