Read a Good Book Lately?

Read a good book about your craft? Or just a good book in general? Share it here.

Looking for ghost writer

Story time book on life experiences and the world of tea New York if possible

Jeff E. Gregory

Did you ever find one?

True And False. Heresy and Common Sense For The Actor. David Mamet.

One of the best books on the craft. I literally carry this with me everywhere, open to any page and guaranteed a pearl of wisdom.

Lynne L.

I love this book. It's open and tender and bristling with contempt for anything that is false. Although I'm not an actress, I cried when I read, "As actors, we spend most of our time nauseated, confus...

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Andrew Pallett

I've recently been through On Directing Film (just posted a topic mentioning it!), will definitely add this to my list! Thanks for the recommendation.

Film Books

Hey, everyone! I'm a big reader - would love to know books on and around the filmmaking process you'd recommend. The last book I read was 'On Directing Film' by David Mamet, enjoyed it so much I read through in one sitting. It's a couple of lectures that he gave on directing film (hence the title) s...

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"Storytelling Made Easy" By Michael Hauge

I just received an email saying that Michael Hauge's new book is on sale for a few days for .99 (kindle version) if anyone is interested. I've found his other books to be very helpful in the past. I'm looking forward to reading this one as well.

Future Crimes

Almost impossible to film, more than enough (scary) content for a bunch of series, certainly a must read for everybody with a computer and a phone.  By Marc Goodman.

I've been reading Lem

I'm reading short stories by Lem and I love the chaos in them. It's science fiction but not the type where the alien speaks English and wears exotic clothes but where we can't even communicate. We don't know the senses they could have or how they could perceive reality, and they don't know anything...

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Brian Alan DeLaney

That sounds awesome. Is it anything like "Story of Your Life"?

Five Good Books

Dear Stage32: These are not books I have read recently, but they are good books in my opinion. 1. Better Each Day - Jessica Cassidy . 2. The Power - Rhonda Byrne. 3. The Magic - Rhonda Byrne. 4. The Secret - Rhonda Byrne. 5. Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz. I think people are in search of that elusive, a ...

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Myron DeBose

I'm a Syd Fields fan. His book are so helpful and part of my process.

My favorite book is How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

It's a great book that teaches you how to understand people and add value

Edit Better By Jeff Bartsch

Hello everyone in the filmmaking world. How are things going? If you are looking for a really good book to read and get some helpful tips to make your film edits better. I encourage everyone to read "Edit Better" by Jeff Bartsch. Not only does this book give tips but it gives the reader motivation t...

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My favorite book is "The Artist's Way"

It helped me define my creative life! What is your favorite "bible" for your creative work?

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Aristotle's Poetics but then again Stephen you know I am a writer and you are an actor.

Stephen Foster

Steven Harris Anzelowitz I'm a writer, too! I've written a self-help book for actors, 2 stage plays, endless screenplays...

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

I did not know this!! Very cool!!

William Harrell

I recommend the Len Golden translation with commentary by O.B. Hardison.

On Writing by Stephen King

Even though he's writing about his experience crafting novels, I found Stephen King's book, "On Writing," to be extremely helpful in my approach to writing screenplays.

Kerry Morgan

Funny you should mention King's book, I was at a writer's panel in Austin and a gentleman in the crowd suggested it, too. I read a sample of it, but I just haven't sat down and read it, yet.

Keith Hopkins

I can't say enough good things about it. He has a lot of insight about knowing when you should keep your writing to yourself, and when it's time to start showing it to people, and opening yourself up for criticism. He calls it "writing with the door closed" vs "writing with the door open"

William Harrell

the only thing I can remember about this book is when he talks about a large woman who babysat him. She used to sit on his face and fart. really couldn't find any use for this book. There's just so ma...

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Writing Scary Scenes

"Writing Scary Scenes" by Rayne Hall is quite helpful overall, but also great for prompting new ideas. Some of the chapters include, "Instant Hooks," "What Lurks Behind That Door," and "Feel the Fear." She also has a variety of other writing books on different genres.

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