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Montgomery Burt
Earl’s Court

Our comedy short, “The United Guys Network,” plays in London at the Earl’s Court Film Festival from October 26 to November 9. Of hundreds of short films from all over the world, ours was chosen in the final 23. The festival screens films in various venues--including funky pubs, a community church, a...

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Viki Winterton
Congratulations Dr. Sundardas Annamalay!

Congratulations to Dr. Sundardas Annamalay for his International Bestseller, Life By Design: Mastering Energy, Money and Leverage in 9 Simple Steps!

We have taken over 1,200 Authors to Bestseller! Will YOU be next?

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Lamar Howell
Natalee Branham
Script Help/Review

Hi Guys :)

Would any fellow screenwriters like to review my script? I'm very new to this screenwriting thing but came up with a story that I just had to get out of my head and I have never been more passionate about a project! If you have any free time please check out my script below and let me know...

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Tyler Silvers
Our comedy series!

Hey all, I wanted to share that the comedy series my brother and I made together, Becoming Jiff, was picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films and is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video! We worked long and hard on this project, and if you have any questions on how this came to be, please ask! Be happy to an...

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Samuel Goldwyn Films snaps up short-form comedy series 'Becoming Jiff' from Silvers brothers
Samuel Goldwyn Films snaps up short-form comedy series 'Becoming Jiff' from Silvers brothers
Samuel Goldwyn Films has ventured into short-form content, acquiring rights to the short-form comedy TV series Becoming Jiff from Forrest Silvers and Tyler Silvers. The content will debut on Amazon Pr…

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Bradley Bergling
Seeking co-writers for American Film Market Projects

I'm working on multiple film projects heading to the American Film Market.

Some of these have sample videos with outlines which need to have screenplays completed, some are log lines which will allow for a large amount of creative control and some are outlines which need a writer to flesh out the dee...

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Beth Fox Heisinger

Bradley, perhaps post on the "Jobs" board found in the upper menu bar. That's where members post various "want ads" or searches for creative partners, paid or not paid. Hope that helps. :)

Danny Manus

Bradley, if you're paying, I'd love to chat.

Hussein Kopole

Sounds good.I've some time on my hands to be part of the mix

Bill Costantini

Heck...if you're buying breakfast, Double B...I'd love to tell you about my favorite breakfasts while I count your money and make sure we have enough for a nice tip. Lunch, or dinner too...I don't dis...

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John Forrest

I would like to send you a writing sample. I will request an introduction, so that I may send it to you on as a Private Message. I will send the first 5 pages of our current horror script that we are...

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Len Davies
65 episodes of 4K daytime TV for sale

I have two cooking series of 26 episodes, a Relaxation series of 13 episodes and a fashion series of 26 episodes all in 4K and all for sale with all rights and third party indemnification. Each episode duration is 26 minutes and the per episode cost is cheaper than a license and with ownership comes...

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Callum McKay
New logline

Hi all, it's been a while since I updated my profile with any new work, but I have a new project on the go now so I thought I'd add it to the list. The script is still a work in progress, but an extract is attached to the page. Give it a look and let me know wha...

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Komeil Soheili
Need a short music for a movie project

For a crowdfunding Iranian musical short movie we are searching for a volunteer who can help us in composing just one sequence of the movie (about 2mins long). As it's student crowdfunding project they can't afford compensation unfortunately, and due to sanctions against Iran they can't send any mon...

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First Musical short movie in IRAN
First Musical short movie in IRAN
"The Drop" is a first musical movie ever made by high school students in Iran. I am Soheil Soheili, 17 years old living in Iran. Me and my friends decided to make the first ever student musical movie…

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Cary Patrick Martin
Coffee and a Donut

I am incredibly excited that our short film, Coffee and a Donut, will make its World Premiere debut at Big Apple Film Festival, as part of the final block at 9pm, on Saturday, November 3rd!

Big Apple Film Festival has been praised by MovieMaker Magazine as among the "25 Coolest Film Festivals," and...

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Nick Savides
[Podcast] On giving and receiving great feedback

I've only recently come to appreciate how important feedback is and how hard it is to give and receive feedback well. That's something I've come to value for my own work but also in context to the screenwriting group I help to organize in Louisiana.

Gordy Hoffman, winner of the Waldo Salt award at S...

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Sundance-Winning Screenwriter & BlueCat Founder Gordy Hoffman | The nsavides Podcast - on filmmaking, music, & art
Sundance-Winning Screenwriter & BlueCat Founder Gordy Hoffman | The nsavides Podcast - on filmmaking, music, & art
Gordy Hoffman's first produced feature screenplay, Love Liza, won the prestigious Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award when it premiered at Sundance. The film also featured a memorable performance from his…
Pamela Bolinder

Hi, Gordy!

Tyler Silvers

Very cool

Daniel Kim
Showkee Hyderah

Great Work !!

Mark Ratering

Loved it wish you had 60 or 90 min piece.

Dianna Chycki

Nice meeting you virtually. Many thanks for inviting me in your network. Apart from hosting a weekly podcast radio show, Beach Corner on, I co-chair the Wasaga Film Festival and...

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Prema Rose

Well done! I have an animated/live action musical, The Microcosmic Cartoon Show, in development. I'd like to be in touch with you.

Don Diego

Very good. Impressing.

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