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What And Who Determines Your Success? The Bad And Good News

What And Who Determines Your Success? The Bad And Good News #happiness #health #love #prosperity #success

Should film directors go rogue and make personal comments about a cast they just worked with?

Film director's Michael Sarne's line on Mae West's co-star Raquel Welch is legendary, a thing for movie buffs to quote

Shawn Speake


Fashion has always followed the film industry

Mae West "pockets" are the device adopted by Pauline Trigere to accent Hollywood's favorite curves.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

I still think you should get backing and curate a MAE WEST museum. Any logistical help or support you need I am there for you.

Rockollections: blue and lonesome pt.4 end

Something I started last week, playing the Rolling Stones’ Blue And Lonesome tracks after the Original old Blues versions. And finally getting to the last cut on the album. It’s their only album to feature ALL Cover Songs. Then some real fun, going back to some very early Stones and their stamp on two ...

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Digital networking and marketing for the movie industry

Here in the next article in my digital networking and marketing for the indie movie industry series. "My Enemy is My Strength." It's about co-opetition.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

David- This is just a suggestion but you will get better response if you re-post your link in RED instead of BLACK. Just drop the URL link double space below your text.

David Black

Thanks Steven. I'll check that out on my next post

I'm looking for a VW Bus in the LA area.

Hello! I'm working on a proof of concept video for my feature, Surfing in Afghanistan, and am looking looking for a VW bus here in the Los Angeles area to use/rent. Goal is to take it up to Lone Pine, CA and shoot some int and ext footage. Can anyone help? The more beat-up the better. - RT Herwig

Tonight and tomorrow you get to meet people the right way!

KEEP NETWORKING THE SAME OLD WAY OR JOIN US TONIGHT AND TOMORROW NIGHT FOR SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! We're Back at it Again! We had a nice time last night in Pasadena at The Art of Active Networking! If there's one thing we re-learn event after event, it's that everybody has their own incredible ...

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You Can't Get There If You Don't Know Your Destination

You Can't Get There If You Don't Know Your Destination! #happiness #health #realtionships #success #wealth

Lead actress as the screenwriter - still infrequent

Mae West in her first Paramount starring picture, "She Done Him Wrong," a melodrama which she herself wrote.

Rockollections: blue and lonesome pt.3

I’ll pick it up where we left off last week with Track 9 of the latest Rolling Stones album, Blue And Lonesome. Preceded naturally by the Original version. The Stones got their start in the 60’s playing Blues covers, before they were almost forced to write new material! And it shouldn’t surprise anyone ...

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Join me this week in southern california starting tonight!

JOIN US TONIGHT IN PASADENA AND TWO OTHER TIMES THIS WEEK IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA! Is Generosity Contagious? Research says yes! Check out this awesome article from the NYTimes about paying it forward. The Art of Active Networking is meeting in Pasadena TONIGHT Monday, July 17th. The Art of Active Netwo ...

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If You Don't Do This You Won't Get Ahead

If You Don't Do This You Won't Get Ahead #happiness #health #love #prosperity #success

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