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A film trivia question

In one film Mae West played a female who was trying to broker a deal for world peace. Name it.

Owen Mowatt

In one film Mae West played a female....
Is there some thing about Mae you're not telling us??

Do This To Start Succeeding More Quickly

Do This To Start Succeeding More Quickly #happiness #health #relationships #success #wealth


20x24 mixed media canvas RabidArtWork RAW RomanBlat

Debbie Croysdale

This visceral, eldritch yet fun little character leaps off the page and hits you in the face. Its good you decided not to erase the background because it now looks like Snow Bruh has left millions of...

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LindaAnn Loschiavo

Reminds me of Jo Nesbo's suspense novel about the snowman.

¡Ya fueron los Avon Beauty Bloggers Awards by Grazia!

Magdalena Ferreira Lamas: El día de ayer vivimos la experiencia de los Avon Beauty Bloggers Awards junto con la Revista Grazia. Un evento en el que bloggers de belleza se divirtieron explorando los productos de Avon y aprendieron técnicas de los editores de la Revista Grazia. Agradezco la presencia...

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I have an idea for a movie and I would like feedback and opinions on it because I have 0 experience.

So I really love the anime Fairy Tail and after seeing the trailers for "Ghost in a shell" I figured I'd create a Live-Action movie adaptation of the anime. The movie would be like a non-canon part of the series (Hot actors, pop music, and CGI) not an origin. I've been working on it for a couple of...

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Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Follow your dreams. Be passionate about your goals. And read the Screenwriters Bible by David Trottier. Never give up, Never surrender.

Fleurette M Van Gulden

Read the trades. However believe in you and your ideas. If we all follow what a bore the stage would become.

An Actor's Thoughts: The Importance Of Focus

An Actor's Thoughts: The Importance Of Focus #acting #creating #imagination #rehearsal #success

Me me me

One celebrates with the lover when suddenly she hears her husband's car entering the garage. "Hurry!" She yells to her lover. "Jump out the window!" "But I'm naked and it's raining ... and ppl run the marathon " the lover was frightened. "My husband will kill us!" the woman yelles. With no other cho...

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Barry & The Boomers Rock Madison Square Garden

Hi.....I can wrote Great Songs AND Stories and Musicals including "DOG SHOW THE MUSICAL" about a Mutt who somehow cons his way into an International Dog Show at Madison Square Garden and wins Best in Show. I'm the composer of these Great Songs and Phyllis Barash is the Author and Lyricists.....My So...

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Are You Failing Because You Are Distracted? Yes!

Are You Failing Because You Are Distracted? Yes! #failure #happiness #success #wealth #career #gratitudactiv8

TRUE VEGAS NIGHTS REALITY SHOW (Concert &Event Series) Helping the homeless & Victims of human trafficking

TRUE VEGAS NIGHTS REALITY SHOW (Concert &Event Series) Ralph E.Shields We are in search of Sponsors , Advertisers and Vendors …are teaming up to promote a three day concert to assist the homeless as well as victims of human trafficking ! We would also like to...

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Inspiration is all around us...

Just today I was watching the news and I got an idea for my next script. I will call it "Ernest Goes To the Middle East and Europe."

Doug Nelson

So you want to shoot it in the Middle East? Shooting over there means something else than filmmaking.

Travis Sharp

i see our fearless leader returning defeated with his pants down around his ankles and carrying a remote control, and a chair, and a thermos, and... Reminds me of yet another movie!

C Harris Lynn

This lamp, and this book...

C Harris Lynn

The Queen hath made a fool of us again... good luck getting anything out there that doesn't have "something similar already in production at another company" now. ...

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C Harris Lynn

Already buried in the stream. xD