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Hi Everyone, my name is Mable Bargeman and unlike most of you here, I do not have a background in writing at all, but I have wrote one screenplay that is a true story that got decent feedback. I live here in Los Angeles, and I am hoping to make some connections.


Haven't posted for a while... but after 6 weeks I just wrapped as LP on the feature A Grunt's Life (see ), so thought I would reintroduce. I am a producer/LP and director with 20+ years in industry. Resident in L.A. but will travel for production anywhere. I do L...

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James Drago

Welcome back

Allen Lynch

Welcome back Shadow.

David Black

Welcome back Shadow

Rob Tobin

Hi Shadow. I have two ULB scripts, one horror, the other political thriller/SF. I'm seeking an EP to purchase and produce either or both projects. Loglines available upon demand. Thanks!

Hi All!

Hi! I'm Mark Robyn, I'm a screenwriter and a short story writer. I've written quite a few screenplays. One was just a quarter finalist in the Page Screenwriting contest. I'd love to talk to anyone about writing, especially any producers or directors looking for their next big hit. If you live in the...

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Cheers from Boston. My name is Jerry Robbins, and I've been writing for 22 years; it's only in the last couple of years that I started writing screenplays as my primary focus. I got started writing full cast Audio Dramas, just about 470 of them now, released thru my publishers Brilliance Audio and B...

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Dawn Cobalt

Hey Jerry, welcome

Joey Madia

Jerry: Congratulations on your work! I am getting into audio drama with a pirate-based series that is an extension of my one-man theatre show here in North Carolina. I was developing another series th...

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Jerry Robbins

That sounds great, Joey. Pirate stories are always popular - our production of CAPTAIN BLOOD covered pretty much the entire book and runs about 7 hours. It was a monster to produce, but such a great s...

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Jerry Robbins

Thank you, Dawn! Very happy I found Stage32!

Joey Madia

Jerry: That is a great story about the New England pirates! Seems to get scarcer going up the coast. I am right in the town (Beaufort, NC) where Blackbeard scuttled the Queen Anne's Revenge and just a few hours from he lost his head. Thanks for the good words!


I love writing and escaping into the world of my characters. I have written several screenplays, a fiction novel and in the final stage of my second novel. I am also working on a biopic. "Writing is its own reward."
– Henry Miller.

Live, Laugh and Love!

Writer / Producer / Director / Marketer / Sales Rep / Distributor

Making money in this business is an attractive sensation. All of my hats have a different way of touching my senses. And being available for any one of those roles or a combination of invites new challenges that I embrace. It's a great way to make a living.

Abdelouahab Hammoudi

Hi, I am a writer, screenwriter and filmmaker. You can find more about me here My new horror novel STONY I ...

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Shawn Speake

That's what's up, Ron! Welcome to the Fam!

Ron Cobert


I am a TV/film producer/author/musician/actress and a poet.

Few of my attributes TV/film producer/author/musician/actress and a poet. Collection of my poems have been published many year ago and it is now with Abe books. Still active as a producer at a local TV channel FCAC. Produced talk shows and a comedy series, "Three Brothers," for which I won a Telly ...

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Irene Conde

Hello Everyone! My name is Irene Conde and I’m a writer and producer in Los Angeles. I just wanted to say hello because I’ve never properly introduced myself here at Stage 32 before, but I have attended the mixers which are great! A little bit about me is that my niche is the horror genre. I live an ...

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GLENN ROLAND Director/Director of Photography/Cinematographer with LIGHT & GRIP PKG.+DOLLY w/Track pre-loaded in Enclosed Trailer Available for filming.

"Make your production look like a Motion Picture!" Looking for funded budget motion picture productions ready to start principal photography that need hire a Director and/or Director of Photography. Please feel free to give me a call anytime to discuss future productions. Thanks and Enjoy the Weeken...

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Glenn Roland

"Really, Make you movie look like a Motion Picture!" Call Now

Hello fellow creative people!

Howdy Everyone! 2017 has been productive. My children's picture book "Sebastian's Moon" about a boy whose brother passed away and he thinks he went to live on the moon, was released in January. And last week my Halloween kid lit "The Legend of Ms. TuTu LaRue" about a kooky witch who flies on a vacuum ...

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Evening all!

Damien Ashley:Actor Hi again guys, have not been on since I first joined. East London based actor with a huge passion for film and theatre as well as a big martial arts fanatic - favourite films are The Crow and The Raid 2 followed by The Dark Knight and many more. Please feel free to check out my w...

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Dawn Cobalt

Hey Damien, welcome. I love London and would love a great tea on set.

Produced Screenwriter

HI Everyone,
My name is John. I am the founder of Midwest Film Group. We're about to finish our first short film. Check out the trailer on my profile page. I always love to hear from my fellow creative people. Keep your dreams alive!

Joey Madia

Congratulations on the short film John!

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