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I have longed dreamed of working in entertainment media, and I have ideas for film, TV, and even business ideas for companies like Disney.
Any help offered I would appreciate.
I ask only for both patience and understanding with me as I have Asperger Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis.
Thank you for your time.

Unique traits: I have tried to find work but had little success. But I hope now I will finally find connections.




  • Music and Magic

    Music and Magic Adventure This is an idea I had years ago, where Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long would do a Crossover with the High School Musical franchise. Plus, the dream I had where Ricky Bowen (Joshua Bassett) was covering Nini Salazar-Roberts and then they were sitting down watching Emergency Lights go by. So, I figure it meant Ricky and Nini encountered or witnessed criminals and Ricky was protecting her. So, I think this a good way to tell both stories. It raises issues like bullying, harassment, relationship/domestic abuse, gang violence, drug abuse, and trafficking. As well as the issues in California, and the child marriages happening there, I fear child trafficking is involved. At the end a public service announcement on these issues.I know it's not perfect, but I am willing to collab to make it better, and I found some people who are willing to help but the writers backed out, I believe Disney can go farther and helping to steer kids and teens away from gang life. I know Disney can make differences in people's lives, and I want to help do that and make a difference. This is my gift to them. I also intend a sequel, and a prequel that is based on ADJL. 

  • Nation Must Rise

    Nation Must Rise Action An ex-soldier turned Capitol Policeman must battle militia terrorist with the President of the United States and his opponent in a motel during a political debate during an election.

  • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Spec Episode)

    High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Spec Episode) Other I saw this in a dream, Ricky Bowen (Joshua Bassett) was shielding Nini Salazar-Roberts (Olivia Rodrigo) and then they were sitting down, and watching emergency lights go by and I think Ricky was protecting Nini from something. So I think the following might happened: 

  • Fatal Client

    Fatal Client Thriller A Civil Rights lawyer becomes a target of an unhinged stalker after setting him free. 

  • Black/White Man

    Black/White Man Sci-fi A Black Man ends up switches bodies with a White Supremacist and must find a way to stop him from helping his gang commit a hate crime. 

  • Armored Car Robbery

    Armored Car Robbery Film-noir Crime A career criminal plans to rob an armored car and uses anti-police protestors to do it. 

  • Double Force

    Double Force Action Two fighters, join forces against an arms dealer who killed their friends. This was inspired by the fact I would have loved to see actors Bruce Lee (RIP) and Chuck Norris in a movie where they join forces against a bad guy. They did Way of the Dragon, and while Norris was offered the role of bodyguard O'Hara he declined and the role went to Bob Wall. 

  • Fatal Client

    Fatal Client Thriller A Social Activist and lawyer defends a man who turns out to be a violent criminal who terrorizes his family.

  • A Die Hard  Scenario

    A Die Hard Scenario Action A Die Hard scenario with I imagine actor Rafael L. Silva in the lead role, and must fight villains to save hostages, but also siblings he is taking care of. Plus, like Silva his character is LBGT. The title is in works and is willing to discuss a good title with anyone who is interested in this one. 

  • Top Dog 2

    Top Dog 2 Action A sequel to Top Dog, I know some people didn't like it, but it was a good movie to me and should have a sequel. Besides it had Chuck Norris and a police dog fighting Neo-Nazi's, how many enjoyed that? 

  • Case

    Case Action A former CIA turned Private Investigator, uses his skills to help others and runs into some old foes.

  • Working Title: Starstruck

    Working Title: Starstruck Comedy A sitcom about a former Hollywood couple reunites when they learn they have a daughter.

  • Halloween House

    Halloween House Horror This is something I want to pitch to Disney; how many know the Disney Halloween film Hocus Pocus? It was originally going to be called Disney's Halloween House, or Halloween House before changed to Hocus Pocus. But I believe it would be a good horror anthology film. This is what I would view it as.

  • Working Title: Thrift

    Working Title: Thrift Comedy A sitcom about the employees of a thrift store. This one is inspired by the fact that I am working in a thrift store. 

  • Once Upon a Time in Disney

    Once Upon a Time in Disney Adventure A former couple and Disney fans meet Mickey Mouse and help him defeat a villain destroying Disney.  The inspiration came from Once Upon a Studio, Remembering, and how I got teary eyed with some of their works, in face I teary eyed thinking of the finale. I also remember the Immersion Experience from Disney it was fun. 

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