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About Arthur

Hello everyone I am a writer from Russia. I prefer to compose in the genres of fantasy and science fiction, I can write a detective, action, horror. I compose mysticism and comedy the worst of all.

Unique traits: I love lying on the couch, petting my cat and watching movies with Hollywood stars.




    SIGN OF DELUSION Horror A clever plan of revenge by a programmer girl to the family of a stock speculator guilty of murdering her brother turns into a death trap when an evil deity decides to kill the whole family and those who help them, because the head of the family violated a long-standing agreement.


    SAFE PLACE Drama Crime A female lawyer undertakes to defend a young gamer who brutally murdered his mother. A simple case becomes ambiguous when the heroine finds out that the defendant himself was a victim of his mother for a long time.


    THIS IS MY ASTEROID! Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Adventure To save her father's artel from ruin, a brave girl space geologist hijacks a spaceship to find a platinum asteroid in another star system. But she crashes and is captured by a hostile aborigine. The heroine will have to find a way to escape from captivity and return home with a valuable asteroid.


    GOD MODE Sci-fi Action A person unjustly sentenced to death gets a chance to return to the past. He will have to live the previous period of time under the supervision of the police. But the hero decides to find the real killer. The problem is that after moving into the past, he remembers nothing about events in the future.


    STOLEN Crime Sci-fi A private detective must find stolen artificial intelligence in a short time before the villains use it to commit the largest terrorist attack in history.

  • Ghosts of the Mountains

    Ghosts of the Mountains Horror Adventure An enthusiastic historian goes to the mountains in search of Genghis Khan's treasures. However, to get to the gold, the hero will have to fight with the Yeti.


    HANDMAID FROM THE PAST Sci-fi Drama To save the family from bankruptcy, the merchant's daughter goes to the future for easy money, but is forced to work as a maid for her abductor and look for a way to go back to the past.

  • Pussycat

    Pussycat Comedy A young programmer who does not know how to communicate with women, in order to cope with depression after the death of his mother, will have to learn how to communicate with women with the help of one creature, which has a tail, large whiskers and sharp claws.


    DEMON Budget: $100K - $1M | Mystery Crime In order to quickly solve the brutal murder of the mayor and his family, the police involve a mentally ill psychic who considers himself a demon in the investigation.

  • Gloomy legacy

    Gloomy legacy Thriller Film-noir The former military man inherits an old mansion and a debt to the mafia, and now the hero must find and return this money. A charming policewoman helps him in his search, with whom the hero begins an affair.

  • Soft Walls

    Soft Walls Drama A young psychiatrist learns that the head doctor of the hospital is secretly treating daughter for a mental illness that makes her a nymphomaniac. The hero suspects that the chief doctor has made an incorrect diagnosis, and decides to help the girl find out the true cause of the disease in order to prevent the chief doctor's medical error.

  • Test

    Test Drama When a married couple finds out that they have a common father, the media turns this information into a sensation that threatens their safety from disgruntled groups of society.


    COLD DARKNESS Budget: $30M+ | Horror Action A guard hiding a mental disorder is sent with a detachment to guard the polar scientific station, where secret experiments are conducted. However, the helicopter crashes, and all the people around periodically turn into bloodthirsty monsters. The hero will not only survive in the conditions of the far North, but also find out if he has finally gone mad or if it is the consequences of a scientific experiment.


    THE QUEEN OF THE GARDEN Fantasy Crime A scandalous fashion model, after losing her job in the modeling business, is forced to become a pagan priestess and help ghosts complete earthly affairs so that they do not turn into evil spirits. Soon the heroine learns that there is another priest who creates evil spirits and commits violent crimes with their help. She will have to find and neutralize the villain before the evil spirits get to her.

  • Agency Models-Zombie

    Agency Models-Zombie Fantasy Comedy A young model signs a contract with the NecroStar modeling agency, where zombie models work. However, not everyone likes the presence of a live girl. Someone is trying to kill the heroine and she will have to learn all the laws of the modeling business from her own experience and not die before the end of the contract, otherwise she will have to work after death for an eternity.


    WHITE BANDANA Fantasy Comedy An inept superhero girl wants to be a defender of the city, but becomes an outcast when saving people turns into an escape of dangerous criminals from prison. The heroine tries to fix everything, but this leads to even more troubles until she realizes that superpower requires super knowledge.


    DEMONESS Horror Action Having defeated a powerful demon with the help of her cunning, the last righteous woman on Earth finds a demonic costume that gives hellish strength and capabilities. The heroine decides to use it to stop the invasion of demons on the planet, But everything has a price - to charge the demonic suit with energy, she needs to feed on the flesh of the biggest sinners.

  • The Great Secret of Eden

    The Great Secret of Eden Budget: $0 - $100K | Historical Documentary Armed with an Internet search and geographical maps, we will find the Garden of Eden from the Old Testament.


    THE SECRET OF THE DENSE FOREST Fantasy Animation A young schoolgirl, a cool girl, comes to her grandmother's ranch for a vacation and goes to the forest to pick mushrooms. However, the heroine finds out that there are no more free mushrooms in the forest, and strange orders have been established among the forest inhabitants, anthropomorphic animals. As a result, the heroine gets into trouble and learns all the secrets of the Dense Forest.


    BAD RUSSIAN Drama Crime When a gifted Russian girl goes to work in a small New York modeling agency, she faces the mafia and gets in the middle of a struggle for power among criminal authorities.

  • FPV

    FPV Horror Action After an accidental quarrel with a stranger, a group of autotourists is forced to rush at full throttle from kamikaze drones chasing them.


    ISLAND OF BONES Horror An HIV-infected young man goes on a trip with friends on a yacht and is going to commit suicide. However, a couple of archaeologists lure the rest of their friends to the island in search of an ancient mound with treasures. But none of them knows that there is a community of cannibals living on this island, who will not let anyone out of the island alive. To save the life of his girlfriend, with whom the hero is secretly in love, he enters into an unequal battle with cannibals.


    ALIEN FLESH Horror Fantasy When archaeology students find the crypt of an immortal sorcerer and extract from his skeleton a magical amulet that kills the living and resurrects the dead, they have to escape from the terrible revenge of the immortal sorcerer.


    BLACK GLOWING WATER Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Crime A clone of a former female Secret Service agent investigates the sudden death of the president of a corporation in exchange for some lost memories from a past life, but finds herself drawn into the center of a corporate war that cost her her life last time.

  • Santa's Delivery

    Santa's Delivery Comedy When two teenage bullies try to rob Santa Claus, he turns them into snowmen. Now the heroes must fulfill the norm of delivering gifts to children in order to return their human bodies and not melt after the holiday.


    ASTRA Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Action A meta-fighter in the body of a leopard cyborg violates an injunction to save the life of a sick daughter due to her mother's mistake.


    PROJECT "SEPTEMBER" Thriller Horror Trying to explain the mystical events associated with new friends, an atheist girl becomes a victim of a serial killer working on an illegal government experiment.


    GLASS CEILING Romance Comedy An experienced brand manager girl, in order to get a promotion in a company with patriarchal views on management, must defeat a rival man who by chance happened to be her partner in Latin American dancing. 

  • Shark drug courier

    Shark drug courier Horror Action When a crazed drug courier shark starts killing everyone in its path, a shark expert and her team must find and neutralize it, despite their knowledge being useless against the creature.

  • Bloody bachelorette party

    Bloody bachelorette party Horror A bride and her friends at a bachelorette party escape from a madman who takes revenge on them for the death in a car accident of his imaginary brother.

  • The Gospel of Ivan

    The Gospel of Ivan Drama Volunteer Ivan, in order to become president, must win the favor of the voters of a huge country in a short time. However, he does not know that not only does a person change the path, but the path also changes the person.

  • Seth's Eye

    Seth's Eye Mystery Adventure To avoid death, the cheating student must decipher the code leading to the treasure. It is not easy to do this, because the hero will have to remember through strange dreams the events of his past life, in which he was a Nazi officer.

  • Alternative Gotham

    Alternative Gotham Thriller Film-noir Harley Quinn teams up with Batman to counter the villainous plans of the Joker and Poison Ivy. However, Harley Quinn does not suspect that she is the Joker's secret weapon, and must become the cause of Batman's madness.

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