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Read a good book about your craft? Or just a good book in general? Share it here.

Hunter Huiet
Favorite book about screenwriting

What is your favorite book about screenwriting?

Diana Stout

The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler

Steven Gutierrez

On Writing by Stephen King was my favorite out of twenty-five books I read in 2021.

Landon Boettcher

Save the Cat by Blake Snyder

Maurice Vaughan

"The Hero with a Thousand Faces" by Joseph Campbell.

Nipun Mohan

Wonderworks by Angus Fletcher. Not specifically about screenwriting.

Shellie Schmals
Loving this Beatles Book!!

I’m a huge Beatles fan and among the many many books about their life & legacy, I picked up “A Hard Day’s Write: The Stories Behind Every Beatles Song” to read while traveling. It focuses keenly on the writing process, not creative interpretations of their songs, which makes it a fascinating read an...

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Karen "Kay" Ross

Ooooo, learning about the writing process from The Beatles?! HOW COOL! Actually, would you be willing to post about this in the Composing Lounge as well? Songwriting is definitely a nuanced aspect of...

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Shellie Schmals

Hi Kay, Absolutely!!

Diana Stout
The Midnight Library

By Matt Haig. It's about a young woman who dies and finds herself in a massive library where each book is a regret that she can travel back in time and discovers/sees those regrets from a different perspective. 

Aikaterini Athina Bougoulia

I saw someone on the subway read this and it has been on my list eversince!


Hi, could you suggest a good book? - PH

Ja-ne de Abreu

Chasing the Surge

Sajani Fernando

Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom

Carina S. Burns

The Kite Runner

Rosalind Winton

Kincaid The Dragons of Justice by Lana L Hughes.

What’s a book that needs to get made into a movie?

Question… what book past or present that’s never been made into a movie deserves to be produced in your opinion?

Ellison Kk

I actually have a book that needs to be published it will make a great movie

Thomas Pollart

The Rabbit Factory, by Larry Brown. Set in Memphis, teeming with pitch-perfect creations that include quirky gangsters, colorful locals, seemingly straitlaced professors, and fast-and-loose police off...

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Steven Hopstaken

Carrie B Farley

The Coldest Winter Ever by Sista Souljah, and my Love Series: Love Chances, Love Changes: A Second Chance, and Love #4 will be dropping on May 31st.

Landon Boettcher

“The Chain” by Adrian McKinty. Needs to be made.

Karen "Kay" Ross
"Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy" by Michael Knost

I snagged this fantastic E-book a while back, "Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy" by Michael Knost - every chapter has an interview with a different SciFi/Fantasy author, and it's been truly eye-opening about how we approach the genre. Worth a read!

This came up because we were having a g...

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Heather Fowler

Sounds great!

Donald E. Foronda
Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

I have just finished Kafka on the Shore. I don't know if like it or not. I like it because the storytelling was easy to understand. The plot is "Gaiman-ish", so to speak but there were many things that were not made clear like, why did Kafka pass out and had blood on his chest, Nakata's history was...

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Debbie Croysdale
Horror in small doses

For genre fans who want to chill with no commitment to a long haul these are “commuter” length tales (snatches of reads between tube or bus stops.) Create 50 have books/audio books. Some I enjoyed, some not so much yet there is material for different tastes.

Guido Sánchez
Belong to Nowhere by Taylor Sanchez Burgers

I highly recommend that book, it's written for me, I'm still in the process of getting a literary agent but you can find the book on amazon kindle, your support is much appreciated!

If you're a literary agent and are interested please feel free to contact me!

Bruce Sprague
Anatomy of Hate In America, by Lonnie Lusardo

I've just finished reading a book about hate groups in America. I reposted part of this before I learned about this lounge, so I'm reposting it here. But I believe this is an issue we, as creatives, need to explore. The subject is very timely and we need to understand the ins and outs, the psycholog...

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Diana Stout
Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane

It's a rare book that can keep me guessing, keep me turning the pages, and not wanting to peek at the end. Pretty Little Wife was just that book. I'm such a jaded reader knowing how stories are constructed and this book had me guessing all the way. Loved it. Read it in almost one sitting. It doesn't get much better than that!

Karen "Kay" Ross

That is a solid recommendation right there - how did you find out about it?

Diana Stout

Sorry, it's taken me so long to respond. Haven't been in Stage 32 in a while--been busy writing! I think I saw the book recommended in Goodreads.

A Thousand Steps

Last night I finished A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker. It's a great portrait of Laguna Beach, CA in 1968 (and by extension, forces that were at work across the nation then): the hippie movement, growing drug use and the backlash by some, sexual permissiveness, the Vietnam War and protests ag...

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Karen "Kay" Ross

Thanks for the rec!

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