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Rob Jones

Screenwriter, Director and Producer

Rochester, New York

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Writer/Filmmaker/Producer. Blessed Storyteller. Native American screenwriter. 2017 Nicholls quarterfinalist & top-20% in 2018. 2019 TSL quarterfinalist. I've adapted several novels and comic books with the author's permission, both paid and unpaid.


  • Toxic

    Toxic Budget: $100K - $1M | Comedy Drama Recently released from hospital after a half-hearted suicide attempt, and against the advice of his friends and therapist, a young man does everything in his power to pursue a likely-doomed relationship.

  • Hedgehogs

    Hedgehogs Comedy Drama Connected by a tragedy, an anxiety-ridden college man freshman, a hard partying sophomore girl and a dropout with a death-wish band together in order to escape their crime-ravaged border town and search for a new life together. Coming of age, dramedy.

  • Dark Moon

    Dark Moon Sci-fi Horror A  reporter, a former marine sci-fi writer and his new wife stumble on Earth's darkest secret on the first Lunar colony.

  • Suicide Squeeze

    Suicide Squeeze Mystery When a dead body is found by a well known local sports reporter on a minor league baseball teams bus with evidence pointing to him as the killer he enlists his childhood friend Tyson Chase to help him get to the bottom of it.

  • Draft Daze

    Draft Daze Comedy After an amazing performance in the national championship game, the now top NFL Draft prospect, gets kidnapped by two degenerate former players who are hell-bent on keeping him from the draft to win a long-standing bet.

  • K.A.O.S.

    K.A.O.S. Action Led by two military vets that are now Female MMA fighters, a Black Ops team performs a wide range of below the radar services for top dollar clients.

  • Private Pain

    Private Pain Crime Drama A widowed Private Detective's world is turned upside down when his professional, personal life and local opioid epidemic collide.

  • You Might Like This

    You Might Like This Sci-fi A winner who gets whatever he wants, a loser who doesn't and the CEO of a Virtual Reality technology company all deal with negative side effects of a powerful new VR Technology.

  • Life in 6G

    Life in 6G Sci-fi A man with reoccurring nightmares must figure out why he keeps experiencing the same day (mid term elections) with slight differences over and over again. Sci-fi/thriller with some comedy mixed in.

  • Chasing the Woodstock Baby

    Chasing the Woodstock Baby Mystery Drama A retired cop uncovers a town's dirty secrets in his search for a baby that was born nearly 50 years ago at the famous Woodstock Music Festival. Adapted from the novel with the author's permission.

  • 5ive Speed

    5ive Speed Comedy Drama A man in an unhappy marriage falls for his son's future mother in law. 

  • Hair

    Hair Action Sci-fi Ashanti Woods is on a mission to avenge the murder of her sister, and discovers that she has extreme abilities and strength through her hair.

  • The Ultimate Force

    The Ultimate Force Budget: $0 - $100K | Action Animation A group of diverse superheroes must stop an evil Scientist who has access to all the secret technologies of Military Industrial complex plan to summon a powerful demon and  take control of the 3rd dimension. 

  • Unfollow

    Unfollow Comedy A Hollywood extra becomes a worldwide phenomenon after he accidentally unfollows the worlds most famous actress on twitter.

  • Hellbent

    Hellbent Action Horror The top female NCAA athlete becomes the target of a deranged young man with Supernatural powers.

  • Virus

    Virus Sci-fi Comedy In the year 3000 a drug addicted hitman wakes up with virtually no memory and a list of people he's taken on contracts to kill.

  • All Access; Raspberry, WV.

    All Access; Raspberry, WV. Comedy A documentary crew follows the lives of Liberals and Conservatives and the Public access channel they are involved with, in a tiny West Virginia town.

  • Lessons in Capitalism

    Lessons in Capitalism Comedy After a down on his luck Janitor overhears the owner of his Companies plans to rip-off it's employees he must team-up with the CEO, the owners son to stop him.

  • Aladdin's Lamp

    Aladdin's Lamp Comedy Family A recently divorced Mom's hectic life gets a little order with the help of a Genie.

  • Good People

    Good People Crime Drama A Man returns home 10 years after being the center of a crime ring that he got away a changed person with but local Law enforcement aren't buying it. 

  • Dreamer

    Dreamer Sci-fi Family With damage to his brain and nervous system caused by rescuing disabled children from a hospital fire,young Franklin Johnson, if he survives, may now be disabled for the rest of his life. In his coma, he awakens in a dream state world and discovers that, because he was willing to sacrifice his life to save these disabled children, he can now travel into other handicapped children’s dreams to help them overcome their fears in their daily struggles by tapping into their inner strengths and helping themdiscover the true hero within themselves.

  • The Hopeiod Epidemic

    The Hopeiod Epidemic Comedy A Mockumentary TV Pilot that follows a young tumultuous Alternative Band and the manager trying to keep it all together as they are set to sign their first record deal.

  • Power Moves

    Power Moves Comedy Drama NBA version of Ballers. Centered around an NBA team, their new top prospect and his loud mouth Dad, a controversial Vet, the cheapskate Owner, and the New Coach trying to keep it all together.


  • Nicholl's Fellowship Quarterfinalist 2017

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