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Whether you're new to the site or have been a long standing member of the community, step forward and introduce yourself. And please welcome and support all that do post.

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Atlanta filmmaker

Hello everyone!
My name is Dave and I am a director, writer and producer from the Atlanta area. Here to look for new connections. I currently have a short film, Rebirth, that's in the festival circuit. You can check out some of my past work at

Aray Brown

Hello Dave! Congrats on your short film

Vladislav Nogin

Hello Dave and welcome!


Hello to Stage32 network... Sylvia Pilar

Aray Brown

hello Sylvia

Vladislav Nogin

Welcome Sylvia!

Mark Laing

HI, Everyone, I'm a screenwriter\actor with three finished scripts which I'm actively pitching through the wonderful Stage 32 pitch sessions. Delighted to make any new connections and help out with projects. I'm also a working professional photographer and do a lot of industry charity work too. If I...

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Marketing & PR Guy

Hi There! I am a marketing and PR professional and I absolutely love indie films and attending film festivals. If you have a marketing / promotion / PR / publicity / social media related questions, please feel free to ask. And, if you're attending Cannes, let's meet:

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Vladislav Nogin

Hi Gotham, welcome!

Gotham Chandna

Thanks Vldislav!

Eliza Agudelo- From Los Angeles, CA

Hello Stage32 Members, I wanted to introduce myself this weekend. I am an actress, writer, Director and producer. Crrently looking for small amount of funds for my short film Flicker, dealing with drug addiction and mental health. Also have a full feature that prepping for funding and writing another...

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Lets Work!

Hello everyone my name is Keishawn Blackstone i am looking for some people to collab with on a feature film i'm writing and directing. I'm Looking for some creative people who want to come together and make this film go viral. I have some connects with Paramont and Warner Bro's. Im just looking for...

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Keishawn Blackstone

Actually you would be here thanks for your input Vitaly Kozlov . :)

Vitaly Kozlov

Maybe you are right. We will see if you would make at least ONE solid project to your name.

Bukenya Charles

Me am ready to join you Sir

Raja Riaz M Khan

good luck

Jason Stuart

check me out guys

Joe Martin
Reintroducing myself this year:

I have a long list of plays, some produced and published, others in development, a good few having received awards and foundation support. A play recently produced around the country is -- SOUNDWAVES: The Passion of Noor Inayat Khan, is a project I would like to develop into a screen play: it is bas...

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Old Dog with New Ideas

Welcome everyone. Re-Introducing myself just to let RB know I'm still breathing and to reach out to cast and crew around Quezon City that I have a quirky thriller to be filmed around there. More info on my page in the coming days. Like always, the more you put into Stage32 the more you get. Wishing all much success!

Here I am!

Hey everyone! I'm Andrew, I live in southern Maine and love to work a lot. That's basically all there is to me. I write all types of music, so if you like what you hear below and need a composer, feel free to add me... Or just add me, that's cool too! SoundCloud:

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April Ranck

Cool Andrew, we need more music!!!

Andrew Perry

April, I'm happy to write it!

the Arlington International Film Festival

Hi everyone, my name is April Ranck, and I am director of the Arlington International Film Festival. I have only been in Stage 32 since 2014. Now, AIFF is its 7th year of production and happy to be part of the film industry and to supporting the indie filmmaking.

Versatile screenwriter and producer

Hello there, I am an experienced writer with 1001 new ideas. Anyone willing to collaborate...give me a shout. My projects range from animation shorts, music videos to live action historical epics. Check out my latest music video.

Allen Lynch

Well done.

Mark Moran

Richard, nice cinematography, sound track, and story -- it's all there! Live action historical epics are of interest to me, too. Any thoughts on your "dream" project of that kind?

Vladislav Nogin

Welcome Richard!

Richard Essilfie-Bondzie

Mark, I have already written a Live action historical epic, the only problem is that it will take millions and millions to make (think 'Last of the Mohicans' meets 'Apocalypto' via 'Zulu'). It is the...

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Vitaly Kozlov

Good work, Richard. Now go and start making scripted shorts and win meaningful festivals. Good luck.

Writer, Producer, CG Creative

Hey everyone. I've been on here for a while, but just getting around to saying "hello" for the first time. So... Hello! Originally from the UK, currently in Vienna, Austria (for the moment) - I'm involved with writing, producing and 3D animation/VFX for film, TV and games. Please feel free to check ou ...

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Vladislav Nogin

Hey Stewart, welcome!

April Ranck

Hi Stewart, cool. 3D animation... looking forward to hearing more about it.

Izzibella Beau

Welcome, Stewart. Wish I had the talent to create animation like you do