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Read a good book about your craft? Or just a good book in general? Share it here.

Steven Hopstaken
"Stoker's WIlde" up for a 2019 Bram Stoker Award®

"Stoker's Wilde" has made the preliminary ballot for the 2019 Bram Stoker Awards®! For "Superior Achievement in a First Novel."

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Leon Welling
Basic Economics - Thomas Sowell

It's sounds boring, but no joke. It's amazingly coherent and well composed.

Brian Snow
RB's Book

I am halfway through RB's book on crowdsourcing and while a great deal of it feels like good old fashioned common sense, etiquette, and a good guide on how not to be a selfish a-hole, there is a great deal of information I wish I had known before taking on my first pitch. I've got a great story and...

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Don Zorbas
Pet semetery

What an unbelievable book!!

Julien Ober
One of my favorite book so far

On of my favorite book is On The Track (A Guide to Comtoporary Scoring), written by Fred Karlin and Rayburn Wright (foreword by John Williams) is an absolutely amazing book about scoring movies. both by the richness of its content, and by its very pragmatic approach. This book deals with all the top...

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Michael Connolly
''Pitch Anything'' From Oren Klaff

An amazing book that has helped me raise funds for 2 films...

Jean Buschmann

Great share, thanks!

Michael Connolly

Yeah his Instagram is really worth following!

Don Zorbas
Heart of Darkness.

By Joseph Conrad. Very deep. Written like Moby Dick.

Harold Chattaway
Creativity Inc

Creativity Inc is a great book from the founder of Pixar. He discusses the history of Pixar from Lucas Film days, how Steve Jobs got involved and what has made it the premier animation house and storytelling powerhouse that it has become. Fascinating read on what it took for them to build the compan...

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Katie Collins
Recently Finished "Sleepless in Hollywood" by Lynda Obst.

I'm looking to see if anyone else has read this title. I really enjoyed it, and I think that it was a great analysis of the practices in the film industry. It comes from the perspective of someone who has worked in film. She compares the older Hollywood practices with our more recent tendencies. I w...

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Daniel Lyddon
Turning Pro

Currently reading "Turning Pro" by Steven Pressfield - the follow up to his highly successful "The War of Art". I like how the chapters/sections are a page or less, allowing me to dip and out when I need to :)

Amanda Toney

I have a director friend that read this and loved it. Completely changed her way of thinking in a good way.

Daniel Lyddon

It's a great book - I should dip into it again soon!

Kenshara Mayo
Undertow Series

Undertow is a series by Michael Buckley. I read the Undertow series a couple of summers ago and it absolutely changed my perspective about the way I read things. And it also inspired me to be more confident in my writing. The way I wrote. What I wrote about. Why I wrote it. I love the Science Fictio...

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Katie Collins

I've been looking for a good series to read. This sounds intriguing. I will check it out, thank you for sharing!

Chris Joye
Lord of the Rings score study

My wife just got me this Lord of the Rings score study book. It looks insanely good. Looking forward to diving into it. It’s definitely one of my favorite scoresAnn's was a driving force to inspire me to write film music.

Pooya Khodadadi

I have read this and its an awesome book. You will definitely enjoy it!

Katie Collins

This looks awesome. I'll need to add it to my reading list asap!

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