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What are the festival rules?

What are the festival rules? Is there a text that fobids a movie to compete with other movies in a festival where one of the organizers has some kind of involvement in the movie, even when his involvement is not in the creative aspect?

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Best is to check out FILM FREEWAY. They are the clearing House for festivals around the world.

Michael Wearing

Each festival will have their own rules. I don't suppose many would object to the screening of a film made by a person involved in the running of a festival, especially if they were volunteers. Howeve...

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Debbie Croysdale


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Debbie Croysdale

THERE ARE NO RULES. Anyone can pay a pound and set up "A FILM FESTIVAL". If in doubt check out Companies House website. ART RULES....BUT THERE ARE ALWAYS CHANCERS!

Adapting the Screenplay to either Novel or Graphic Novel?

I have two screenplays that I've finished, and I've read an article on "Scriptmags" about adapting your screenplay into an IP (Intellectual Property), in order to increase your chances for a sale. And I've read it somewhere in David Troitter's "Screenwriting Bible", about doing Transmedia and adapti...

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Debbie Croysdale

If you have time I would do all three. Don't procrastinate but get to the desk and start. You are in a terrific position being able to draw yourself, so you can put your exact own personal stamp on yo...

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So would Losttime comics be consider as Transmedia?

We are telling a stories though video games comicbooks and cartoon and movies...or want

Joseph L. Stewart

Yes. I would think so. It seems to be transferrable across the board, and it transcends all genres. Excellent choice of your work to represent this question, btw. :)

Debbie Croysdale

A great example of Transmedia Cross Platform story telling was Dark Knight 2008. (Before the film even came out). Not only comics, internet and gaming outlets ....but massive public interactive live p...

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What exactly is trans media? Please.

Is there a simple breakdown to what this is? Thx!

Celeste Williams

Hey!!!! Transmedia is content that can be distributed across the various media outlets we have available. Example: You write a book. That book is then turned into a stageplay, followed by a screenplay...

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Celeste Williams

Don't forget the podcast!!!! Lol!!!

Craig D Griffiths

It started in marketing. It is also using various media channel to tell the whole story. Think of the Matrix. You have movies, plus an animated series, graphic novels etc. They all built one huge cohe...

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Robert Franklin

Thx, guys!

Are You Using Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a great tool for promoting an upcoming project, interviewing someone, or just to send a shoutout for the week. The video is available on the site long after the streaming has ended, and the MP4 can be downloaded and then uploaded to YouTube, where you can make it more public and opt...

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New Transmedia Studio opening in Houston Texas

Greetings! I am opening a new transmedia production studio, Trans / Seven, with award-winning broadcast producer, Jon Lindgren, here in Houston Texas this next month. Our focus is on transmedia storytelling as expressed over full-motion video games, broadcast, web, and mobile app. If you are in the...

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Brad Rushing

Hi Joel - Is there a Facebook page for that group? I'd love to join and/or be on the mailing list, please. I am a native Houstonian based in Los Angeles, but I get back as often as I can and at least during the Christmas holidays every year. Thanks!

Joel Irwin (largest film industry meetup group in the US)

Karen Snyder

Thank you, Joel. I have attended several meetings and value Norman's efforts. Brad, I used to work in Pasadena CA. Lovely city. Miss it along with most of LA. Next time you are in town, drop a line.

Karen Snyder

Tanya, we are developing transmedia marketing, education, entertainment and corporate training projects. The emphasis for transmedia production is on video production, full-motion video games (games w...

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Robert Franklin

Great! More people working!

Radio show content

I've always enjoyed Old Time Radio and I'm building a sound room/recording studio at home. I'm curious if there is any interest in this medium ?

O'Shea Wright

Check out my screenplay/children's book site.

Alejandro Ontiveros

I love old time radio horror shows! The witches tale, the hermits cave, lights out! All of them there's so many! I think they could be a hit again! I would love to try to put an original "old time horror" podcast out there! Other than a script I wouldn't know where to start though.

Debbie Elicksen

A beautiful setting for a podcast.

Eric Gilmartin

Your next move, after recording some material, would be to make that available online. Audio dramas are making a comeback - "Wolf 359", "Limetown" and "Night Vale" are just a few examples of fiction-based pod-casts. Good luck with your new studio!

G.R. Barnett

I thought about doing one for the western I was planning on writing.


How to Pitch a MOW

Hi, all. I pitched a series that does not look like it's going to get picked-up the way I had envisioned it. Instead, I reworked what I had into a screenplay but, since it is based on a TV series, I want to be able to stress that in a pitch session. This is not a pilot (although it could be reworked...

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Doctor who2.0 audio drama with accompanying graphic novel artwork

We're taking on a huge endeavor and that is to produce a high quality audio drama with stunning artwork to go along with it. We are going to need to assemble a group of artists to collaborate on artwork for this and could use some help with reaching out to the art community for their involvement. We...

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Doug Nelson

Is this that Dr. Who movie to be made up of scenes filmed by various folk around the country? About a year ago, a group of scatter brains tried to convince me to get involved.

VR film making

Hi everyone, I'm about to embark on a journey. I'm creating a VR feature length film and I'm looking to start building my team. I've produced a few movies, but I've got zero experience in VR. Anyone out there have information about story telling, directing, technology, or any sort of experience they...

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Case Study: The Guild.

Why was this series successful and others have fallen flat? I put the credit squarely on the writing and character development. What are your thoughts? Also, the "confessional," cuts allows the story to read both as individual episodes or each season as a movie. Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog shared this motif to great effect.

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