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I'm Corinne. Contralto Singer, former CBC Radio Host - Just want to keep using my voice. Tell me your project.

Today I added to my reel, my covers of John Legend's "All of Me" and "Andra Day's "Rise Up".

Executive Prducer & Writer of Extraordinary Encounters

I am Jesse R. Butler, D. Min. My film is a Bio-Thriller Horror based on a true story: & Also, I am looking for a distribution/contract from one of the Big Six....

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The two sides of Tony Franks

Greetings to all Stage 32'ers I'd love to hear from There are two sides to my love of film - my filmmaking as a hobby, and the online guides I publish for the film industry. My love of filmmaking will one day result in my passion project, but for now, it's the guides I publish for the film industry t ...

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Who am I?

I am the last person you think of to invite to a party. I'm the man living in the 7-11 parking lot the kids all make fun of. I'm the guy who thinks it's Halloween every day of the year. I'm the man who fell off the roof while singing "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" in a yellow leotard with Hello Kitty s...

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Greetings from Greenwich Village

I am a "free range" chick who writes every day. Though I'm at work on a screenplay, I'm better known for my stage plays, drama criticism, short stories, poetry. This interview was just published:

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Mary Filmer Children's Author

Hi everyone, I am a children's author from Western Australia. I have been writing for so long, I could say some of you were not even born, when I started to write my first children's book. I now have a publisher in America Crimson Cloak and my fantasy book series Mary Sumeridge book 1, is now out an ...

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Addison Randall

Actor, Director, Write,r Producer, AD. Not necessarily in that order. Also do Schedules and Budgets. How do you do?

Ryan Brewer

Well, I was using Adobe Story for schedules but as of next year, they will be discontinuing all support for the software. I hear Gorilla Software is basically the go-to program for pros. But scheduling can also be done in Excell if you're proficient enough at using it.

Tejash Natali

Actor and currently writing a screenplay

Ryan Brewer

Now I'm suddenly confused. When you ask "How do you do?" is that asking how I'm doing or how I do scheduling and budgeting? :P

Sam Borowski

Now, where have I seen that face before? Oh, that's right, you just had hip surgery! Good Job! WELCOME ABOARD Add! (No folks it's a movie line, he did NOT just have hip surgery!) GOD BLESS my friend ... and STAY FRESH! ;)

Freelance writer

Hi I'm Ron Johnson I write screenplays, novels and video projects. Besides video prod work, I've done work for hire on a couple screenplays but still looking for that big sale.

Hello from Eddie Pratt

I am an actor, director, writer, producer living in Hollywood. I am available for any upcoming projects that you may have in the future. Best of luck with your careers.

Joey Madia

To you as well Eddie!

Bev Oliver

Good reel Eddie. I'll be looking for an NYC attorney general soon. Do you work on indie films?

Eddie Pratt


Bev Oliver


What's new for Stuart Creque

Some wonderful new developments in my screenwriting career:

1) A feature I wrote, The Last Earth Girl, is in final post-production and should be on the festival circuit later this year. I adapted the screenplay from a short story my eldest daughter wrote for a college course in Psychology and Religio...

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Michael Smith (composer, poet)

Born on April 21, 1988. I compose instrumental music and create music videos. Sometimes I write poems, quotes, thoughts. I believe that music is the voice of the heart. I think music shouldn't follow the strict rules of certain genres and must come, first of all, from heart to heart. Since the fee ...

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Low budget screenplays

Hi all, I'm looking to get my low budget thriller screenplay MUFFLED produced, with a budget of $1 Million, as well get representation if possible. It has been recommended by coverage service, and I was even able to get it optioned last year, but that fell through. It has also placed in a couple of...

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