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Script Proofreading & Editing

Hi Everyone Since we’re able to promote ourselves during the Introduce Yourself weekend I want to take this opportunity to re-introduce myself and what I can offer. I’ve been an active member of this site for more than five years but prior to that was a member and moderator of Kevin Spacey’s Trigger ...

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Pierre Langenegger

Yep, the best review site. Nothing comes close to what TS had.

Morgan R. Tegtow

I loved TS also. Have either of you gone on It's great and similar. Once you sign up they have a screenwriting lab section as well as some other literary art labs.

Janet Elizabeth Swainston

Morgan....I tried it right after TS closed down...had the worst experience ever....will never go back there

Morgan R. Tegtow

That's too bad. I've met some great writers on the site. And some bad ones too. I try not to review anything that I completely think is bad as most the time you get some revengeful feedback. But I promise you will read and review some great stuff more than not.

Pierre Langenegger

Thanks for the connect Morgan. Yeah, I joined Zoe shortly after I joined TS. It's a pity Janet had a bad experience with it. ALL script review sites have jerks and TS was no exception but personally, I ...

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Brian Smith

Hello there! I am a screenwriter, and I also do screenplay coverage through my website I will also be teaching a class on story structure through Stage32's Next Level Webinars this coming Thursday.

Brian Smith

Thanks, Amanda! I'm looking forward to it, and I appreciate your kind words!

Veleka Gray

Brian, what's the link for that course! You are one brilliant amazing teacher.

Valerie Michele Oliver

Awesome, Brian!

Tony Ginn

Hello everyone! What a journey I am experiencing! After a week in LA to attend the Sag-Aftra National Convention and networking with my Industry colleagues and doing some Karaoke to keep my chops toge...

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PJ Woodside Writer/Director - Big Biting Pig Productions

Hi all! I am a micro-budget writer/director making films in the midwest -- waaaaay outside of LA! As part of the Big Biting Pig Productions team, we've made 10 feature films on tiny budgets, with seven of them streaming on Amazon. We're known in horror circles for telling good stories, always with a...

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John Ellis

Congrats on your successes, PJ! Happy to connect!

Morgan R. Tegtow

Your movies looks so cool! Can't wait to watch Lucid! Going to watch it on Amazon.

Horror, Sci Fi and lover of comic

Hi Everyone, I'm a screenwriter in North Hollywood who specializes in horror. Just finished producing a short for Cryptv. Anyone else into horror or sci fi?

John Ellis

Sci-fi as a vehicle to explore the complete range of human experience, from joy to sadness, nobility to decadence. Horror, no, not at all. But welcome to S32!

Morgan R. Tegtow

Thank you for the welcome and to you sir I say that horror is the truest exploration to humankind's greatest question: what lies between life and death.

And isn't it great to see people terrorized by monsters :)

A message I received today

I received this message in my Stage 32 inbox today.  I don't even see a previous message from this person in my inbox.  Maybe I missed it.  Maybe I deleted it accidentally or intentionally.  Maybe there was a tech glitch and I never received it.  My point in posting it anonymously is to invite peopl...

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CJ Walley

I'm glad Regina has called this behaviour out. It's totally unacceptable to send industry members unsolicited scripts. It's not only incredibly rude but also, as she has explained, can be legally jeop...

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Zlatan Mustafica

Typical emotional response from a person hungry for success but in the process shooting him/herself (although it sounds like a dude) in the foot thereby. Unfortunate response, though. Like you said, R...

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Anthony D Paul

Someone wrote something similar to this on the Nicholl Fellowship facebook page on why their script wasn't accepted.

Regina Lee

Thank you for your good will, Owen, Dan, CJ, Zlatan, and Anthony.

Fiona Faith Ross

Ouch! Always unpleasant to receive a message like that, especially unexpected and unsolicited.

Horror Screenwriter; three awards, two kids. Strange you can believe in.

Hey. I'm a multi-award-winning screenwriter including The PAGE, and with 16 Finalists including Nicholl. I work most often in collaboration, so I'm well suited to accepting changes that more focus a screenplay to your Audience Needs. I have 2 options and just had a fully-authorized Stephen King Shor...

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Stanford Kurland

Attn; Dear Sir/ Madam Thank you for taking the time to review my post. My name is Mr Standard Kurland from PennyMac Loan Services and I'm here to help. My company offers all kinds of loans including real ...

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Andrea D. McGee

Hi Jeff!

Jeffrey Stackhouse

Hey Andrea. Lovely to "see" you.

Those of you who don't know, Andrea won Best Feature Script at Shriekfest this year with a very creepy-sounding piece called The Heebies.

See you out and about Andrea.

Morgan R. Tegtow

Shriekfest is the best! Congrats Andrea!

Morgan R. Tegtow

And congrats to you Jeffrey! I know you were a finalist this year. And Page is incredible!

Superhero films

Do you think that Superhero films make their characters seem one dimensional and are they ruining characterization in films? And do you think they're cluttering up Theaters?

Writing is about rewriting?

As screenwriters, we've all heard writing is about rewriting and that all first drafts are shit. Friday, while touring the strand in Galveston, I received a call from a director I'm working with. He said he really liked the second draft script I wrote for him. He now wants me to fine tune the ending...

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Robert William Hult

I've learned a few things concerning both screenwriting and book writing over the years. If you've got a good script, you can turn it into a book. The reverse is also true. However, writing the screen...

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Frankie Gaddo

I typically write 5-7 drafts. The first one is always shorter than the last.

Ken Koh

If your goal is to sell it or get optioned, you would send it to get script notes from someone you trust, that'll tell you how many rewrites.

Dan Guardino

I normally do two rewrites unless the script optioned then I go through more rewrites because they always get rewritten during the development/production stages. However when I first started out I would do a ton of rewrites because I didn't know what I was doing at the time.

Brian Stoneking

When I complete a manuscript I look through it many times... scribble notes into it... dialogue that could be improved and I go back and rework all those notes into the script.

Educating myself in fundraising to make films

I'm looking to educate myself in fundraising to make films. After making several films in the no budget range, I'd like to upgrade my productions to productions with a budget! Have you been successful with crowdfunding? If so, which sites? What do you consider to be your success reasons? Are there ot...

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Vitaly Kozlov

Crowdfunding sometimes works if you are willing to go through a lot of work and pain. It's not for everyone. But you should try it anyway for an experience. You might like it, some people do. Sites? I...

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Jacob Royce Gustafson

Seed and Spark is the best one for filmmakers. It has the Duplass Brothers as backers. 75% success rate. I have one up right now.

Ken Koh

Crowdfunding can work if you can show people what you can do with very little. Save up and shoot a 1min kickass scene from your script, that video will be your proof of concept on kickstarter or studi...

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Screenplay competitions

Hi everyone My name is Adam Mawson I recently entered my first screenplay competition with the Los Angeles Cinefest. Already it's a semi-finalist, I've entered it into other screenwriting contests just to get myself out there. It's my first screenplay I'm getting great feedback which I'm quite surpr...

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Ken Koh

Find a copy of Hollywood Representation Directory 2016/17, Hollywood Screenwriting Directory or Hollywood Creative Directory 2016/17.

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Adam James Mawson

Thanks Ken it's been copyrighted great I'll take a look at that directory.

Filming locations

I see that there is a location link on this site. Unfortunately it currently only includes select cities. I'm sure that more will eventually be added. Until then, does anyone know if there is a site that might list filming locations in the metro DC/MD area? I need something that passes as a nursing home dining room.

Network With Us TONIGHT in San Jose!

The Art of Active Networking is meeting tonight in San Jose! It has been a long journey, and we are so grateful for the outpour of help we received locating a venue. This event has truly spurred on a community of givers. This is the kind of networking we need. No more late night clubs and nametags....

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