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Jason Gilbert

I am a criminal defense attorney and actor based in Ottawa, Canada. As an actor, I am interested in paid work in film and TV productions. Currently, I am engaged with Miami-based author Michael Phelps in trying to package up a biopic in which I would portray the late TV star David Janssen, best known...

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Film Premiere

My second feature film is having its festival premiere in the UK this weekend. If you happen to be in Plymouth UK please check it out at the Arts Centre downtown. Tickets are available at and you can see the trailer below. I'll be flying in from LA for the screening...

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Calling all metro nyc stage 32 creatives!!!!!

Would love you to join my 'working network of Metro NYC/Dutch Stage 32 creatives.
We have (3) copyrighted animated scripts we are working on.
For more information go to:

Phil Clarke

Hoping I get to read one at some stage in the future, Steven! ;-) My best, Stanley Tucci #2 (private joke)

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Stanley- Would love for you too. And you give great coverage. But at the moment $'s are tight. However, since all (3) are copyrighted and posted on my LOG LINES page go ahead take a read. MOSES, COLUMBU ...

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Read my script!

I wrote a television pilot and a spec script for Family Guy... would anyone be interested in reading it?

Erik Grossman

Hey Christopher, you can shoot it to me but I can't guarantee when I can get to it.

Christopher Gooley

perfect I will send it now!

Brian Mills

Hey Chris, I would love to read your script! I am a local filmmaker in the Orlando area very interested in networking!

Congratulations to Megan Ashley Whited!

Congratulations to Megan Ashley Whited who is featured in Expert Insights Publishing's #1 International Bestseller, My Big Idea Book Inspired by Global Best-Selling Authors!  We have taken over 1,000 Authors to Bestseller! Will YOU be next?

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Calling all metro nyc stage 32 creatives!!!!!

Would love for you to join my 'Working Network of Metro NYC/Dutch Stage 32 creatives. Have (3) copyrighted Aanimated scripts we are working on. They will be SAG/AFTRA roles under the Sag/AFTRA guidelines for a low budget film. $335 a day/ $1667 a week. For more info go to: Yo ...

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Calling all writers for input!

I'm refining my story development services and would love to hear about your writing experiences. If you are a screenwriter or a book author, please take a few moments to thoughtfully respond to a survey about your writing experience. This is not a sales pitch, just a request for information. I do o...

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Role for Scott Coin

HELLO ...listen up we need a Actor to play Scott coin , if there's anyone we can get that who is aged 15- 19, brown hair , 5.9 , cuncasion that will be amazing . This role Is Super Important For The Cosmic Universe and we are hoping that this character will be in at least 7 films . Thanks . RYAN PETERS

Run for the Roses

I've just posted my first pages of my latest screenplay. Can you see if it posted and comment? I want to see if I'm on the right track. Thanks a lot.

Raymond Negron

Will check it out Claude Gagne

Claude Gagne

Thanks Ray ... Much appreciated.

Aray Brown

i'll check it out too

Claude Gagne

Thanks Aray -- The screenplay begins in New York and ends in your beautiful city, Louisville, Kentucky. Lazybones and Sad Eyes make it to the derby, both trained by my protagonist, but there's conflic...

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Looking for a cinematographer / camera operator in NYC.

What's good folks! I'm looking for a good cinematographer in the NYC area. Someone who can captured some nice shots for a web series romance drama I'm directing. Let me know if you all know of anyone. Thanks

New screenplays

If you want to read my first pages from two screenplays I've recently posted, check them out on my logline section. Action, drama,some comedy. Please review and comment. Thank you.