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Whether you're new to the site or have been a long standing member of the community, step forward and introduce yourself. And please welcome and support all that do post.

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Bob Goodman
The Actors Ensemble

Our pragmatic, detailed and entertaining audition classes continue this spring at Kipperman Casting, Inc.

Get on camera. Get training. Get better.

Doug LeClaire
Director Asbury Shorts USA

Hi....I'm the director of the touring short film 'concert' Asbury Shorts USA. We are New York City's longest running non competitive short film exhibition and travel show. 37 years and going strong! We have opened up a "Call for Entries" for the first time in 3 years. Asbury Shorts is presented at v...

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Tabitha Baumander

I'm a novelist screen writer who's been on this system for a while. I've met a couple of connections but nothing came of them. Still looking for that dream producer who will fall in love with my work get me all excited then NOT go off and do their own work instead. Sorry if that sounds bitter but yo...

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Rae Damon

Look forward to inspo and motivation...I haven’t written in a while but looking to get back on the horse again!

Izzibella Beau
Hello Stage 32

Hey, everyone, I'm Izzi. I've been here for a while trying to learn as much as I can from the best. I'm an author, screenwriter, and hopefully, maybe someday soon, I will be a producer and director of my own material. Gotta start somewhere, right. Hope we can all interact and help each other along t...

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Guinotte Wise
Guinotte Wise

Hi. Reintro. Welcome anyone who has not been here before, and all who have. Let it snow. Just sayin' hi.

Jon-Mark Hurley


Linda Rifkind
Linda Rifkind Actors X Teachet of Music & Drama

For the last 28years I have been British Actors Equity’s now known as Equity Scottish Variety Branch Secretary, In Spotlight London for Actors

Jon-Mark Hurley
Hi Everyone! I'm Jon-Mark

I'm a SAG/AEA actor. I recently appeared as Franz Schubert in Bernhard Rose's The Hurdy Gurdy Man on Vero True Social Media (produced by Ayman Hariri) a 12 minute short shot at Universal chronicling the last days of Schubert's life and exploring it through several of Schuberts compositions. Check it...

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Dr. Cheryl Scheurer, PhD
Wake up with Dr. Cheryl - TV Host and Producer

I'm getting ready to Launch my Podcast....I've been in training for the Business of Podcasting...Anybody else venturing in this arena ?

Lillian S. Cauldwell

I've been podcasting for several years. Make sure you keep it brief. 15 minutes or less. That was the original intention. Make sure your topic is of interest to your target audience. Know your target...

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Dr. Cheryl Scheurer, PhD

Thank you for your input. I'm not sure what you are referencing to when you say 15 minutes? I have a Huge podcast directory through the New Media Summit founder. I've been producing my talk show for going on 7 years.

Have a splendid day Lillian.

Lillian Rachel
Voiceover Artist

Hi! I'm a British voiceover now at home in the Washington DC region. I work mostly from my home studio on corporate contracts like explainer videos and e-learning. I also record fiction and non fiction audiobooks. I'd love to be a resource for your video amd documentary voiceover needs.

Eric L. Williams
The Cool Nerd

Hey, y'all. Taking a quick second to reintroduce myself. My name is Eric L. Williams. I'm an actor, writer, director (and I think I'm becoming a producer....yay for wearing multiple hats) in Nashville. It's encouraging being around all you creative superstars. Let's put this work in!

Pamela Bolinder

Welcome, Eric! I think wearing multiple hats in the industry is recommended.

Tennyson Stead
Standing on the Brink

Happy “Introduce Yourself”’Weekend, everybody! My name is Tennyson E. Stead, and I’m a writer, director and producer... ...and right now, I’m on a tight deadline writing original content for a big movie with a big management and production house. Once that work is done, my manager and I may well hav...

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Tennyson Stead

Sorry for the punctuation errors! I wrote this on my phone in the car, waiting for my fiance to wake up for church! Today or tonorrow, if I stick to the grind, I’ll finish the first round of notes on...

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Kerry Kennard

Hi Mr. Stead,

Wow - sounds great / exciting.

Good you’re following your path; I’ve been doing many odd jobs since the Cruise ship music gig.

Hate to hear about the Car situation. I stayed one night in my...

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