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ACTRA Actor/DGC AD/Locations in Toronto

Hi everyone!

I’m an experienced actor in Toronto. Happy to collaborate on union projects and willing to help out on the production side as well. Please check me out on IMDb.

Pamela Bolinder

Hello Miles! Welcome

Vikki Flawith

waves from the wet coast :D

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Tanica Oliver
My name is Tanica

Hi Stage32, may name is Tanica and I'm an East Coast transplant living on the West Coast. I currently work at an entertainment payroll company by day. And the rest of the time I manage an amateur MMA fighter, voice actor and author. The process is still new and ongoing but I absolutely love it. I'm also a mom so life is never boring.

David Wayne Smart

Welcome to stage 32. I hope you find what you're looking for and best of luck in building your network of friends:)

Izzibella Beau

Hi, Tanica. Hope you are doing well. You sound extremely busy with your doings.

Miller Scoville

Welcome to Stage 32 Tancia! Nice to meet you!

Tanica Oliver

yes pretty busy but currently the only person needed my help at the moment is the fighter. The others are focusing on other matters

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Nikita Ivanenko
Dead Man's Mound is entereing pre-production after the pandemic

I'm pleased to announce that my project Dead Man's Mound - (, a Viking action drama with budget of 13.5 mln.$ has gained 70% of the budget and several great actors for the secondary roles.

We confirmed 2 big international producers - Giuseppe Co...

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Shara Maude


Simon Hartwell

Fantastic and inspiring news. Thanks for sharing and please keep us updated.

Janet Lynn Saunders

AWESOME ‼️‼️ CONGRATULATIONS and great to know that Stage 32 has assisted you so well! As an actor, I JUST joined via an email invitation that I SOMEHOW received, but am grateful to Andrea Thompson wh...

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Alfred Paolo Confiado

Dang! That's amazing!

Angelo Raza

Congratulations. This is great

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Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy
This bears repeating!

The object of finding an agent or producers is to have them shop and eventually pay you for your work. Not pay them to shop your work before they've secured a paying gig. If someone asks you for good faith money or a retainer or any financial remuneration in advance, put on your running shoes and head for the hills.

Vital Butinar

I'm seeing this trend everywhere and I think it's just wrong.

Same thing kept happening when I was in a dance group and we performed at salsa festivals more and more organizers wanted us to pay to be...

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Dan Guardino

Vital. Legitimate producers and managers don't do that and WGA Agents can't.

A Alex

Professional agencies, agents, managers etc won't ask for a fee. But many writers happen to encounter the type who do. It's similar to all the "filmmakers" who wanted me to work for free. Unethical, but it happens.

Doug Nelson

Pam - I didn't pitch nothin', he approached me. Exciting? Well kinda...I was waiting to get into the Men's room.

Doug Nelson

Vital, it may work that way in Slovenia - but not here.

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Michele Cannon
Michele Cannon - Actress/Writer/Director/Producer/Acting Coach to Young Performers

Greetings Fellow Artistes! I'm about to make the pilgrimage to Los Angeles and I am deliriously excited. I'm taking my NY theater, film and television acting experience, completed screenplays, treatments and my hard drive with a my sci-fi short, "Meri, Mary, Mari" requiring editing. I figure the LA...

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Julian Montgomery

LA??? See you when you get here :)

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Ashlye Michelle

Hello all! My name is Ashlye and I'm a screenwriter from San Francisco, CA. I work mostly in Los Angeles, though. I'm also 1/3 of Rebel Iris Productions. I'm just looking to make connections and work with like-minded people!

Michael Worth

Hello, and welcome, Ashlye!

David Beard

Hi Ashlye :)

Melissa Butler

Hello and Welcome Ashlye

Richard "RB" Botto

Definitely in the right places, Ashlye! Thrilled to have you here. Also highly recommend checking out the Screenwriting section of the Lounge. Always great conversations happening there!

Sadie Dean

Welcome to the best creative community EVER! Great to have you here!

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Shon LeBlanc
For you costume needs


So for anyone needed costumes for your project, short, indy, feature, theatre, event, Halloween

Check out our website you can see some of our over 80,000 costumes. just note it's allot of stuff and we are still if you don't see what you us.

Shon LeBlanc

Hi Vera,

love to talk to you about whatever you have going on and see what we can do...and feel free to stop by and see what we have...sometimes inspiration happens...

Vera VanGuard

Thank you so much!

Pamela Hill

Hi Shon! I appreciate the connection. Thank you. I really liked your costumes on "Feud"! Best, Pamela Hill Hope you enjoy our newest Web Series episode: That Darn Girlfriend Episode...

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Shon LeBlanc

Hi Pamala,

lovely to connect with you too.

It was great having my hats in the show..and so well featured....

LOL..I can't sound just wonderful.


Pamela Hill

Happy Hannumas Shon! Here's our That Darn Girlfriend Episode 9: "Flashback Friday" - A Very Special Episode. <3




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having breakfast with Mary

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Bernard Lee DeLeo
Bernard Lee DeLeo, San Leandro, CA

Hi. I write adventure fiction novels, twenty-five of them offered on Amazon. I've been a member since 2012. My latest novel Hard Case V: Blood and Fear was released on February 14th, 2015. It is currently ranked #1 in Amazon's Pulp Fiction category. I work also converting my novels into screenplays,...

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Richard "RB" Botto

Wow! Quite prolific, Bernard. Great to have you and your talents here on stage 32. Look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood!

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Stephen Alloy
Stephen Alloy

Hello, Stage 32! I'm Stephen Alloy, a new member who is a comedy improvisor, writer and voice performer in addition to performing in local comedy improv. I'm interested in voice over and voice acting work and in writing, particularly comedy sketch writing and crime fiction.

Allen Lynch

Welcome Stephen!

James Drago

Hi Stephen!

Amanda Toney

I just read another introduce yourself post where the guy was looking for comedic voice actors. Take a look at my wall and see if you can find it so you guys can connect.

Stephen Alloy

Thanks for the welcome, everyone! Amanda, i will check your wall for the post.

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Glen Warren
Acting in later life.

Hello all. I've recently decided to try acting as a career after wanting to do it for so many years. I'm in my mid-forties and have done a little background work as well as community theatre. While the industry seems to favour the young, can anyone offer suggestions about how to get out there? I've...

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Natalie Farst

Where do you live?

Glen Warren

In Toronto, Canada

Natalie Farst

I understand that there is more filming being done in Canada these days

Daniel Cannon
Corporate event photographer

We can help you look your best at your next event. If you are looking for Corporate Event Photographer las vegas and want to look your best for your clients or partners then we can help.We have the experience you need and the most affordable prices of any Corporate Photography in Las Vegas.Call us n...

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