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Final Deadline Discounts to thank our readers for helping us get on the top 25 Short Film Blogs list!

The Final Deadline for film-makers to enter the 2017 Edinburgh Short Film Festival is now imminent and our blogsite was recently named as one of the top 25 Short Film Blogs on the planet! So to thank our readers for helping us get on the list we’re giving away 20% off discount codes through our Film...

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Did Pre-Code Hollywood feature nipples? Yes.

Paramount published as many bra-less photos of Mae West as they could in the trade publications. Even if her nipples showed in 1933.

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Andrew Sobkovich

You mean sex wasn't just discovered by the current (regardless of the date) teenagers? Gosh, blush, shuffle, shucks :-) Lots of pre-code pictures were pretty explicit, Everyone in this industry must h...

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LindaAnn Loschiavo

Andrew Sobkovich Hello! Long time no see! Having revised the 3-hr "Diamond Lil" stage play Mae wrote in 1928 for a cast of 33 - - - my lean 89-minute version uses 8 actors -- I know Mae's B'way play h...

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Andrew Sobkovich

Hi LindaAnn. haven't commented, but I love your posts. A view into the past of part of our industry always seems fascinating. Was your "Diamond Lil" re-write ever performed?

Women filmmakers not getting media coverage

My film got picked up by a sales agent who is trying to announce in the trades. NO ONE will run the story and we are all wondering if it is because the director (me), writer and most of the cast are women. Can anyone assist me in getting my announcement to the right people who WILL run even just a l...

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Dan MaxXx

there's a bunch of film organizations in NYC. Try PGA, DGA, WGA offices. Contact other women filmmakers, follow their game plan.

My Linked- In Network is now 1,950(and growing daily)

I mention that because I share Stage32 content with them on a daily basis. The Linked-In network is ONLY Majors(Disney, Warner, Paramount, Fox, ILM, UNIVERSAL, ABC, NBC, CBS,SONY). It would help all of us if when you share in the LOUNGE you put you link in RED,RED, RED. Not BLACK,BLACK,BLACK,. Why? G...

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JD Hartman

Did you ever think that the hyperlink color is yet one more bug in the S32 software? It's not the users or members, it's S32. I've never had that same issue, ever, posting links on other boards.

JD Hartman

Another fluff reply to one of my posts from the keyboard of Steven Harris Anzelowitz.
What is "sharing" all the S32 content with your LinkedIn network doing to get any of your screenplays financed or produced?

How To Get More Energy And Anything You Want!

How To Get More Energy And Anything You Want! #happiness #health #love #prosperity #success

How To Create: Do What You Can Then Let It Happen

How To Create: Do What You Can Then Let It Happen #affirmations #lawofattraction #abundance #manifestation #selfhelp #visualization

Claude Gagne


John Wilkes Booth

Johnny Depp casually asks: Is it time for an actor to kill the president again?

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Was Cary Grant the most suave or ideal leading man onscreen?

Mae West's leading man Cary Grant made a confession about his acting ability. What did he say?

Aray Brown

I think so.

Getting a Stage32 vidoe to download

I'm trying to download the How To Write A Unique, Commercial Horror Script videos, but for some reason the site won't let me do this. Any help is appreciated.

How The Mind Helps Heal The Body

How The Mind Helps Heal The Body #happiness #health #love #prosperity #success

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