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Introductions are in order

Hi everyone! My name is Denise Michelle and I am just recently back on the website after a long hiatus! I have updated a few things and continuing to update as I go. My resume will be corrected to add newer projects completed. I am wanting to get back into commercial/small screen work, so if you hav...

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Cool Place!

Hi All, Wow Interesting site.
I'm Cedric an Indie Filmmaker - Freelancer based in Wellington Nz.

Rew Jones


Cedric J. Barford

Thank You People

Allen Lynch

Welcome Cedric!

John Ellis

Welcome! How's NZ these days?

Is Netflix growth a good thing or a bad thing for us 'Happy Writers?

I ask because I have a lot of respect for my fellow 'Happy Writers'. Could not have come this far over my 3 years of membership without the insights and opinions you guys have. With a 6.7 billion $ acquistion budget for 2017 and now having crossed the line of 100 million subscribers they are becomin...

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Craig D Griffiths

I think we are behind the wave anyway. Audi turned up to the Berlin Film Festival to purchase content for their driverless cars. The market isn't want we think.

A. S. Templeton

Craig, that kind of sounds like an extension of the airline-movie model

Craig D Griffiths

A S very true. If we stop owning cars because autonomous taxis become a cheaper option. Then car makers will battle in low running cost and features. Perhaps Audi may have their own content like Netflix to be an incentive to car fleet buyers. I smirk at people predicting the future.

David E. Gates

I think there are many different markets and whilst the way in which people consume entertainment has changed dramatically in the last ten years, there is still a need for great stories to be told. An...

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Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Great comments and opinions all. Thank you so much. I am going to wait another week or so before I voice my opinion. Keep it coming.

Nicholl Semi finalist!

I can't believe my script made it to the Semi finals. I had sent this out to some people and never even got a reply. I was pretty sure it was terrible but decided to enter so I could order the reader notes. Never expected to make it but happy I took a chance.

Uncle Phil


Olaojoyegbe Bolarinwa

Wow! You did try! I'm happy for you. I hope the semi final stage also comes with a prize.

Cindy Myskiw


Jerod Jackson

Good job! Congrats!

Theresa Drew


What To Do When You Are Stuck In A Bad Story You Keep Repeating PT 2

What To Do When You Are Stuck In A Bad Story You Keep Repeating PT 2 #abundance #happiness #health #love #success #wealth


Hello, everyone, My name is Jaquinton Webb I am taking the time to introduce myself. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Extra and bounced check

I do not know if this is the right area to post , but I feel very angry about the situation I did extra work for the Untitled Levinston Project . I was working for almost 13 hours in winter clothes on a 90 degree day . I got a check with the enclosed 30 dollars from EMS checking and it BOUNCED due t ...

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JD Hartman

Do you have contact info from anyone else on the shoot? Are they all in the same boat? Perhaps someone (if not you) has contact info for the production company/agency and can contact them directly?

Feedback on scripts

Anyone would like to read each other's script and make comments? I have added mine on Amazon Kindle here - I also work on sci-fi action hero with a thousand races genre This is more TV episodes

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BEATing my screenplay up.

Would like to hear comments on using (beat) in dialogue. I seem to have quite a few in one of my scripts. I've learned not to give directions about camera views to directors, so what about giving actors directions with beats in their dialogue. Any comments?

David Timber

I think it's a useful technique. I've used beats in dialogue very effectively to build tension and suspense between the characters and creating the atmosphere and emotion required within the visual na...

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Alan B. Cox

Thanks for all the great comments. I'll keep the beat going.

A. S. Templeton

(Parentheticals) mostly bloat line & page count. If I think a dramatic pause or thoughtful pause is really called for, I just add inline ellipses (...), but sparingly.

Doug Nelson

Right A.S. - ellipses are the right way to write the momentary dramatic pause.

Niki Lambropoulos

I have used beats within the dialogue as well as every time action moves forward I used text for the first and the final draft beatboard for the second. In a way, there is no correct way I guess, I do what works for me - hope this helps

How come they all know each other?

Hey everybody, some thoughts about finding your scenius/community as a creative when you're not already born in the network you need to thrive today. It's the result of many moons of thinking and working to find an appropriate answer, I hope you'll enjoy it and it will make you take actions to put y...

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Hello fellow artists,

My name is Teophiel Oriteo Weston or Teo for short and I am taking the time to introduce myself so hi.

Michael Rogers

Good to see you Teophiel!

Teophiel Weston

Pleasure to see you as well.

David Black

Welcome aboard!

Allen Lynch

Hello Teophiel!

Nishela Sharen Sirimanne

Hey teo!!


Hey im Nishela and my dream is to become an actress. Even though it may seems like a pipe dream to most of the people that i know; i wouldn't give up. I auditioned for movies but i didn't seem to get call backs.... I love acting but sometimes i want to give up. Well, im not asking for sympathy but i ...

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