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Blessed Story teller. Native American screenwriter. 2017 Nicholls quarterfinalist & top-20% in 2018.


  • Toxic

    Toxic Budget: $100K - $1M | Comedy Drama Recently released from hospital after a half-hearted suicide attempt, and against the advice of his friends and therapist, a young man does everything in his power to pursue a likely-doomed relationship.

  • Hedgehogs

    Hedgehogs Comedy Drama Connected by a tragedy, an anxiety-ridden college man freshman, a hard partying sophomore girl and a dropout with a death-wish band together in order to escape their crime-ravaged border town and search for a new life together. Coming of age, dramedy.

  • Dark Moon

    Dark Moon Sci-fi Horror A  reporter, a former marine sci-fi writer and his new wife stumble on Earth's darkest secret on the first Lunar colony.

  • Suicide Squeeze

    Suicide Squeeze Mystery When a dead body is found by a well known local sports reporter on a minor league baseball teams bus with evidence pointing to him as the killer he enlists his childhood friend Tyson Chase to help him get to the bottom of it.

  • Draft Daze

    Draft Daze Comedy After an amazing performance in the national championship game, the now top NFL Draft prospect, gets kidnapped by two degenerate former players who are hell-bent on keeping him from the draft to win a long-standing bet.

  • K.A.O.S.

    K.A.O.S. Action Led by two military vets that are now Female MMA fighters, a Black Ops team performs a wide range of below the radar services for top dollar clients.

  • Private Pain

    Private Pain Crime Drama A widowed Private Detective's world is turned upside down when his professional, personal life and local opioid epidemic collide.

  • You Might Like This

    You Might Like This Sci-fi A winner who gets whatever he wants, a loser who doesn't and the CEO of a Virtual Reality technology company all deal with negative side effects of a powerful new VR Technology.

  • Life in 6G

    Life in 6G Sci-fi A man with reoccurring nightmares must figure out why he keeps experiencing the same day (mid term elections) with slight differences over and over again. Sci-fi/thriller with some comedy mixed in.

  • Chasing the Woodstock Baby

    Chasing the Woodstock Baby Mystery Drama A retired cop uncovers a town's dirty secrets in his search for a baby that was born nearly 50 years ago at the famous Woodstock Music Festival. Adapted from the novel with the author's permission.

  • 5ive Speed

    5ive Speed Comedy Drama A man in an unhappy marriage falls for his son's future mother in law. 

  • Hair

    Hair Action Sci-fi Ashanti Woods is on a mission to avenge the murder of her sister, and discovers that she has extreme abilities and strength through her hair.

  • The Ultimate Force

    The Ultimate Force Budget: $0 - $100K | Action Animation A group of diverse superheroes must stop an evil Scientist who has access to all the secret technologies of Military Industrial complex plan to summon a powerful demon and  take control of the 3rd dimension. 

  • Unfollow

    Unfollow Comedy A Hollywood extra becomes a worldwide phenomenon after he accidentally unfollows the worlds most famous actress on twitter.

  • Hellbent

    Hellbent Action Horror The top female NCAA athlete becomes the target of a deranged young man with Supernatural powers.

  • Virus

    Virus Sci-fi Comedy In the year 3000 a drug addicted hitman wakes up with virtually no memory and a list of people he's taken on contracts to kill.

  • All Access; Raspberry, WV.

    All Access; Raspberry, WV. Comedy A documentary crew follows the lives of Liberals and Conservatives and the Public access channel they are involved with, in a tiny West Virginia town.

  • Lessons in Capitalism

    Lessons in Capitalism Comedy After a down on his luck Janitor overhears the owner of his Companies plans to rip-off it's employees he must team-up with the CEO, the owners son to stop him.

  • Good People

    Good People Crime Drama A Man returns home 10 years after being the center of a crime ring that he got away a changed person with but local Law enforcement aren't buying it. 

  • The Hopeiod Epidemic

    The Hopeiod Epidemic Comedy A Mockumentary TV Pilot that follows a young tumultuous Alternative Band and the manager trying to keep it all together as they are set to sign their first record deal.


  • Nicholl's Fellowship Quarterfinalist 2017

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