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Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition 2018

Very excited today to find my spec script for, 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Seventies Party', was Selected to the 2018 Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition.

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Ty Ross

That’s wonderful!

Michael Rogers

Thank you, everyone!

Linwood Bell

Congrats, Michael!

Phillip "The Man Who Can'" Hardy

Congrats and good work!

Martina Cook

Congratulations Michael! Well deserved! :)

How to get your works noticed

Hey guys,

I have been writing screenplays for several years now, but haven't really been able to do much with what I have. I am confused as to what the next steps are in order to make progress in having someone take an interest in my works. I have entered two of my scripts in the Toronto Screenwritin...

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Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Subscribe to IMDBpro. It is $21.75 a month. You will have the contact info for every "A" lister. Than you can pitch whoever you want.

Dan MaxXx

Do the opposite. Get to know working folks in the business of making movies for a living. They are your first champions, recommend you for jobs & referrals.

Larissa S. Merriman

It's tough if you don't live in Los Angeles or NYC and don't have the opportunity to meet other professional filmmakers or writers. I'd either join or start a writers group where you live and workshop...

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Doug Nelson

Pay attention to what Dan M said. This is a very personal business; eyeball-to-eyeball works best. If you're not getting any traction with your screenplays - stop sending them out. Produce your own sh...

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Dan Guardino

I attached actors a couple of well known directors to some of mine.

Given the Runaround

An official article about a head of kids’ programming looking for new sitcom I get all giddy to pitch only to get her assistant by the same first name (wondered if it were the head). I pitched “Markayla” over the phone. She liked it, wrote down my first and last name, number, etc. and said she would...

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Dan MaxXx

Welcome to Show Business! It is all BS if the ink is still wet.
Don't expect Strangers to help you on your Time.

Kerry Douglas Dye

Yeah, what Dan said. Read between the lines and move on.
After many years of plugging, I'm actually happy when someone says "pass" because at least they've given me the respect of a straight answer.

John Iannucci

I’ve had about 5-6 request for full reads on my last script. Of those 3-4 liked it and said they’d pass it on and would be back to me. Of those 2-3 got back after 3+ months and one I’m still waiting f...

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John Iannucci

Once saw an ad. - now accepting submissions. Sent mine via email. Got auto reply. “ we don’t accept unsolicited materials”

Dan Guardino

John. I sent a screenplay to someone at a studio and got a nasty letter from one of their attorneys. I called the attorney and told him who requested the script and he told me they don't accept screenplays and I told him will tell the idiots that work there not to request them.

semi-finals in Stage 32 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Screenwriting Contest

Still not an actual success story, but my script Dream Rehearsal went on to the semi-finals!

I can casually mention this fact in my query letters! ;p

Simon Lambros

Well done - keep chipping away!

Nelson Garcia Jr.

Best of Luck!

Thomas Jenkins


Kelley Christene Watson

Keep at it!

Phillip "The Man Who Can'" Hardy

Well done!

Just received news our television pilot made the finals in a competion NEVER GIVE UP!

We are excited to announce that our Television Pilot 'The Ortiz Sisters" has just been announced as a FINALIST in the "Latino Screenwriting Competition" Frank Besser and I are truly grateful for this honor.

Lisa Vandiver


Cherelynn Baker

Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Kevin L. Williams

Awesome! Happy for your team!

Erika Toraya

so cool! congratulations!

Phillip "The Man Who Can'" Hardy

Congrats on your achievement.

Documentary revenue information collection

Is there a good website that can help me look up the revenue/income of past documentaries? I'm writing a business plan and would like to collect comparative information. Thanks!

"One World Television"

I doubt if the Secretive Industry would ever allow this type of Privy Information to be Published on a website. All broadcasters have to pay an annual subscription to Barb who in return for their £614...

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"One World Television"

Broadcasters have to pay a lot of money to "Barb" who measure the Viewers numbers. Barb accounts cost £6140 to set up, and these figures will determine the value of advertising revenue that will be ea...

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"One World Television"

Mark has it, spot on!

Rachel Rath

Hi Rosie, You probably already have this info... For general info I use Box Office Mojo and The Numbers ...

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Rosie Ferdin Cruz

Rachel Rath "One World Television" Mark Sonoda Steven Harris Anzelowitz Great information! Many thanks! Wow, so much to learn. The links are perfect leads!

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Female characters

Who are the most well-written, memorable/interesting female characters in TV or film, of all time, according to you? And why?

Ernest Dempsey

Norma Desmondm Baby Jane, Clarice Starling

Sam Borowski

Didn't see anyone mention it, but I think it goes without saying that the Wonder Woman movie last summer was more than a strong female character. And, people - including women - responded in kind. I t...

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Sam Borowski

And, for the record, they were attempting to develop that character for feature films for more than a decade. Looks like the wait paid off. ;)

Debbie Croysdale

Barbara Stanwyck Double Indemnity. Sharon Stone Basic Instinct. Minds of their own and drove the plot, not afraid to be themselves, and not be compliant to the norms expected of them.

Adam J Fernandes

Ellen Ripley - 'Alien' franchise, because she's smarter than everyone else on the screen. Mildred - 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri', because of her bloodyminded-ness that makes her stick to...

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Sundance Institute: Episodic Lab

Anyone else submitted a PILOT script to Sundance?

Rejections and confirmation emails went out this week, and I got mine last night.

My script VERMILION made it through, and I'm on to the next round. Hooray!

Work is due for that in a couple of weeks.

Anyone else gave this a shot?

Natalie Farst

That is awesome news!!

Diane Knight

Congratulations! fantastic news! x

Melanie S Mosshart

That is fantastic News. As a newcomer, it's so hopeful to hear that hard work and persistence pays off! Good for you!!

Nina Berlin

How exciting.

Adam J Fernandes

Well done!

How long is that thing?

If the opening scene in "Inglorious Bastards" is seventeen pages long. How many pages are there in the whole screenplay? I am constantly being told not to go over 110 pages. I just spent a month cutting a script down by 80 pages. I feel like I've only got half a movie.

Andrew Martin Smith

John Iannucci

I usually overwrite then realize half is fluff. Easy to get to around 110 with most. Under that is hard, but I suppose with more experience I will klearn to better pare action line.

John Iannucci

Don’t know if it’s true but somebody once told me that each page of script was an average (and a very loose average) of 10 to 20000 to shoot. Regardless of the numbers and with so many budget productions now - less really is more.

A. S. Templeton

I'd love to have metrics on-hand for such practical matters: how much are my action-feature set pieces gonna cost? Keep it grounded with a touch of bluescreen & practical FX, or go full-blown CGI at $500K per minute?

Adam J Fernandes

I don't know how hard a practice this is or where it applies. In the script for 'The Matrix', the entire lobby action sequence (From the moment Trinity and Neo enter the building to when they finally...

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Hey there!

I have been a member here for a while, but admittedly do not use it effectively, but I am definitely paying more attention and putting more effort into networking these days.   My husband and I are independent filmmakers currently we have 1 feature 'A Landscape of Lies' which has had some success in...

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Erika Toraya

yes, I like the logline too! I, too, have been on here a long time but haven't used it well. Congratulations on your two films! exciting!

Michael Sandomeno

Great story line and high quality and interesting photos that make the viewer what to know the rest of the story.
Where do you guys live, and would be interested in taking s Screenplay to TV film series ??

Diane Knight

Thanks for the feedback guys, Thanks for having a crack at the logline Chad, its always good to have other creatives to bounce off of. What are you working on currently?

Diane Knight

Thanks Erika! what are you working on?

Diane Knight

Thanks Michael, to answer your questions, we are based in the UK, whats your screenplay about?


Reagal Films LLC is production, sales, & distribution company. We are currently looking to acquire completed films for national and international distribution.

Erin Dooley

Lorenzo, I'm looking for distribution for my award-winning musical Broken & Beautiful. The trailer is online here: What is your email address?...

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Erica Summers

I am currently seeking distribution for my feature length thriller film, LOVERBOY. is the trailer. Its already over 27,000 hits. We took Best Florida Feature...

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Riley T. Markowitz

Hey Erica, We appreciate your interest in our distribution. Please send a screener to: Reagal Films LLC Att:Victor Duenas 142-30 Sanford Avenue Ave/ Ste#3M Flushing NY, 11355

Mark Ratering

I have a film with a Filipina Star and Stars from 4 different countries. million dollar budget

Katie Stimson

Hi. I have a film that i would like to distribute. I live far away and cannot mail anything. Can you help me out please?

Four Negro Girls in a Church wins

I'm pleased to announce my second "Best Scene" winner from Wildsound. They did a wonderful job reading the first scene of Four Negro Girls n a Church about the 16th Street Bombing in 1963. Check It out.

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Philip Sedgwick


Phillip "The Man Who Can'" Hardy


Thank you very much.

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