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Hey there! I'm a screenwriter in Austin, TX. I used to live in LA, but I ended up working three jobs to make ends meet with no time for writing, so I jumped ship. I'm excited to become a part of Stage 32 and to meeting experienced creatives. It's great to meet y'all (yup, I've picked up a smidgeon o...

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Michaela Witthaus-richter

Thank you very much

Vladislav Nogin

Hi Kerry, welcome!

Kerry Morgan

Thanks everyone! It's great to hear all of your voices. And don't be shy about connecting!

Vikki Flawith

Hi Kerry. I'm new here too. Welcome!

Kerry Morgan

Hi Vikki! It's nice to meet you, too!

Tamim Almousa

Take out a draft of your script, grab a pen, read through it (in one sitting) and make “Everything Wrong With…” CinemaSins notes as you go along.

Craig D Griffiths

I have my PC read it to me. That way I can't try to make it sound better than it is with my internal performance. The cold dark emotionless heart of a PC is a test.

Dene Stark

How do you have your PC read it to you???

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Dene Stark final draft has a read out loud function.

Dene Stark

oh? See, still a novice with Final Draft. I just read the dialogue out loud to see how it sounds.

Selling your screenplay

I'd like to learn a lot about the subject. Do you have websites, a resource person, etc., anything that could help me. I'm a novice screenwriter who has had some success in film festivals and I'd like to move on to the second level, you know! Thanks you. :)

Kat Albert

I find this to be absurd. Very few production companies are paying for short films. You say your films and screenplays have passed the stage of festivals and gaining success. What does that even mean? Yet, you need script books and just found a writing software. I'm out.

Owen Mowatt

Oh Kat. There was at least a days worth of comedy mileage in this thread! Now what are we gonna do??!!

Erik A. Jacobson

You need an agent or manager. If you've done well at Film Festivals that shouldn't be a problem.

Anthony Cawood

I think Antoine is struggling a little with the use of his second language... and people mis-understanding what he's getting at. I believe what he's saying is that he's written a few scripts, using Cel...

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Dan Guardino

Kat. Really? Sounds like you were never in. All he did was ask a simple question which is no reason someone here should receive such a rude response.

Mars Roberge
"Scumbag" to have North American premiere at Queens World Film Festival!

"Scumbag" just had a successful world-premiere at the 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam where it played to 3 sold-out shows at 500-seat theaters! The Polysh, a prominent entertainment magazine from China said it was "the most crazy and experimental film" at IFFR and only other film worth no...

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First Lead Role in a Feature Film!

I just wanted to share my dream news in landing my first lead role in a feature film. I have so far had a nice and smooth progression in my acting career lately. Acting as a lead in a short film at the end of 2016 to now acting as a lead in a feature film really makes me feel very fortunate. I'm sav...

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Philip Sedgwick

Good on ya! Keep us posted on the film's progress.

Sai Natarajan

Hey, well done! That's such a wonderful dream to achieve. I hope it takes you further.

Abhishek Singh

best of luck.. and congrats.!!

Vladislav Nogin


Natalie J Heslop

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. As an actor and general creative to have someone like a film maker believe in you and help you achieve your dreams is really a great pinnacle and pers...

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What are the (3) films that have had the most impact on you in developing your screenwriting?

I guess this is my "curiosity morning" . This is the second thread I posted this morning. Because I am such a big Fan of WOODY ALLEN, MEL BROOKS, NEIL SIMON, & BILLY WILDER my (3) Films will come from those gentleman. But again as with my earlier thread I posted I would like to hear your (3) choices...

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Damien Michael Aulsberry

Down Terrace, Tyrannosaur and In Bruges in no particular order.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

To all who have responded so far a very grateful thank you. It is always good to share our experiences on this art form we are all so passionate about. I hope to hear more comments soon. Especially from more of my fellow Metro NYC Stage32 members.

Anthony Cawood


Stephen Foster

grease, harold & maude, 9 to 5

Philip Sedgwick

Not exclusively the "most" but extremely influential: Breaker Morant, Dances with Wolves, Perfect Getaway.

Erin Zapcic
A meticulous maven of facts and cheap wine.

Hello everyone! I'm an actor, writer, and producer (and a few other hats) and I'm re-acquainting myself with this platform. I'd love to connect with and learn from like-minded creatives all over the world.
Feel free to add me!

Erin Zapcic

Thanks, Sal! That's great to know!

Erin Zapcic

I'm a big fan of Goldfish, Travis. :)

Vladislav Nogin

Welcome, Erin!

Erin Zapcic

Thank you, Vladislav!

Stephen Foster



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About 9 Times
About 9 Times
Jazz-Punk is back! "About 9 Times" debut album "Play Jacks" was winner of the "Dallas Observer Music Awards 1985" for "Best Local Record" and the band itself was winner of "Best New Wave Act". "Musici…

Hi folks,question how important you think it is to move to LA??? To break in the industry??

Doug Nelson

The filmmaking industry spreading all over the nation. Production costs in Southern California is in the process driving the industry to other locations/states - so I don't think you need to be in LA...

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Stephen Foster

You can do things via computer now (even take meetings) so create where you are & move to LA when you have a deal.

Doug Nelson

Face to face is the only way to go - even in these computer driven times. My advice is to prowl locally; although if you're in a dinky little market such as I, you may have to widen your search. I've been in LA - no one could ever pay me enough to actually live there.

James T. Sale

Industry Professionals who live in LA work much more than people that live outside of LA. AND the most important thing about living here is making contacts which means that this is the best place for that. Good luck!

E.M. Spairow
Script exchange

Hiya. Recently relocated, and now am currently without a network or writing group. A screenwriter/filmmaker turned playwright, I just finished my first stage play and need general feedback. Looking to exchange scripts with an experienced playwright/writer who also needs fresh eyes on a script. I hav...

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Joe Suba

HI am new here trying to feel my way around