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About Michael

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. Since 2006, I have made Hong Kong my home. Now retired, I write science fiction as a hobby. I have written several science-fiction books: Khrysos, This Book Is A Murderer, Chasing Roswell, Pan-ego, Zogtopia, and Cosmic Portal (a collection of short stories) which are all available on Amazon (see "Loglines" section below).

When I retired, I started writing to keep from getting bored. At first, it was a challenge; my career was auditing and compliance in financial services, which is about as different from being a writer as one can be. But with the help of friends and editors, I managed to make it up the writer’s learning curve.

Mainly, I write soft and social science fiction. I like to use extraterrestrials as characters; I can use them as conduits for exploring the human condition, a writing construct readers will more readily accept. Thus, I can deal with issues, especially social, in a way other genres can’t: readers feel less “threaten” when it’s Martians dealing with racism, for example. Many of my stories have a moral message.

My writing is pithy. I’m somebody who likes to get to the point. My writing feels like a script; I primarily write in the present tense; like watching (imagining) the story on TV or in a movie. And, I often use subtle humor to create a more relaxing reading experience. I have a wild imagination.

I write to give enjoyment to people. That may sound a bit mushy, but it’s true. And hopefully, my stories will give people new insights about the world and their place in it: they’ll think more deeply. I view insight as being the most liberating thing a person can possess. And good books or stories will give you better insights.


  • Zogtopia

    Zogtopia Sci-fi Zoggers from the planet Zog are infatuated with Earth, which they call Zogtopia, and its humans, Zogtopians.

  • Pan-ego

    Pan-ego Sci-fi Human brains are designed to experience one micro-ego, a slice of Pan-ego, the universal consciousness. Two extraterrestrials are tasked with resolving micro-ego entanglements.

  • Khrysos

    Khrysos Sci-fi Two advanced AI probes are launched to mine an asteroid. Their mission culminates with their quest to save humanity.

  • This Book Is A Murderer

    This Book Is A Murderer Sci-fi Three bizarre murders in a small town in Texas. The main suspects are books suborned to murder their readers.

  • Chasing Roswell

    Chasing Roswell Sci-fi A Martian is on the lam for the accidental killing of a human. He returns to clear his name.

  • Cosmic Portal

    Cosmic Portal Sci-fi A broad spectrum of 22 short stories of characters, spanning from an alien ghost trying to return to its home planet, to a robotic vacuum cleaner plotting revenge against its owners, to a lonely man under quarantine in a hotel, who populate the world of the author’s mind as an eclectic cast of spirits, higher-dimensional beings, extraterrestrials, robots, alternative life-forms, and the most perplexing characters, humans.

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